Paula, walked across the plaza, back the way she had come earlier in the day. Her mind was spinning at the events that occurred during the interview, which she was still turned on by.

She wasn’t sure how she now felt about the role, on the one hand the salary was a big increase, on the other hand she was unsure about how she would feel having sex to relative strangers, some of whom she might not be attracted to. Paula was as broad minded as the next person but the expectations of the clients, how frequently she may be required to play in the name of research were still questions she wanted to think further about.

Once thing was certain, Paula was very turned on by what she witnessed and she was still wet as she approached the corner of the building and stepped into the side street with the work team still digging their hole.

“Way hay! lads, she is back!” Shouted one of them.

The one called Jonno, stopped and climbed out of the ditch he was digging. “Well hello again Miss! How did your interview go? Whatever it was I would give you the job!” He smiled.

“Well it was an interesting experience.” smiled back Paula in return.

“Well done, I am sure you knocked them out! Would you like to join us for a quick drink in celebration? We have some beers in the office.” he said pointing to the demountable cabin close by.

“I shouldn’t really, as I need……” Paula was interrupted by a loud scream “PAULIEEE!!!” and the sound of clacking heels from behind her. She turned in time to almost get knocked off her feet as her friend Octavia grabbed her in a big bear hug. Octavia was a big bouncy high energy chick, from a hard working family of Jamaican origin. Her bubbly loud personality was on display for all to see with her bright coloured dress style and bright red lipstick and nails, accentuating her beaming smile and pearly white teeth.

“What are you doing here babe?!” exclaimed Octavia. “I haven’t seen you in ages, babe! Was going to give you a call over the weekend but was preoccupied with a few other things…if you know what I mean!” She smiled, winking at Paula.

“…..and who are these nice looking gentlemen? I hope you are going to introduce them and not keep them all to yourself, you greedy girl!”

“Jonno at your service Madam!” replied Jonno, again taking an exaggerated bow. “My pals are Davie, Micky and Billy, also at your service. We were actually trying to persuade your gorgeous friend here to have a drink with us, as we are about to knock off work for the day. I hope you can also convince her and you would of course be most welcome too! We only have beers but it sounds like your friend may have some need of celebration from her interview.”

Paula felt a little bewildered in that the conversation about her was happening around her. “Now hold on a moment, I haven’t got the job yet so don’t want to count my chickens!” exclaimed Paula, holding her hands high.

“Oh don’t be an old stick in the mud P, let’s have some fun with these guys. I have every confidence in you to win out. You always do!” said Octavia, placing her arm around Paula’s shoulders and guiding her towards the cabin. The work team started packing their equipment and followed them across to the office in the cabin.

Jonno opened the office doors and immediately opened the fridge in the corner of the office, pulling out ice cold beers and placing them on the small table, opposite his desk.

“So what is this job you have applied for?” asked Octavia. Paula described the role and the company but didn’t go into the detail of the type of work or research activities she had just been exposed to. “mmmm….most intriguing.” replied Octavia. “What type of treatments are they researching? Did they go into details?”

Paula looked around and the rest of the workmen had now joined them. Paula took a gulp of her beer. “They did but I am not sure if I can share. I am still trying to process it myself.”

“Oh come on P, unless it is illegal we are all adults here, aren’t we boys?!” Octavia said with a naughty smile on her face. “Yeh, course! Come on tell us it won’t escape this room.” said Jonno, the rest of them nodding in agreement.

“Well the research is based on linking individual’s sense of wellbeing and harmony evi olan gaziantep escort to the effectiveness of their rate of recovery or ability to battle illness. The job is to provide personal care and at the same time monitor data on their vital signs and indicators associated with their medical conditions. That way we can see the effect of their environment on their treatment.” Replied Paula.

“Sounds like a lot of medical mumbo jumbo to me,” said Jonno “but what type of personal care do they mean?”

Paula instantly blushed and Octavia, noticing said “Come on Paula, stop being secretive, you look like you are the cat with the cream. Spill the beans!”

“Well it involves some role playing with the client. To help them act out their fantasies, or provide therapy to relax them in times of stress.” explained Paula.

Octavia snorted in laughter “I could do with some that therapy right now.” and slapped Jonno on his backside giggling. “Haha, me too.” he replied putting his hand on Octavia’s shoulders. She turned and smiled at him, squeezing his ass through his jeans. “Although, I do like a little rough from time to time.” stated Octavia as she looked into Jonno’s eyes.

“Hey lads I think we have a real pair of vixens on our hands! How about some more drinks?!”

Billy went to the fridge and brought another round of beers to the table and hunched down next to Paula. “So who are the clients then?” he asked. Paula looked at him, noticing he had deep brown eyes, dark eyebrows but blonde highlights throughout his hair. His one piece overall was open to the navel and she could see a nice firm tanned body, with a light coat of chest hair. “Mmm, very nice!” Thought Paula as she really noticed him for the first time.

