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Residents of Olur, a remote village in southern India fondly worship Angannan, a rural deity. The descendants of Angannan reside in the same village and their house is called ‘The Big House’.

Annam, a widow and the current descendant of Angannan is living with her son Balu. Her step-daughter Pushpa is married to Sundar, a Doctor and the couple are settled in the city.

Balu, 18 years and horny manages to seduce his own mother before the annual festival. Annam decides to find a bride for Balu after coming to know that he had spied on his own step-sister while having sex with her husband. Annam realizes that she needs to engage her son sexually to prevent him from trying any adventures with his step- sister. She seduces him again.

Sundar and Pushpa attend the ceremonious beginning of the annual festival which includes marriage engagements as well. Sundar discovers Rani, a prospective bride looking vexed apparently because of her unwillingness to get married to a man who looked old enough to be her father. Even as Pushpa expresses her helplessness in stopping such a marriage, it suddenly begins pouring. It was the village custom to abandon the festival in the event of unseasonal rains as it was considered bad omen. Sundar and Pushpa consider the sudden downpour as divine intervention and decide to rescue the young girl.

Sundar and Pushpa convince Annam to agree to get Rani married to Balu which she does. But, the mother-son duo’s sexual escapades continue and Sundar gets a glimpse of the incestuous relationship between Annam and Balu.


Pt. 05

It took a few seconds for Annam to realize that someone had been spying while she was having sex with her son through the ventilator. Neither did it take much time for her to conclude that Sundar was the only other male in the Big House and in all probabilities, it was he who had watched her fuck-show. For a few minutes she went through a variety of emotions ranging from shame to anger realizing that her best-kept secret had been discovered by none other than her own son-in-law.

What next? She began thinking. Will Sundar disclose the matter to Pushpa? How will she react to such a deplorable act of incest by her step-brother and step-mother? Should Balu be informed about Sundar’s spying act? What would he do?

After some tormenting minutes when questions paraded one after another, Annam suddenly thought about the semen on the storeroom walls. Did Sundar masturbate watching her and Balu enjoying together? Why should he get aroused rather than feel disgusted even while watching a mother and son having sex? If he was indeed excited to watch her and her son, would he really bother to spill the beans to his wife?

Probably not! She thought.

“Still dreaming?”

Balu’s startling voice interrupted Annam’s thinking and she turned around to see her son’s face glowing in fulfillment after a memorable fucking session with his mother.

“You were very hot today,” Balu winked at his mother. “I need to go and set the farm house right for the guests or else I would love to stay in the bed until evening.”

‘How happy he looks!’ Annam began thinking again. ‘Should I tell him that our secret is out in the open and things won’t be the same again henceforth?’

“What is the matter with you?” Balu sounded anxious watching the slight murkiness in Annam’s face. “Are you alright, mom?”

“Sundar is upstairs,” Annam mumbled emotionlessly. “You better behave or go to the farm at once.”

“When did he return?” Balu’s voice clogged.

Annam gauged her son’s tension quickly. The worst consequence of telling him that Sundar had seen her fucking her own son would be a sudden end to the incestuous relationship, at least till Balu’s wedding. She didn’t want that to happen so soon.

“Don’t worry,” Annam replied with a forced smile. “He came back just now.”

“Thank God!” Balu sighed in relief. “I must better keep going. I don’t want those daily wagers to fool around in the farm.”

“Ok,” Annam said and watched her son rushing out of the Big House and once he vanished from her eyes, she glanced at the staircase. Then she turned around and glanced at the store room and thought about the semen on the common wall inside. She imagined Sundar jerking off inside the store room while peeping through the ventilator to watch the live sex show put on by her and her son. She was convinced that her son-in-law had enjoyed the visual feast.

She decided to wait downstairs for a while to see if Sundar comes down to have a talk with her. Pushpa had gone to the town for distributing invitations to her friends and was expected only in the evening. There were at least a couple of hours left to Annam and Balu to sort out things if at all they wished. Sundar was playing hide and seek and Annam knew it was she who needed to take the initiative. But, the question was, will Sundar talk to her when Pushpa was not around?

