The Long Weekend Ch. 44

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Darryl watched as Annie gave her saliva covered nipples a quick squeeze and then a soft wipe before tucking her braless tits back into her gaping sundress. He moaned quietly as she hid them from his view by doing up the buttons of its tight fitting bodice

“My wife is in the car. Come, I’d like you to meet her.”

They walked together around the house and as they got close to the old beat up car in the driveway they heard a stern voice call out. “What kept you? Did you give Fern the money? Did you test her out and is she going to do the dinner gig? If not, I’ll have to call the limo driver and cancel.”

“Yes to all three dear and I wanted to introduce you Annie, the one I told you about from this morning. Annie, this is Jenny, my wife.” Darryl offered compliantly.

Jenny took an appraising look, and looked up to make eye contact with Annie.

“She is gorgeous and if she sucks cock like you say she can, she could be a real hit.” Jenny said with a soft drawl and confident manner. “But then he’s got a great cock hasn’t he, Annie?”

Annie who was taken aback by the blunt business like statement simply blushed and nodded. It was obvious Darryl had the charm and she had the business sense.

“Yes he has a nice cock, but for me looks and size are only a small part of the equation. Its how you use it that counts.” Annie demurred.

“Oh he can use it all right but it’s because he likes to put it where it doesn’t belong all the time that we are here today. Isn’t that so honey? Like most men he is just selfish, but we are trying to turn lemons into lemonade aren’t we?” Jenny replies.

“Sounds like you two are onto something?” Annie offered trying to steer the conversation away from Darryl’s cock and from the early morning blow job she gave him in his truck.

“It’s okay, it about all I can do these days.” she says glancing toward the back seat where Annie saw a collapsed wheelchair. “Since the accident I needed to find an outlet for my energy and we needed the money. So we turned his love of pussy into creating a stable of women who were interested in making some money and then matching them up with people who had money.”

Looking up at Annie standing beside the open car window, Jenny stated as if the request was a given “Annie, Darryl and I are through here, why don’t you join me for coffee?”

“Darryl maybe told you I was here next door only for the weekend. My son and his friend are heading back tonight. I guess it would be ok but it has to be a quick one.”

“Quickies are good. Jump in. Darryl, drive us to the Java Bean. It’s close by and we can drive you back in a half hour or so.” Jenny directed.

Darryl drove cautiously toward the coffee shop while Annie sat in the back. After a few minutes the big white limo passed them coming the other way to pick up Fern. The dark windows gave no indication that Fern’s daughter was sitting inside on the soft leather seats with her legs wide and her slim fingers holding her smooth young cunt open for the tour operators’ assessment. Jenny gave the limo driver the thumbs up as she continued to mentally go over the logistics of Fern’s gig.

“I know you fucked her Darryl and that she is ready to do the men, but are you sure Fern will be okay to do girl on girl action with her own daughter?” Jenny called loudly in the front seat area to the driver.

“Should be. I spoke to Chrissie about it and she said that she would help her mother get through it.” Darryl nonchalantly replied as he professionally eased the car into the wide handicapped parking space. Hooking the blue placard on the rear view mirror, he hastily jumped out and ran around the car. He set up the wheelchair and deftly helped Jenny into it and began to push her toward the Java Bean.

“Girls only Darryl! I have a couple of ideas I’d like to run by Annie. You go off and do your thing but be back here in half an hour.” Jenny commanded as she waved him off. “Remember now, thirty minutes!”

Jenny accepted Annie’s offer to help push the chair and made general conversation as they made they way over the striped parking lot to the ramp.

“Can we talk business?” Jenny interrupted. “Darryl said you were zenci porno a sassy classy lady and that you seemed smart. He and I have been working this business idea for a couple of years and it is going okay but we want to develop it more and we have a tour group idea that we think is a money maker.”

Inside, the Java Bean is quiet and, the rich smell of coffee overwhelms their senses. They quickly place their order. Jenny pays and goes to secure a table while Annie waits for the large white cups to be filled and covered with whipped cream. As Annie approaches the table, she blushes when she sees that Jenny has been staring at her.

“Sorry about that thing with Darryl, de but he is charming and convincing.” Annie begins to apologize before being swept aside by the wave of Jenny’s hand.

“Don’t I know it! No need to explain or apologize. Don’t worry. I completely understand. He fucked me the first time I met him too. Before we settle in, would you help me to the toilet? I like to come here because the handicapped restroom is large and clean.” Jenny asked with a tone of voice that left room for disagreement.

Leaving their coffees on the table to cool, Annie pushed Jenny and opened the door for her.

