Mel’s Phone Call Pt. 03

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Copyright PennameWombat January 2019

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This is part 3, see part 1 in “Mel’s Phone Call” in ‘Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories’ and part 2 in “Mel’s Phone Call Pt. 02” also in ‘Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories.’

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Mel was sitting on a couch, reading through a course catalogue with a copy of the local Tribune newspaper next to her when Chris arrived in the Crimson Room after work on Thursday. It was an all purpose room on the top floor of the Student Union building and easy for her to find as her orientation sessions were in the large ballrooms on the same floor when they weren’t on campus tours. During the school year it was a usually-busy open study or meeting room holding about 50 people at tables and on a few couches, many evenings it was used for low-key musical or poetry performances. But now it was almost empty with just a couple of other people reading.

Even though she’d spent much of their time together with clothing much more revealing than her near knee-length black shorts and a sheer crimson blouse over a tight but opaque black camisole, he’d been forced to admit the color combination hit him deep in his brain. And crotch.

She looked up and smiled broadly to up the amperage a bit more as he walked over to her and leaned over so they could kiss softly then he sat down, took a slow breath and blinked twice.

“How’d the day go?”

“Good. Been getting info about the different majors and all that. Working out classes,” she said as she jiggled the catalogue and nudged her breast against his elbow.

“You can ask me but I don’t know about everything offered,” he pressed his elbow a bit, “but I might know someone who knows.”

“I’ll show it to you tonight,” she said, “that way I can figure out some questions to ask tomorrow before it finishes. I don’t have to sign up yet but if I know there are classes I definitely want I can sign up for those.”

“Some of the freshman classes fill up,” Chris said, “so sign up soon as you’re sure. Unless it’s funky astrophysics. Those you could probably just show up and they’d welcome you in.”

“On that note,” she held up the paper, “that meteorite hit in between Sulfur and Denio, northern Nevada. Know where that is? The army’s also closed off access, claiming it was heavily radioactive, no one too close but big dust cloud kicked up. Must be a big hole.”

“That was luck then,” he said, “the ‘middle of nowhere’ describes that area as ‘the real middle of nowhere.’ I can show it to you on a road map.”

“Yeah,” she said slowly and paused then shifted and stuffed her papers into her pack, “so where are we going?”

“We have two more shots to take somewhere around here, then the lab’s in the Fine Arts building, not far walk. Ah, I have an idea. Did you see the balconies?”

“Oh, yeah. Nice view earlier.”

They walked over and she stood along the railing and Chris stood on a chair to get a wide view of the campus behind her stretching out to show the Valley floor beyond. The campus was green and warm, winter would be different but Chris figured her being from North Dakota she wouldn’t be phased.

“One more,” Chris said.

“Is there a sign or something of the Uni logo, a big ‘U’? Thought I saw one.”

“Yeah, down in the main lobby. Appropriately it’s about the same red as your blouse. If you took your cami off your nipples would match too,” Chris said in what he thought was a joking tone as they were walking toward the stairs.

“Ok, wait here,” she said as she ducked into the nearby restroom.

“Um, I was just kidding…” he started but she was already through the door.

She came out and indeed had removed her cami and redone her blouse. The shade of red of the shirt made her nipples not totally obvious unless one looked closely. Subtle enough.

On the first floor the middle-aged receptionist was collecting her purse and talking softly to another woman as they prepared to leave, a few people were in a far hallway and walking away. None paid any attention to the shaggy brown haired young man in denim shorts posing the even shaggier black haired young woman with a shirt whose color matched the logo painted on the wall.

“Can you get us both?”

“Um, yeah,” Chris moved a chair and set the camera on the back, bent over to fine tune the aim and set the timer. He pushed the shutter button and trotted to put his right arm around Mel’s shoulder, her left arm around his waist, Escort bayan the ‘U’ at her right shoulder.

“That’s a wrap,” Chris said as the camera’s auto-rewind did its job. After he switched in a new roll she took his hand as he led them outside and to the Fine Arts building, past an open door to a darkened auditorium and up to the second level darkrooms.

“How many prints,” he asked her as a quick scan with a magnifying glass through the developed negatives showed quite the record of the week so far, “of each?”