Annam couldn’t recollect many instances where she had ever been at a touching distance with Balu. He always looked like gaziantep escort bayan ilanları a faithful husband, respectful son-in-law and a no-nonsense individual. From whatever accounts Pushpa used to give about her husband, Annam always believed that Sundar felt discomfort mingling with women even in the city he lived. Strange it may sound as he was a practicing medical professional in a city where women weren’t so hesitant to shake hands with males or touching innocuously.

Sundar and his parents had once seen Pushpa in some marriage in the town and they were so impressed with her politeness and simplicity that they travelled straight to the Big House to seek Pushpa’s hands for Sundar. Annam still remembered Sundar squirming in the chair in absolute shyness unbecoming of a well-educated doctor. In a way, it looked as though Sundar and Pushpa were made for each other as they had so many things in common except for the fact that Sundar was born and brought up in a buzzing city unlike Pushpa who grew up in a dusty remote village. Annam had since then believed that Pushpa’s marriage was perhaps the best thing to have happened in the Big House, after all the perils that kept occurring generation after generation.

But, are things about to change? Annam wondered.

Suddenly Annam heard the footsteps on the stairs and her heart began beating fast all over again. Sundar emerged with head bowed down, walked across the huge hall ignoring Annam’s presence, opened the wooden cupboard, kept the railway time-table inside, closed the door and began walking back towards the stairs.

“Sundar!” Annam managed to call out with a shaky voice.

Sundar was taken aback as Annam had never called him by his name. As he turned and looked at his mother-in-law’s face, he couldn’t gauge her strange expression.

“I need to talk to you. Sit down,” Annam showed a chair just opposite to her. Sundar dragged his feet to the chair and sat on the edge.

‘We have never sat so close till date,’ Annam thought. ‘I am seeing the small black mole on his right cheek for the very first time. Unlike Balu, he seems to be clean-shaven every day. He must be trimming his mustache too.’

“Were you in the store room?” Annam asked bluntly. Sundar looked up, stared into her eyes for a moment before bowing his head down again.

“I did,” Sundar replied hoarsely. “I am sorry about that. I had no business to do that.”

“Well,” Annam moved slightly forward on her chair, close enough to hear Sundar breathing. “I know you are embarrassed. I am sorry about that as well.”

Sundar kept looking at the floor as if he was searching for words. It took a while before he eventually looked up and said in a firm voice. “It will remain a secret.”

Annam was dumbfounded. Obviously, she didn’t have any more questions to ask.

For the next few moments, only the gentle noise of the ceiling fan was heard in the room.

“Did you…enjoy watching..?” Annam lowered her voice and asked after prolonged hesitation. “I saw something…I thought you enjoyed watching us!”

Sundar looked up again and watched Annam very closely. He couldn’t see any hint of guilt or embarrassment. But, her eyes were sparkling with a strange glow.

“You did enjoy that Sundar,” Annam reiterated. “You left behind some clue and it is still very much there.”

Sundar was still staring at his mother-in-law. He couldn’t meet her eyes for long and had to lower his eyes when he saw her breasts heaving beneath the saree. He felt as though it had just dawned onto him that she doesn’t put on a bra or blouse. His mind began rewinding the scenes he had witnessed and he could remember how Balu was playing with her huge boobs with unabashed lust. He also felt his dick had begun throbbing and his heart beating at a rapid pace.

“I am sorry,” Sundar said with folded hands, stood up and started walking towards the stairs.

Annam didn’t stop him.

‘He will turn around to look at me,’ Annam told herself. ‘If he does, it means he wants me.’

Balu could have easily jumped the stairs and reached upstairs but just as he was about to place his foot on the wooden stairs, he got some mysterious instinct to turn back and look at his mother-in-law. He failed in overcoming the urge, stopped and turned back to look at Annam.

Annam smiled at Sundar as her expectation had come true. But, what she did next was something which Sundar never expected.

Even as Sundar stood wondering to smile back at his mother-in-law or not, she shockingly pulled off her saree from her left shoulder and revealed her naked boobs. Sundar froze at once but his eyes zoomed on Annam’s marvelous boobs, dark red areola and perky nipples which looked like inviting him to savor. It took a few dreary moments for Sundar to come to terms with the reality before he swiftly turned away and climbed up the stairs quicker than ever before.

Annam continued smiling as she covered her naked breasts again and began walking towards the kitchen. escort bayan gaziantep ilanları She was convinced that Sundar has developed a deep lust for her and it was just a question of time before he eventually consummates. In hindsight, Annam also realized about her own lust for Sundar which seemed to have sprung from nowhere.

