It was the last weekend of college; I went to a small state school and there was only one bar in town. I had, had a fight with my boyfriend and finals were going badly when the weekend arrived. It was also a rainy weekend, although warm, and my period was due (all this adds up to a very horny 20-year-old!). My roommate and I had decided all men were idiots and that the best thing to do was to spend the weekend drunk and baked. We started on Friday evening smoking and staying high, somewhere along the line we slept. On Sat. morn we “waked and baked”, then packed some of our shit to go home. Then we went to the class picnic, at the farm (roasted pig). There was alcohol there for those who were old enough. We basically hung out the day sneak off to get high again and coming back to munch as the need struck us. As the day became evening we decided it would be a good idea to go to the bar that night. I really don’t remember what she wore that night but I’m sure it was revealing slightly and I wore jeans and a black bustier and a black zipped up shirt. The bar had a balcony that you could stand and see the whole bar from, it was dark and really few people went up there. Her and I decided it would be fun to go up there, as we like to watch people who don’t know they are being watched. From there we could see the door also. I spotted three good looking guys come into the bar and elbowed her and she saw them too. We watched as they went to the bar and got beers. She asked if I knew them and I said they weren’t any of the college guys.

As we watched these guys from the balcony, they hadn’t really noticed us yet; they scanned the room checking everything and everyone out. I watched them quite intently as I thought the one was very cute and his buddies were cute but not as cute as he was. He was about 5 foot 11 maybe 6 foot even, had dark hair and very chiseled features. I couldn’t see his eyes from where I was but I can say he was definitely nice to look at. His one buddy had sandy brown hair, was about 5 foot 8 or 9 and was average build. His other Buddy had dark brown hair too and was about 5 foot 11 or 6 foot also; he was also an average build. I keep watching them willing the really good one to look up in my direction. Eventually, I’m not sure if he felt me watching or what, the one with sandy brown hair turned around and looked up at us. I smiled when I saw him and he sorta smiled back. His buddies were headed back towards the bar for another drink so he followed and I figured that was that oh well. Lord knows there was plenty of good-looking girls (not that we aren’t or weren’t but they were right in plain sight as we weren’t) at the bar. I don’t know if he said anything to his buddies or not but shortly they came back. I nudged my girlfriend a little as they had their backs to us to point out the fact that they were there. She nodded and we were due for a refill for so we went down the backstairs loosing sight of them as we went.

We got 2 more drinks and decided to go through the main bar to get back to the stairs. This should have led us right by them but we didn’t see them. Just for curiosity I looked up and there they were looking down on us from our earlier posts. As we approached the stairs I told her they were there. We decided not to go back up right away. Why I’m not really sure but it was a mutual decision.

We went around to the side to the bathrooms and in this bar there was a back bar, (as well as an outside bar too), we went into the back bar to checkout what was happening. The black lights were on and the music was loud, there was a lot of people everywhere. We decided it was to crowded for us and we went back around to the main bar. As we approached the stairs we saw the guys coming down the stairs. We slowed our pace a little and they moved into the main part of the bar. We lost them in the crowd, needing more beer we moved to the bar got 2 more and turned looking for a table to sit at. We spotted one in the corner away from the crowd, but in a spot we could watch the whole scene. We sat at the table for a few minutes chatting when we noticed someone working his way through the crowd towards us. We looked up to see one of the guys moving in our direction, he smiled and we smiled back. He came over and asked if he could sit. We nodded and offered him a chair. We chatted a little and shortly his buddies came from opposite directions and meeting in the middle looked around, he waved and they moved in our direction. I heard my girlfriend moan as they moved towards us and knew she had no desire to play this game, I hoped she wouldn’t ditch on me too quickly so Id at least get to have fun with one of them.

When they reached the table, one of them asked if they could buy us another beer. We agreed yes and the one that had been sitting with us got up to get the beers as the other two sat down with us one on each side of us. To my disappointment the one with the very chiseled features sat next to my girlfriend and introduced himself as Steve. The one with the average build sat next to me and introduced himself as Tom. We chatted for awhile and then our little area became really crowded, so we all agreed to move to another spot a little less crowded. As we did my girlfriend Keçiören Escort Bayan moved away from the guys and I moved a little closer to Steve. The hunt was almost over and I was making a move in for the kill. I was determined at that time to have him and if I could Tom too, his other buddy, Rob, well he was cute like I said and if I had to settle for just him, he was in for an interesting time.

