The One That Got Away Ch. 02

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Fifteen minutes after leaving the health club, I pulled up to the valet at Roche’s. Service was fast. Suspiciously fast.

But I put that suspicion aside when I saw how many girls were in line, compared to how many guys. It was probably just a smart move on the manager’s part to let a few men in before they let more girls in.

A lot of nightclubs did that.

I got in line. But it was a very short wait in line. And the bouncer didn’t even hassle me, like they usually do at these places. He just lifted the velvet rope for me, and just like that, I was inside. Then the hostess appeared and said, “Good evening, sir.”

I said, “Hi. What’s the cover?”

Her gaze walked all over me before she said, “In your case, none. Would you be interested in a private room?”

Bingo! I said, “What’s that?”

“It’s a very private lounge, sir, for you and whoever you invite. You’d have your own waitress and everything.”

“And everything? What does that include?”

The hostess blushed. “Why don’t you get a room and find out?”

“Sure. Why not?”

The hostess reached up and touched a button on her headset. “Freddie? I have a gentleman who wants a private room.”

A few seconds later, a tall black man, with skin like a candy bar but not nearly as dark as the dude outside, dressed in an equally nice suit, came up. “Hi there, sir. I’m Freddie.”

“Hi, Freddie. How’s it going?”

“Not too bad. Right this way, sir.”

“Lead the way.”

Minutes later, I was in my lounge. It seemed quite private. I could hardly even hear the music playing in the main room. Plush red shag carpet was even on the walls. As I came in, there was a dark brown velour couch against the far wall, with a low black coffee table. But it wasn’t just an ordinary couch. It was a sectional couch. There were even a couple of ottomans to use.

I hadn’t been alone very long when not one but two women came in. They were both dressed to kill. My heart skipped a beat.

The one who came in first was obviously full blood Chinese. She had straight black hair past her shoulders, contrasting with skin as pale as the moon. Her slim figure was dressed in a classy black velvet strapless mini-dress and sky-high black patent-leather pumps. Her mouth was painted with strawberry red lipstick.

The girl coming in behind her would have been pretty enough on her own, but set next to her friend, she was a pale imitation. She wore a white slip-dress, her hair a pretty but artificial shade of blonde.

The woman in black sat next to me on my right and said, “Hi, I’m Lisa. This is my friend Jasmine.”

“Hi. I’m Matt.”

“We’re very happy to meet you. Aren’t we, Jasmine?”

The girl on my left, Jasmine, said, “Yes, we are.”

Then the waitress arrived. She was a skinny blonde, with deeply tanned skin, dressed in a tight white t-shirt, a short, tight black skirt and these unreal high heels. “Hi, I’m Nina. I’ll be your waitress this evening. What can I get for you?”

“Oh, I’ll have a wine cooler. And a plate of appetizers. You girls want something?”

The two girls each ordered a drink.

The waitress smiled as she copied it down. “I’ll be right back.”

Lisa smiled, rubbing my arm. “So, have you been here before?”

“Uh, no, actually, I haven’t.”

Lisa looked past me, to smile at her friend. I grinned back.

The waitress returned a few minutes later with our drinks, and the food, and then placed two ceramic bowls on the coffee table with a sly wink. “Have fun, sir.”

I said, “Fun? With what?” But she had already left.

“With these.” Lisa had lifted one of the bowls and offered it to me.

I looked and saw the famous little blue pills, still in the strips of blister packs. This was obviously the fun the waitress had referred to. But I pretended to hesitate. “Uh, I’m not too sure about this.”

Lisa rubbed my arm. “Oh, come on, honey. We’re all consenting adults here. I know I am. And obviously you are.”

Jasmine said, “Yeah. Me too.”

Lisa said, “What’s the matter? Never had a threesome before?”

I said, “Uh…Nope.”

Lisa ripped one of the blisters off the strip. “You just take one of these little miracles, honey, and I promise you won’t have anything to worry about.” She dropped the pill in my palm. “What are you waiting for?”

“Here goes.” While she and her friend turned their backs to get their drinks, I dropped the pill in my shirt pocket. Then I pretended to swallow it.

Lisa said, “While you’re waiting for that pill to work, we’re just going to go to the ladies’ room to freshen up. Don’t go anywhere.”

I cracked a grin. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

The girls closed the door behind them, smiling broadly at me. But I wasn’t going to be here when they got back. I almost regretted leaving like this. But I was sure they’d be having fun with some other dude before the night was over.

