Big Tits

Tina didn’t fully close the door as she left and I could hear Lucy and her talking. I decided to take her advice and be ready for her when she returned.

I went into the bathroom, took off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. At 6’2″, 195 pounds, I was still in good shape for my 52 years. My muscles still had definition. My circumcised cock, still mostly filled with blood and hanging between my legs, isn’t especially long at six inches but is thick. I had been told by women friends in the past that women like big but prefer thick to long. My package seemed to fit the bill.

I splashed water in my face and dried it with a hand towel. I used Tina’s toothpaste and my index finger to brush my teeth and tongue as thoroughly as possible without a brush. I had showered and cleaned up before coming to Tina’s but didn’t want anything to inhibit what I was expecting would come next. I then pulled out a Viagra tab that I kept in my wallet for just such unexpected occasions, popped it in my mouth and swallowed. Feeling ready to go, I walked out of the bathroom at the exact moment that bedroom door swung inward.

I know Lucy from parties that Tina had thrown in the past. Lucy had done some work for Tina; she and her husband, Ed, were good friends with Tina and her boyfriend. Lucy is about 5’3″ and 120 pounds wet. Her breasts aren’t huge but nicely proportioned to her frame. Her ass is, well, perfect. At Tina’s holiday party last year, I caught a side view of Lucy as she looked at the titles of various cookbooks on top of Tina’s refrigerator. The way she stood, hands on hips, chin upward, breasts pointed outward and butt curved just right… Well, I got an instant erection. I thought about her in that position for days and even masturbated thinking about her.

Now here she was coming into a room in which I was standing naked with a semi-hard on. “Hello? Tina told me to….,” she was saying before she was completely in the room. She saw me and my cock. “Come up and say “Hello,” she finished slowly. “I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see me come through the Anadolu Yakası Escort door.” She was looking at my now hardening penis.

“I, uh, sorry, Lucy,” I stammered. “Let me get my clothes on.”

“No, slow down,” she said, still eyeing my erection. “Yours is the first real-live cock I’ve seen since I married Ed. That’s 24 years ago. Don’t take it away so fast.”

She walked over and stood about two feet away. “Can I touch it?” Lucy asked. Her voice was quieter, less confident than it had been minutes earlier.

“Yeah, I guess.”

She moved a little closer, reached out her hand and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. Her thumb and fingers were still about 1½ inches apart at the point where she had a grip. She moved her hand lightly up and down the shaft. Moving even closer, she reached out with her other hand to grab my balls. She didn’t squeeze but rather weighed and massaged them.

By then, my erection was rock hard and pointed to the ceiling. In what was the fastest move either of us had made, Lucy dropped to her knees and kissed the head. She licked the head. She opened her mouth as wide as possible to take my dick into her mouth but didn’t get much in besides the head.

“Oh fuck,” she said, standing up and giving my cock a squeeze. “I hope Tina won’t mind, I gotta have this.”

Lisa pulled her sweater over her head and then the t-shirt underneath. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra but her breasts were still firm and stood up proud. She un-did her jeans and started shuffling towards the bed. Once the jeans were off, the panties were next. I was transfixed. Her pussy was completely hairless. My cock throbbed, bobbing up and down at the site of Lucy pulling off the blankets and getting onto the bed. She motioned for me to join her. As I reached the side of the bed, she reached out to grab my cock and pull me up.

“I like to be on top,” said Lucy, “so I can control the speed. That OK with you? I am already soaking wet so we’ll just pass on foreplay and get to it. Do you mind?”

“Works Pendik Escort for me,” I said as I smiled. I said very little since Lucy entered the room and now was about to have this hot, sensuous woman ride my cock. Who was I to complain?

I moved into the center of the bed so Lucy would have room for her knees on either side of my hips. She straddled my waist and moved up so her pussy was directly over my cock.

“Haven’t gotten laid much lately so it might take a second to work this in.” With one hand she positioned my cock at the entrance to her now hot, wet pussy and sat back. She was incredibly tight and took very little on the first try. She then began a series of energetic moves; rolling her hips around to get more penetration. Think a combination of a belly dancer’s moves and doing the twist (dance) and you get the idea. I rested my hands on her hips to keep her stable but didn’t try to control her movements.

Without losing connection, she moved up and down, round and round, working, working, working to engulf my rod. Gradually, Lucy’s pussy expanded enough to take me all the way in. She worked up a sweat in the effort. When finally sitting all the way down, she stopped her outward movements. She just sat there for a few moments with her eyes closed, taking shallow breaths and trying to relax her pussy muscles.

With her hands on my chest, she raised herself and then once again slowly impaled herself on my cock. She made an “Ooh! Ooh!” sound when she hit bottom. As she gradually picked up the pace up her up and down movements, wet, squishy sounds from her pussy complimented the “Ooh! Ooh!” she was making.

Aside from my dick, Lucy didn’t appear to be aware of me underneath her. She was fucking herself with my cock. I loved watching her every movement, her every facial expression. Only when I reached up to squeeze her swollen breasts, did she open her eyes for a brief second. She covered my hands with hers, closed her eyes and kept riding.

Having adapted to my width, Lucy picked up the pace and extended the length Kurtköy Escort of the stroke. She changed positions so that, rather than resting on her knees, she was up on her toes doing squats on my cock. When she tired of that position, she returned to her knees but laid down on my chest, hugging me. She moved only her butt up and down like the motion of an oil derrick but, now, rather than slow movements, she was slamming herself down hard and fast.

This was just about the time that Tina re-entered the room. She put a finger up to her mouth to signal me to not mention her presence. She moved over to the bed, grabbed Lucy’s ass cheeks and began moving Lucy up and down even more quickly on my cock. Lucy’s eyes opened wide. She hadn’t realized that someone else was in the room.

Maybe it was the shock of new hands on her ass forcing her movements but that was the moment when Lucy’s orgasm exploded. Her body tightened; her breathing stopped. Tina continued pushing Lucy down hard on my cock and then pulling her back up until just the tip was still inside. Tina pushed her down again. Her muscles released, Lucy gasped for air.

Her muscles tensed and breathing stopped again for a few seconds. Again, she relaxed and breathed deep. This sequence of tension and release occurred a couple more times before her orgasm began to subside. She pushed her legs down to the outside of my legs and, with my erection still fully inside, began to rub her pubic bone against me. I could feel her juices run out of her pussy, down my shaft and onto my balls.

“Whoa, that was beautiful,” said Tina. “I am totally turned on. I think I’m next up for that ride.” She removed her robe and lay on the bed next to Lucy and me. She laid her head on my shoulder and stroked Lucy’s hair. She wasn’t rushing to push Lucy off.

Lucy was quiet, her breathing soft. She was mostly still but continued to move her hips ever so slightly. I hadn’t yet cum so my cock was still hard. She pushed herself up to her elbows and looked me in the eye.

“Wow. I haven’t fucked like that in years,” she said. “I feel like I’m still having little orgasms. Your cock is wonderful. Thanks for the release.”

“Don’t thank me,” I offered. “You did the work. You’re a beautiful woman and you deserve to be fucked like that every time. I was just happy to be here.”

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