Since then we used to sometimes chat or talk through calls. We both wanted each other sexually since then and would often plan to spice up our life. Her husband was to go on a two day training on Saturday night and was to return on Tuesday. So we decided to make love on Sunday. She asked me how I wanted the Sunday special. I said that I wished to see her in saree. She agreed and I asked her not to shave her vaginal hairs. She asked if I liked her vaginal hairs, I said that I loved them and not to shave it this time. She agreed. I said that when she comes on Sunday I will have a surprise gift to her. She kept asking what it was. But I didn’t reveal it.

Sunlight broke in my house and I was very much waiting for her to get home. She said that since she was wearing saree, she would go to Sri Ranganathar Temple and then only she will come. I was losing patience from morning itself. I decided to make and have breakfast. She came to my home by around 10am. She looked beautiful in saree and she had adorned her hairs with flowers. The fragrance itself was setting the mood. I said that we should be more romantic today and she smiled in affirmation.

I suggested her that I would feed her and fed her idly with my hands. She ate them silently and playfully like a child. Soon after eating we began discussing how that day’s sex should be. I suggested that I needed atleast two session, one as slow and graceful while the other as rough and random. She too suggested that we needed to explore something new.

I told her that I had a surprise for her. She asked me what it was. I told her that I have kept the surprise on the bed and asked her to wear it. Actually it was a bra and panty. It was white in color and had floral designs on them. I bought it for her. She wore it under her saree and said to me that it was nice. We decided to start. We closed all doors and curtains before starting.

We started playing soft music and lit a candle at the centre of room. By using curtains the room was dark and the candle light gave the dim light. This itself upped our sexual mood. I opened the cupboard and took the items purchased for this sex session. A packet of dotted moods condom, a red silk cloth, Ümraniye Escort a bottle of honey and a Diary milk chocolate. She accepted everything except the condom. She was telling that using condom will not give sexual pleasure. I was concerned about pregnancy. She said that she had bought pills to control pregnancy.

We started to hug and liplock. We kissed slowly and passionately. I started sucking her lips and she started to kiss and play with my hairs. I kissed her cheeks and breast. I slowly undressed her saree. In the low light, she looked just as a newly wed bride on her first night. I rolled over her and lay over her. My weight was pressing her. I continued to suck and taste her lips and tongue. We kissed for some 10 to 15 minutes. I moved down to her breast and cupped both her breast. She closed her eyes and bit her lips. I started to massage her breast with both my hands. I kissed them, sucked them over the dress and even tried to bit her nipples over the dress. I moved down to her navel. I kissed it. Sucked it. I massaged my face over her navel. I pinched her hips and pulled it hard.

I then moved done to her vaginal area and planted multiple kiss on the area. I lifted her skirt up and kissed her thighs. I massaged and felt her thighs from feet up to her vaginal area. Then I removed her blouse and skirt. Now she was wearing the white bra and panty that I gifted her. I smiled at her seeing her wet and hard nipples. I inserted my finger into her vagina and found that it was wet. It was ready to be serviced by my penis. I removed her inner wear too and I made her lay over me. Her breast was resting over my chest and it was hard and erect. Her vaginal hairs was touching and pressing my penis and hairs over my private area. I put my hand over her and touched her hips and spine region. I put my both hands on her ass and started pressing them. Her breathing increased and her wetness became more.

I then asked her for foreplay and lied on by back with both hands supporting my head. I took the red silk cloth and tied it around her waist. She was completely nude except for the red silk cloth as a thin cloth over her hips. Red was the color of love and İstanbul Escort sex. It dim light it beamed strongly. I took the diary milk and it was already melted. I put into my hands and applied the diary milk on my erect penis. Now it was something like Diary milk penis. Every girl liked diary milk as it was tasty and yummy. Now my dick was waxed with diary milk. She laughed at this sight and said that she loved dairy milk and that she was going to lick it clean. She started sucking slowly and sucked deeper than last time. May be she was really licking the diary milk. I got a heart ful satisfied blow job for around 10 to 20 minutes. She satisfied me to the core. She was gentle and at times varied the pace and finally I reached my climax and cummed in her mouth itself. She drank it along with the diary milk cream.

Now it was my turn for the foreplay. She said she wanted the same like last time. I told her this time it will be different. I asked her to lay on her back with breast facing the roof. I took the honey bottle and put my finger into it. I took the finger out and put into her mouth. She sucked by finger. I watched her how she sucked. I put the finger back into the bottle, covered my finger with honey and first poured some honey over her nipples and breast. Then I started sucking both her breast. In between I cupped and massaged her breast. I started licking her nipples and sucked all the honey that I poured on her breast. She began swaying her head and legs. She was enjoying the pleasure of being sucked.

I then moved on to her vagina and applied honey on them. I asked her to open her thighs. I lay between her legs and inserted my tongue into her pussy and started tongue fucking her. I then put my mouth on her vagina and sucked her. Soon she had her first climax. I sucked and licked the cum and the honey. It was lot sweeter than the first time. I inserted one finger into her ass and slowly thrusted them. She begged me not to do it as it was paining. So I put one finger in her ass and other finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her pussy. Then I inserted two fingers into her pussy and moved all the fingers in her ass and vagina. She was blowing Anadolu Yakası Escort out the air through her mouth and was swaying and beating her legs on the bed. I increased the pace and soon she had her second climax. We both lay still and tired for some time.

I was ready to fuck her with my penis. She stood four on her legs and hands. Yes, it was the first time that we were to fuck in doggy style. She bend and leaned forward over the bed. It was easy to enter her and held my hands on her waist for getting grip. I slowly fucked her in and out. It was such a nice feel and little resistance was there. I was able to reach deeper into her and it gave both of us very good sexual comfort. After few initial thrust, I gradually increased the thrust and went on from straight to both sides to explore her vagina with my penis. Occasionally we slowed down and paused for some time and resumed the fucking. After around 20-25 minutes I cummed in her and she too cummed by that time. Both of us were happy and rested for some time. I went out at around 1pm bought us lunch. She ate lunch without wearing any dress. We then resumed after 2.30pm for the next round of sex.

It was the rough sex. I removed her red silk cloth over her waist and tied into around her eyes. It was time for blind folded sex. Without wasting much time in foreplay we went directly into sex. I suggested doggy style. She said that we just did doggy now and she wanted something new. I calmed her down saying that this is new doggy. She stood on her feet and bend over my table. Her ass clearly showed her vagina and asshole. I asked her to relax and smile. She asked me what I was about to do. I silently put my penis in her asshole. She resisted and cried. But I didn’t give up. After few trust it went in fully. She cried in pain. But after few more thrust she stopped crying and started moaning in pleasure. The room was echoing her moan in the soft background of the music being played. After around 15 to 20 minutes she had her climax and after that I had mine. And turned her around and hugged her tightly. She responded by kissing on my lips. I held her tight and once again sucked her breast and pressed her ass.

We were done with the schedule and soon she left to her home. After she left I had a deep sleep as I was very tired of the fuck session.

The next day both of us were on leave because the session was very exhaustive. Things didn’t end and it further continued.

To be continued.

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