“Well, all of them. Make three copies, we keep one set.”

“Who gets the other two?”

“Shelly gets all of them. I’ll send mom the ones I’m mostly decent, I’ll include the first one we took up the mountain so she can meet you, sorta, and this last one. They’ll know I’m being well taken care of.”

“I thought you hadn’t told your mom about me,” Chris said slowly as he set up the printer and made triple color 5×8 copies of each. The tourist photos would show off the area but the more intimate photos would give a rather different feel.

“I’ll give her some warning. She’d love this one. Geez, that’s a lotta cum,” she chided the other participant as the photo with her face and hair covered in masses of white jism was printed, “how did you manage that? Shelly will be jealous.”

“I was quite inspired,” Chris answered as he couldn’t think of anything else to say as he cupped her cloth-covered breasts and stood behind her, “there’s a post office here on campus, if you have time you could pack these up and send them tomorrow. You might want to, um, make sure they’re packed quite well. If that doesn’t work we’re going downtown on Saturday and could use the post office there.”

“Show it to me,” she rubbed his crotch as they scanned the prints, “and about downtown, I need to get a couple of things for Monday. I don’t have any stockings or panty hose with me, just those insipid grey tights. I should look the part. Might want some shoes too.”

“You look really, really good in that blue getup, too bad no pictures with that beige skirt and tank you had the first night,” he said, holding up the picture of her posed on the old truck. Her squatting position highlighted the muscles in her legs which made them quite spectacular, Chris’s aim with the camera successfully not allowing a clear view of her uncovered pussy.

“I noticed you liked those. But probably not a good choices for Monday. But can you make an 8×12 of this one so my mom can frame it since you did such a good job hiding my best feature?”

“Probably right about that,” he said as set up for the enlargement, added it to his tote sheet for the lab manager to work out his bill later, then they packed the pictures into her backpack, “and don’t worry plenty of shopping choices on Saturday.”

He pointed out the post office in the bookstore which was in sight of the Union building as they walked to the car. The film had taken a couple of hours so they decided to get dinner and go over her course thoughts.

The Racquetball Crew

Chris pulled into the parking lot behind the house Friday afternoon about 4:30 and noticed Tim’s spot was empty. As he walked around the car he saw a few people talking and there were some fleeting glances his way from near the apartment building then he looked up and saw Mel standing in his room, the curtains open, wearing her robe. Which she removed and tossed aside.

She mouthed something, he thought it might have been “interested?” He made it up the stairs three at a time and found her on the bed on her back.

“We need to be at the Rec Center at 6:00, right,” she said as he stripped off his clothes once he’d pushed the door closed and walked around the bed, “care for a quickie?”

He was already almost fully erect as he bent over to kiss her open mouthed, her hand wrapping around his cock. As he crawled onto the bed and pushed his hand over her trimmed pubic hair and found her already wet, he broke the kiss, adjusted himself and noticed the bookcase headboard was open and the vibrator appeared damp.

“I might’ve warmed myself up a bit,” she said, her contralto even deeper than usual, “but now that you’re here the rest is up to you.”

He kissed down her neck, finding first one nipple then the other, to suck into his mouth and work with his tongue, his fingers entering her moist pussy. He kissed down her firm abs then skipped to her already erect clit as rubbed her g-spot at the same time. When her breathing got choppy he removed his fingers and pushed himself up her body to lock his mouth onto her and simultaneously pushing his prick quickly and deeply into her cunt. Both of them grunted into each other’s mouths as their tongues pressed against each other while he pumped himself quickly in and out of her body.

He felt her arch her back and she nearly bit his tongue as she came, his cock again gripped by her muscles as he drilled her two more Bayan escort times. She nudged his mouth away.

“Show me, I wanna see,” she said, her voice a step huskier. He pulled his shaft out of her and straddled her midsection, she grabbed the cock slick with her juices and pumped it, the possible motion he saw in the corner of his eye of only momentary notice then ignored.

“Oh, ah, now,” Chris grunted, his cock sprayed a shot of cum onto the gap between her tits. She pulled two more spurts out, smiling broadly, she pulled him and lifted her head to suck in half of his cock before she released him so he could lay down and kiss her.

