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I found you lying there in bed, a cover only covering your top half. From your toes to your waist was completely uncovered, almost inviting me to come play with you. You were just waking up as I began to slide onto the bed, sliding my hands up your calves, slowly spreading your legs nice and wide as I moved my way up them. I began to kiss at your knees and slowly worked my way down your thighs, eventually moving to your inner thighs, causing you to moan and shift slightly.

You then rolled over; causing me to duck out of the way a bit as you swung your legs over. In doing so, you rolled completely out of the covers, tossing them aside as you did, still not fully awake. I smiled and slid my hands up the back of your legs, slowly kneading them under my thick fingers. You let out a sigh of delight as my hands reached your ass, and I began massaging it gently. I slid up on you, working my hands to your thong, and I slowly began tugging it off of you, working it down your thighs and calves. I tossed your panties aside and slid up between your thighs, pressing myself against you.

I saw your hands grab the sheets and you pulled on them hard, moaning with delight, still thinking it might be a dream. I slowly leaned over you and I whispered in your ear to wake you up. Your eyes flew open and you realized where I was. You immediately tried to get up, but I placed a hand on the back of your neck and I began massaging it gently, to make you hot and bothered and to get you to relax a bit at the same time. You immediately settle down and let me begin to please you, as my hand stroked your pussy gently, occasionally fingering your clit as I felt myself hardening against you. You reached out and grabbed the edge of the bed as I moved my other free hand back and freed up my cock from my pants. I then slid my hands over the soft flare of your hips and I pulled you back into me, sliding my cock into you nice and deep, but slowly, holding it deep inside you to let you get used to feeling my hardness inside you again.

You moan nice and loud and begin begging me to fuck you and make it rough. I oblige you, starting slow and picking up the pace until I’m working my cock in and out of you nice and hard, our skin slapping together as I continue to pull you back into me. After a few moments I hear you begin to moan loud and long for me to spank you while I ride your pussy hard. I begin spanking you at the same time as I begin rolling my cock in you in circles, pulling it around all inside you, dragging it along your Göztepe Escort pussy at every possible angle as I slide myself in and out of you harder and faster. I slide my hands down your sides and I begin teasing your breasts, playing with your nipple ring as I knead your luscious breasts under my hands roughly. I keep working my cock into you harder and faster with each second, keeping my cock going deep into you with each thrust. You continue to moan loud, all the while drawing your breath in ragged gasps between moans and screams. I feel your pussy begin to tighten on my cock, and in response I pull out of you, not ready to cum yet and not wanting to have you cum before me.

I grab one of your hips and roll you over, then I grab your wrists and I pin them to the bed as I slide down between your thighs. I slide my cock back into you and I begin working it into you nice and slow again. I feel you wrap your legs around my waist as I struggle to keep your hands pinned to the mattress. Finally I move your hands to the headboard and I refuse to let go unless you grab it and keep your hands there. After you do, I move my hands down to your ass and I begin pulling you up into me, causing your entire pussy to rub along my cock as I worked it in and out of you. I feel myself finally begin to swell inside you and I feel you again begin to tighten on my cock as I work down into you faster and faster with each second. Finally the two of us both surge toward cumming, and I feel myself finally ready to release. At this point, you no longer can hold it in either, and your hands come flying off the headboard to my back, where you begin digging your nails in more and more, causing me pain as well as the pleasure of working my cock into you. In response I work my cock harder and harder into you, slamming us together almost painfully. Your cries of ecstasy become intense as the pain mixes with pleasure for both of us. Finally we both explode into each other, you dragging your nails across my flesh, drawing blood as you cum all over my cock. I explode violently into you as I slam my cock into you deeper and harder than ever before, causing you to scream at the top of your lungs, as we are both fulfilled.

