Club Seventeen

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Taylor lay back on the grass and stretched. The early afternoon sun felt wonderful on his skin. What felt even better, though, was being almost completely naked on campus. His body was entirely exposed except for a tight Nike racing brief. Beneath the spandex, his dick pulsed against the suit, unable to grow in its confinement, but aroused and dripping precum nonetheless. The swimmer was only partly grateful that the pattern of his suit helped conceal his leakage. Imagining the reaction of others to his arousal doubled it at the very least.

“You look good enough to suck,” Josh said, looking down on his roommate. His classes had run later than Taylor’s and the blonde had taken the opportunity to get in some impromptu tanning time in a very exhibitionistic way.

“So do you,” Taylor flexed as Josh snapped a couple pictures of him. He was gaining dozens of followers a day and collecting quite a few lustful comments in his new persona. And he loved every minute of it. To express himself through his body was natural for an athlete. It was who he was, fully realized. He reached out and ran a hand up Josh’s smooth leg. “Get down here and kiss me.”

Josh already had his shirt off, having long ago developed the art of stripping as soon as he got out of class. Toeing off his Havaianas, he dropped his shorts to reveal a simple white Marcuse brief-with a quick-release buckle on one hip. He lowered himself onto the towel next to his lover and sensuously kissed him.

“I hope they’re taking pics of us,” he whispered to Taylor as they made out.

“They are,” Taylor reassured him. In case they hadn’t been noticed after all, he pulled Josh into a spooning position with him and snapped a photo.

“Does that speedo feel good on your dick?”

“A few years ago I used to just cum and cum all afternoon, humping my bed in a swimsuit. I love the pressure. Even if my cockhead isn’t as obvious as yours.”

“You’re so wet I can feel it on my ass. Through two layers of spandex. Jockwhore.”

“You’re rubbing your slutty bubble butt on my cock. What do you expect to happen?”

“Exactly what’s happening.” Josh pulled away and stood up. “Let’s get going before someone calls security because they can’t take our natural heat.”

“Well, fuck them,” Taylor said, reaching for his shorts. “Serve them right if we screwed right here and melted their fragile little snowflake minds. Where are we going, anyway?”

“You’ll see,” Josh smirked. The swimmer admired how fast the Miami boy was at folding a towel.

“Who are we fucking?”

“You’ll see.”

“Come on!” Taylor pleaded. “You said it would be something good. And you only blew me once this morning.”

“Just get in the car,” Josh replied, swishing his butt. Taylor slid his hand down the back of the teen’s shorts as they walked. He loved the stares they got from guys and girls alike. And Josh’s casual cockiness, the way he had of raising an eyebrow at people to dare them to say something, was a huge turnon.

Taylor unlocked his Jeep and climbed in. “Now will you at least tell me where we’re going?”

“Phone, please.” Josh tapped in an address.

“You really keep the surprise going.”

“I try. And you might as well take your shorts off, you won’t be needing them any time soon.” The runner was already down to his swimsuit again.

“You make clothes seem more stupid than anyone else I’ve ever met,” Taylor grinned. He put up absolutely no resistance when his friend wrestled his shorts off and threw them in the back of the Jeep. Driving in a swimsuit was something he’d always wanted to do back home, but it wasn’t the right environment for it. Here in the tropics, though, he fit in perfectly being himself.

The address Josh had punched in turned out to be a fairly typical Florida home, single-level and positioned at the front of its lot. “Pull into the driveway,” Josh instructed him.

“You sure no one will mind?”

“I guarantee it.” Josh stepped out of the car and went straight to the front door. It was open and he walked straight in. To Taylor’s surprise-and enjoyment, he dropped his backpack and immediately stripped off his speedo, hanging it on a rack by the door. The swimmer noticed there were other items of clothing already hanging there.

“Well, come on!” Josh prompted him. The blonde had no idea where this was going, but he figured that if he was getting naked already, it had to be good. Not to mention that it was always an immense relief to free his cock after a few hours of confinement. Variety was fun. He let his speedo drop and followed Josh out through a sliding door to a patio behind the house. The space occupied most of the property, and was taken up by a large pool, several substantial trees, and a tiny poolhouse, as well as tall fences covered with morning glories and bougainvillea. There were two people sitting on chairs by the pool, a man and a woman, both very good-looking. The woman turned her head as the door opened, and got up to meet them, smiling. Josh went straight up to her and kissed her. Taylor felt his cock rising at their obvious passion.