“Could you come in and give me a hand? It would be so much easier. Thanks so much. Push me over there then face me this way”

“Great, now if you could brace yourself. I will put my hands around your neck and slide over.” Jenny directed as she watched Annie’s square bodice fall away leaving a gaping chasm where she could see Annie’s breasts swaying without being restrained by the thin cotton dress or a bra. She pushed herself forward and buried her face in the soft warm inviting bosom. Surprised, Annie stiffened but did not let Jenny go. Safely ensconced on the cool toilet seat, Jenny kept her face buried in the warm cleavage and slid her hands down over Annie’ shoulders and over the large milk sacks that were smothering her. She thumbed each nipple as she pressed them together over her nose and mouth.

She held herself tight until she ran out air. “Oh Annie, it’s been years since I’ve had a woman. Why should Darryl have all the fun? May I?” Jenny gasped and, without waiting for an answer, began to undo the buttons on the loose bodice.

Looking up from her seat on the toilet she continued to undo the buttons until she reached Annie’s tummy. The shapeless cotton dress fell open and off small woman’s shoulders creating a large cavernous “v” shape, offering a wide open invitation.

“Oh my yes, you are even more beautiful than Darryl said you were.” Jenny says quietly and she soaks up the sight in front of her.

Jenny slid her arms around Annie’s waist and pulled her toward the toilet. As she did so, Jenny turned her face and pressed herself in to Annie’s tanned warm tummy.

“Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she purred as she tightly clasped her soon be lover’s hips and felt the exposed abdomen raising and falling against her cheek. Each breath of the standing woman excited Jenny more. She pulled back slightly and turned her head to look up at Annie. As she did so she swept her wet tongue and moist red lips across the taut toned flesh around the belly button in front of her. Looking up between the swollen breasts that were beginning to flush with excitement, she saw one nipple begin to extend from its crinkling areola. She turned to see the other one, already extended on the swollen pink saucer of an areola. She met Annie’s eyes and saw the lids begin to close as Annie let the lust envelop her being.

Annie leant forward and, to balance herself, placed her hands on the seated paraplegic’s shoulders. Her sore heavy breasts swung forward, offering themselves to the hungry mouth of Jenny. Like a calf to its mother’s udder, Jenny sought the upright teat with her yearning lips and began to nuzzle and pull at it. Jenny closed her mouth around the aching nipple and began to suck like a hungry child. She reached up and squeezed the breast with both hands into an elongated eggplant shape as she nursed like she had never done before. She nursed until sated.

“Could you…would you, turn around and bend over for me please….please?”

Annie zorla seks porno turned around in a daze, bent over and braced herself on the locked wheelchair as she felt Jenny’s gaze then her hands on her ass. Annie shivered as Jenny slid her hands up over her shoulder blades before raking her nails down slowly over her back, her waist and buttocks before continuing further down to fondle the backs of her quivering thighs. Jenny let her hands fall down as far as she could then, as she brought them up, she drew the hem of the dress and folded it across Annie’s back. Jenny looked at the naked muscular thighs and remembered when hers looked that way. She let her hand trace gentle circles over the firmed tanned flesh and slowly worked her strong fingers between Annie’s legs and found, without asking, Annie’s feet already moving apart and separating her legs….offering, waiting….wanting.

Jenny felt Annie push back presenting an irresistible view of her brown rosebud crowning the swelling labia. Jenny saw that Annie shaved all of herself smooth, not a hair to be seen on the baby smooth offering in front of her. She pushed her hands between the strong legs and felt the opening yield access. She formed her fingers into a ‘V’ shape and slid them lightly over the outside of the tempting lips. She watched as the lips turned a darker red, filling with blood, firming up and signaling the telltale signs of arousal. She leaned forward and caught the scent of the juices beginning to collect inside the yeaning vulva. Jenny watched as the juices begin gravity’s journey downward to coat her already slippery fingers. Jenny probed, pushed and poked. Her fingers began to knead the pouting needy lips as she pulled and twisted them.

She heard Annie gasp and watched a shudder pass from shoulders to knees through her body. Honey like drips of excitement hung from the lips of both women, but it was Jenny’s fingers which slid into the wet dark red passage in front of her.

First one finger explored the soft interior flesh.

Annie bent over more and as her face approached the warm leather seat her nostrils were piqued by the musky aroma of Jenny that had soaked in over the hours, days and years of sitting in the chair. She put her nose closer to the leather and inhaled the bouquet of the woman. She raised her ass in the air as she laid the cheek of her face on the soft worn leather before beginning to lick the leather and taste the stain.

Jenny pushed and probed the pink wet cavity and her rhythmic thrusting increased Annie’s acceptance of the intrusion. Annie wanted more and in a silent signal to Jenny, pushed back and widened her stance. Jenny stared between the swollen glistening lips at the dark red gash that was offering itself to her. She squeezed three fingers together and pushed them into the tight hole. She felt a reflex of lust as the walls of the aching vagina gripped her deeply penetrating fingers to hold them tight inside. She sensed rhythmically pelvic thrusts begin against her fingers and saw Annie reach back and use her long fingers to caress her own swollen clit.

