The Twin Pt. 01

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The characters in this story are aged 18.


I’d heard my twin sister in the bunk below moaning. I had turned 18 just two weeks ago but actually so inexperienced with guys that I thought the guy was doing something bad to her. But the moaning didn’t really sound like she was in any sort of distress, I had actually Google searched as it happened and realised why she was making those noises. I knew my sister was a virgin like me when she had walked in our room but I was quite sure she was having sex. As my sister was reaching what Wikipedia had informed me was an orgasm, l was surprised to feel my own cheeks burning hot and heat spreading down my chest. I didn’t know if this was a twin connection but this was my first sexual experience – just the beginnings of arousal. Unfortunately the feeling disappeared just as my sister left the room with her boyfriend.

Curiosity was getting the better of me. Wanting to know what it actually felt like to be horny, I jumped down to the floor and pulled off my PJs, leaving my pink cotton briefs and bra on, As I looked at my freckled reflection in the long mirror in the corner of the room, I took a deep breath and pushed panties down a little to reveal the ginger hair covering my pussy. I squatted down to try and see the opening and began wondering how I had managed to get freckles right between my legs at the top of my thigh. I considered going back under my covers and touching myself with my fingers, wondering how I could get myself feeling hot again and realising I would probably have to Google for it! Just as I was about to climb to the top bunk, I heard a floorboard creak outside. I quickly pulled my panties back up and put my head around the bedroom door to see who was there.

He was on the landing outside my room and our eyes met and immediately I struggled to catch my breath, blood rushing to my freckled cheeks. He was my twins boyfriend and this was the first time I had seen his face. I think my brain and body were telling me that as twin sisters we found the same sort of guys hot. Just staring at the guy made that warmth in my cheeks and chest return and I felt quite giddy, however my shyness was overwhelming. I had no idea what to do or say.

“Hey you’re not Karla are you?”

I shook my head, my stomach flipped as my heart began beating so fast as I looked down his body. He was naked apart from his boxers. Noticing a growing bulge in them and realising I was almost completely undressed made my shyness get the better of me. Were my freckles actually hiding how much I was blushing?

He walked up to me and put his arm around me in a close hug. A wave of heat spread from my cheeks downwards, to my chest, stomach then right into my pussy. I let it it wash over me in a wave of giddiness as I put my arms around him. His hand was firmly grabbing my bum and it started to feel good.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered quietly in my ear.

As I gave him a nod he quickly pulled my body tighter to his, our eyes meeting again. As his lips pressed on mine I closed my eyes and began kissing back in complete innocence, this was my first kiss. I was feeling something hard against my belly – the realisation that it was his penis made me worried. You have no idea how amazing our slow long kiss felt but after a minute he began give me quick, short ones. I felt my nipples tingling in response to his touch and I think they were getting hard. Each kiss seemed to turn me on more. After less than a minute I was breathing hard and struggling to hide the new pleasures I was discovering. In my head I quickly listed the things it had said in the article online. But I realised my arousal wasn’t like that and some things were happening before others.

His fingers confidently moved my hair back to expose my neck and then his lips began to caress the exposed skin. It caught me a little off guard when my pussy started to tingle after just two kisses there – even more so the fact that I felt completely safe and comfortable with what was happening. With each kiss the pussy tingles got more intense and I let out an involuntary moan as I felt an intense shiver of pleasure run down my body, I think then I began to throb for him. After a couple more neck kisses I felt a new sensation of hot wetness in my panties. Now I knew I was actually wet and wondered how long I had actually been wet for before it had soaked my knickers. I didn’t want the neck kisses to stop but at the same time I kind of wsnted something more. As my innocent mind began to reconcile what it was he interrupted my thoughts by whispering.

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