By the time Pushpa arrived early in the evening, a few things had taken place in the Big House. Sundar had masturbated a couple of times after his mother-in-law had sleazily displayed her boobs to him. Annam had managed to clean the cum stains on the store room walls with quite a bit of effort. The aroused lady still found time to fetch a fresh cucumber from the backyard and had played with her pussy fantasizing about her handsome son-in-law. Needless to say, preparing the evening snacks and country coffee didn’t take much time for the experienced woman.

“Why are you always away from home?” Sundar chided Pushpa as she entered their room with the baby. “At least you can leave the baby with me if you are so keen in roaming around in this heat.”

Pushpa was surprised at her husband’s irritation.

“What is the problem dear?” She came close to Sundar and gently planted a kiss on his lips. “I know I am leaving you alone because of the marriage arrangements. But, we always have the nights to be together. Don’t we?”

Sundar felt ashamed to have vented his anger on his unsuspecting wife. He was going through turmoil after watching Annam and Balu have sex; the conversation with his mother-in-law; her exposing of boobs and last but not the least the masturbation sessions he had been forced to indulge after all the day’s developments.

“I love you Pushpa,” Sundar muttered as he pulled his wife into a tight hug. “I wish we could leave this place as quick as possible. Let us return to our own sweet world.”

Pushpa stroked her husband’s hair and remained silent. She innocently assumed several reasons for her husband’s sudden disenchantment. She was aware that Sundar was deeply attached to his parents as well as his profession. Although he loved visiting the village once in a year, he was extremely critical of the superstitions surrounding the Big House and the medieval beliefs of the village. She realized that the annual festival was packed with certain rituals which Sundar dismissed as irrational and demeaning women. Sundar was religious but was extremely averse to senseless customs in the village.

The third day of the annual festival was a testimony to what Sundar had always perceived as a blind faith. The day included some strange ceremonies that belied even common sense.

All the adult male residents of the village were mandated to move out of the village before dawn and stay near the community cremation yard which was a good four kilometers from the village. After sunrise, women of the village, wearing just a towel to hide their breasts and womanhood would walk towards the river with metal pots. The women would then take bath in the river, fetch water, carry the pots on their heads, march towards the temple and pour the water on the deity. New sets of dresses would be distributed to each one of them and the women would break coconuts to signal the culmination of the ceremony. Men were supposed to return only after hearing the temple bell once the coconut breaking ceremony was completed. In all these rituals, widows were forbidden to take part.

During this time, no vehicular traffic was allowed in and out of the village and if any male adult was found anywhere inside the village, he will be tied to a tree till evening. After sunset, the oldest living women of the village will hit the man with a thick stick and pour cow dung on his head before he is freed.

There were several explanations for the ritual and the simplest of them was to stop ghosts and evil spirits from entering the village while the women indulge in the purification act. But, as years passed by, the ritual served as an opportunity for many men of the village to gamble, consume country liquor and even visit whores elsewhere.

The funniest part of the whole ritual was that, members from the Big House were exempted outright. So, neither the male members of the Big House moved out of the village nor the female members needed to perform the purification rituals. After all, the Big House members were the heirs of the deity.

Balu had grabbed this opportunity to earn the goodwill of the village males. The family owned vast palm groves in the outskirts of the village and Balu ensured to be present in the farm the previous day itself. The hardworking peasants of the village were fond of ‘toddy’, a sort of alcoholic beverage extracted from the palmyra trees and they were very fond of the taste of the toddy from the saps of Balu’s palm groves. Balu engaged daily wagers from outside to extract sufficient toddy for the villagers and of course, himself. He also knew a few aged widows who were keen to taste the toddy and had even offered a pot to gaziantep bayan escort ilanları his own mother sometime ago. Among umpteen reasons, Annam had always hated even the smell of toddy and had never even thought of trying it even once.

But, the Big House had witnessed more bizarre things happening and the future held a few more in its stock which none of the family members were. Not the least, Pushpa!

Pushpa somehow pacified her disturbed husband after which she sat with him to check the list of guests who might start arriving in four or five days. After spending some time with him, she laid the baby to sleep and went downstairs. Within seconds, Sundar’s mind was engulfed with lusty thoughts about his mother-in-law and he realized that his arousal was becoming uncontrollable.