I asked them what they were doing in this town as it was obvious they weren’t college guys. They smiled and Tom said no they weren’t. Steve looking right at me said they were hunting. I asked him hunting for what, as I wrapped my lips around the bottleneck and took sip, watching him. He smiled a little bigger smiled when he said ” Wild Thangs”. I smiled back at him, licked my lips seductively and told him I knew where he could find the “Wild Thangs”. Oh do you he asked me. I nodded my head yes. He asked me how many times I had used that line. I told him twice as I smiled at him, (it was obvious by his smile that I got right back that he had seen the movie and knew what the next line should be.) Oh he said to me smiling and laughing as I rubbed my tits against his chest and what happened he asked. I laughed seductively as I pressed in harder against him and rubbed my leg on his cock it was growing hard and replied that the first time I had crashed and burned. He wrapped an arm around me and tilting his head in close to mine he asked me and the second? As my hand reached down and lightly, gently grabbed his cock I smiled and told him I would tell him in the morning. I pressed my lips to his as I ground my hips into him, I sucked his tongue into my mouth. When he broke the kiss he laughed deeply, sexily at me and asked me where we could go. My heart soared and my mind began to race. I didn’t want to take them back to the apartment because of my roommate, she wouldn’t have let me anyhow and she didn’t approve. I didn’t really know where to go and we joked about breaking into my lover’s dorm room, but decided it wasn’t a good idea after all. I suggested we see if we could get a room at the local motel. They had planned on sleeping in the truck they said, at that time I believed them but in the morning and since then I have wondered.

My girlfriend talked me into going to the bathroom with her. We discussed what I was doing and she asked me if I was sure. I said yes and told her if she wanted we could all go back to the apartment together, she said no she didn’t think she wanted to. I had figured this already, but thought it was worth a try. Ok I said and we went out of the bathrooms back to the bar. The guys looked at us a little hopeful, but when we got back to them she said she was going home and asked if I was coming. I told her no and asked them if I stayed would they give me a lift back. They agreed they would, and she left. We left shortly after her and as we went out into the parking lot my girlfriend tried again to get me to come home with her. I told her I would be all right and to go on. She did and I followed them to their truck. They all climbed in and as I stood there looking in the truck I commented there really wasn’t any room for me to sit. They smiled and said yes there was, I climbed in on to Toms lap.

Steve was driving and Rob was on the other side. As we pulled out of the driveway Rob leaned over and was rubbing his hand up and down my leg and Tom was reaching up and massaging my tits. Tom unzipped my top and pushed the bustie down releasing my tits. As he fondled them I pressed my ass down into his lap and spread my legs so Rob could rub my pussy through my jeans. Steve was asking for directions and I told him which way to turn. Rob leaned over as Tom lost grip on my right tit and licked and sucked my nipple. I leaned back into Tom’s arms and turned my head to the left at his nudging and he started kissing me full on the lips as his hands wandered down my body to my pussy. Steve’s voice interrupted us and I realized he was telling us the motel was closed. I said it was ok to keep driving I knew somewhere else we could go to play. I was getting so hot by then I really didn’t care where. I leaned over on Tom’s lap so that my tits were resting in his hands as I nuzzled Steve’s ears and neck and began caressing his cock through his jeans. Rob’s hands were playing with my ass and my pussy still and I felt my jeans being unzipped as I pointed for Steve to turn off onto a side road. I slid down on Tom’s lap and began licking at Steve’s zipper; I could feel Rob’s hands pulling my jeans apart. I raised up and saw the turn off and pointed to it.

Steve pulled in, pulling up the road to a little clearing. I pulled my top off and my bustie as Steve turned off the truck. I leaned over and began kissing him; he pushed me away and slid out of the truck. I was very confused and looked questioningly at Tom. He told me Steve had just gotten married and had decided he couldn’t do anything while we were in the ladies room. I smiled and said we’d see about that. I then turned my full attentions to Tom; Rob had slid out of the truck too. I slid down off Tom’s lap so that I could get his jeans undone and as I kneeled on the seat Rob came up behind me and pulled Escort Eryaman my jeans down off my hips. I felt his hands rubbing my ass, and unzipped Tom’s zipper freeing his cock and took it slowly into my mouth. I spread my legs for Rob and felt a moist warm heat against my pussy lips, moaning around Tom’s cock when I felt his tongue licking my pussy. Toms hands were busy fondling my tits, I looked up and could see Steve watching from a distance. I managed to get my legs free from my jeans and spread my legs farther apart for them.

