Ashley felt the warm body against her back as the light streamed through the curtains. She pressed back, snuggling up against her lover, pressing her ass against the firm body. She moaned softly as an arm slid over her side, slipping between her breasts, supporting her large top breast, while cupping the lower one, her body still tingling from the night before. What began as a simple dinner and then renting a movie led to a passionate night of lovemaking and raw sex.

Ashley turned her head to her friend and smiled. They kissed, gently at first, still feeling the afterglow of the night before, even though several hours had passed. Vonn turned Ashley towards her, wrapping her long arms around the petite body of her lover. Their kiss became deeper, more passionate. Ashley sucked on Vonn’s tongue, her hands caressing the soft flesh of Vonn’s back. Ashley broke the kiss, sliding her tongue down her friend’s neck, biting on the nape.

“Oooohhh Gggdddd, Ash,” Vonn moaned, wrapping her fingers in Ashley’s long, brown hair. Ashley smiled to herself, knowing how sensitive her lover’s neck was, knowing that Vonn could only take so much of that kind of attention before she would give into her lust. Ashley slid her tongue down, sucking on the top of Vonn’s breasts. She cupped them with her hands, squeezing them together. Her tongue lashed a the hard nipples pointing upward.

“Ooohh Vonn,” Ashley moaned, squeezing the firm breasts harder. Ashley buried her face between them, groping and kneading the large, full globes with her delicate fingers. Vonn felt a thigh pressing against her mound. She gave into the pressure, spreading her legs slightly, allowing the firm thigh to rub against her bare pussy. She pressed back against the oppressing thigh, rocking her hips to add to the stimulation. Ashley flicked her tongue over the protruding nipple, taking it into her mouth. She sucked on the bud, rolling her teeth across the fleshy nibs.

“Oooohhhh Ggdddd, Ash, that feels so good,” Vonn moaned, holding Ashley’s head to her breasts. Ashley pressed her thigh harder against Vonn’s pussy, rubbing her lips. Vonn pulled the covers away, slapping her hand down onto Ashley’s ass cheek. Ashley jumped slightly, feeling the sting resonate through her ass. Both girls were surprised at how quickly they each became aroused, already lost in the moment. Vonn, nearly a foot taller than the 4’10” Ashley slid her hand over Ashley’s ass, slipping her fingertips between the firm cheeks. She slid past her hole, letting her fingers toy with Ashley’s already wet lips. She plunged her fingers deep into Ashley’s pussy, sliding them in and out of her tunnel. The nipple slipped out of Ashley’s mouth as she felt her body shaking from Vonn’s pounding. She buried her face in between the luscious breasts of her lover, sucking and biting her flesh.

Vonn slammed her fingers hard into Ashley, her hand slapping against her ass. The feeling of her lover’s fingers inside her overwhelmed Ashley. Her body began shaking as the orgasm built from within. She grabbed at Vonn’s breasts, groping them as she rocked her hips against the long fingers, her climax reaching its peak.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk… yes, yeesssss!” she cried as she slammed her hips down against Vonn’s hand, driving the fingers even deeper. Her body became rigid, her nerves firing throughout her. She then collapsed onto Vonn, her hot juices flooding out of her tunnel, soaking Vonn’s hand and belly. She lay there, on top of Vonn, trying to catch her breath as Vonn caressed her, holding her tight. “Oh Vonn, I can’t believe how quickly I came,” she said, her voice betraying her excitement, “that was great,” she added, kissing her lover’s face again and again.

Vonn felt Ashley’s warm juices on her fingers. She rubbed it over Ashley’s mound and back. Ashley pressed her hips against her hand, sliding down, kissing Vonn’s breasts, then down to her flat tummy. Vonn leaned on her elbows, watching Ashley kiss and tongue over her mound, then down between her legs. She threw her head back against the pillow when she felt Ashley’s mouth sucking on her lower lips. She wanted to see, to watch her best friend and lover taking her. Ashley looked up catching Vonn’s eyes.

They looked at each other for a few moments, before Ashley plunged her tongue into Vonn’s already wet pussy. Vonn grabbed the sheets, her body shaking uncontrollably as Ashley tongued her hard.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Vonn cried, bucking her hips against Ashley’s mouth. Ashley grabbed her friend’s ass, pulling her hard against her mouth, grinding her face against the shaved pussy. Ashley sucked on Vonn’s clit, scraping her teeth across the swollen bud. Vonn cried out as she felt Ashley drive her fingers deep into her pussy. Her hips bucked wildly, fucking Ashley’s fingers. Ashley kept sucking and biting her clit, sending wave after wave of electricity through her body.