I took out my cell phone and snapped a few pictures of the room and of the two bowls, and the three drinks. Evidence, you know. Then, I grabbed a few of the blister strips, plus some of the condoms and put them in my coat pocket.

I Escort bayan put a twenty-dollar bill on the table for the waitress. Then I quietly left, after wolfing down some of the appetizers. I made it out into the hallway and back into the club itself, where nobody gave me a second look, past the thankfully empty hostess station and outside to the valet, where the same kid who’d parked my car came out.

The kid favored me with a grin. “Wow, that was fast.”

I shrugged. “What can I say? I got what I needed.” That was for sure. I showed the kid my claim ticket. “Now, if you could get my car, please?”

The kid’s grin widened. “Sure. Be right back.” He took it and quickly left.

“Thanks.” I sure hoped this wouldn’t take long. My stomach growled. I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch time, except for the appetizers. I turned around just in time to bump into a cute little brunette in a tight silver dress. I said, “Sorry.”

“Oh, Matthew, thank God it’s you! Please get me out of here!”

“Leoni? What are you doing here?”

“I don’t have time to explain. Just get me out of here!”

I didn’t even think about it. I took her hand. It was like she never left me. “You won’t mind being seen leaving with me?”

“No I won’t mind. Let’s go, Matthew.”

“Chill for a second, Leoni. That kid still has to come back with the truck.”

“You still drive that thing?”

“Yes. Not only is it environmentally sensitive and economically sensible, but it was a present from a client.”

“Wow. Must have been some client.”

“Oh trust me, they were. You want one? He’s got cars, too.”

“I don’t believe you. But gas prices aren’t getting any lower, that’s for sure.”

“I’ll call the client. He can give you a great deal.”

“Just get me out of here first.”

“Working on it.”

She squeezed my hand. “Okay, honey.”

A few minutes later, the kid did indeed pull up in my vehicle. I heard him engage the parking brake and then he hopped out. “Here you go, sir.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“No problem.”

I handed him a ten-dollar bill. “And if anybody asks, I was never here.”

The kid nodded. “No sweat. I got your back, sir.”

I patted his arm at the shoulder. “Good man. Don’t work too hard.”

“No sir. You have a good one.”

“Thanks.” I hopped in and put on my seat belt.

Leoni got in on the passenger side. As soon as she got in, she scrunched down in her seat to make herself shrink.

I drove away into the night. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t want Kate to see me leaving.”

“You want to tell me what’s going on?”

“We made a bet. A stupid bet.”

“What was this bet about?”

Leoni rolled her eyes. “I made this bet with Kate that Charlie Sheen was going to go back to his sitcom.”

I tried not to grin and lost. “You still like Charlie Sheen, huh?”

She wore a sheepish smile. Her voice softened. “Yeah.”

“So what exactly did you bet?”

Leoni hesitated and looked away, like she didn’t want to tell me.

I said, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“I know. But I also don’t want you thinking I go into places like Roche’s.”

“Fair enough. So, what was the bet about?”

“Well, like I said, Kate thought Charlie Sheen wasn’t going back to his sitcom. I thought he would.”

“And if you lost the bet?”

“Kate would take me to Roche’s and we’d have girl-on-girl sex.”

There was a few beats of shocked silence. Mine, mostly.

Then I said, “Is that why you’re dressed like that?”

Leoni smiled. “Yeah. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, I do like it. You look hot, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“Thank you, honey. And I don’t mind.”

“I thought you didn’t like to wear tight clothes. In public, anyway.”

“I don’t. It was her idea for me to wear this.”

“Part of the bet?”

“Yeah. Just get me as far away from that place as possible.”

“Way ahead of you, sweetheart.” I kept on driving.

Then Leoni said, “I didn’t go through with it.”

I actually laughed in relief. “What?”

“Kate got us one of those rooms. We started making out and what-have-you. Then Kate went to the ladies’ room.”

“And you just left?”

“Yes, I left,” she said, lightly pushing my shoulder. “What would you do?”

I couldn’t keep the laughter out of my voice. Chuckles and guffaws were just itching to come out, and they did. “Guess I would do the same. Those private lounges don’t feel very private.”

“Thank you!”

We drove for a few minutes in silence. Finally, I said, “Why on earth did you agree to something like that?”

She rolled her eyes again. “Kate thought she’d do me a favor by scratching my itch.”

“Scratch your itch?”

“I haven’t seen anyone new since I left you.”

There was a moment of silence as I drove. Then we stopped at a red light. I looked at her and said, “Really?” There was too much emotion in that single word.

Her gaze met mine. She simply said, “No.”