I spread my legs farther apart I could feel Robs tongue running along my pussy lips as I took Toms cock deep in my throat, then all the way back up to the head twisting my mouth as I was going up and down on his cock. Tom leaned back on the seat giving me more room to take all of his cock in my throat; I licked and sucked his cock as I was on all 4s in the front of the truck. Rob nibbled on my ass checks and I jumped. He slid a finger along my pussy lips and asked if I’d like a cock right there. I said yes I would. He asked Tom if there was better way to do this. It was agreed as I was sucking Toms cock that perhaps we should get out of the truck and on the ground.

Rob reached behind the seat as I continued to suck Toms Cock and pulled a blanket out from behind it. He rubbed my ass and told me to get out of the truck. Reluctantly I let Toms cock go and turned around so I could slide out of the truck. I heard the truck door open on the other side of the truck and knew Tom was getting out on that side. Rob held up a hand to help me out and as my bare feet hit the ground I became aware of the fact that I was absolutely naked. Rob pulled me close and told me how lovely I was in the moonlight; I giggled and thanked him. Pressing my body against his I began kissing him and moving him up the path towards a flat spot. I reached down, still kissing him as we reached the spot, and took the blanket from him. I turned, spreading my legs and bent over as I spread out the blanket on the ground. I immediately felt his hard cock pressing through his pants as he pressed it against my pussy. I stood up pressing my ass against him, leaning back into his arms. His hands straying down to my pussy, his fingers sliding across my clit. I mumbled where is Tom and he replied he didn’t know but if he didn’t get here soon he was gonna loose his spot. I moaned and reached behind me to undo his pants, unzipping his jeans I turned to kiss him and began to lower myself in front of him. Just as I did I heard Tom yelling something about him not getting that hot mouth. I laughed seductively and said loudly, so Steve could hear, that there was plenty of my hot wet mouth to go around.

I grabbed Tom as he approached and began kissing him pulling him around in front of me and my backside was to Rob. Rob wrapped his arms around me and I was captured by to hot hard men. I wrapped a leg around the back of Tom’s knees and pressed back against him, kissing him I pushed him down to the ground. We landed with a thud loosing Rob; I then slid down his body to recapture his cock in my mouth. I began sucking his cock back to full hardness and felt Rob behind me. Robs throbbing cock pressed against my swollen pussy, the head entered my pussy and I thrust back hard against his cock filling my pussy full with his cock. I moaned loudly around Tom’s cock. As Rob thrust forward, pulled back and thrust forward again I went up and down on Tom’s cock. I sucked Tom deep and back to the head and back deep, feeling Rob’s cock thrusting forward and then back out then slamming back in again. Rob grabbed my hips, driving his cock deep into me while I sucked Toms cock in rhythm with his thrusts. I felt hands on my tits and can not tell you whose they were but they felt so good kneading my tits, pinching my nipples, my mouth and pussy were being filled at the same time and I was approaching my orgasm. I ground my pussy back hard against Rob, bucking and grinding, sucking Toms cock in and out of my mouth. I heard Tom moan, felt his cock jump and took him deep in my throat as his cum sprayed from his cock deep into my throat. I slowed the rhythms of my pussy, swallowing his load. I came back to the head of his cock and licked it clean; I started grinding my pussy back onto Rob’s cock. Wanting, needing to get off!

Tom slid out from under me and Rob pulled out, I moaned in protest. Tom wrapped his arms around me pulling me up into a kneeling position; Rob came around the front of me and lay down on the blanket. He beckoned for me to come up to him and Tom kissed me then let me go. I climbed up to Rob’s arms and he asked me to ride him. I positioned my pussy up over his cock then slid down over it, filling my tight pussy again with his cock. I sat upright in the moonlight on his cock and slowly I rode him up to the top of his cock and then slammed him back deep in my pussy. My firm 42Ds bouncing slightly, the moonlight playing on my naked body as I took him in deep. Grinding my pussy down onto his cock, my ass pressing down against his balls, back to the top, grinding back down. His hips pumped up to me with each downward thrust I had. He reached up and grabbed my hips; I grabbed his shoulders, digging Sincan Escort Bayan my nails in when the rhythm got faster. Our hips bucked and ground against each other faster and faster until I thought I could stand no more. Suddenly his body stiffened under me and he let out a long loud moan. His cum sprayed deep into my wet pussy and my body began to shake. I leaned back on his cock so that I was sitting totally upright and tilting my head back I let out a long orgasmic scream. My body began bucking on his more as my orgasm ripped through my body.