Vonn’s body was shaking violently as Ashley brought her to her climax. Vonn let herself go, allowing Ankara Escort Ashley to take her all the way. She grabbed Ashley’s head, holding it hard to her aching pussy, her fingers tangled in her long hair. “Oooohhh fffuuuccckkkkkkkk I’mmmm cummmmming!!!” she cried. Ashley increased her tempo, knowing that Vonn was on the very edge and this would send her over. “Ooohhh sshhhiiitttttt,” Vonn moaned as her body convulsed on its own, thrashing on the bed.

Vonn came hard, as hard as she had last night but without as much cum. She held Ashley’s face to her pussy, thrusting against her mouth, climaxing again and again. She had a series of orgasms, one right after the other with every nerve in her body firing, until she fell back exhausted. She lay there, breathing deeply, unable to move. Ashley licked and sucked what juices she could then slid up to cuddle next to her lover, her partner.

Vonn couldn’t move for several minutes, her body trembling as the orgasms continued then slowly subsided. Ashley nuzzled up against her, under her arm, her large breasts pressed against Vonn’s side. Ashley slid her hand over Vonn’s belly, over her heaving breasts and over her wet sensitive mound. They lay there for a while, basking in the afterglow of their love. “I love you, Ashley,” Vonn whispered softly, wrapping her arms around her.

Ashley kissed her side, “I love you, too, baby.”


Ashley hung up the phone, smiling.

“Who was that, baby?”, Vonn asked.

“That was my client for tonight. He had to cancel, something came up. That leaves tonight free for us both,” Ashley answered. Ashley worked as a private dancer for a company. She had her own clients who hired her for either parties or just for themselves, personally. Vonn and Ashley had been together for nearly a year, sharing a house. Vonn went with Ashley a couple of times to her clients, mainly just to watch, but she had danced with her at a couple of parties. She was thinking about quitting her job and dancing full time. At 5′ 9″, fit and shapely, Vonn cut a striking pose. Ashley, on the other hand, was short and petite, but actually, even more busty than Vonn’s 36D. Ashley had to get special bras make to give her 38DD breasts the proper support and shape needed.

“Let’s go shopping this afternoon. I need some new things if I am going to work with you. We can then go out to dinner someplace nice,” said Vonn as she folded the clothes from the basket.

“That sounds lovely, I could use some new lingerie, too,” answered Ashley.

The girls drove to Highland Court, an area of town that was know for its boutique shops, restaurants and clubs. Being Saturday night and one of their only free ones together, they decided to make a night of it. Vonn wore a pair of tight black leather pants with a black velvet body suit. The top was low cut, showing off the tops of her ample breasts and finished as a thong. She did carry a bra and panties for shopping in her purse. Ashley wore a short skirt with a loose fitting silk blouse, which hid what it could of her large breasts. She had it unbuttoned to just above her breasts, showing her cleavage.

The first store they went to was the lingerie shop where Ashley had ordered some new bras. There, she tried them on in the changing room, along with some corsets for work. Vonn went back with her to see how they looked.

“I love that corset, Ash,” Vonn said, sliding her hand along Ashley’s side. Her hand slid down over her hips and onto Ashley’s bare ass. “It fits you very well, baby. I bet John, that new client, would love you in that.” Ashley looked at herself in the mirror, her hands sliding over the tight satin material. She let her fingers linger in her cleavage, feeling the inner sides of her breasts.

“Hmmmmmmm, he would like this. Do you like seeing me in it?” Ashley asked Vonn.

Vonn smiled. “I love seeing you out of it, too,” she giggled. Vonn took Ashley by the waist, pulling her to her. She kissed her gently on the lips. They ended up buying a few items, including the gold, strapless corset.

The sun was just starting to set as they walked down the street. A warm breeze blew through the streets. Ashley heard her name being called. She turned to see her dentist sitting at an outdoor cafe. He stood as she and Vonn walked over to him.

“Hi, I thought that was you. How are you?” Geoff asked. Ashley smiled at him. He was older, in his forties, but in very good shape. At 6’2″ he towered over her.

“Hi, Dr. Jones, I’m fine thank you. What are you doing out here?” she asked. He was dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a Polo shirt that showed off his strong chest.

“I was supposed to meet a friend here, but she had to cancel,” he replied. “Looks like y’all have been shopping. Find anything nice?” Vonn nudged Ashley in the side.