The light turned green. But I was too busy processing that single word, until someone Bayan escort behind me honked. I stepped on the gas. “By the way, I think you can sit up now.”

She sat up straight and looked around, relaxing when she realized how far away from the club we were. “You could have told me two blocks ago.”

I cracked a grin. “Sorry. My bad.”

“What about you? Have you seen anyone new?”

“No.” There was too much emotion in that word, too.

Leoni reached over and touched my arm. “Oh, honey.”

We drove for a little while longer in silence. I could feel my pulse going really fast.

Leoni suddenly looked at me. “Enough about me. What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like Roche’s?”

I glanced at her as I drove. “Work. The owner of the club apparently is having trouble getting anyone to invest.”

“Ah. And he wants you and Rob to fix his image?”


“Yes, well, if you don’t mind a little advice from a girl.”

“I don’t. Mind, that is. What?”

“Don’t work for him. Please. You guys have worked really hard for too long to get wrapped up in his mess.”

I was silent for a minute. “Leoni, are you hungry?”

“Yeah. Is there anything good around here?”

“I know of a good place nearby.”

Suddenly, Leoni was touching my arm again with her soft hand. “You know what?”


“The entire time I was in that horrible place with Kate, I prayed that you would come and rescue me.”

“I’m glad I could answer your prayers.”

“Me too. How can I repay you?”

“Tell me why you left me.”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“Yeah. I’m sure. How about if I take you to my house?”

“Sounds good.”

So we stopped at a Mexican food joint. I went ahead and used the drive-through. We ordered too much food, but I took it anyway.

Then we drove to my house.

Leoni was passed out in the guest bed. Out like a light, the poor thing.

That flow of old, familiar emotions threatened to overwhelm me as I stood there in the hallway, watching her sleep, watching her breathe.

She was lying on her side, still wearing her dress, heels on the floor. She’d wolfed down the takeout I’d bought, then staggered up the stairs and practically fell into bed.

Leoni was sleeping in my bed. Well, not in my bed, the bed in the guest bedroom. But she was in my house again. I wasn’t sure what all this meant. I was fighting the impulse to hope that this meant we were back together again.

I won’t lie. It was a nice thought. There weren’t very many women out there like Leoni. One smile from those perfect lips or one touch of her hand could turn the worst day into something manageable.

As I stood there, I wondered for the thousandth time what on earth made her leave me. Hopefully I would find out in the morning.

And maybe I would have the courage to give her the ring.

I put her stuff on the dresser and then closed the door.

The next morning, I was downstairs in my kitchen making breakfast, when I heard the toilet in the guest bedroom being flushed.

My pulse quickened. Leoni was up.

A minute later she came down the stairs, wearing the terry cloth bathrobe I had left for her. At the last step she quietly said, “Hey.”

I looked at and said, “Hey. Good morning.”

She crossed the room and gave me a hug. “Good morning to you. Thanks again for rescuing me.”

“No problem. I love rescuing damsels in distress.”

“You got anything for breakfast?”

A few minutes later, we sat down at the kitchen table, a bowl of cereal between us. I said, “So. Tell me, what did I do? What did I say?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, for you to just up and leave me like that, I must have done something or said something, crossed some kind of invisible line.”

Leoni smiled sheepishly. “It wasn’t you. It was all on me, honey.”

“You’re going to have to explain a little better than that. Because every time I hear a woman say, it’s not you, it’s me, that says it was me. You’re just trying to be nice.”

She patted my arm, laughing out loud. “This is going to sound so trivial. But at the time it wasn’t. That morning, in the bathroom, when you said you loved me, that was the moment I’d always dreamed of.”

“Me too. So where did I go wrong?”

“God, you men! You always think it’s about you!”

I flinched at her sharp tone. “Okay. So what happened?”

Her voice softened. “I didn’t think I was good enough for you.”


“See, I told you it would sound trivial.”

“No, I don’t think it’s trivial at all. But why on earth would you think that?”

She shrugged, a tiny motion of tiny shoulders. “Lots of reasons.”

“Like what?”

“You’re so successful. All I want to do is support you in that. Someone’s got to. I was afraid that wasn’t going to be enough for you.”

Suddenly I got up and raced up the stairs. I quickly went to the night stand and got the ring where I had kept it. Then I raced back down stairs. “Remember that shower we took?”

“How could I forget? I almost didn’t get out of the house.”

I Escort chuckled. “Yeah. Well, I had a revelation.”


“You were giving me this intimate affection. Without sex. And it was enough. It was a pretty momentous thing. I knew then that I didn’t want any other woman.”