“I believe they are wealthy clients, which can afford the personal care and are wealthy enough to support medical research. In return they get to feel good, at a private retreat.” Explained Paula further.

“Wish I had that much money, I could have a lot of fun in that retreat….without being ill.” said Jonno

Octavia smiled at him and said “You don’t need money to have fun darling! You just have to play your cards right!” Winking as she smiled at him again squeezing his ass.

“I love to play cards, how about a game now then?” He replied looking around at the rest of the work team.

“Absolutely Darling!” Said Octavia standing to face him, her face close to his. “I have a better idea of games we can play” she reached down and grabbed his crotch, squeezing it gently. “Mmm…that feels like you have a nice pack to play with!”

She then grabbed Micky by the hand pulling him towards her, kissed him slowly and grabbed his crotch also. “Yummy, another nice pack to play with”

Paula watched in amazement as her friend went around the room, grabbing each of the work team, feeling the size of their manhood, one by one.

Billy who was sat on the floor next to Paula stayed seated, looking at Paula in amazement. Paula felt protective towards him and ruffled his hair. “Dont worry, her bark is worse then her bite.” Paula felt sorry for Billy as he was the youngest in the group and he was cute but unsure of himself. Paula had seen Octavia play the field when they had been out partying at night before. When she was on the rampage, guys had better watch out as she would devour them. Octavia was always the one who hooked up first, sometimes with more than one guy. Her exploits were legendary amongst her friends but this was the first time Paula had seen her in action during the day.

Octavia now had Jonno and Micky with their arms around her, kissing them in turn, their tongues intertwining. She had one hand on Jonno’s ass and one hand on Micky’s neck pulling him towards her.

Micky reached up and grabbed Octavia’s left breast squeezing it through her blouse. “Not so fast now Micky!” Slapping away his grubby hand. “Plenty of time for that my dear, we need to make ourselves comfortable and make sure nobody gets left out, eh Davie?” She winked as she looked across to Davie who had been distributing the second round of drinks and was watching on from the well worn sofa that was against the cabin wall. Davie laughed, took gaziantep evi olan escort a long swig from his beer can and moved across to join Octavia, wrapping his big arms around her and gave her a long lingering French kiss.

Their tongues intertwined, exploring, tasting, reaching deep into each other’s throat as far as they could. Octavia ran her fingers over the front of his jeans, searching for his rapidly growing hard on. After a quick squeeze she scraped her red fingernails along the length of his bulge until she reached his balls, where she cradled them, massaging them in the palm of her hand. “Mmm, another one with a fine package.” she purred. With that she started to unbuckle Davie’s belt “So let’s see what a fine package looks like then shall we?” Octavia licked her ruby red lips and stared into Davie’s eyes as she pulled down his zip, releasing his work trousers which dropped to the floor. Davie was already getting hard and Octavia started to run her red fingernails along his length. “My my what have we here then!” she exclaimed as she continued to stroke his length along the outside of his underwear, then moved to caress his balls with her finger tips. “Now let me see” as she pulled the waistband out and over his engorged cock which sprang free, pointing upwards.

“Mmmm, just look at this P! I think I am going to have to taste this one!” She stated as she grinned at Paula, then looked around the room at her thoroughly engaged audience of workmen. She leaned forward and licked the underside of the purple engorged head of his cock. Rolling her tongue around the rim of the mushroom shaped knob head before taking it fully into her mouth and wrapping her bright red lips around his cock. She pulled back his foreskin and proceeded to stroke his length, all the while sucking and licking him. She looked up at Jonno and Micky. “Well, boys, what are you waiting for? Who is next?”

The boys looked at each other, smiled and started to quickly strip off. Paula looked down at Billy who sat agape at what was happening in front of him. Paula ruffled his blond curly hair and smiled at him. He smiled back unsure what to do next.

“Don’t worry Billy, it’s all just fun.” said Paula reassuringly. Billy smiled back at her nervously and whispered “I haven’t done this before.” Paula quickly looked back at Billy shocked. “Wow, you really are the baby in the team! Don’t worry, you can just watch if you don’t feel comfortable. I will take care of you.” and with that she ruffled his hair and smiled at him again whilst taking his hand in hers.

They turned their attention back to Octavia, who now had all three remaining workmen stood in front of her with their trousers around their ankles and their rapidly hardening cocks in hand pointing in her direction. Octavia got down from the table she had been perched upon and stood in the middle taking Jonno and Davie in hand caressing their shafts, pulling back their foreskins whilst licking her ruby red lips at the prospect of what was to unfold. Micky reached around and started to unbutton her blouse “Let’s see what package you have to offer as well Octavia! You have us at a disadvantage” she shrugged her blouse off both shoulders to reveal a black and golden laced bra which was struggling to contain two coffee coloured globes which were bursting out over the top of the cups, jiggling as she massaged the hardening cocks in front of her. Micky reached behind her back and un-hooked the clasps, releasing her boobs and exposing two dark brown, puckered nipples at their apex. Micky reached up, started to squeeze her boobs and flick her nipples before taking her right nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking on it eagerly.

