Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

This story begins in 2022

Main Characters

Jack-18, 16″ cock, light brown hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ tall

Sara-Mom-36, GG-sized tits, black hair, brown eyes, fit but very tone and curvy.

Rita-Aunt-37, FF-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, similarly amazing body to Sara but not quite as hot

Josephine (Jo)-sister, 18, EE-sized tits, twin to Jack, red hair, green eyes most popular girl in school

Clara-Cousin, 18, EE-sized tits, brown hair, kinda dumb but very kind

Beth Ryder-teacher, 28, FF-sized tits, redhead

Naomi Moore-38, doctor, FF-sized tits, African American, nymphomaniac

Rose (Ro)-18, DD-sized tits, Jo’s best friend and a popular girl in school, brunette hair, kinda mean

Friday, September 30 (cont.)


“I want to be your ally in this perverted quest you have,” Naomi told Jack on the trip back to school, “and I think there’s a lot that I can teach you.”

Jack was feeling much more comfortable around Naomi now, though he still found her extremely intimidating, “I guess, I know what I want now…” he told her, “But I still think the whole thing is impossible.”

“Don’t think about that right now,” Naomi said reassuringly, “Just take it one girl at a time, y’know, moment by moment. If you’re with your teacher, be with your teacher, if you’re with your Mom, be with her, and don’t worry about the other girls for right now. They might get jealous but that’s their problem.”

Jack shook his head as he thought about it, “I feel like an asshole just considering it. I’m really not the type to jump between girls like that.”

They pulled up to the school shortly before the last bell rang. Before Jack got out Naomi told him, “That’s something else you’re going to have to learn, Jack.” She then gave him a quick kiss on his lips but didn’t linger in case anyone was watching, “Remember what I taught you today about teasing, don’t ever give a woman what she wants. Make her work for it.”

“Umm, okay,” Jack mumbled as he left the car. He still wasn’t sure he got it but he was willing to give anything a try…

He heard the final bell as he came in the door. Jack went to Beth’s classroom and waited outside for the room to filter out.


Beth had spent the day convincing herself that her date with Jack had nothing to do with her growing attraction to her own student, but instead that it was only for Jack’s continued education into the dating world.

She smiled at him when he came in once all the other students had left, “Good afternoon, Jack.”

Jack grinned back like an idiot at this redheaded beauty, he was feeling a lot more confident then. He just kept think what Naomi told him, just whatever woman I’m with at that moment. I’ll devote all my attention to you, Beth…

He also thought of what his aunt told him, women love to be complimented, “Good afternoon, beautiful.” Jack told her.

Beth blushed slightly, “You know, you probably shouldn’t say things like that while we’re in school,” she told him, “Um, or at all, probably…” she added reminding herself this wasn’t a real date.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” Jack mumbled feeling nervous once again, “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“You didn’t,” Beth said reminding herself that Jack was very new at this, “And I give you permission to compliment me during our play date but it might not be perceived correctly to others in public.”

“Oh, okay,” Jack said, then added, “I already know to keep it a secret. Where do you want to go for our date?”

Beth bit her lip, now she was the nervous one, “Umm, I was actually thinking I might take you to my house, I mean, I think going out in public might raise too many questions…”

Jack shrugged, “Okay.”


It was a very short trip to Beth’s house, so short they didn’t talk about anything as they drove over and next thing Jack knew they were parked in her garage while the door shut behind them.

“Well, we’re here.” Beth said, “I know it isn’t much to look at but it’s cozy.”

“I see,” Jack said, he wasn’t paying attention so he wasn’t sure what her house looked like from the outside, “want to show me around?”

Beth showed Jack her house, feeling somewhat nervous about the whole thing, mostly because it kapalı gaziantep escort was a very small one bedroom house that she was just renting. It had a small bathroom with a standing room only shower, a kitchen which had a table where she ate, and a somewhat larger room with her bed but she also had enough room for a loveseat and a large television in there as well.

“Um, I guess that’s it,” Beth said, somewhat embarrassed, “Like I said I’m just renting it until something better comes along.”

“I like it,” Jack said approvingly, “but what do you want to do for our date?”

“Our play date you mean,” Beth insisted, “I dunno, how about dinner and a movie? That seems like a good first date.”

They sat on the loveseat and Beth picked out a horror movie to watch, “I haven’t seen this one yet but I hear it’s very scary.”

Jack cocked an eyebrow when he saw the title. He had heard that some girls like to watch horror movies so they had an excuse to cuddle their date, but he didn’t expect Beth to pull something like that with him, “You like horror movies?” He asked, casually.

“Oh, I love them, actually.” Beth said, “If you don’t, um, I have some, er, romantic comedies, or something.” Beth had figured that most guys liked horror movies and thought that would be an easy pick. “I just haven’t seen this one yet.” She added.

“Oh, that’s perfect actually,” Jack liked horror though he wouldn’t watch anything like that with his mom or sister as they were too easily scared by it.

“Good,” Beth said as she put it on, she dimmed the light and they sat down together. She took off her shoes and pulled her feet up.

