This chapter is a bit intense as it reads and may feel kind of abrupt compared to previous chapter. Answers to questions you may have at the end of this chapter will be answered in the chapter(s) to come.

Chapter Six – “Ruby Changes Everything”

Her tone was almost cold or even clinical, like a psychiatrist. There was no change in the way she handled me with her words. I decided to see if I could turn the tables by motioning her to come to me. She dropped her arms and used her shoulder to push herself from the wall and move closer to me. Jimmy took that as an opportunity to put both his hands on my hips and slowly fuck me.

“I want you, Ruby,” I confessed to her. I studied her face for any sign of positive reaction.

She looked me deep in my eyes then shifted her gaze to Jimmy.

“Control her,” she stated plainly to my son.

Jimmy quickly resumed his powerful grip on me. Within seconds his hand was around my throat, and I was standing nearly straight. She reached in and turned the water off before stepping in and taking a stance directly in front of me. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“I know you do,” she said as she placed a finger top on my nipple. She denied me any reciprocation. “When I fingered your pussy,” she added as her finger traced its way down my body, “you responded in a way that told me you wanted the whole package.”

“Why didn’t you let me have it?” I asked breathlessly. Jimmy was full-on fucking my ass at that point.

“Why should I?” she said, raising her eyebrows as she asked.

I was at a loss for words. Her finger was trailing down the hairless mound that she shaved nearly twenty-four hours before.

“Was that orgasm from me fingering you not enough?” she seriously asked.

I was intrigued with her every word. I wanted to learn more about her as she spoke and dealt with me, but I wanted a little more control of the situation. `

“Hold on, I want Jimmy to finish fucking me,” I announced.

Jimmy took the queue and began to go to town on my ass. Ruby looked mildly put out by my dismissal of her question. I was dying to know what she was thinking. I watched her face as she looked down at her exploring hand and watched her finger begin to dig its way into my pussy.

“You’re not very perceptive,” she said to me as she continued to slowly push her finger into me. “If it wasn’t particularly obvious to you, I’ll say it plainly to you. I’m being paid to be here and with that said, I’ll be in charge. Understand?” she stated. She moved her face closer to mine and her stare drilled itself into the center of my eyes.

“You see,” she said as she pointed to Jimmy, “He’s going to cum in my hand and then you’re going to ask me to feed it to you.”

It would seem Jimmy was enjoying that idea because he announced his orgasm shortly after she issued her commands. I wanted to see how set in her ways she was going to be.

“Cum in my ass, baby!” I announced in contradiction to Ruby’s words.

She got directly in my face and grunted at me.

“He will not,” she demanded. Her thumb began to work my clit as she spoke to me, and I nearly lost my footing. “It’s simple. You comply or I walk. I can easily arrange for someone a bit more … prudish to come deal with you every day.”

“Make me cum, Ruby,” I whined at her.

“Ha! Let’s not ask things of me until you can prove you can follow simple instructions,” she commented as she put out her hand.

Jimmy laid in a few more strokes before pulling his cock out of my ass and rubbed off into her hand. I watched each spurt shoot into her hand, and she was careful to catch it all.

“Get on your knees,” she told me as she pointed to the floor of the tub. “Do it slowly as to not injure yourself further.”

I did it without question, albeit slowly. She knelt beside me and grabbed a handful of my hair and squeezed.

“Are you ready to submit to me?” she asked.

I attempted to nod. She pulled my head back and I opened my mouth, knowing what she intended. My son’s cum slid down her hand and drooled into my mouth. She made it take an agonizingly long time, but I was finally done swallowing his cum.

“Now, you’re going to finish getting cleaned up,” she said looking at Jimmy. “You and I are going to have a little chat. Do not put any clothes on.”

She looked me up and down.

“Yes, just come out to the living room when you’re done drying off. Understand?”

It struck me then that I was about to embark on a unique adventure that really could satisfy my intense sexual needs. I was happy to play Ruby’s game and see where it took me. Us.

I wandered naked into living room where I hoped to be greeted by anything except what was waiting for me. Ruby stood fully clothed next to the side table flipping through a magazine. I hobbled over to her since I took extra liberties with my broken self in the tub at her request. When she noticed me coming, she looked briefly at me, then held out her hand and pointed a finger down to the sahibe escort floor. I took that to mean she wanted me to stand in that particular spot. When I arrived, she continued browsing the magazine as I stood patiently waiting for her.

