The Locker Room (Part 4)

Kathryn M. Burke

With the onset of the new semester, studying for classwork took precedence over lovemaking. But DeAndre was getting more and more insistent on Camilla reconciling with her sister. It was, in his view, very bad for these siblings to be at loggerheads, and Camilla shouldn’t hold any grudges against her twin.

But although he repeatedly urged his girl to contact Naomi and establish at least some kind of détente, an unexpected meeting on campus turned the trick.

It was a bit surprising that the two women hadn’t run into each other before, but their schedules were actually quite different, so their chance encounter outside the student union took both of them by surprise.

“Hi, Camilla,” Naomi said timidly, fearing a hostile response.

“Hi, Naomi,” Camilla said, feeling not anger but mortification at her own pig-headedness.

“You . . . wanna talk?” Naomi said.

Camilla nodded, and turned right around and went back into the building. It was a cold day in February, and the outdoors was no place for any sort of discussion.

They sat down at an empty table in a coffee shop. At first neither said anything, but both women could see that the other was looking good. Perhaps the wintry day had put a rosy glow in their cheeks, but it was probably other things as well.

“So . . .” Naomi began hesitantly, “you’re with DeAndre Wilkins.”

“Yup,” Camilla said.

“You’re the talk of the college.”

“Am I?”

“Yeah. He—well, everyone thinks the world of him.”

“You know, there’s a lot more to him than just being a football player.”

“I’m sure there is.”

“He’s a real sweetheart.”

“He treats you well?”

“Yes, he does. And I’ve met his dad.”

“His dad? Gee, that’s great!”

“He’s a sweetie pie too.”

They fell silent for a time. Then:

“How—how’s Matt?” Camilla said.

“He’s fine.”

“Does he treat you well?”

“Of course. He always has.”

“That’s good.”

Another silence. Then Naomi said in a rush: “Oh, Camilla, why don’t you come over to our house? Bring DeAndre along—we’d love to meet him.”

“Yeah,” Camilla said wearily, “maybe we’ll do that.”

“You should!” After a pause: “Matt misses you, you know.”

“Does he?”

“Sure, he does! You and he were—”

“You don’t have to remind me.”

“Does, um, DeAndre know—about Matt, I mean?”

“Yes, he does.”

“Good. Well, you should come over for dinner sometime.”

“Sure thing. Are you still doing all the cooking?”


“Well, maybe we’ll come over early and I can help you cook.”

“That would be great!”

The dinner date was scheduled for Friday night. DeAndre was more than eager to meet Naomi and Matt—more for Camilla’s sake than his own. They did come early, around 5 p.m., and the two sisters retreated to the kitchen while the men got acquainted. It proved to be a wonderful meal of pork chops, roasted potatoes, and string beans, with a store-bought apple pie for dessert.

DeAndre, while participating in the conversation, really acted as a kind of spectator of the interactions between the other three, since he knew that they had formerly been intimate. And he also had to admit that he could hardly take his eyes off Naomi—so similar to his own girl in appearance, but so different in personality (but not quite as different as they used to be, now that Camilla had resolved to be somewhat more “feminine” than before).

As Matt and Naomi were tidying up in the kitchen, DeAndre said, “I’m glad we did this. I’m glad you did this.”

“I know, I know—sisters shouldn’t be at odds with each other.”

“It’s more than that.”

“What do you mean?”

DeAndre peered at her intently. “You and Matt.”

Camilla turned away from his gaze. “What about me and Matt?”

“He cares for you—cares deeply. And you care for him.”

“How can you know that?”

“It doesn’t take a genius, Camilla. Just the way you two look at each other.”

“Hey, we had a relationship once, and we don’t have it anymore. That’s all there is to it.”

“That isn’t all, and you know it.”

“You think I’m still in love with him?” she said, almost outraged.

“I know you are.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“Is it?”

“It is!”

“Well, I know he still loves you.”

Camilla’s shoulders slumped escort reklamları from her boyfriend’s intense questioning. “Okay, sure, I have feelings for him. And maybe he has feelings for me. So what?”

“So . . . you should be able to express those feelings. It’s not healthy to bottle them up.”

She stared at him wide-eyed. “What—what are you suggesting?”

“I think you know.”

She looked down at her hands. “You—you wouldn’t mind?”

“Of course not.”

“I guess”—she eyed him askance—”that means you want to cuddle up with Naomi.”

He smiled genially. “I won’t say no. If she wants me.”

“If she wants you? You gotta be kidding! I think she’s been fantasizing about you the moment she saw you!”

“I don’t know about that.”

“I do! Believe me: she may seem shy and retiring, but she has a lot of passion under that timid exterior.”

“Well, then, shall we do something about this?”

“You mean right now? Tonight?”

“Why not? We don’t have classes tomorrow. It’s the perfect time.”

“Let me go and talk to them.”

And she got up and stalked, a bit stiffly, into the kitchen. A few words were passed, and from his vantage point DeAndre could see Naomi clap a hand over her mouth at something her sister said, then cast a quick glance toward where he was sitting. In a few moments Camilla had come back to the living room.