Jack was very nervous, it didn’t help that Beth’s bed was right next to the couch either as he kept thinking just how easy it would be to move from one to the other. He thought about what Naomi said again though, and decided to just go for it, Beth’s the only woman for me right now… He thought as he put an arm around her shoulder.

“Oh, there,” Beth said and smiled at him, “See, that’s an appropriate way to touch a girl on a first date.” She explained.

Jack stared deeply into her eyes. He leaned in and kissed her, already thinking of Beth as the center of his world (until the next girl was) and they Frenched for a moment before he pulled back and pretended to be encapsulated in the movie, already trying to put Naomi’s teaching of teasing and pulling back into play.

Beth was surprised by the kiss but immediately gave into it. But when Jack broke the kiss after only a few seconds and seemed more interested in the movie, it confused her. He’s right though… She thought as she went back to watching the film as well, we shoulldn’t be giving into our feelings. But even as she thought this she only wanted more. After about a minute of watching the opening of the film, Beth put a hand on Jack’s leg.

As Beth did this Jack moved his arm from around her shoulder to down around her waist. Beth felt her desire rising as he lightly touched her thigh. She pretended to be interested in the film as she moved forward, but only she could move her lips closer to Jack’s in the hopes that he might kiss her again. Jack pretended not to notice, very interested in getting to know all the characters who would probably be killed gruesomly later. But only for a moment because Beth was so close it was impossible to ignore her anymore.

She was on him. Beth mashed her lips into his as she pushed Jack down on his back, straddling him on the couch.

Jack was trying to remember what Naomi told him about slowing down, or anything else for that matter, but it was impossible to think of anything while his sexy teacher was trying to suck his tongue straight from his mouth. He grabbed at her skirt and started moving it up her body, Beth stopped kissing him long enough that Jack could remove it from her and threw it on the ground.

Jack was kissing her again in an instant. While he did this, Beth undid her bra from behind and dropped it on the floor next to her dress. Jack’s hands went to her breasts and he stopped kissing her to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. Beth pulled his shirt off over his head and then started undoing Jack’s jeans as he kissed her beautiful breasts. Beth pulled his cock out, loving how large it was, and how strong it felt in her hands.

Beth gaziantep kapalı escort didn’t stop, nothing could stop her then, she still had her panties on, but she pushed them out of the way. She pushed herself up on her knees so she could line Jack’s massive cock up with her pussy, and she paced herself as she moved down. Her cunt slowly swallowing every inch of Jack’s enormous dick whole.

“Oh God!” Beth cried feeling her orgasm building, “I’ve needed this!” She began to alternate between grinding against Jack’s pelvis and bouncing on his cock, “Ever since, oooohhh! Ugh, ah, ever since I pulled your dick out that first time! This is all I’ve been thinking about! Fuuuuuck! I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnnngggg!” Beth bounced twice as hard on her students humongous dick, loving how it felt as her pussy orgasmed around it.

Jack could feel good own balls churning but held back because there was something he wanted to do now. He picked Beth up and threw her writhing, cumming body on the bed. Beth was confused but didn’t complain when Jack got in his knees next to the bed and leaned into her so he could put his lips on her throbbing cunt lips.

“Oooo-oooohhhh!” Beth cried as her pleasure intensified as Jack became acquainted to her quivering cunt with his talented tongue.

Jack was loving the taste and feel off Beth’s pussy with his lips and tongue. He naturally followed Beth’s pleasure zones and moved from her hole to her labia and started licking her clit like it was an ice cream sundae.

Beth quickly was worked up to another orgasm. She moaned out her brain no longer able to form words as she came all over her student’s face. Jack was loving it, knowing he was going to have to eat as much pussy as he possibly could whenever he could from then on.

As she came down, Jack stood up and lined his cock up with Beth’s pussy. He was a the perfect height next to the bed that he could stand and thrust his cock in and start pounding away as Beth grabbed both her feet and pulled them to the side so Jack could get a better angle.

“This is so fucking good!” Beth moaned as her student relentlessly fucked her, “We have to keep doing this! It’s our secret! Fuck I’m cumming again!” Beth could hardly believe it, but her body was once again gyrating in the thralls of orgasm.

Jack started cumming too and said so, “I’m on the pill! I need to feel you cum in my pussy!” Beth announced moments before being unable to speak again. Jack pushed in hard, his cock pushed all the way up to her cervix and he unloaded. He came harder and longer than he thought he ever did before.

“That was incredible,” Beth moaned as she came down from her massive orgasm, “That was-oh! What are you doing?” She asked though it was obvious, Jack was moving his hips again, his cock still very hard inside of her.

“I want to fuck you some more,” Jack announced as I moved his hips like a piston, thrusting into his teacher in long hard strokes, taking his giant dick almost all the way out of her before driving his cock all the way back into her moist cunt.