“Oh, honey, that is so sweet!”

“Remember that errand I was talking about that morning?”

“Of course.”

I finally showed her what I was carrying – a little black box. Then I flipped open the little box. “I was getting you this.”

She gasped out loud. Her hands flew to her mouth. Her focus was riveted on the silver ring nestled snugly in black velvet, the single gem sparkling away.

“That morning in the bathroom was the most wonderful morning of my life. I was going to ask you not to see other people. Now, you sit there and tell me that you’re not good enough for me?”

She didn’t say anything. Her mouth was glued shut. I saw tears running down her cheeks.

I brought her a tissue. “Here.”

With her right hand, she took the tissue and dabbed at her eyes. She lifted her left hand and extended it out to me.

I took her hand and slipped the ring on.

She got up, sat in my lap and kissed me, tears and all.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh my God, honey, I love it! It’s beautiful. I would love to not see other people with you!” She leaned in and we were kissing. Kissing like the whole world could have passed by while we sat here. Her lips were glued to mine. “This isn’t getting me back to my apartment.”

I smiled. “No. I suppose we should get going. Even though I don’t want to.”

“Matthew, honey, I’m…”

I touched my fingers to her lips. “No apologies.”

“But Matt, I doubted you. Doubted us. Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you. As long as you agree to talk to me in the future. Promise?”

“I promise, honey.”

I rubbed her back reassuringly. “Now come on. We’ve got to get you and your stuff back to your apartment.”

She kissed me on the lips. She stood up and started to walk away, but then turned back around. “Matthew?”


“Do you still have those…adult novelties you bought?”

A naughty grin appeared on my face. “Yep. Sure do.”

Her face turned red. “I was hoping so.”


“Yeah. Really. I’d better go, uh, get dressed.”

My grin stayed in place. “Yeah. I’d better, too.”

The week flew by and dragged at the same time.

Friday afternoon saw me at my usual haunt, the gym, with Rob. We were headed down the central hallway. Rob was headed for the basketball court.

“Try not to get your ass kicked again, okay?”

Rob just said, “Yeah. Thanks.”

Suddenly, a female voice said, “Hi, boys!”

I looked to the left. Leoni was moving in between us, hooking her arms through ours. She wore baggy pink sweatpants and a pink bra top, her hair up in a customary bun.

In perfect time, Rob and I said, “Hi, Leoni.”

“How are my two favorite boys doing?”

“Fine,” we both answered.

“I hope you guys took my advice. Please tell me you took my advice?”

Rob said, “I always take your advice. But what advice?”

“Matt told me Roche wanted to hire you guys. Please, tell me you guys kicked him to the curb.”

Rob smiled. “Yep. We sure did.”

Leoni squeezed his bicep. “Good! You guys can do so much better in a client than him. So much better.”

“Thanks, Leoni, that means a lot.”

She winked at him. “Sure, honey. No charge.”

“My wife will appreciate that. I’ll see you Monday, Matt.”

“Yeah, later, Rob.”

Leoni said to him, “Where are you off to?”

“Basketball game.”

“Have a good game, Rob. I know you’ll kick their butts.”

He just said, “Thanks.” He went into the basketball court.

Leoni turned to me and said, “So. Where are you off to?”

“I’m going to kickboxing class.”

“Really? What a co-inky-dink! So am I!”

I laughed. “Who would have thought?”

“I hope you haven’t made any plans. I’m going to be very disappointed if you forgot all about our date for tonight.”

“Are you kidding? No way could I forget about that.”

Leoni slipped her arm more securely through mine. “Good answer.”

A few hours later, Leoni was in my kitchen, talking up a storm as I made dinner.

We had both long since changed into something more comfortable. I was in a soft white t-shirt and blue jeans. Leoni was wearing a thin white cotton sweater and faded blue jeans, bare feet, hair up as always. Pink lip-gloss. She looked hot. Really hot.

“I just think it’s, like, so cool to be back in your house! I really missed this place.”

I couldn’t help smiling. “Yeah. Same here.”

“Oh, you’ve missed your house too?”

I laughed. “No, but I’ve missed you in it.”

“That’s sweet.” She gave me a hug. “Have you been thinking about me?”

“All week.”


“Really. What about you?”

“I have been thinking about nothing but you, non-stop, all week mmm!”

I had given her a passionate kiss.

There was about a second of silence. Then Leoni kissed me back. “I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“Oh no. I love you more.”

“No, I insist. I love you more.”

“You are so sweet, honey. Have I told you that lately?”

“I never get tired of hearing it.”

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