I’m normally a heavy sleeper and take a bit of time to come around, but as I came to the following morning, something just felt different. I knew I fell asleep with Emily cuddled up to me, but no, she wasn’t there beside me! Maybe she had woken early and gone home? Then I heard the toilet flush, and she crept back into the room, but instead of getting in beside me, she ducked under the bottom of the duvet and made her way up, stopping at my cock, playing with it for a few minutes, then lowered her mouth over it.Now, not being a morning person doesn’t mean I don’t get morning wood, I do. It’s that until the body is ready, you can do what you like and it won’t spit at you!I will admit, having her mouth on my cock was sure helping wake up my body and mind! After a few minutes, she kissed her way up my body until she was looking at me.“Morning, sleepyhead,” she quipped.“Good morning to you as well, gorgeous. Was that saying you are ready for the next round? şişman gaziantep escort If so, I will need to see what’s in the tank!”I leaned in to kiss her and let my hand roam her body, tweaked her nipples, and rubbed them to get them nice and hard and sensitive, then run my hand down her back, cupped her bum, massaged her cheeks, bringing my hand around to the front, rubbed her mons, and slid toward her sex. Her clit was already engorged, wanting to be played with, so I rubbed it, making her moan into my mouth. I slipped my middle finger into her sweet hole and moved it in and out, still rubbing her clit. I added a second finger and thrust harder and deeper, wiggled my fingers, trying to find that elusive spot, making her cry out.“Fuck me!” she cried.So, I did! I rolled her onto her back and rolled on top of her. She grabbed my cock and placed it at her entrance, and I thrust in hard, gaziantep şişman escort causing her to squeal. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and thrust, slowly at first, then harder. Sweating and tiring, I lowered her legs, held her into me, rolled onto my back, and said, “Your turn!”She stayed laying on me and rocked her hips back and forth whilst kissing me, then lifted up and started to ride me cowgirl. I’m not sure how she had this much stamina from first thing in the morning, but I wasn’t saying no!She kept going until she was tired and collapsed on me. “Your turn!”I turned her over, got out of bed, pulled her toward me so she was kneeling on the end of the bed, and started thrusting into her again. Finally, I could feel myself building up and then unloading myself into her.We both crawled onto the bed and cuddled.“You’re amazing,” I said. “I do like the way you wake gaziantep şişman escort bayan me up in the morning, but don’t know where you got the energy after last night!”“I thought it might be an interesting start to the day for you,” she replied.She then said, “I didn’t tell you last night, but I had to tell my landlord that whilst I like the house, I can’t afford to keep it, and he has allowed me to get a tenant in, so I am going to need to be a bit more careful meeting up with you!”We carried on every few nights, meeting up until the tenant arrived. Not wanting to upset anything with the boyfriend, we both knew that it was friends with benefits and great sex, but we now had a potential spy in the camp and we didn’t want him to work anything out and say anything, so had to be a bit more discreet.I said to her, as we needed to be quicker, she must not wear any underwear, so it was less to take off/put on, I wasn’t expecting her to agree, but she did! Part two of taking her under my wing was partially complete. That damn bra had gone!Unfortunately, the lack of underwear was only when she was sneaking around to my place! I bumped into her in town and decided to take her into a shop and buy her a new top. While she was looking at conservative ones, I was looking at strappy cami tops and found a nice yellow silky one, and showed it to her.

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