The Virgin

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At age 20, life seemed that it was just beginning for Anna. In her sophomore year of college, she entered into a paid internship with a prominent law firm. She had an apartment of her own and her love life seemed to finally be taking off. Life was is good as anyone could dream.

After a few months of working at the firm, Anna started noticing things. Things about her supervisor. Her immediate supervisor started to take an unusual interest in her. At first it was little things like assigning certain tasks to her and work related things. Then it was as if he was hitting on her. He’d mention taking her out or how nice she looked.

At first she didn’t think much of it at all, but as time wore on the little things started becoming more and more sexual. At first it was slight banter and she played along, sometimes joking with him. But it increased into something more. She was slightly bothered by it because she was a virgin and never had done anything except for some heavy petting, but the more time that went by, the more she noticed that she looked forward to the glint in her supervisor’s eyes and the sexual remarks that he made. Although she did desire it, she would never actually do anything about it. Or so she thought.

One Friday, Jon asked her to stay late to work on a big case that had been on going the last few months. Of course she would. Anything to prove herself in the workplace. Jon and Anna had been working in his office when he had first started it. He looked at the clock and stood up and stretched. He took his tie of and unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt. He asked Anna if she was hungry and if she was, that he would order takeout. She said she was and they ordered from the local Chinese restaurant. While they were waiting for the food, Jon directed the conversation to her life. He asked her questions about where she grew up, what her family was like and then proceeding to ask her about her love life. She answered honestly, telling him that she was seeing someone, but that she was also a virgin and had never really had any sexual experiences.

He jokingly said that he would help in that area. Anna laughed it off and said maybe. What she didn’t know was that Jon was completely serious. Even though he sounded as if he was joking, he wanted Anna’s tight virgin hole stretching to fit around him. He wanted to feel her tight pussy clenching his thick cock, strangling him until he burst with pleasure.

Jon found that his cock was rock hard, raging with desire and lust. He was sitting next to Anna on his leather sofa and he didn’t think that he could resist the temptation of this wanton virgin next to him. Even though she was a virgin, she certainly didn’t act like it. Over the last few months Anna had gone from shy intern, to full blown vixen. She wore tight short skirts that molded to her perfectly shaped ass. Tight blouses that never seemed to completely button up showing off her voluptuous breasts and “fuck me” high heels.

He leaned close to her and asked her if she would mind if he helped. She looked into his eyes with her emerald green eyes full of lust and said she wanted him to. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. His tongue invaded her mouth hot and demanding. She moaned as his hands moved to her breasts and massaged them. She arched her back into his touch craving more. He deepened the kiss, his tongue battling frantically with hers. His hands squeezed harder, his thumbs rubbing over her nipples through her shirt and bra, causing them to harden into tight peaks.

Anna felt as though she was melting. Her body was on fire with Jon’s touch. Her pussy throbbed and became soaked as he fondled her breasts and kissed her passionately. She found herself panting with desire. She didn’t know what had overcome her. She was seeing someone. This was her boss. What in the hell was happening? But the fire that streaked through her body straight to her core was drowning her. She couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but let him overtake her.

Jon’s hands started undoing the buttons and she felt him reach around her and unsnap her bra. Her 36C tits fell free and he cupped them in his hands and moved his mouth over the hardened nipples. Anna gasped as his tongue licked and swirled about each nipple with great care. She writhed underneath his touch, crying out for more. He told her to lay down on the sofa and when she did, he pushed her skirt up over her hips revealing her black lacy thong she wore. He kissed her again and his hand moved down and covered her mound. His tongue battled ferociously with hers all the while his hand rubbing her hot mound, pushing her into higher ecstasy than ever before.

His finger traced up and down her slit with deliberate slowness. He slowly pushed his finger into her wet hole, slightly pushing the material of her thong into her. When he touched her clit, she cried out and wriggled beneath him, streaks of lightening pleasure flashing through her body like a violent storm. He rubbed harder and faster building her climax higher and higher. Right when she was about to cum, he stopped and replaced his hand with his mouth.

She jumped at the feel of his tongue through her thong. His tongue rasped up and down her slit, stopping at her clit to swirl around it. He then moved the thong aside and inserted a finger deep into her tight cunt. She screamed as his finger pierced through her and his tongue brought her to climax. Her orgasm came and burst through her body with the force of a thousand tornadoes. Her cunt gripped his finger hard and she weaved her fingers through his hair, pulling his face deeper into her spasming body. He licked up all the sweet cream that her body expelled and gave her cunt a little kiss.