Annam, in the meanwhile saw nothing worrying in Pushpa’s face and quickly concluded that Sundar had kept his word. She tried to be very normal as Pushpa explained about the list of guests Sundar had prepared. Just as Pushpa was about to move to a different topic, Annam quickly intervened.

“Is Ponni in the guest list?”

Pushpa stood silent for a moment.

“Aunt Ponni?” Pushpa asked in utter disbelief.

“Yes,” Annam quipped. “She is my only sister and Balu’s wedding could help us settle all our disputes.”

Pushpa was delighted to hear what Annam said. Aunt Ponni was her favorite relative with whom she had spent a significant part of childhood. Somehow, things fell apart between Annam and Ponni and they stopped even talking to each other.

“I thought you scold me even to hear her name,” Pushpa giggled. “You made my day mom. I will go right away and invite her for the wedding.”

“That sounds good,” Annam smiled. “I need to have a look at the list you and Sundar prepared. Why don’t you ask Sundar to come down? By the time you return from Ponni’s place, both of us could finalize the list.”

“Sure mom,” Pushpa cheerfully kissed Annam on her cheeks and sped upstairs.

Sundar was really annoyed with Pushpa but he managed to keep his nerve. He couldn’t help cursing himself as he watched Pushpa walking out of the Big House carrying the baby. Images of Annam exposing her boobs started haunting Sundar all over again.

Sundar had heard the word ‘Cougar’ several times from his not-so-good friends in the city but he suddenly realized that Annam whom he had considered a prudish woman behaved more like that cougar. Not content with her incestuous affair with her son, she is planning to knock out her son-in-law as well. The damned woman seemed to have decided that the younger men of the family were good enough for safe seduction.

‘Was she secretly lusting for me all these days or is she just trying to seduce me so that her affair with her son remains a secret forever?’

‘Let me get over this ordeal as quickly as possible,’ Sundar told himself before picking up the hand-written list and going downstairs again.

His discomfort grew when he realized that Annam was inside the bedroom instead of the hall where she normally sits while talking to someone. Sundar, although not afraid was nervous for sure as he inched closer to the bedroom. He saw Annam sitting with her back resting on the headboard and legs stretched on the mattress. She seemed to have taken another bath after that terrific fucking from her son and the loose strands of her long hair blew in the air.

Instinctively Sundar momentarily turned to his left looking for the ventilator before quickly reverting to Annam. The clever woman smiled mischievously as though she had expected him to have a look at the ventilator.

“Show me what you got,” Annam spoke in a husky voice.

Sundar handed over the list with a gentle fear that the horny woman might try to touch his fingers while receiving it. His fear wasn’t unfounded as Annam’s fingers teasingly brushed his fingertips. It was deliberate and she wasn’t making any attempt to conceal her intentional tease.

“I am sure you have seen everything, isn’t it?” Annam asked Sundar with an undertone of sarcasm.


“Anything you need to check again?” Annam winked at her son-in-law.


Sundar watched Annam’s face shimmering with a crooked smile, her eyes gawking into his eyes. Strangely, he couldn’t evade her probing eyes as he started looking at her eyes intensely. Annam lowered her eyes and smiled inexplicably watching the inflating tent on Sundar’s pants. That was a good enough clue for the horny woman as she got up from the bed and disregarding Sundar’s edgy look she gently planted a lustful kiss on his lips.

Sundar felt the warmth of Annam’s lips and the heat in her breath. Suddenly, their tongues were intertwined and their bodies were pressing hard against each other. Annam’s nipples twitched and hardened against Sundar’s chest and she felt Sundar’s arousal rubbing between her thighs. Sundar stayed motionless as he could feel Annam’s hands pulling him onto her and her fingers grabbing his ass cheeks to let his tent press hard against her crotch.

Annam being the more experienced, skillfully managed to let her saree slid through her left shoulder while her mouth held her son-in-law’s lips deep inside. Sundar’s trembling hands began wandering over his mother-in-law’s body and paused momentarily on her shoulders before grabbing her wonder globes tentatively. Annam knew that Sundar can’t go back after falling prey to his lust and decided to tease him before letting him surrender completely.

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