“Mmmm, then fuck me some more!” Beth called out before moaning gutterally and pushed her body more towards the edge of the bed. This gave Jack a better angle to push his cock into her tight cunt. “FUCK YOUR TEACHER LIKE YOU MEAN IT!” She cried out, “FUCK ME WITH YOU MASSIVE COCK!” Beth felt she was seeing stars as her orgasm built and soon she was cumming again, “OOOOHHH FUCK YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD! YOUR GIANT DICK IS THE BIGGEST AND BEST I’VE EVER HAD! FUUUCCCKK SSSOOOOO GGGOOOOOODDDD!”

Jack kept fucking her through her orgasm, “I love how tight your cunt is,” He said as he fucked her into oblivion.

Beth wrapped her legs around Jack’s body as he continued to fuck her hard and she felt her fifth orgasm building since they started, “You are making my whole body feel good.” She moaned, her voice fading from moaning and yelling so much already, “I just want you to fuck me forever! I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good before!”

Jack was loving life as continued plowing into his teacher’s pussy like his life depended on it. He felt his balls boiling again as his orgasm built, “Can I cum on your face?” He asked. He really wanted to see Miss Ryder’s features dripping with his sperm so badly.

Beth was so far gone she didn’t care, “Wherever gaziantep kapalı escort bayan you want,” but then quickly added, “Can you hold off for a moment I’m going to cum again.”

Jack nodded, fucking her like crazy and doing everything in his power to keep from cumming. Beth started moaning out again, cumming like crazy around his cock and it was too much. Jack started letting out his sperm inside her pussy. But he pulled out quickly and started shooting all over her body. Cum leaked out of her pussy onto the bed when he pulled out, and her pussy juices started shooting out all over his balls.

Jack’s cock shot out onto her belly, some getting onto the underside of her tits. The next volley went over her boobs and landed on her chin, splattering into her mouth. Beth didn’t normally like the taste of sperm, but his was delicious. She set up in the bed and opened her mouth, Jack reamied and hit her in the face with the next three shots, much of it getting into her mouth. Jack shot more on her tits, belly, and pussy as she sat in the bed in front of him.

“Oh my fucking God!” Beth moaned as she stared down at the mess he made of her body, “You cum like a whole football team all at once!” She moaned, “I need a shower, holy shit…” She got up and wandered out of the room in disbelief.

Jack’s cock was deflating as he collapsed on the bed. He noticed as he drifted off into a nap that the movie’s end credits were now rolling.


While Jack and Beth were busy fucking through a bad horror movie, Rita got off work a bit early so she could talk to her sister. She got home a little after Sara did after picking the girls up from school.

Rita knew something was up by how distant she was being and Rita got her alone in Sara’s bedroom. She shut the door behind her.

“Sara,” Rita said, trying not to sound too excited as she walked over to where Sara was reading on the bed, “did something happen between you and Jack yesterday? You seem, I dunno, different.”

Sara sighed, she really didn’t want to talk about it, but also knew Rita was the only person she could talk to about it, “I caught Jo and Jack again, this time they were in the basement.”

“In the basement? What?” Rita asked, remembering how Jack was in the basement the other day, seemingly lost in his own house.

“They had an inflatable mattress down there.” Sara explained, “I-I was so angry when I caught them, I, I…”

“What? What is it?” Rita asked.

“I let him jerk off on my body…three times in a row.”

Rita’s jaw dropped open, not because her sister admitted to her son masturbating on her, but because Jack had orgasmed three times in a row, “Wow…” She said as she thought about it, “He definitely has a very high sex drive.”

Sara nodded, worried, “He does, and I need to keep it in check so he doesn’t fuck his sister…” She didn’t put in that she was also very worried he’d fuck his mother too.

“Hmm, maybe we could use that to our advantage?” Rita suggested, her brain working at a mile a minute as she came up with a scheme.

“What? How?” Sara was incredibly confused, “By letting him fuck his sister?”

“No, of course not,” Rita said, trying to sound offended that Sara would even consider that Rita would think of such a thing. “But, you just admitted that Jack has an incredibly high sex drive that needs to be kept in control. And we just happen to have a girl living here who wants to help out. I think this is a great coincidence we could transform into an opportunity.”

Sara was still very doubtful, “I can’t let them alone together, I even decided that Jack should sleep with me from now on. I just can’t trust them by themselves.”

“So it shouldn’t be done by themselves.” Rita explained, “We should be there to supervise.”

Sara considered this, “You mean, have Jo pose, Jack jerk off, and we watch?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” Rita said with a shit-eating grin on her face, she felt very confident it was a plan that would settle Sara’s mind but also put them on the track of getting Jack’s harem started.

“I don’t like that plan one bit,” Sara said, upset, “but I also don’t want to be the one posing for Jack. I just…” She didn’t want to admit it, but knew she’d already told Rita as much before, “I just keep losing control.”

“All the more reason for Jo to be the one to do it,” Rita explained, “I am sure she’d be on board if you talked to her about it.”

Sara glared at her sister, unamused, “That’s exactly what I’m worried about.”

Rita kept trying to subtly push Sara in the direction she wanted her to go, but Sara was too stubborn then. Rita didn’t know that Jack had fingerbanged her that morning though. If she had, Sara’s resistance would have made a lot more sense.

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