It is well after midnight. The dark ebony mist floating in the starlight. You have long since gone to sleep and I know that I should meet you in our dreams, but my body is on fire, shaking with unfulfilled need. I try to distract my yearnings, while a soft rain begins to fall. The sweet lullaby quieting my mind and relieving the tensions of the day, if only for a minute. As if reading my growing hunger, the quickening drops strike roof only to be randomly punctuated by thrusting rumbles of thunder. While the rain begins falling in ravaging torrents, my mind wanders to such decadent enticements that I can no longer control my yearnings.

Hastily, I rush to the back patio to embrace the storm which has become the personification of you. Just as I step into the downpour, loud cracks of thunder announce my arrival. The flash of lightening which follows provides a spotlight for the erotic visions that are about to unfold. I catch my breath realizing that despite the late hour, anyone could be watching. In fact you could be right here watching from behind the moonlit bushes. A naughty smile crosses my lips as I imagine you taking in the sight of my now soaking wet, peach lace camisole clinging to my sizeable breasts. My nipples poking through holes in the lace, occasionally suspending droplets of rain from their hardened peaks. How wicked of me to think of your tongue catching each as it drops.

My thoughts are interrupted as thunder rolls once more and my body is momentarily awash in the light. I seductively strip İstanbul Escort the camisole from my slick skin, allowing you full view of my naked breasts dancing in the moonlit downpour. I raise my arms and spin around allowing the rain full access to my exposed flesh. Drops of rain hit my swollen breasts and my nipples instinctively harden, turning upward in anticipation of pleasures yet to come.

My pulse quickening, I rip the second skin of wet lace from my hips to allow the rain to access the sweet flower hidden at my core. Naked, I recline on the picnic table spreading my legs and exposing my tight bud to the pelts of liquid now teasing my depths. My body yearns for you, like the lily yearns for the summer rain, but I have only my imagination to draw on. I close my eyes and there you are, only steps away, close enough to end my torment at any moment, but instead silently relishing the sight of my rain drenched body arched in worship of carnal lust.

I lean my head back offering my naked body to the storm, the storm that now embodies you. Your lips are savage against my mouth, falling in fierce drops on my tongue as I drink you in. My hands run up my slick stomach, stopping to squeeze the full breasts that delight you so. I pinch and pull my tight nipples, demanding that they lift higher to accept your warm, wet kisses on my cool puckered flesh. My body aches as my hands dip lower and lower, the feel of your unshaven jaw scrapes against my stomach as you suck the moisture from my navel. Instinctively, Anadolu Yakası Escort I arch my torso up to meet your mouth just as another flash of brilliance casts a spotlight on my wantonness.

I smile imagining your face above mine and my hands drift lower, drawing small puddles of moisture to my steaming center. The teases of the drizzles mimicking the flicks of your tongue, as they outline the freckles of my inner thighs. My fingers graze down along these branding streams and squeeze the soft flesh beneath. A trail of sprinkles slips down to tickle my clit and dewy, pink lips. My pussy contracts tightly trying to drink in the delicious moisture. The downpour continues as I tilt my hips skyward and spread my lips imagining each precious drop is the delicious taunt of your tongue. My body trembles when a drop of my own slick juice mingles with nature’s dew tracing a path from my throbbing pussy to my sensitive, tighter bud. As if on cue, the thunder roars once again mingling with the moans escaping my lips.

The patio is illuminated once again, but I am oblivious to any onlookers. My only focus is my mounting need for you to take me right now, right here in this howling storm. I imagine mine is your firm, rough hand cupping my sex and claiming it as yours with a teasing wet slap that echoes through the night air. My breathing becomes fast and ragged as my clit is taken between two fingers, imagining your mouth pulling while the rain’s onslaught becomes the slapping of your Kartal Escort tongue. Sensing my increasing need, fingers begin to rub the moisture over my tight little bud as another hand finds my slippery center.

All I can think of at this moment is the sweet sting of the storm kissing my body and the insatiable lust I have to feel your wet flesh against mine and your hot wet cock devouring what is yours. A finger plunges inside my taunt, steaming depths, caressing the little nub causing lightening to engulf my body. Another finger massages my clit in circles, taunting and teasing as my hips buck in response.

The rain begins coming down harder and harder, but my need for you is all consuming. I am oblivious to torrential downpour, as the threatening cloudbursts rage throughout my being. A second finger invades my depths and my gasp floats on the wail of the wind, as the tight entry yields to your demands. I can feel the definition of the ridges within my inner walls and the tight rim that fights to trap the invading fingers, as if they were your blessed cock.

Oh how magnificent it is to have the rain kissing my skin as my fingers give themselves over to your control! The rhythmic strokes pulling at my core. My body trembling from deep inside as the storm rages on. The thrusts of fingers wildly increasing in speed as my hips leap to each step of their exquisite dance. The wind has joined the rain in its fervent ministrations, slapping against me as the inner quakes grow in intensity. I try to hold out. This is such maddening sweetness, but it is too late. In the thunder I hear your voice commanding me to submit to your will. With the howl of the wind I scream out as fingers are tightly trapped inside and my body explodes becoming one with the storm, at long last one with you.

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