I collapse onto you, having spent most, if not all of my energy. You, however, are not totally spent and you shift your hips slightly, rolling yourself over on top of me. You roll off of me and then you lay to the side of me, your hand trailing down my chest, both of us breathing heavily as we lie there for İstanbul Escort a moment. Your hand finally dives down to my cock, and you begin stroking me gently with your hand, working on making me hard again. I feel myself start to harden slightly, but when you realize that I’m not going to get completely hard without some serious help, you slide your mouth around me and begin bobbing your head up and down while working your hand in tune with it. Quickly I become hard again, and you stop when you realize this, then you swing a leg over and position your pussy just over my cock. You then slide down it slowly, working the head inside you, then working the rest of it into you by dropping onto me hard, causing me to moan and groan loudly as you slam down onto me, our skin slapping together hard.

You then grab my hands, much as I did to you, but instead you move them to your breasts and I palm and knead them as you begin to ride me, rocking your hips down onto me. You reach back with both hands and spread my legs apart, so you can drop down between my legs as you rock back. You rock back and forth hard, occasionally putting your hands back on the bed near my legs as you rock your hips up, keeping my cock inside you and making it bend almost painfully. I keep my hands on your breasts despite the pain and pleasure you were putting me through, squeezing them hard as you ride me. I feel myself begin to swell hard inside you, and you move a hand down under you as you rock harder and harder on me. You squeeze my cock hard, trying to keep me from cumming for as long as you can. I feel you begin to throb on my cock as your pussy becomes even more hot and wet than before. You keep moaning loud and long as you grind down onto me, still squeezing my cock hard to keep me from cumming until you do. I finally don’t think I can hold it any longer, and just at that point, you rock up hard then spasm and I feel your juices coat my cock. You pull your hand off my cock and collapse onto me just as I cum, and you cry out one last time as my hot juice flows into you. I slide my hands to your hips and I pull you up off of me slowly, all the while kissing your lips and neck as I roll you to the side and lay you down next to me.

We lay there for a few moments together before I get up and head off to the shower…After a few moments of washing myself off, I hear the bathroom door open and I pull back the curtain, offering you a spot in the shower with me. You brush up against me, pressing your ass against my cock for Anadolu Yakası Escort a second, then sliding your hand to it. I begin washing you off, sliding the soap over your wet skin as the water cascades down over us both. After a couple minutes I lean in and kiss your neck gently, then whisper in your ear that I’m going down on you. I slide around in front of you, my hands on your waist for a moment, pulling you to me before I kiss down your neck, chest, then over your breasts and stomach. I then pull your hands to the shower wall as I get down to your pussy, the water dribbling down over both of our bodies. I begin to lash your pussy with my tongue, laying it flat as I run it over you, then sucking on your clit and working my lips and tongue side to side and top to bottom on it. You moan loud and tell me to keep going. I keep working you over with my tongue, occasionally letting it dive into your pussy as I keep working you over, stopping only to suck on your clit as before.

Before too long, not for growing bored with it but for wanting to try something new, I slide around behind you and I place my hands on your ass. I spread your ass nice and wide open and slide my cock into it, then I begin working it roughly into your ass, sliding it all the way in and almost all the way out with each thrust. As I’m already hard again, I feel myself begin to swell in your tight ass as I work my hard length in and out of you. I grab the washcloth and I pull my cock out of your ass, then I clean it off as you moan loud, waiting for me to do something more.

After I clean it, I slide my cock into your pussy hard and deep right away, then I begin working it into you hard and fast, making you have to stand on your tiptoes. I wrap your long, flowing hair in my hand and I begin tugging on it enough to make it pleasurable when combined with me working my cock into your pussy hard and fast. I feel you begin to throb and tighten on my cock as you begin building toward a strong cum, since the two of us are both still so hot from the last two times. I finally can hold it no longer, and I tell you I’m about to cum. You respond by sliding a hand back between us and clamping it around my cock, forcing me to hold off cumming again until you can fully build up toward being fulfilled completely. And when I feel your pussy begin to throb and tighten on me hard as I work my cock into you deep and fast. Finally I feel you tighten on me unbearably and you release your grip on my cock just before you explode all over me, and I release hard into you. After a few moments of holding my cock in you, I slowly pull out and let the water wash both you and I off. Finally we go back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed together, kissing and cuddling before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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