Remembering That Old Rest Stop

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We had an old rest stop on the highway, you know the ones where you could pull off the road and rest for a bit. There was no vending machines, the lighting was so so at best and a lot of truckers stopped there. This rest stop was also known for late night on weekends being shall we say a straight mans dirty dream loaded with gays willing to give, some for cash but others just for the fun of it.

I heard about this place as I worked about four exits past it, my coworkers all told stories they heard about it. One day I was in the area late on a Friday night and decided I wanted to see if it was true, being bi-sexual I was hoping the stories were true.

Pulling in all you could see was a couple of trucks parked and a bunch of cars. I parked and quietly got out of my car walking close to one of the 18 wheeler trucks, I could hear a guy very faintly telling someone don’t stop that feels good. I figured maybe the stories were true and hoped I would get lucky tonight. Walking past a car I could see beyond it a guy was sucking another off on the picnic table. Bingo I thought lets see what I could find.

As I walked around another 18 wheeler I saw someone standing in the shadows starting to approach me as he got closer I saw a thin guy maybe 20 or 21 looking very hot as he got sikiş porno closer.

As he got closer he said. “my your cute what are you doing here?”

“Well I heard this was the spot to be on a late Friday night.” I said trying to sound cool.

Holding his hand out to mine he said, “I’m Blake what would you like?”

Taking his hand I replied, “Blake my name is Doug, I came for a release.”

Blake said, ” Doug follow me.” Blake led me to a converted van, slid open the door and we entered.

Blake undid my zipper and pulled my pants & shorts down exposing my, shall I say hefty cock, out sprang my hard 6 1/2″ cock not overly impressive in length but with a girth of slightly over 5 3/4″ pretty hefty.

Seeing my cock Blake smiled and said, “Wow I guess you do need me” as he went down on my shaft.

Pulling away for a minute Blake asked, “are you a straight boy?”

“No I am actually bi,” I told him.

Pulling his gym shorts down Blake revealed his own cock much thinner than mine maybe 4″ in girth but long making my 7″ look short maybe 9 1//2″ or so. “Do you like?” Blake asked as he reached for my hand and put it to his cock.

I grabbed his cock putting my hand around it amazed at how little of it my hand covered and şişman porno said, “Yes my you are hung.”

Blake returned to my cock and swallowed it until reaching his throat, paused then slid it inside until the entire shaft was inside it. Blake then started bobbing his head fucking my cock with his mouth.

While Blake was doing this I was stroking his cock my hand moving faster as his mouth moved faster on mine.

I finally exploded in his mouth as he sucked load after load down his throat, just as I was almost finished his cock shot huge streams of cum across the van landing all over the inside.

After his load was shot Blake started stroking my cock, now normally I don’t get hard this quick after shooting such a big load but his hands felt so good my cock was rock hard in a couple of minutes.

Blake swung around getting onto the conversion vans bed and leaning on his elbows stuck his ass if the air and asked, “I know you really came for this.”

I could smell the musk from his asshole filling the air, a wonderful and also vulgar smell, the smell exciting me as if calling my name. Reaching the bed I rubbed my cock against his tight little ass. Spreading his cheeks I could see his hole was rather large and I almost knew he swinger porno must have had many guys fuck this ass.

Blake pushed my hands away spreading his ass cheeks as far as possible. I spit in my hand and forced some inside him with my fingers. After his crack was wet I spit again in my hand spreading it all over my cock. Hovering over him in one shot I pushed my entire shaft inside him as it entered inside he let out a squeal that sounded to be of both pain and pleasure.

I fucked his ass as hard as I could finally I couldn’t hold back any longer, my cock shot load after load inside him, cum dripping out the sides. When I was done I pulled my limp dick out and offered it to his mouth telling him to clean it.

Blake gladly licked the come off then put it inside his mouth sucking even harder trying to get every last bit of cum.

I got up and left totally satisfied. I went back the next night Blake was there again and I fucked him again. I told Blake that night that he was the best bottom guy I ever met and he told me to visit him here whenever I wanted.

We met up several times after that me fucking him, I did finally suck him off a few time figuring I owed him that much for all the times I tore up his ass and to tell the truth his cock tasted as impressive as it looked as his wonderful salty cum shot in my mouth.

Alas that rest stop was closed many years ago due to violence against the gays and several being injured badly. The state police decided it was time to close it. But my what wonderful memories I have from there.

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