“Okay, it’s all set,” she said with a bit of smugness.

The two couples made a pretense of having a bland conversation on general subjects for another hour or so; but by 9 o’clock it was obvious that all four of them were itching to get going in the night’s festivities. Camilla and Matt retired to the master bedroom, while DeAndre and Naomi made do with the ample quarters of the guest bedroom.

The first couple got down to business right away, stripping and engaging in only the most token foreplay before Matt plunged into Camilla’s pussy. They both responded with a kind of muscle memory, as their bodies instinctively recollected the frequent lovemaking of their earlier relationship. Matt thrilled to reacquaint himself with Camilla’s lovely body, so similar and yet so different from Naomi’s. It took two feverish copulations—vaginal and anal—before they settled down for a little chat.

“You know,” Matt began, “I never preferred Naomi to you.”

“I thought you did,” Camilla said. “But I guess it doesn’t matter. I have DeAndre now.”

“I’m sure he’s a lot better boyfriend than I ever was.”

“No way! He’s just different.”

“Well, he’s certainly an impressive physical specimen. And there’s clearly a lot going on in his mind and soul, too.”

“You can say that again.”

Then they resumed their coupling. It was frenetic and gentle at the same time, and there were moments when they just languished with their bodies fused, Matt hardly doing any thrusting, as they gloried in this physical and spiritual reunification.

With Naomi and DeAndre, it was a different story. Even though she led him by the hand into the other bedroom, she stood irresolute as he gazed fondly at her. Her native shyness came out as she contemplated the unprecedented act of joining bodies with a man she’d only just met. And yet, it did seem as if she’d known him for months or years.

DeAndre sensed her indecision, saying, “We don’t have to do this, you know. We don’t have to do anything.”

“No, I want to,” she said, “I really do.”

And so she began calmly, almost resignedly, taking her clothes off, turning her back to him in one final moment of embarrassment, her face turning crimson. DeAndre did the same, and he was finished undressing sooner than Naomi. So when she turned around and saw his member, already quivering with anticipation, she covered her mouth with her hands.

“Omigod!” she cried. “It’s so . . . big.”

“It’s not that much bigger than Matt’s,” he said. “I’m sure you can manage.”

She fell to her knees, almost in an attitude of worship, and took as much of that cock into her mouth as she could. That wasn’t very much, but her small mouth licked and sucked it with a kind of innocent lasciviousness: she frowned in concentration as she earnestly worked at her task. After a time DeAndre lifted her up and carried her to the bed, placing her down as gently as a father would her cherished daughter (but of course, father and daughter wouldn’t be naked and gaziantep escort reklamları planning to do what they were about to do).

With his placid eyes gazing down on her, he himself fell to his knees next to the bed, took hold of Naomi’s thighs, and buried his face in her sex. She gazed down in amazement as this man—whose exploits on the playing field had made him a legend on campus—proceeded to eat her out with both tenderness and passion, and in only a few minutes she was writhing and shaking from her orgasm—the first of several she expected to have that night.

But when DeAndre climbed into bed and placed his big, muscular body between her legs, she experienced a sense of trepidation that she couldn’t control: after all, he was only the second man who would be invading her private parts, and his broad frame looked like a giant’s as she lay helpless under him. She closed her eyes tight as if preparing for some exquisite but unavoidable torture.

DeAndre felt a wave of pity for her—she was so young and naive! He stroked her face softly, and she opened her eyes at the unexpected caress. She gave him a brave smile and said, summoning up all her courage, said, “You can go in me now.”

As he did so, her eyes expanded as she felt that long, thick cock probing her deeper and deeper, and she let out a little whimper as she felt impaled on his organ. He hadn’t gone in all the way, but he stopped and began pumping her gently. She seemed to like that sensation, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing him down on herself. DeAndre loved the feel of her soft but firm breasts against his chest, and as she hooked her legs around his hips he stroked her back and bottom as he continued to thrust into her.

Naomi expelled a soft sigh as she felt the full length of DeAndre’s cock now buried in her. She felt a swelling pride in her femininity as she made herself available to him—that was what she was put on earth for, wasn’t it? But at the same time that she felt totally submissive—the living receptacle of his ardor—she felt an inner strength as she realized, perhaps for the first time, how her own desirability as a female had in a way subjugated this powerful man by making him yearn impetuously for this fusion of their bodies.

And when he poured out his essence into her, she felt such an overpowering affection for him that she thought her heart would burst. She could have sworn that she experienced a mini-climax at the mere thought of his seed being so copiously deposited into her.

After a rest, he entered her bottom, and later they had a long session of sixty-nine before finally falling into an exhausted sleep.

In the morning, after a robust breakfast, the quartet decided to spend the day becoming better acquainted—and, in the case of the twins, becoming re-acquainted after their unfortunate and needless falling out. Dinner at a nice but inexpensive restaurant was followed by a return to Matt and Naomi’s house—and somehow, without anything being said, everyone knew what would happen next.

In short, only one bedroom would be used that night.

