A fictional account, but inspired by a girl I once knew who lived a very different life to ‘the norm’.

All characters are over eighteen.


My lover arrived at 2pm, she was greeted by my wife with a kiss on the cheek and then my wife left. She uses these occasions to go visit with our son or one of our daughters, leaving me to have my ‘private time’.

After my wife went through the menopause she was a slightly changed lady, she still enjoyed our sex life together but her needs and likes and dislikes had altered, she sometimes complained of pain. Before her menopause my wife enjoyed sex three or more times a week, and there were very few restrictions on what we did, nowadays she enjoys vanilla sex about once a month, she likes and needs no more.

After a year or so of that situation we mutually agreed that I was in need of more than she was happy or willing to give, so we agreed on a lover. The arrangement was simple, every couple of weeks or so, at a time convenient to all, my wife would go out and I was free to fulfil my every whim and desire as long as I withheld nothing about my relationship with my lover from her. It had worked out very well, we were all very happy.

I am sixty years old, my lover thirty six, she does everything my wife used to do, and more. She is young, beautiful and very, very willing.

I had taken my Viagra pill before my wife left, in fact she had reminded me to take it, I had a shower and slowly masturbated as my lover took a bath. My lover likes to take a bath when she visits me , often calling to me to ‘scrub her back’. She did so on this occasion, and as I entered the bathroom my now totally erect cock stuck out from my bathrobe.

“Mmm, I like the look of that!”

Opening my bathrobe fully I showed off my seven inch penis, not the super stud size you see in porn films but plenty big enough to satisfy my young lover.

The smile on her face followed by her open mouth indicated what she wanted, I leant forwards and she took me into her gaping mouth.

I love this, she licks and sucks me as she arches her back a little to raise herself up out of the water so that I can observe her rubbing herself, masturbating for my benefit.

This is something we both enjoy, watching each other masturbating, and often doing it to each other, the intimacy is what seems to excite us both, doing something normally so private is a huge turn on for both of us.

When I get the first feeling of an impending orgasm I pull back, it wouldn’t do to come too soon, the afternoon is just getting started.

I leave the bathroom as I am told to “Give me five minutes” and go along to the living room to wait.

As I sit and wait I ponder on my life, what did I ever do so right to deserve the life I now had, a loving wife and family and a young lover who for all intents and purposes knew no boundaries when it came to having sex with me. What’s more my wife approves and encourages my actions. I am a lucky man.

I hear my lover call, I go along to my bedroom and enter.

She is waiting for me, sat on the bed wearing a one piece lace body suit. She lays back on the bed and I drop my robe to the floor as I approach, she lifts and opens her legs.

I see that she has laid out several towels and is lying on them, always thinking ahead, she is a planner, wouldn’t want to mark the bedding!

“Eat me, lick my cunt, drink my juice!”

She knows I like this dirty talk, not all the time, but there is a time and a place, that time and place is now.

I gently rub her knees and the insides of her stocking covered legs, black stay up stockings and four inch stiletto heels, my favorites. I escort sitesi stand in front of her as she raises her knees and opens wide for me. The sight of her mostly shaven sex, just hidden by the gusset of the body suit is a massive turn on for me, I feel myself get even harder.

Pulling the gusset to one side my lover uses the other hand to massage her sex, I can clearly see the slickness of her moist opening, beckoning me to taste her nectar. I resist the temptation and slowly masturbate. I am proud of the size of my penis, I am at least an inch bigger than I used to be before starting to take Viagra. I am as hard as steel and have more circumference as well.

With my free hand I gently stroke her labia then gently push a finger into her, she hisses as my finger slides deep within her. We both continue to masturbate as my finger slides easily in and out of her soaking vagina. I look at the bed, next to her are laid her toys, a seven inch vibrator and a much smaller G-spot vibrator along with a tube of water based lubricant.

Her long blonde hair and her pale blue eyes along with the red body suit and black stockings and shoes made me once again take stock of my blessings, I am indeed a very lucky man. Unlike my wife with her size ‘A’ cup breasts and her tight petite frame my lover has ‘D’ cup breasts and a taller though no less ‘athletic’ body, and she loves showing it to me. She says that her husband doesn’t appreciate her looking after her body the way she does and doesn’t use her the way she likes to be used, unlike him I love to make her orgasm, as many times as possible. I appreciate every millimeter of her beautiful body.