“oh yes Micky, keep doing that and you WILL be a lucky boy this afternoon.” she responded.

Jonno followed his lead and started sucking on her left nipple, all the while she was pulling and rubbing their cocks in turn. She then got down onto her knees and started to suck on Jonno’s cock, initially licking the glans of his knob, flicking her tongue around the rim, then up and down along his length. Micky was next and she noticed his pre-cum was forming a clear bead at the tip, using her fingertip she gaziantep evi olan escort bayan smeared the sticky fluid all over the head of his penis before devouring it hungrily, taking his whole length into her mouth.

One by one she licked and sucked them in turn, making sure she didn’t linger too long on any one individually. Jonno broke away and moved the table into the middle of the room and led Octavia to get on top and lie down. He then proceeded to remove her skirt and the matching gold and black panties. He put them to his nose and inhaled deeply. “These are very wet you naughty girl! I think we will need to give you a good seeing to!”

“Oh yes please!” she squealed in response. Davie moved to one side and Micky to the other side of the table, where she could reach out to wank them further. Jonno positioned himself between Octavia’s big thighs, opening her legs wide to expose her wet, pink slit. He caressed her inner thighs, moving his hands slowly upwards closer to her hot slick pussy, that was leaking profusely.

Jonno knelt down kissing her inner thighs, whilst wrapping his arms around her muscular thighs and started caressing the top of her legs and lower part of her belly. Jonno could see her glistening slit with her labia puffed up and slightly protruding, topped with a trimmed triangle of dark hair which was fine and downy to the touch. Octavia squirmed on the table and hungrily took Davie into her mouth as Jonno continued to torment her, touching and caressing her without venturing to her red hot pussy.

Billy looked up at Paula and grinned. He moved his chair closer for a better view of the action and Paula came and sat on his knee to join him.

Jonno used his strong fingers to slowly open Octavia’s pussy lips to reveal a wet, bright pink hole which was leaking pussy juice down between the cracks of her voluptuous ass cheeks. Octavia, purred as she sucked on Micky and Davie’s cocks in turn, devouring them as her desire was elevated as a result of all the attention she was getting from Jonno and the feel of the hot hard cocks in her mouth and hands.

Jonno started to lick the outer hairless lips of her pussy using long slow strokes upwards but making sure he avoided the fleshy hood covering her clit. He then licked her inner labia, also using long slow strokes, first one side then the other. Octavia clamped her strong thighs around his head, pulling on Davey’s cock. Jonno then sucked on each of her labia in turn, pulling and stretching them between his lips before releasing them. He admired his handiwork then flicked his tongue at her swollen clitoris, teasing and tormenting Octavia before using his tongue to slowly lap along the length of the hood of her clitoris. He slowly moved his tongue first upwards along one side then down the other side.

Octavia was is heaven and leaking juices all over Jonno’s face. “Fuck me Jonno! I can’t wait any longer!” She yelled as she continued to stroke and lick the cocks of Davey and Mickey.

Jonno stood and positioned his knob head at the entrance to her sopping wet pussy. He rubbed it up and down her slit, making a figure 8 when he got to her swollen clit, teasing her further. He slowly sunk his dick into her, sliding in easily as he felt her squeeze him firmly with her inner muscles. Her legs wrapped around his waist, she pulled him inside using her heels. He started to thrust strongly, going as deep as he could, feeling his balls hit her ass cheeks each time with a slap.

Billy was watching the action transfixed, his eyes wide, staring at the wanton action that had evolved on the table in front of him and Paula. She held his hand reassuringly giving him a squeeze. He looked up at her and smiled. “You ok?” She mouthed, to which he nodded positively. “Want to stay or do you want to get out of here? He looked back at the action where Jonno was now pounding Octavia accelerating his rhythm and thrusting harder and deeper into her dripping wet pussy. Octavia was sucking and licking on two rock hard cocks in turn.

Billy looked back at Paula and said “Can we go for a drink round the corner where it is quieter? I think this is a bit too much for me to take in.”

Of course we can babe! Replied Paula and took him by the hand leading the way. “See you later babes!” she exclaimed to Octavia whose mouth was too full of cock to reply. She just winked and gave her a thumbs up sign.

Paula and Billy made their way out the door and heading towards the pub. “I am buying Billy, as I need a drink and you can tell me all about yourself and why you are still a virgin, such a lovely looking lad like you!” Paula led the way pulling Billy behind her.

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