“Oh, sorry, this is my room mate, Vonn. This is my dentist, Dr…”

“Geoff, please, call me Geoff,” Geoff interrupted.

“Geoff,” Ashley said, lowering her eyes Çankaya Escort slightly. Vonn extended her hand to the tall stranger. Geoff, took it gently, giving it a slight shake.

“Where are you heading to?” Geoff asked, his eyes fixed on Ashley. She had been his patient for a couple of years. He always looked forward to seeing her, not only because of her sexy appearance that lightened up his day, but because he also enjoyed talking to her. Sometimes, if he wasn’t busy, he would stand at the desk, talking with her and the staff for a long time.

“We were just going to get a drink before going out to dinner,” Ashley replied, letting her hand brush against Vonn. Vonn had heard Ashley talk about her dentist on more than one occasion. Even though she had not been with a man for several years, Ashley had wondered what it would be like to be with Geoff.

“Most of the outside tables are already taken and I do have one here. Would y’all like to join me here?” Geoff asked, hoping for a yes. Ashley hooked Vonn’s little finger with hers. Vonn understood her friend’s signal.

“Yes, thank you,” Vonn responded, taking the pressure off of Ashley. They sat and talked for about an hour and a half. It was an ego boost for Geoff to be sitting with these two, very beautiful, very sexy women. He did well not to stare at them, but each woman did catch him staring a little at their bodies, but were still impressed at how little he stared. They could feel other men’s eyes staring at them often, even the waiter was staring down their tops. But it really didn’t matter to them tonight. They dressed for each other and knew that they looked sexy. If looking that sexy for her lover meant that others would stare, then that was all right.

The sun was setting behind the buildings, cooling the evening air. The sky was vibrant with pinks and reds and billowing white clouds. Geoff felt his stomach growling. “I don’t know about y’all but I’m getting hungry. I have reservations at Christy’s; would y’all like to join me?” Geoff asked, looking at Ashley. She turned to Vonn, said a few things and they both agreed. They had planned on eating out anyway and they were enjoying his company. Since the restaurant was only a couple of blocks away, they decided to walk, enjoying the evening air.

By the end of dinner, the girls and Geoff were feeling the affects of having drunk two bottles of wine. During dinner, Vonn had been sliding her foot up and down Ashley’s leg, making her shudder with anticipation of the night to come. They excused themselves to go the restroom where they planned to discuss the rest of the night.

“Are we still going dancing?” Vonn asked, slipping her hand around Ashley’s back.

Ashley smiled at her friend, her hand resting on Vonn’s hip, “Yes, I still want to. What about Geoff, do you want to invite him?”

“You like him, don’t you?” Vonn asked, stroking Ashley’s hair. Ashley lowered her eyes a moment.

“Yes, I do, but you seem to, too,” she answered, belligerently. Vonn smiled at Ashley’s weak attack on her, knowing that Ashley was just embarrassed by her feelings.

“Ok, we’ll invite him and see what happens. But tonight, you are mine,” Vonn said seductively. She looked around to make sure no one else was in the restroom then kissed Ashley hard on the lips. Ashley felt her legs buckle as her passions grew.

They saw Geoff standing by the door, waiting for them. He had already paid for the meal against their protest. “No, I have had a great time and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. And the jealous looks I got from the other men were well worth it.”

“Vonn and I were going to go dancing, would you like to join us?” Ashley asked, her voice shaking slightly. Geoff looked at Vonn for a reaction but got none. “Please, let us take you, dinner was so good, at least let us do that,” Ashley continued. Vonn gave a small smile and Geoff said, “OK.”

They walked to a nearby club that Vonn and Ashley frequented. It had a mix of straight and gay crowd. “I hope you enjoy this place,” Vonn said slyly, thinking that Geoff might be shocked by the club. He just smiled and walked in, having been there several times before. The girls bought the first round of drinks, Vonn not wanting to be beholden to Geoff any more than necessary. The three of them danced together, Geoff taking turns holding each one, sometimes both of them. After Vonn went to the table, Geoff and Ashley danced to a slow, sensual song. Vonn watched as he took her in his arms, wrapping them around her. Ashley rested her head on his chest, swaying back and forth to the music. Geoff felt her large breasts pressing against his belly rather than his chest as was usually the case with taller women. She was so small in his arms, it was a little awkward at first, but he quickly got into the rhythm.

It had been a long time since Ashley had danced with someone as tall as Geoff; several years, in fact. It, too, was strange at first but she easily fell into his grasp, relaxing in Etlik Escort his arms. When the song ended, Ashley excused herself to go to the restroom, while Geoff went back to the table where Vonn was sitting, her eyes glaring at him as he sat down. Geoff slid next to Vonn, leaning to her.