“I will tell you,” she started as she continued looking at the magazine, “that this will be the one and only time I will ever apologize to you.”

I must have had a confused look on my face. She let out an exaggerated sigh and put the magazine down. She came to stand in front of me and apparently, I was not as attentive as she demanded.

“First off, when I am talking to you, you will look at me. Understand?” she said, forcing me to look at her like a mother does with a misbehaving child. “Now, like I said. I should have been a little more attentive to you when telling you what to do in the tub.”

I went to tell her that it wasn’t her fault, but she cut me off.

“Stop talking. I said I should have been more attentive because at this point, you’ll follow directions from me without question, do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Good. That said, you’ll get a small reward.”

She leaned down and took one of my tits in her hand gently and slowly suckled my nipple. It was heavenly. Before I was ready, it was over.

“That was a small reward?” I asked, attempting to be playful.

She looked at me sternly.

Damnit, she said no talking! I chastised myself.

I felt stupid in that moment as I had just realized what was happening. She was a dom, and I was about to be her new sub. I mentally shrugged having already given myself into a new adventure. I still wished she were naked or wearing something other than her conservative scrubs.

“There are rewards along the way, all of them better than that. That was more of a …” she said before thinking for a second, “treat.”

She looked me over before continuing.

“Okay, I think it’s time to explain what is happening to you. Yes, I am still your nurse and I’ll be helping you through all this. Part of my ‘help,'” she said with air quotes, “will be helping you with your other problem. Actually, we’ll be taking control of that and making it not a problem.”

I watched her intently. Every word she spoke made me wetter and I wanted her more and more with each breath she took.

“Your insurance pays for my visits for six weeks. That means I’ll be over here every night and sometimes, all day, and you will present yourself to me exactly how I tell you. Do not respond to me now, I think we’ve come to the understanding that you’re going to do what I tell you.”

She took away every opportunity for me to talk to her.

“The first thing you’re going to do is when I arrive tomorrow, you will have your toy collection laid out on this table,” she said pointing and looking at the coffee table. “The next thing you’re going to do is not have sex with your son tomorrow.”


“From there, be prepared to call your therapist and cancel your visits with whoever it is. You won’t need them anymore. Once that is done, we’ll start. Do you have questions?”

I was surprised I was asked my thoughts. I stood stupidly in the middle of my living room failing to find a question to ask the woman who seemed to have taken control of my family. I asked the only question that came to mind.

“What are we starting?”

“Look, if you’re going to be difficult, this isn’t going to work,” she said aggressively. “I will nurse you back to health and provide your therapy at the same time.”

She leaned in closer and touched my cheek with hers as she whispered in my ear, “Because you’re not alone.”

My eyes opened a little wider at the idea that she knew exactly what plagued me.

“And if you don’t believe me, allow me to show you.”

I was curious what she meant before she startled me out of my thoughts.

“JIMMY!” she yelled loudly.

She waited impatiently as she looked towards the only entrance into the living room. Within seconds, my son entered the room wearing only his boxers. I wanted to snicker at him since I could tell he was probably jerking his cock thinking about what happened in the bathroom. Ruby repositioned herself in front of me. She put her hands on my naked hips and pushed her ass back a little.

“Tell your son to stand behind me.”

“Jimmy, stand behind Ruby,” I said to him. I had a feeling I knew what was about to happen.

Jimmy moved and stood behind her as if he had no idea what was going on.

“Tell him to lower my scrub bottoms,” she said looking directly into my eyes.

“Do it, Jimmy,” I told him. The look he gave me told me that he felt like he was betraying me.

He hooked his thumbs into her scrubs and pushed them down.

“Tell him to fuck me,” Ruby said, shooting darts into my eyes. I was beginning to feel actual jealousy.

“Tell him,” she hissed, sensing my hesitation.

I nodded to Jimmy.

“No. Say the words to him. Tell him to put his dick in sahibe escort bayan my pussy.”

I held her stare like we were in a showdown.

“Put your dick in her pussy,” I said with my voice shaking a bit.

Jimmy was in a bad way. I knew he wanted to, but he also knew Ruby was doing this to show me who was in charge. He followed the instructions regardless. It seemed his cock slid right in.

