It was a clear cold night, with snow on the ground and -6 degrees.  This part of Sweden gets cold and dark in winter and presents the perfect opportunity for those who like to break into houses and apartments to steal and intimidate.In her apartment Anja was preparing for bed, she had watched some Netflix and was ready to get her head down.  It was late but she was like that, sometimes entertaining herself or watching some porn, she was submissive and enjoyed watching that kind of porn, men taking control turned her on immensely. It was ‘her thing’.As Anja brushed her teeth and washed her face in readiness for bed, little did she know that not far from her apartment, a man was scouting the area for an opportunity, any kind of opportunity, to enter, steal, and leave.  He was dressed in black, strong, muscular, and athletic, balaclava and hat, a typical look for a stealthy wrongdoer.Anja slept naked mostly, but tonight there was a chill in the air so she put on her favourite T-shirt to sleep in.  She had been watching some porn before bed so she was still a little aroused when she slid under her duvet, her mind on the strong dominant men she had been admiring so much. Her pussy tingled and she gently massaged cinsel bilgiler her labia to cool herself. One of Anja’s fantasies was to be taken on her bed by a stranger that had broken into her apartment. This fantasy gave her strong orgasms, but tonight, she was tired and sleep was the desired option despite her arousal from the porn she had watched. What she didn’t realise was that her favourite fantasy was about to engulf her.Outside, Luke was darting around checking windows and doors as he went, just looking for that opportunity. He had been out the night before but without any luck, so he was becoming frustrated at his lack of success.  As he approached the apartment block where Anja lived, he noticed a light on the first floor of the block. This drew his attention.  In order to get to the room where the light was glowing he would have to clamber up the drainpipe and hop over onto the balcony where the light was coming from.Luke was very adept and scaled the pipe easily and found himself on a balcony outside two apartments on the first floor.  He took his time and moved to the window where the light was coming from, silent in his movement, an expert cinsellik bilgileri at his craft. He looked in the window carefully where the light was coming from and he could see a man sat in his chair watching TV with a book close by.  This was not his opportunity.Anja meanwhile was settling in bed to sleep, her mind still on the porn she had watched, but resisting the urge to touch herself, she had to be up early, she worked as an operating room nurse and had to be in by 7 am.  It was gone midnight and it was time for her to sleep.  Slowly but surely she drifted to sleep with her fantasy in her mind. Anja was single, a beautiful red-headed woman of approximately fifty years, with no current boyfriend but highly sexed and enjoyed her pleasure.  She was under her duvet, lights off but just a cool breeze coming from a slightly open window in her lounge.Luke moved along the balcony to the second apartment, silently so as not to disturb the man watching his TV.  As he moved along the balcony he stopped to look at the view, it was dark but the bright lights of the city were visible in the distance, he stood and looked for a few minutes. Luke put on his leather cinsellik hakkında bilgiler black gloves, tight-fitting latex style, they left no residue on surfaces, and made his way to the partially open window he had spotted, his opportunity had come.Anja was drifting in and out of sleep, her dreams of those dominant men still causing her pussy to twitch in raw appreciation of their manliness.  The occasional rub of her pussy just to keep herself satisfied, not really playing, just in keeping with her dreaming. She just loved to think of men instructing and controlling her; she craved that, not weak ineffectual vanilla partners that could not possibly satisfy her needs.‘CLICK’ Luke carefully opened the open window but in doing so the latch clicked loudly. He was annoyed at making such a basic error and waited to see if it had awoken anyone. Anja heard the noise, but thought nothing of it, she was in a relaxed state and it caused her no anxiety.  Luke eased the window open and quickly but quietly hopped up and inside the dark room, closing the window behind him, leaving it as he found it.He found himself in the lounge of the apartment, all the usual things were there, and he had a small torch that he used to manoeuvre his way around the room.  He looked around quickly but silently looking for anything of value, but it seemed there was really nothing that was worth him taking.  He looked in the kitchen in case there was anything left out, car keys, money but nothing.  He needed to look elsewhere, right then he did not know if anyone was home or not.

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