“We’re going to be pretty stinky before we even play,” Mel said as they were getting dressed, the poor punished bed sheet used for a quick wipe down, “so who’s going to be there anyway?”

“Not sure, it’s summer so some of the usual crowd are gone,” Chris answered, only now registering the open curtains, “Terence, the guy who called, goes by Terry, and Teresa is his twin sister. Terry has a girlfriend too but she’s out of town until August. They’re going to be seniors like me, well mostly. Bobby is in town so I assume he’ll be there. If Sam, Samantha, is in town she’ll be there, she’s Teresa’s girlfriend.”

Mel raised her eyebrow at that. “For real girlfriend or play buddy, like me and Shelly?”

“For real, so far as I can tell. Been pretty inseparable since I introduced them last year.”


“Full disclosure. Sam just did her first year as a biology grad student, she was looking for a computer lab she needed at the beginning of classes, lost in the building, happened to run into me, I took her to the room. She took my number. Went out a couple of times but something, seemed, not quite there. I took her to Friday night racquetball. And, well, that was that.”

“That’s,” Mel started, then paused a few seconds, then smiled broadly, “wild. You turned her. After her your old woman up and disappeared into thin air. Or into that weedy patch out back. Now the no girlfriend thing makes more sense. I’m doomed.”

“Yeah. C’mon, let’s go,” Chris hefted his gym bag with his racquet and a change of clothes and shoes, Mel had borrowed one of his old gym bags and did the same, using an old racquet Chris had.

“That’s Bobby,” Chris had said quietly to Mel as they’d approached the crew already gathered near the courts, “don’t underestimate him, he lacks stamina a bit carrying that weight but while fresh he’s exceptionally quick on the court.” He was a high school football player and wrestler who’d added a significant layer of fat over his muscles and was another computer science undergrad like Chris, albeit a couple of years older due to taking a double-length wanderjahr.

Mel talked down her chances as Chris was introducing her, his roster accurate but for the addition of Cheryl, a friend of Sam’s. Terry and Teresa were mirror images, save for Terry’s not having bothered to shave for a couple of days, the same very light brown beard as the hair both had, likewise both cut short, Teresa’s slender but muscular figure, small bust and slim hips doing little to differentiate her from her brother. Terry was about an inch taller, matching him to Chris, with Teresa and Mel matched for height. Sam’s long red hair, pulled into a ponytail, was a match to her pale skin and a sharp contrast to Cheryl’s black skin and black tightly-curled hair. The latter’s features meant she stood out not only on campus but in the broader City, settled primarily as it was from the British Isles and northern Europe, where even Chris’s half-Italian heritage sometimes made him stand out.

Chris started a bit when he saw Mel and Sam looking at one another, an appraising mood in each woman’s eyes. Mel had a few inches on the older woman but their running bras and snug shorts showed their tits and asses were very much matching, the differing heights at first hiding that fact. The conspiratorial smile each had to the other told Chris they’d figured out the same thing and had already had a deep conversation about him without saying a word. Hopefully he wouldn’t survive the evening and he’d not have to worry about the upcoming BBQ.

“I want to play this one,” Mel said grabbing Chris’s ass cheek, “need to kick his ass in revenge…”

Cheryl said she hadn’t played much, so they decided to put her in with Mel and Chris for some cutthroat, while the others would start with mixed doubles. They had two courts for ninety minutes so time to experiment. While Chris was the more experienced player both Mel and Cheryl were fit and fast so he was hard-pressed to eventually win. A few more combinations allowed most everyone to play with and against the others.

“A bra? And, did you actually comb your hair?” Chris asked Mel as they drove back to the house, followed by Terry with the others, to leave the cars there since parking much closer was difficult on a Friday. It also allowed Chris and Mel to drop off their Escort malodorous bags. He’d noticed Mel’s post-shower ass-hugging denim shorts and a sleeveless red crop top exposing her solid abs and with a deep scoop neck and oversized arm holes, her matching red pushup bra almost outerwear.

“And panties,” Mel said, “can’t have my new girlfriends thinking I’m a slut!”