“You don’t like me too much, do you, Vonn?” he asked. Vonn was taken aback by his frankness.

“Ah, no, that’s not it, I don’t even know you enough to make that decision,” she said smugly. Geoff smiled at her.

“Look, I may be a man, but I am not dumb,” he said, startling Vonn. She almost spilled her drink on herself. “I know you and Ashley are more than just friends, more than roommates. I am having a great time tonight and I hope that you and Ashley are, too. That’s all I want.”

Vonn looked at Geoff, trying to read his eyes. “So there is no ulterior motive for buying us dinner and taking us out?” she asked.

Geoff chuckled, “Like I said, I’m a man. Ashley is a beautiful and very sweet woman, and I must say, you are, too. Of course, I would love for something to come of this, but if nothing does, that’s all right, too. I have had a fun night.” To be honest, Geoff had noticed how pretty and sexy Vonn was. The leather pants hugged her shapely hips and ass, while her top was tight around her large, round breasts. Vonn was just starting to dress like this, having been a little more reserved before being with Ashley.

“I don’t want to see her hurt, that’s all,” she said. Geoff smiled, saying that he would never do anything to hurt her.

“If my being here is harming your relationship with her, then I will leave.” Vonn knew he was serious. She leaned to him, kissing him gently on the cheek.

“I believe you.” Vonn had liked Geoff at first, but had become concerned and jealous as Ashley seemed to become more attracted to him. She now felt that her first opinion of him was right.

“Shall we consummate our agreement with a dance?” Geoff asked, holding his hand to Vonn. She smiled at him, taking his hand and walked to the floor with him. Geoff took her right hand in his and placed his right hand on her lower back, guiding her to the beat of the Latin tune. Their hips swayed to the beat, Geoff twirling her then pulling her back into his arms. She giggled as her body bumped into his but continued her swaying, her hips gyrating back and forth. She was enjoying herself, relaxed in her trust of this man. Geoff was enjoying himself, too. They pulled each other closer, their bodies pressing harder against one another. Vonn felt her breasts pressing against his chest, but was actually enjoying it more than she thought she would.

She laid her head to his ear, whispering, “So we are cool with this, right? No expectations of anything, right?”

Geoff agreed, “No expectations, no pressure.” He jumped when Vonn slid her hand down his back, grabbing his ass. She laughed, her hand still groping his firm cheeks. Geoff leaned back, looking into her eyes, smiling. As he held her, he slipped his thigh between her legs, still swaying back and forth. Vonn opened her legs slightly, feeling his thigh press against her mound.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned softly, pressing back. Geoff swung her away, spun her, then pulled her back into his arms, his thigh sliding back between her legs. Vonn rocked harder, feeling the leather seam rub against her lips. She felt herself become wet, rubbing harder against his thigh. She closed her eyes, imagining that it was Ashley’s thigh rubbing her. After the song they went back to the table where Ashley was fending off the advances of another guy. Geoff gave him a look as he sat down, taking her hand in his. The stranger nodded to Geoff, then left.

“Thank you, Geoff,” she said, squeezing his hand.

“I’m was expecting to find them swarming around you,” he said.

Ashley smiled at the complement, “Well, he was the third one, actually.”

After another round of drinks and dancing, the girls excused themselves before leaving. In the restroom, Vonn was about to tell Ashley how badly she wanted her, that when they got home, she was going to fuck her hard. Vonn was feeling light-headed from all the alcohol that night. But before she could say anything, Ashley took her hands, looking up at her.

“I want to take Geoff home, tonight. I know you had a special night planned but I really want to do this,” she said softly, her eyes glowing. She felt Vonn’s hand go cold and still, her eyes glassing over. She knew that she had hurt her lover deeply. “No, I mean take him home with us. You and me together.” Vonn still looked hurt.

“I don’t know, I would just be in the way of you two,” she said, her eyes betraying her feelings. Ashley squeezed her hands, getting her attention.

“What I mean is I want him to be with US. He would be the third,” Ashley replied, her eyes relaying her love for Vonn. Vonn thought for a moment. She did like him and he was nice and it had been a couple of years since she had been with a man. “Pleeeese,” Ashley said, batting her eyes. Vonn laughed. Ashley knew that that was one way she always got her way with Vonn.

“OK,” Vonn said giggling, “who knows, it might be fun. How will we do it? It’s been so long some I’ve picked up someone.”

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