When my wife and I first came up with the idea of my taking a lover, or ‘fuck buddy’ as my wife suggested, she admitted that it would excite her to know and possibly even witness the fact that I was having sex with another woman. When she admitted that she had talked about such things with her two younger sisters and that one of them had expressed an interest in taking part in such an arrangement I was overwhelmed with feelings of love for my wife of so many years, and her sisters, would they really be willing to go so far for me?

Yes they were, and they had proved it, but I was brought back to the present by the demand to “Lick me!”

I complied, bending down I licked my way up her soaking slit, tasting and savouring the taste of pure sex, sex freely given with no thought of any personal reward other than enjoyment.

I licked and sucked, totally enjoying the taste of her freely running juices, covering as much of her pussy as I could, I couldn’t envelop her whole vagina as she kept on masturbating telling me “more, more!”

I lapped up her juices, licking my way in and out of her luscious hole as she entreated me to suck harder and lick deeper. When she suddenly leaned up and grabbed my head between both her hands and started to shudder I knew she was orgasming, and then I felt her flow hit my tongue as her climax hit her so her nectar hit me. Greedily I drank from her soaking pussy.

As her shuddering decreased I pulled up and away and watched as she continued to slowly rub herself, this time more for her own benefit than for mine. I knew what she would want next so I climbed up on the bed and knelt by her head, offering my cock to her.

While continuing to rub herself with one hand she reached up and grasped my cock with the other and pulled me to her mouth as she raised her head a little. She licked my head and pushed back the bit of foreskin that hadn’t moved back as my cock had enlarged. She had always asked that I not wash too enthusiastically under my gaziantep escort sitesi foreskin

“I want to taste you, not your soap!” She sucked me deep into her mouth, a feat my wife could no longer do since Viagra. I had been surprised by the effects of that medication, longer, harder, and for a longer period of time, even my girth had increased, the factor that now prevented my wife from taking any more than an inch or two into her mouth, it wasn’t that she was unwilling, she just couldn’t physically do it.

My lover however can, and she made murmuring noises as I fucked her mouth, pushing in further and further until I hit the back of her throat. She gagged a little but pulled me in even deeper anyway.

With my cock deep in her throat she let go of me and reached behind me. Unable to reach what she wanted I leaned back a little and took hold of the seven inch vibrator that I knew she was trying to get. She opened her legs just a little wider and I gently rubbed the pink ‘friend’ over her sex.

I slowly positioned the vibrator and pushed it into her, in and out in time with my manhood as I throat fucked her as well as used her vibrator on her.

Once again I felt the urge to come so pulled out of my lover’s mouth.

Sitting back I watched as my lover reached down and turning the screw end of the vibrator setting it to high intensity. I watched, enraptured as this beautiful woman slowly at first but picking up speed, fucked herself with the vibrator. I reach inside the bodysuit and cupped her D cup breast, eliciting a low groan as I fondled the hard nipple.

With my hand on her breast and her hand ramming the vibrator in and out of herself my lover demanded that I come in her mouth, she wanted to drink my cum. She didn’t need to ask twice.

As she hammered the vibrator into her depths I jacked off in front of her face, her mouth open wide waiting for my inevitable explosion, she wouldn’t want to miss a drop.

I ejaculated, violently. My hot white spurts went straight into her mouth as she raised her head and managed to open even wider. Two, three, long spurts followed by a couple of smaller ones and I told her I was done.

Closing her mouth she swallowed then lifted her head further and took me back in her mouth, using her tongue around my head and sucking me dry. I was softening and pulled back my foreskin to allow her to lick around the head of my penis which she did with gusto. She suddenly pulled away and gave a little squeal.

She orgasmed. Digging the heels of her four inch stilettoes into the bedcovers she arched her back and gave a long loud low moan as her legs seemed to vibrate along with the vibrator deep inside her vagina. With her free hand she grabbed at her breasts, squeezing and nipping them as she now gasped to get her breath.