Chris judged that Terry most successfully hid his attentions as they all walked but neither Bobby nor Sam seemed interested in hiding their appreciative glances and Mel had made sure they had opportunities. He wasn’t sure Teresa’s opinion and Cheryl had begged off saying she was meeting some other people for dinner. Chris now knew Sam had the same chest but her usual loose t-shirt made it less than obvious. Was he THAT attached to a type?

“So Mel said you two met in Guadalajara,” Teresa asked Chris, “on that soccer trip of yours?”

“Yup,” he answered, “we, um, hit it off well down there.”

“Lucky me,” Mel said as she swung her hand clasped with Chris’s, “found a soccer team from the University I was hoping to attend! And he’s been kind enough to show me around. Such a perfect gentleman.”

Chris thought the smiles on the other two women’s faces meant they saw through that but wasn’t sure what Mel had told them in the locker room. They were at the restaurant, with six people Terry had been able to book a table so they made it past the short line and had a round table a bit too small that forced closeness. Bobby nudged Sam out of the way to sit on Mel’s side so Sam sat across from her. Mel seemed to find plenty of reasons to lean forward, so that was possibly the better angle anyway.

Like Mel all of them save Chris were originally from other states and except for him and Sam had lived a while in the dorms. The combined wisdom said they were only ‘kind of horrible’ but part of Mel’s orientation had included a tour so she took it in good humour. But when it came to the included weekday breakfasts and dinners she didn’t believe their assurances of the incredibly fine dining she’d be enjoying.

“What’s everyone doing for the Fourth, I’m on a plane to Virginia for two weeks,” Bobby asked by way of statement. He’d been pretty quiet, mostly letting his eyes do the work.

“Our parents coming down,” Terry said, “we have relatives in town so we’ll all be getting together here.”

“California,” Sam added, “see the folks.”

“I’m going to meet hundreds of this one’s relatives,” Mel said laughing as she leaned into Chris, “I’ll find out so much dirt on him…”

Chris just put his head down on the table to everyone’s laughter..

“So,” Sam said as they were down to the last few slices, “why do you call this sweet girl of yours a ‘demon?’ She seems anything but.”

Everyone, even Mel, gave him a look that he wasn’t getting away with an anodyne answer. He sighed.

“It’s a computer science department tradition,” Chris started, “the last few years. I knew about the tradition but not how it came about.”

That had everyone’s eyebrows scrunching a bit. Clearly not what they expected. Then he continued.

“Started a few years ago, there was an undergrad, what, oh, four years ago. He was dating some girl who was really beautiful, totally out of his league,” that got him a nudge from Mel, “and he told some friends ‘she’s my succubus,’ you know, a demon who steals men’s souls.”

“End of this past year, some students were talking D&D in a lab and our TA came in, heard them, told us the succubus tale. The TA’s a grad student now, but they were undergrads and played Dungeons and Dragons together. He told them ‘we figured out a way around the succubus thing.’ My TA also said he met her a couple of times and said ‘she was definitely strange but really, really, hot,’ one time she brought doughnuts to a seminar and drove everyone crazy. He said he had no doubt she was some sort of demon. Whatever, one day during spring quarter they just, poof, disappeared. His housemates said the two of them were at the house when the housemates left, they came home, his door was open, his car was there, they weren’t there. No one’s ever seen them again.”

“Anyway, that’s why when any CS guy gets a girlfriend too good to be true, she’s our demon.”

“I like that,” Mel said, “I’m too good to be true…”

“Holy shit, I remember that! It even made it to the newspapers in Idaho, ‘Students Disappear’,” said Teresa, then she looked at Terry, who nodded, “we were in high school. We’d planned for a couple of years to come here but it took awhile to convince our parents again after the stories.”

“Yeah,” said Chris, “he was a local like me from the Valley here, Peter was his name, but not from my high school. The girl, the succubus, um, yeah, Carole, she was from Colorado. Was a sorority girl.”

“Yeah, sorority bitch,” continued Teresa with a tone indicating sorority bitches were not high on her esteem list, “explains lots. Papers didn’t have any of the succubus stuff in them. No surprise.”

“Going to pledge, Mel?” Sam asked her.

“A man and woman, Greek council reps, presented at the orientation,” Mel answered, “seemed kinda smarmy. Not the kind of greek thing I’m into.”

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