A twist on one of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Once upon a time, there was a Queen who wished to have a daughter that was as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as ebony. Not long after, she gave birth to a daughter whose skin was as white as snow, whose lips were as red as blood and whose hair was as black as ebony. She was named Snow White and the Queen died at her birth.

A year later, the King married again and the beautiful, proud Queen could not stand for anyone else to be prettier than she was. She consulted her magic mirror each day and said,

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?”

And the mirror would answer, “You are the fairest of all.”

The Queen was happy because she knew that the mirror spoke the truth. Twenty years passed and Snow White grew into a beautiful woman. One day, the Queen went to consult her magic mirror as usual.

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?”

And the mirror answered, “Queen, you are most fair, it’s true, but Snow White is prettier than you.”

The Queen was incensed and she became very envious of the young woman. She decided to hire a huntsman to take her into the woods and kill her but when the huntsman reached the spot in the woods, he couldn’t do it. She was much too beautiful and he left her in the woods. Alone and afraid, she ran as far as her legs would carry her and found a little house as evening drew near. Inside, she found a little table with seven plates, seven forks and seven cups and seven beds against the wall. She was very hungry and thirsty, so she ate and drank just a little from each plate and cup and tired, she undressed completely and laid down to sleep.

When the masters of the house came home, they found their food nibbled upon and a breathtakingly beautiful woman asleep in one of their beds. The seven little men surrounded the bed and gazed down at her.

“She has beautiful toes.” The first dwarf said.

“She has beautiful ankles.” The second dwarf said.

“She has beautiful legs.” The third dwarf said.

“She has a beautiful bush.” The fourth dwarf said.

“She has a beautiful stomach.” The fifth dwarf said.

“She has beautiful breasts.” The sixth dwarf said.

“She has a beautiful mouth.” The seventh dwarf said.

“Well, what should we do?” The first dwarf asked.

“Let’s awaken her and find out who she is.” The second dwarf said.

They awakened her and she sat up, frantically trying to cover herself as seven men stared at her naked body.

“Who are you?” The third dwarf asked.

She told them all about what had happened ateşli gaziantep escort to her, about her step-mother and the kind huntsman and how she’d found their little house in the woods. They listened raptly to her explanation, each gazing at the rose-tipped breasts and the hot pink slit that lay hidden under a fluff of gold. “I have nowhere to go.”

“Well, if you’ll cook for us … ” The first dwarf said.

“And wash for us … ” The second dwarf said.

“And make our beds … ” The third dwarf said.

“And sew for us … ” The fourth dwarf said.

“And knit for us … ” The fifth dwarf said.

“And let us fuck you … ” The sixth dwarf said.

“You can stay as long as you wish and shall lack for nothing.” The seventh dwarf said.

Snow White looked at the seven little men, her heart in knots as they hungrily glared at her naked body. “With all my heart.” She whispered softly.

The first dwarf moved forward and ran his small hand over her unshod feet. “You have such beautiful feet. I shall take them.” As she watched, his little tongue flicked out, deftly tasting each toe, then sucked the smallest digit into his mouth. Snow White moaned, her pussy clenching when she felt every tiny movement of his tongue on her sensitive flesh. He moved on to the next toe and the next until he had reached the big toe.

He took it deeply into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, then dropped his pants, pulling his tiny prick out of his pants. Without hesitation, he slipped it into the space between her big toe and next largest toe, using his spittle as lubrication and began fucking her foot. Snow White was amazed but the look of rapture on his face made her happy.

The second dwarf couldn’t help but touch her tiny ankles. “You have such beautiful ankles. I shall take them.” This tiny individual reached down and stripped off his pants, revealing not a penis, but a pussy! The other dwarves crowded around, trying to catch a glimpse of the pussy that had secretly been in their midst all this time but the second dwarf pushed them all away. “I can’t help it if I’m different!”

This answer seemed to placate the others and the second dwarf leaned down, touched the soft skin of Snow White’s ankle and straddled it. Snow White hissed as she felt the heat of the second dwarf’s pussy, the fat lips opening and allowing the inner lips to slide up and down the silky skin. After a moment, wet warmth began to coat her skin and the second dwarf threw her head back with a blissful smile.

The third dwarf was already stroking his cock when his ateşli gaziantep escort bayan turn came. “You have such beautiful thighs. I shall take them.” He approached Snow White’s body, mesmerized by the milky whiteness of her lightly freckled thighs. He didn’t want to have sex with her; that would require her touch and the thought of that made him nauseous. But licking her thighs? His little rod gave a leap in his fist as he moved closer. She spread her legs to allow him greater access and gasped at the touch of his tongue.