As she slowed her breathing she turned her head towards me and once again opened her mouth to receive my cock. Still sliding the vibrator slowly in and out of herself she gently sucked on me.

When she had regained her breath she pulled away and murmured “Eat me”.

I threw my leg over her so that we were in the classic 69 position, my cock starting to harden again as I began to throat fuck her, she tilted her head back to allow me to penetrate deeper.

I leant forward and went down on her, the vibrator still deep inside her now soaking pussy. As I lapped up her moisture she seemed to just get wetter and I could hear the little murmurs of appreciation as I flicked her clitoris with my tongue and then gently (and not so gently) biting it.

When we both came up for air my young lover gasped “Fuck me now, gaziantep escort bayan sitesi I need you to fuck me!”

I climbed down from the bed and stood in front of her, her legs up and wide open, ready for the finale of our afternoon tryst. I took hold of the pointed heels of her shoes and pushed higher and wider. “Do it now, please, put it in me, fuck me now!”

I looked down at her wide open vagina, a sight I never tire of seeing and a sight she loves to show me. She reaches down and rubs herself with two fingers before using those same fingers to open her labia even wider. “Drill me, put your cock inside me and fill me up!”

I plunged forwards and penetrated deep inside her, my hard cock sliding easily and quickly down inside her soaking passage. My lover gasped as I bottomed out deep within her. I was still stood on the floor and the slapping noises as I thrust in and out of her vagina were loud in my ears.

“Yes, yes, she cried, fuck me hard and deep!”

I crawled up onto the bed on my knees, pushing her legs ever higher. I was now holding her thighs down with my own, her stiletto heels pointing straight up to the ceiling.

I was fucking my young lover straight downwards, trying to drive her down through the mattress, she was more or less doubled up, her knees level with her breasts.

As I pounded down into her she screamed “More, more, harder, harder, fuck my cunt!” She was far from passive, I felt her hips attempting to raise and meet my pelvis as I hammered down into her. Our sex had turned primeval, we were now just fucking out of control, neither of us could have stopped even if we had wanted to. Neither of us did want to, I cannot explain my feelings, my wants, my desires, or hers, all I know is that what we were doing encompassed our whole beings, it was what we were at that moment, nothing else mattered except our mutual lust.

I’m not a moaner myself so I just gritted my teeth as I burst inside her, the head of my cock hitting her cervix as I ejaculated deep inside her. She on the other hand was very noisy as she began to quiver as her climax overtook her. I looked down at her as she spasmed, again and again her body quivered in pleasure and she cried “Yes, Yes!”

Finally I stood back up and watched my cum pour from her as I fought to get my breath. She stayed as she was, slowly lowering her legs and getting her own breath back.

Suddenly she giggled and remarked that she was soaking, and that it was all my fault, which of course it was. “Clean me!” I knew what she would have liked, but drinking the mixture of our combined cum was never a favourite with me, instead I lifted the end of the towel and gently wiped her with it. “Spoil sport!” Sometimes she’s never satisfied.

When she sat up I asked if she had enjoyed herself? “Always, you know that! I think I can manage an hour on Wednesday if you’re up for it.”

Was I up for it? Of course I was, and she knew it.

How are you getting on with that husband of yours, is he still as useless as ever?

“Yeah, and he still wants to have my arse, I just tell him no way!”

She lays back and lifts her legs again.

“Do you want to lick it for me?”

I don’t need to answer as I bend down and lick around her dark little puckered hole, I wet a finger in her vagina and then slide it into her anus, in and out, finger fucking her ass.

“Are you hard enough?”

“No sweetheart, I’m not that young anymore.”

“Oh well, pity, next time then!”

My lover may not allow her husband anal sex but with me there was no such restriction, we have no restrictions and no taboos, anything goes.

After showering together and washing each other’s bodies in the process we both dressed and had coffee. It was time for her to leave and as my lover got into her car my wife drove up and waved to her, she called over to my wife.

“I’ll see you later Mum, give me a ring, I might come over on Wednesday!”

And so my wife and I watched our daughter drive away. I am indeed a lucky man.

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