“That’s it Annie, cum for me. Cum for me now”

Annie is no longer caressing herself she is frantically rubbing her clit. Her legs begin to shake and she pushes hard against the strong hand.

“Put your hand in, your whole hand, put it in, and push it in.” Annie cries out in apparent desperation.

Jenny withdraws her fingers to form a small narrow fist. She sees her fingers coated with the slick creamy juices of Annie.

“No….put it in, put it back in.”

“Okay my dear, okay, I know, I know…”

The small strong hand finds the opening between the gaping lips and slowly twists its way in. First the fingers, then the knuckles, and finally the thumb. Slowly the stretched flesh radiates pain through Annie’s body. Blossoming, the exquisite pain ripples through Annie and her urgency is palpable. Jenny, with a final thrust, is up to the wrist.

“Oh my god oh my god, that is beautiful, oh fuck, keep it there…….no, no a little more, that’s it….right there.”

Keeping her fist there Jenny leaned forward off the toilet and began kissing Annie’s ass in ever smaller circles honing in on her rosebud. She was soon tonguing the brown spot and the flicks of her pointed tongue and deep pistoning penetrations of her fist push Annie over the edge.

“Oh oh oh” wailed Annie as she sunk to her knees pulling herself off Jenny’s fist and away from her searching mouth. “OMG OMG that was so incredible, so intense” panted Annie as she quivered almost helplessly clinging onto the wheel chair.

“Yes it was….Yes is was!” Jenny gasped as she flooded the toilet bowl with urine and let go from the plateau of her own lust.


Came from the door of the toilet being pounded.

“Can you hurry up I really need to go” came an urgent cry. “You’ve been in there for ever. Hurry up please!”

“Yes, yes just a moment.” Jenny called back shocked out of her licentious stupor. “Almost done.”

Annie rose unsteadily to her feet and reached for the toilet paper to wipe herself. She needed wads of paper to sop up the flow of juices that covered her vulva, ass and thighs. When done she sheepishly did up her dress as Jenny wiped herself and waited for assistance.

Leaning over to help Jenny, Annie put her mouth next to Jenny’s ear and hoarsely whispered. “Thanks.”

“No, thank you. Now will you slide me off so I can wash my hands?”

Opening the door, the belligerent woman waiting outside was chastened to see Jenny in the wheel chair. “I’m so sorry I had no idea.”

“It’s ok darlin’. We finished.”

Returning to their table and almost cold coffee, Jenny responded to Annie’s inquisitive looks. “At first, I had no sensation or movement below my rib cage. Sex in the beginning was still pleasurable, my breasts still responded and being held tightly was still exciting, but more than that, the mental exhilaration of being wanted sexually was the most pleasurable aspect. I could tell when my partner came to climax… so while it was very different, I still felt like a woman and still involved very intimate physical contact Spinal cord injuries vary and mine is incomplete and with some nerve healing during the first few years, I regained some movement and much more sensation that I ever expected. So now, while I may move differently, or with much less range than before I was disabled, the physical sensations that go with sex are not as there were but getting better. I believe this is mostly due to maturing and learning to relax and know what sex should and can be. I do orgasm, sometimes multiply, and enjoyable, varied and mutually satisfying sex is the norm. The only obstacle to a spinal cord injury woman having a wonderful sex life is the one in the brain of her potential partner. Daryl is doubtful and but he is trying to be accepting of it. As a result he followed his dick to other women. So while he gets laid we both miss out on the intimacy between us. I have hope that it will continue to get better between us.” “Thanks Jenny, I was wondering but didn’t know how to ask.” Annie responded as she laid her hand overtop of the Jenny’s.

“What I really wanted to talk about was the idea that Darryl and I are cooking up. Well, I am actually cooking it up and Darryl is helping. He really has trouble thinking with anything besides his dick.” Jenny laughs at the thought as Annie with a carefree smile can only nod in agreement.

“Here’s my idea. The mayor and the town are pushing Asian tourism…come and see a slice of the real America. My thinking is if we can take care of the women, we can offer something special to the men. We offer special interest classes, painting, travel massage, etc. etc. by good looking guys who cater to them. The women want to go, have a good time. Perhaps the boys get laid, who knows but what it does is free up the men to go to a bar that we set up. There they have a good time, some of our girls help out and we make a ton of money. We would need to give some to our investors, but if the numbers work, we do OK. Even if we use some of the profits from the bar to subsidize the women’s and bingo…it’s still a money maker don’t you think?”

Thinking about Jr., Jake and Danny Annie replies without hesitation, “Sounds like a very interesting plan. Can we get back, I have an idea or two that I need to noodle on?”

Back at the house, Annie goes to see the boys, telling them a summer job maybe in the offering if they play their cards right.

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