When I finally subsided, I leaned forward and began kissing Rob. We suddenly heard Steve’s voice calling to us. He wanted us to hurry up and come on. He was complaining about how cold it was. We yelled back to him that we were all pretty warm and perhaps he should join us. When I sat up and turned around though Tom was all dressed again. Rob wriggled out from under me, even though I protested a little. He told me to come on, but I sat on the blanket and refused. I told them I still hadn’t gotten all 3. They laughed at me and told me I wasn’t going to either. I raised an eyebrow at them and just said we’ll see. They looked at me and shrugged their shoulders. They started down the path to the truck talking about what we had just done. They called back to me about 1/2 way if I was coming and I said “NO!” I sat there on the blanket hoping they would not leave me out there in the woods naked. When they approached the truck I heard Steve ask where I was and they told him I was still up there. There was some mumbling on his part and they told him I wouldn’t come down. He called out to me to come down and I told him no, if he wanted me to come down to come and get me. That made Tom and Rob laugh. There was some joking on their part of Steve to be careful and the fact that I was naked waiting for him up there. He must have grabbed my clothes at that thought for when he came up the path he had my jeans, shirt and boots. He handed me my stuff and told me to put them on. I stood up and leaned my naked body against him; I asked him if he didn’t think I was pretty. He said I was but I needed to put my clothes on so we could go. I told him I wouldn’t and if he wanted my clothes on me he was gonna have to dress me and stood there very stubbornly.

I stood there stubbornly naked before him, waiting to see what he would do. He took off his flannel and wrapped me in it, putting his arms around me. When he did this I moved closer next to his body, I looked up at him and asked him why he didn’t want me. I do want you he told me but it wouldn’t be right. I said yeah I knew he was married just recently, and I rubbed my hands on his chest. I told him she wouldn’t ever find out. He said she would know I replied not unless he told her. I was pressing my naked body wrapped in his flannel against him. He put his hands on my shoulders firmly and pushed me away. He asked me to get dressed again so he could take me home. I told him no again as I moved towards him. He moved away from me and told me to get dressed. I told him I could tell he really didn’t want me too. He said he did. I told him I could tell he wanted me and as we where all the way out here away from everybody to at least let me give him a blowjob. I stepped close to him and this time he didn’t move away from me, he sighed as I stepped up to and against him. He leaned his head down and his mouth covered mine. Our tongues danced together in our mouths. My hands wrapped up slowly around his neck, his hands wrapped around my waist pulling me close to him. I could feel his hard cock in his jeans, pressing against me. My hands gently undid his snap and his zipper; I slid my hand in and gently caressed his cock. I felt it growing harder in my hand and started to lower myself down his body. He grabbed my shoulders and kissing me fiercely he began backing up until I felt the blanket under my bare feet.

Holding me close to his body he lowered us down onto the blanket. He kissed my neck, my nipples, and then back up again to my lips. My hands were eagerly pulling his pants apart, my hips were grinding up against his. He kissed me and asked me not tell anyone, he motioned down and told me they couldn’t ever know. I told him I wouldn’t let them know. He leaned back and pushed his jeans down, I started to sit up so that I could wrap my lips around his cock. He stopped me, leaning forward kissing me he lowered his body down onto mine. He wrapped his arms around me and gently pushed his way into me. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck, my legs around his hips. Our bodies joined together and slowly he began to fuck me. His cock sliding deep in my pussy and then back out to the head, then back in. Our lips kissing and sucking at each other. His hands wrapped tightly around me, his cock sliding in and out. The rhythm getting faster and faster, our bodies moving together, apart and then crashing back into each other. My head tilted back in his hands as his rhythm picked up pace and my legs tightened around him pulling him in deeper with every stroke. Our bodies picked dup speed and I let out a long moan as I felt his body suddenly jerk and then begin racing pumping against mine. My pussy got tighter around his cock as our bodies ground into each other. His body suddenly stiffened and then I felt is hot cum spraying all over the inside of me. Our bodies clung to each other shaking and cumming. He kissed me gently on the lips and I kissed him back. I sighed when he broke the kiss.

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