Everyone undressed quickly, and the sisters got a good look at each other’s nudity for the first time in many years. They marveled at both the similarities and differences in their forms—an echo of the parallels and variances of their temperaments. They had to give each other a warm hug, breasts mashing together delightfully, before they flopped onto the bed.

It was evident that double penetration was on the agenda, and Camilla lubricated herself as she prepared to demonstrate to her inexperienced sister how it was to be done. She got on her side and beckoned the men to their positions: Matt in front and DeAndre in back. As Naomi watched in amazement, the two guys entered her at the same time; and even though she was well used to this procedure, she still let out a gasp as she perceived the incredible sensation of being filled in two orifices at once. They pumped her vigorously, each of them holding a breast as they did so. It wasn’t surprising that, only a few minutes later, both men exploded with thunderous orgasms, matched by Camilla’s own.

They untangled themselves, and as the guys rested, Camilla got up from the bed and said, “Okay, Naomi, you’re next.”

Without further ado, she scooped out more cold cream from the jar and approached her sister.

“You’re going to lubricate gaziantep escort bayan reklamları me?” Naomi said in vague alarm.

“Sure thing, sis,” Camilla said. “I’m a pro at this.”

Naomi stood silent and nervous as her sister spread the cold white stuff all over and inside her anus. Then she surveyed the two men lounging on the bed with slowly hardening cocks as they envisioned this second round of double penetration with a woman who was essentially a virgin (as far as this act went, anyway).

She said, “Okay, guys, how do you want to do this?”

“I think that should be Naomi’s decision,” DeAndre said.

“I—I don’t know what to do!” Naomi cried in a sudden spasm of fear.

“Put her on top of me,” Matt said, “face up. I’ll go into her butt, and DeAndre can go into her pussy.”

Even though Matt knew that DeAndre had entered Naomi’s bottom yesterday, he still felt that in this process that man’s large cock would be better off in her vagina. So he lay flat on his back and urged Naomi to get on top of him. He slipped his cock into her bottom, and as Naomi lay there with legs awkwardly spread, DeAndre kneeled in front of her and inserted his cock into her pussy gently but firmly.

Now it was Camilla who enjoyed the incredible sight of her sister being pounded by two men at once. But she wasn’t as inclined as Naomi to be a passive spectator. After the guys had gotten into a good rhythm, she climbed onto the bed herself and, placing herself directly above Naomi’s face, sat down on it.

An incoherent “Mmmm!” escaped Naomi’s lips as she tasted her sister’s sex for the first time. It was already leaking come from both of her lower orifices, and Naomi automatically swallowed it as it dripped thickly into her mouth. She took hold of Camilla’s bottom and squeezed it hard, just as the two men were pummeling her with increased fury, ready to come again.

And when they did, the two women also cried out—Naomi’s cries somewhat muffled, as her mouth was still covered by Camilla’s pussy—with shuddering climaxes of their own. There was a lot of writhing and shaking and trembling and groaning as this quadruple orgasm worked its way through all the participants, until they finally had to separate, lying haphazardly over the bed.

The women were interested in more activity right away, and expressed a certain annoyance about the need for men to rest up before they were ready for another round. This time, Naomi and Camilla got into sixty-nine position on their sides, and as they were furiously licking and sucking each other, each man got on either side of the females and plunged into their bottoms—DeAndre in Naomi’s and Matt’s in Camilla’s. Each woman thereby had an up-close-and-personal view of the other receiving a big, thick cock into her anus, and the men added to their enjoyment when they pulled out and spattered their come all over the girls’ faces. They screamed in delight as the hot liquid poured over them like a spray of lava.

That was, really and truly, the end of an incredible foursome—but somehow they all felt that it would be something they would repeat many times in the future.

The next morning, Naomi pried herself out of the tangle of bodies and drifted over to the kitchen for some much-needed coffee. She saw her sister already sitting at the table, drinking coffee with a smug expression on her face.

Camilla said, “Had a nice time last night?”

“Sure,” Naomi said in a dreamy voice. “But—”

“But what?”

“Oh, Camilla, we were so naughty!”

“Nothing wrong with having two guys in you at once. I’ve had more than that in the past.” She couldn’t ever forget that incident in the locker room, which had led to her acquaintance with DeAndre.

“I don’t mean that. I mean—you know . . .”

“Licking each other’s pussy, you mean?”

“Yes.” Naomi was now blushing furiously. “You’re my sister, for God’s sake!”

“Oh, Naomi, it’s nothing. We’re all adults here. Anyway”—her voice became more tender—”it was just a way of our showing how much we love each other, wasn’t it?”

Naomi smiled weakly. “I suppose so.”

“And you liked it, didn’t you?”

“I did. It’s funny—your pussy smells and tastes a little different from mine. I mean, I’ve never actually tasted my own pussy, but when I remember what my fingers smell like after, um, playing with myself, my stuff doesn’t smell the same as yours. Isn’t that strange?”

“DeAndre once told me all women’s pussies smell and taste just a bit different.”

“Men’s cocks smell and taste pretty much the same, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yeah, I guess so. It’s just one more way we’re more special than men!”

It was Sunday, and after their usual big breakfast all four of the participants decided that it was a day for studying, and so they hit the books right away.

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