“Did you see that?” Ruby whispered to me. “It slid right in. Do you know why?”

I held my stare without answering her.

“Because you turned me on and my pussy has been wet since I saw him fucking your ass as I walked into the bathroom,” I smiled a little at her confession. She leaned up and as lightly as possible, she kissed my lips.

Whether or not she realized it, she gave me more than a treat. She gave me a reward. Jimmy saw the smile on my face when Ruby moved her head and smiled at me. I gave him a small wink, encouraging him to fuck the nurse as well as he fucked me earlier. He put a hand on her hip and the other on her opposite shoulder and began to pull her onto his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes…” I heard Ruby whisper to herself as Jimmy slammed his cock into her. I was actually happy that she was enjoying herself. I was happy to see Jimmy enjoying himself. I was shocked to find myself satisfied that they were enjoying themselves. I realized then that I seemed to be every bit as much a voyeur as my son was.

Before long, Jimmy announced he was going to cum.

“Do not cum in or on me,” she demanded.

She stood up, forcing Jimmy’s cock to fall out of her. She pulled him towards me and began to stroke his cock.

“We don’t need a mess in here, so carefully, get on your knees. Hurry!”

I almost rolled my eyes at her contradictory statements but obeyed still.

“Open your mouth and take your son’s cock in it,” she said as she continued stroked him.

When my mouth began to encase his cock, she removed her hand and allowed me to finished sucking his cock. Seconds passed before I felt a couple shots of cum dribble from my son’s cock onto my tongue and begin to slide down my throat.

Before the act was done, she got back to business.

“Okay, let’s get you to bed and check your dressings and casts,” she said as she pulled her pants back up.

Jimmy waited outside my room while Ruby attended to my medical needs. I tried to dive into her thoughts while she worked, but she actively dodged every question with responses that indicated that in the end, I would understand. She had opportunities to hurt me and hasn’t so I decided to trust her for the time being. She smiled warmly at me as she announced that she would return the following day.

“Don’t forget! You may not fuck your son tonight or tomorrow,” she reminded me as she walked out. It was clear she was not interested in any response I would have given.

Ruby and Jimmy had worn me out all day. Despite my hypersexuality, sleep is what I wanted more than anything. I intended to refrain from calling Jimmy in to make sure all was well before he went to bed, but as soon as the front door closed, he turned the corner into my room.

“Are you good for the night, Mom?” he asked, holding onto the doorframe.

I enjoyed his presence of mind. He deliberately did not come to my bedside without asking. He had already learned to separate our recent revelations from his role as my son and it was delightful. It played well into my sexual needs that only he could provide. While he played the role of ‘son,’ he was tempting but when the leash was off, his natural behavior was the aphrodisiac I needed to make fucking him into a wild event.


I snapped out of my revelation.

“Sorry, honey. No, I just want to sleep. You two wore me out today,” I admitted.

He looked as if my question sparked thought within him.

“Are you having any regrets about anything we’ve done? I’m not just talking about what Ruby had me do to her.”

“Not at all, honey. I am excited to see where it will go,” I said, “The future will not be like anything I thought but it will be better than what I feared. Maybe Ruby will bring me stability. Maybe she will also help you in your youth. She’s already helped us, Jimmy.”

A large smile developed on his face, “I think so, too. I’ll make us breakfast in the morning, Mom. You did more today than you should have, and you should get some rest. Besides,” he said as he started to walk back to his room, “you’ll probably need your rest for tomorrow!”

“You sneaky child!” I yelled to him. I was sure he was giggling to himself in his room. I was also sure he would have his hand stroking his cock within the next sixty second.

The next morning, Jimmy was there as he promised and had a plate full of breakfast. Eggs, biscuits, bacon and sausage was what was on the plate, and I was delighted for him to bring me the meal. He set it down on my lap and I was anxious to dive into the food. Jimmy surprised me escort sahibe with another facet of the meal.

“Is it good, Mom,” he asked curiously.

“I love it, baby,” I responded.

As I began to devour my meal, he began to devour a meal of his own. He spread my legs and immediately slipped his tongues into my slit.

“Baby, I we can’t have sex… Ruby… ” I started.

“Mom, she said we can’t fuck! I just want to make you cum.”