He then stood up, his cock straining through his pants and undid them. He let them fall in a pool around his ankles. He grabbed Anna by the nape of her neck and with the other hand he gripped his cock and guided her mouth to it. He rubbed his cock on her lips reveling in how soft they were. He pushed his cock into her lips and she opened her mouth letting him slide into her. He groaned at how he filled her mouth with only the tip of him in her. Her mouth gripped him like a tight glove. He slowly pushed himself into her, inch by sweet inch. His hand still gripping the nape of her neck and the other one toying with her breasts.

Her mouth opened wider for him and his cock was now buried to the hilt in her mouth. He slowly began sliding it in and out of her mouth. He threw his head back as he began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm and Anna reached her hand out and massaged his balls. He cried out as he felt her hand rolling his nuts in her tiny hand. His pace began to climb faster and harder and he was driven to higher heights as the sucking sounds became more prominent.

He could feel his orgasm coming on. He drove harder and further into her, his cock touching the back of her throat. Anna felt his balls tighten and prepared for his climax. He yelled and grunted as his orgasm swept through him. Both of his hands were on her head now as he came. His cum spurted from the head of his cock and she felt him twitch in her mouth. His cum filled her mouth to the brim and she swallowed it down like it was a sweet drink. It spilled from her mouth onto her breasts and she massaged it into her silken skin. When he finally stopped cumming, she sucked him clean and he slid his cock from her sweet lips.

Jon leaned down and kissed her deeply tasting his seed in her mouth. He pulled her down onto the sofa with him and he made out with her while his body recuperated. His hands ran up and down her body, stopping for a moment and playing with her breasts. They squeezed her ass and massaged her pussy. He inserted a finger into her pussy and found that she was still sopping wet. He wanted her ready for him. He wanted her to stretch with his huge cock.

He reached down and pulled her thong all the way off admiring her shaven pussy that was clearly enjoying him. He inserted another finger and she gasped as he kept fingering her getting her good and ready. He then moved between her legs, grabbed his cock with his hand and rubbed it along her slit getting it nice and wet with her juices.

When he was coated with her juices, he began to push his cock into her. Little by little he slid his cock through her folds and into her fiery sheath. Her pussy stretched and he filled her to the max. She didn’t think that he was going to fit. He felt himself up against her thin barrier and stared down at Anna with lust filling his smoky eyes. She looked up at him with equal lust in hers and nodded and with one quick thrust he was through.

She gasped as the pain and pleasure rushed through her. His cock completely filled her pussy and he stilled for a few moments to let her adjust to his size. She nodded to him and he began to slide in and out of her tight wet cunt. He moaned as her pussy clenched his cock like a fist. She was so fucking tight. She strangled his cock with her tightness. His breath hitched in his throat and he fought for control as he wanted to just pound her dripping cunt with his long hard shaft. But she was new and he wanted it to be pleasurable for her as well.

His hands gripped her hips as he began to pick up a faster pace. She moaned and breathed yes to him. His cocked ached for release, yet he held on driving further into her silken heat. She cried out and her hips lifted from the sofa to meet every thrust of his with one of her own. Her breasts bounced with each thrust and she found herself reaching her hands up and playing with her nipples, tugging on them sending fiery sparks straight to her core.

Jon was driven at this point crazy with lust. Seeing Anna play with her own titties drove him over the edge. His long hard swollen shaft was now pounding her with a frantic rhythm. Her own thrusts bumped back into him bringing the pleasure even higher than before. He felt his orgasm coming. He felt his balls tighten, preparing to spill his thick cum.

Anna cried out as hers hit just before his did. She screamed as he drove his cock even further than she imagined and he finally came. His fingers bit deep down into her flesh as he pulled his cock from her and grabbed his cock and aimed it at her tits. He shot his hot sticky cum all over her tits. He grunted and his head fell back as his cum spurted from his cock and onto her chest. He came onto her for what seemed like forever and then when he was done he kissed her.

Anna massaged the cum into her skin loving how much he had cum on her. She smiled at him wantonly with satisfaction in her eyes. Jon smiled back and then the phone rang. Jon picked it up and smiled. Their food had finally arrived. He slid his pants back up and hurriedly put his shirt back on, haphazardly buttoning it up.

He went downstairs and paid for the food and when he entered his office again, he found Anna splayed all over the sofa waiting for him. She was still naked and her hand seemed to be pleasuring herself. He inhaled sharply and immediately set the food aside. It could wait. Right there in front of him seemed to be an employee who needed punishment. With a wicked glint in his eye and his cock now stiff with desire, he slammed the door shut and stalked over to the naked girl on his sofa.

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