The sky was dark on Valentine’s eve. The weather report promised three inches of snow by tomorrow, but it hadn’t started yet. I guided my car down a dirt path that didn’t show up on Google Maps, but had been sketched on the back of a napkin along with the name “Steph,” and an invitation to meet her at 11:30 pm at the specified location.My headlights illuminated the way ahead of me, strewn with tree roots and potholes until I arrived at a clearing. In the center was a house, dark and long abandoned. The paint had peeled, and the windows were broken. Moss and grass had begun to reclaim the structure. I got out of the car and looked around. As the wind wound through the building, it produced a low humming sound.Uncertainly, I searched for Steph or any sign of civilization. The main highway was at least a mile behind me. The place was quiet and still. I was about to give up, chalk it up to the latest in a life-long series of cruel disappointments when I caught a brief glimpse of light somewhere within the house. It disappeared as quickly as it had shone, but I was certain I’d seen it.“Steph?” I called. “Is that you?”No answer.“Fuck,” I said under my breath. I began to pick my way across the overgrown yard towards the front entry, already steeling myself for the nearly certain humiliation that was about to come.Why? I asked myself.  Why do I let myself get roped into these situations? I knew the answer, of course: I was lonely. I’d reached the age of twenty-two with my virginity sadly intact. I used to bullshit myself that I was saving myself until the right woman came along, but over the years it became clear that I was just not destined for love, Porno 64

lust, or even a meaningless fuck. Being a virgin was terrible all the time, but it seemed to be especially bad on Valentine’s knowing I’d be watching from the sidelines yet again as the rest of the world hooked up all around me.But that didn’t kill the hope, and hope was the thing that was killing me. It was what had led me against all my better judgment to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the freezing night based on nothing but a pretty face and the vague promise of a “good time.”I reached the space where a door had been. Again, I called out for Steph. Again, there was no reply. I reached into my pocket for my phone. There was no signal out there, but the light from the screen could at least pierce the dense darkness. The floor was covered in dirt and litter. It was clear from all the broken glass that this was a secret drinking spot (and who knows what else) for local youths or vagabonds or both.I was about to give up and accept that I’d been hoaxed with the false promise of intercourse. I even turned around to begin making my way back to my car when the sound of something falling over came from deeper inside the house. I swung the light from my phone around, but everything was once again silent.“Steph?” I called out again. Nearly every particle of my being was telling me to go, but as long as there was a hint of a possibility to get laid, I knew I would stay.I ventured further through the decaying rooms, until I reached what was once a kitchen in the back of the house. The low humming sound that I’d first taken to be the wind was more noticeable Konulu Porno there. As I listened, I started to pick out a pattern, almost like several voices chanting. I couldn’t actually hear the words, though, and wasn’t entirely sure if it wasn’t just my senses playing tricks on me.I looked out the back window, and finally saw her, the girl from the restaurant yesterday. Steph was dressed in a black hooded cloak and nothing else. Her naked body looked pale blue in the light of my phone as if she were dead. Despite her ghostly appearance, I couldn’t help but gaze hungrily at her bare breasts and let my eyes drift downwards to the small groomed tuft of black hair between her thighs. I sucked in my breath sharply in appreciation, allowing my excitement to overtake my good sense.“There you are,” I said.“Here I am,” Steph agreed.“What are we doing here?” I asked. In all my fantasies of losing my virginity, I’d never imagined it taking place in a creepy abandoned house.“Shh…” Steph said. “Come on, I need you…” And then after a beat, “We need you.”“We?” I repeated with a cocked eyebrow.“I invited a few friends.”“Friends?” I asked, confused and unable to do much more than parrot the words of the naked woman standing in front of me.“Come on, you’ll see,” she assured me.Steph turned and walked towards the trees. I followed her, watching her cloak swish against the back of her ankles, a little frustrated that it hid the rest of her from my eyes. After we’d gone a few paces into the woods, she came to a stop and turned, looking at me with a slight smile on her lips.“We’re here,” she announced.“Here?” I asked.She nodded Porno İndir and looked down. The light from my phone followed her gaze to the ground, uncovering a set of old steel doors. There were crude pentagrams scratched into the metal. Steph bent and pulled one of the doors open with a loud squeal and clang. Beneath it was a set of descending stairs. There was a faint glow like the one I’d glimpsed before somewhere below. The chanting I’d heard earlier was clearer now, but the words weren’t in a language I understood.“This way,” Steph invited, leading me underground.There were more pentagrams and other symbols scrawled on the walls. We descended into a long chamber lit by torches, with a large circular wooden table carved with a pentagram in the center. There were five more women at each point of the star, chanting over it. On the back wall was a large digital clock with bright red numbers that read 11:47.The girls were dressed identically to Steph. I stopped to admire their figures: A tall blonde, a curvy redhead, a Black girl wearing glasses, a skinny Asian girl, and a short, mousy-looking brunette; All naked, all beautiful.  They paused their chanting as we entered the chamber and looked me over. I noticed their eyes going to my crotch and realized that I had more than the beginning of an erection developing there. Self-consciously, I moved my hands to cover my shame. This was met with titters from the girls.“Good work, Steph,” The blonde commented.“But are you sure he’s a virgin?” asked the brunette.“Come on, look at him,” Steph replied. I took some offense, but knew anything I said in my defense would only further incriminate me.“We should be sure,” the redhead warned. “I mean, if he’s not, the sacrifice won’t work.”“Sacrifice?” I repeated.“Relax,” Steph assured me. “It’s fine.”“What the fuck is going on here?” A sense of panic was crawling up my spine.“Not too smart, is he?” the Black girl commented.

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