Her skin was warm and fragrant, spreading beneath his tongue like forbidden candy and he licked every inch that he could, reveling in the texture and taste. Snow White whimpered, her toes curling and grasping the first dwarf’s dick. The first dwarf howled in lust and pumped the tiny hole with new energy, smiling at the second dwarf who was close to achieving her second orgasm because of Snow White’s pronounced ankle.

The fourth dwarf leaned down and deeply sniffed the womanly perfume that was escaping the opening beneath her spun-gold bush. “You have such a beautiful bush. I shall take it.” He blew hot wind across the top of the mound and watched as the delicate hairs parted, uncovering sweet, wet pink flesh. He used two hands to part her plump lips, closely examining the dark pink hole and the lighter pearl-sized clit quivering under the hood of her pud. Closing his eyes, he bent and placed the tip of his tongue into the weeping canal.

Snow White moaned again. His tongue had touched the skin just above her opening, then had slid down into her hole. Her pussy spasmed and she felt warmth as her cream gushed out, gleefully lapped up by the accommodating dwarf. His deft tongue dipped into the honey pot again, coating the tip of the dwarf’s tongue and he swallowed it down, licking his lips soundly. Satisfied that she was ready, he climbed on top of her, settled himself between her legs, avoiding the third dwarf and pressed his tiny cock inside her slit.

“Oh, God!”

The fifth dwarf also climbed on top of Snow White, pausing to lock lips with the fourth dwarf, who gave his friend a quick handjob before watching his friend turn his back to him. “You have such a beautiful stomach. I shall take it.” The fifth dwarf’s cock was smaller than usual and the mushroom cap fit snugly into her deep inny. He whimpered, his balls rubbing against her sternum as he pumped his cock in and out of her belly button.

The sensation of having her belly button fucked was quite different for Snow White. The other sensations were different, ateşli escort gaziantep too, but this was much different. She could feel her abdominal skin stretching slightly to accommodate the small red head of his cock and felt the tiny head squash against the bottom. It was becoming too much … but there were two more to come.

“She has such beautiful breasts. I shall take them.” The sixth dwarf touched the quivering dusky-rose nipple before him and licked its softness, changing it into a hard nub. Snow White pressed her nubile flesh into his mouth, urging him to suck harder. His yellowed teeth nibbled, grazed and scraped, making her scream in joy. The first dwarf bellowed as her toes clenched yet again and the fourth dwarf held on tightly, still pumping as her body bucked beneath him.

The sixth dwarf climbed on top of her also, rubbing his rod in between her fleshy bosoms, using his hands to push them together. She whimpered as he naughtily tweaked one of her nipples and matched the rhythm of the fourth and fifth dwarves, his cock proudly riding the canal between her breasts.

The final dwarf looked at her beguiling mouth and licked his own lips. “You have such a beautiful mouth. I shall take it.” The seventh dwarf wasn’t a stickler for warming a girl up. He immediately climbed onto the bed, straddling her head and thrust his tiny cock in her mouth.

Snow White moaned loudly, aware of every touch and taste. The first dwarf eagerly pumped away at her toes, the second was riding her ankle like a balance beam, sliming every inch with her cream while the third was content to tug on his own prick, his tongue painting saliva lines up and down her thighs. The fourth pumped harder, his tiny prick pushing her to an orgasm that had her humming around the seventh’s cock. Five and six continued their efforts and very soon, collective shouts echoed in the tiny room.

The first shot his cum all over the second’s back. She groaned in response and came for the fifth time, leaning forward as she collapsed. The third spurted all over his own hand and the fourth sent his cream plunging deeply into her clutching cunt, mingling with her own cream. The fifth filled her belly button with jizz, the sixth squirted under her chin and the seventh sighed happily as she swallowed the four jets that comprised his load.

All seven dwarves crowded around her, each cuddling her in his or her own way and she shivered as wandering hands rubbed her stomach, thighs, mound and nipples. “Wow, that was great!” Snow White sighed. “What else do I have to do?”

The Queen, convinced that Snow White was dead, approached the mirror again. “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?”

And the glass answered,

“Queen, thou lovely beauty is fair true But Snow White takes dicks much better than you, There is no way that you’ll be able to best her So just sit in your chair, let your anger fester.”

And so, Snow White stayed with the seven dwarfs until her prince came along to claim her.


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