“Do it, baby! Slide your tongue all over my pussy!” I told him. I was hot as hell and still desired my son’s cock.

He did exactly as I requested. His tongue dove deep into my slit and very soon after, it was in my vagina. His tongue was fucking me better than I remember his father ever had. I was enraptured by his adventurous nature, but I was curious of his limitations.

“Baby… lick my ass!” I said in my heightened state of ecstasy.

“Your wish is my command, mother!” he replied. I looked down at him and saw my juices surrounding his mouth.

The next thing I knew, I felt his tongue circling my asshole and then digging in. I wanted to finger my own pussy as he did his thing, but the cast made me a slave to his actions, and I was forced to beg for his sexual attention.

“Baby, when you lick my ass, it makes me want so much more!” I announced to him.

He didn’t respond to me.

He shoved his tongue deeper into my ass than I’d ever experienced before, and I wanted more. I wanted his cock in any and all my holes.

“Fuck me, baby, put your cock in me!” I demanded of him.

“Mom,” he said.

“I KNOW WHAT SHE SAID!” I announced loudly.

“But Mom…” he replied.

“He’s right, you know,” we both heard from the door frame. Ruby was standing there in her scrubs looking sexy as hell.

“I’m impressed with you, Jimmy. But you…” she said as she walked towards me.

She stood next to my bed and put her hands between my legs. Her fingers found their way between the lips of my pussy and began to massage my clit.

“God damnit, Ruby!” I said out loud.

“What?” she said as she put her face close to mine.

I decided to play the part I’d seen in porno movies.

“Nothing, Mistress,” I said silently and released my body to her.

Jimmy stood back for his lesson, and I laid in bed waiting for her touch. Ruby slid two fingers inside my pussy, and I wanted to cum so bad.

“Ruby, make me cum, please! I need it so bad! I need you!”

“You need me?” Ruby said inquisitively.

I thought through several scenarios, and I came to the one that made sense.

“You’re beautiful and more experienced than me and I love that you’re here teaching me!” I said between breaths as she worked me.

“You love that I can make you cum with every movement of my fingers,” she said factually.

“Yes,” I responded.

“Yes, what?” she asked.

“Yes, baby” I risked saying.

She leaned over and pressed her lips against mine. It was electric. I was in love and confused at the same time.

“You’ll not feel that again. Cover yourself and get to the bathroom. I told you what I wanted you to have done by the time I arrived today, and you didn’t do it. I’ll bathe you and we will move on with the day as I see fit,” she informed me.

“The day?” I asked.

“I’m here all day,” she revealed.

I apparently looked confused.

“You’re hot for some sex but I’m here to teach you how to control it. It would also seem that you need more care than we initially anticipated so we’re here to make sure you’re cared for. Nothing but the best for our customers.”

I felt like we hired a service that was not legit until she whispered to me.

“If you’re wondering where I came from, I’ll tell you that I’m an absolute lady in the streets. But… it seems you needed something better from our first encounter. Say the word now and all of this can be erased … Say anything at all,” she dared me.

I thought about what she said, and I remained silent.

“Your silence in my answer,” she said as she pushed down her scrub pants, “You’re going to eat my pussy and I’m going to do absolutely nothing in return.”

I was surprised and not surprised at the same time until the situation matured. She moved to sit on my face, and I began to lick her pussy.

“You stay right where you are!” she said, looking at Jimmy, “She’s going to eat my cunt and you’re going to stand there. If you want to jerk your cock, feel free.”

I watched Jimmy’s reaction as I ate Ruby’s cunt. I assumed he was enthralled with what was going on. I looked down at his crotch and I saw he was hard, but he was doing nothing about it.

“Jimmy baby, stroke your cock for me. I want your cum to mix with Ruby’s juices when the time comes. Give me that cocktail, babe.”

He moved closer to me, and I went to work on Ruby’s clit. I watched him jerk his cock as my tongue moved across Ruby’s clit. I’d never had sex with a woman before. Licking Ruby’s pussy was a first for me. In the moment, it felt as if I had no idea what I was doing, but my the sensations on my tongue felt very familiar. I knew enough about my own pussy to know hers. It was my first time, but it felt like I had experience.

“Will you get naked for me, mistress?” I asked, playing the submissive role.

“No. You have done nothing to deserve that, my slave.”

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