Josh broke the kiss and stepped gaziantep escort pornoları back. “Hi, mom.”

“Hey, Josh.” She kissed him again, not minding at all that two naked guys were watching her French kiss her son. “So is this Taylor?”

“Yep!” Josh turned and waved Taylor over. The swimmer’s head was spinning as he crossed the few feet of distance that separated them. He couldn’t believe his roommate had just made out with his mother in an undeniably sexual way. Nor could he believe how hard his cock was. “Taylor, this is my mom, Rachel.”

“Hi, Taylor,” Rachel said. “Josh has been going crazy about how wonderful his new roommate is. I’m glad you decided to spend the weekend with us.”

Fuck, Taylor thought to himself. My roommate is fucking his mom. And they want me to spend the weekend fucking with them. Rachel, he realized, was a knockout. She didn’t look old enough to have a son in college, not by a good decade. Her body was toned and flawless, her breasts substantial yet perky. Long hair in a ponytail fell halfway down her back. Her skin was darker than Josh’s, shining in the sun with oil and sex fluids. She had no tanlines whatsoever. Taylor knew, without hesitation, that if this woman had come up to him at the beach, he would have accepted her offer instantly. Why should he let her love for her son, his friend, interfere with that?

At the same time, he knew he was crossing a line that few of his peers would ever have the courage to cross. And because he was who he was, that realization made him want it to cross it even more.

Taylor bent down and kissed Rachel, trembling as she gently pulled him closer to her. She took his mouth assertively, confident in the young man’s lust for her, and pleased that he responded so readily, rejecting all his previous notions of what was taboo or inappropriate. Apart from that, his hard cock, against her abs testified to his total arousal. Now she began to believe everything her son had told her about the athlete who was diving into debauchery with all his heart.

“You are a beautiful boy,” she told him, stroking his face. “Your performance with my son yesterday was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen.”

“Fuck!” Taylor actually blushed bright red under his tan. “Josh, you showed your mom-“

“Of course. We were hot together. Why wouldn’t she like it?”

“We had to watch it three times while fucking,” the other man said with a huge smile on his face. “You were better than hot. That’s some of the greatest porn I’ve ever seen. Period.”

“Taylor, this is my mom’s lover, Jason,” Josh said, petting a gorgeous, perpetually smiling Latin boy who was stroking Josh’s cock while watching them. Jason was short, maybe five foot seven at best, but broad and beautifully muscled, the caramel to Rachel’s chocolate cake. His uncut cock was similarly thick, almost as thick as Taylor’s. On his small frame it looked almost savage. And yet his ass was round and fuckable. It was dizzying to the swimmer to think of what the two of them must get up to in bed-and out of it.

“Hi, Taylor!” Jason said enthusiastically. He turned out to be very tactile, running his hands all over Taylor’s muscles while kissing him and encouraging him to do the same. The teen obliged. The older man’s body was a work of art, and the reverence he felt for the perfection to which the jock’s physique could be brought fed his lust.

“Lover, eh?” Taylor finally said, straightening up. “That covers a lot of possibilities.”

“Jason is an intern in my mom’s law office,” Josh explained. “And she seduced him a couple weeks after he signed on. I believe he wanted to work there in large part because he immediately fell in lust with her, but he denies it.”

“He went instantly erect in his dress pants the first time he saw me,” Rachel said, eyes fixed on her boytoy even as she manipulated the college freshman. “I could tell he wasn’t wearing anything else between them and his dick. And that made me hot for him right that second. I knew he was an explosive exhibitionist.”

“Let me guess,” Taylor said, deciding to be bold. “You came home and told Josh about it. And you added that he wasn’t wearing any socks with his sexy loafers and Josh got hard and told you to go get him.”

“Well, shit,” Rachel breathed deeply and looked up at him. “You’ve been getting to know my son very well indeed.” She pulled him in for another kiss, and the blonde could tell she was turned on by him. He couldn’t resist gently teasing her between her legs. His fingers came away wet. Dizzy, he realized he was going to spend the weekend having sex with this incredibly sexy woman. And committing incest with her. A week ago everyone had thought he was straight. A week ago he had been straight, as far as experience was concerned.

He slid his fingers into Rachel’s mouth and made her lick them clean.

“I have. So I’m guessing the next thing he did was fuck you.”

“Right again. But now I want to fuck you.”

She grabbed his hand and led him over to the poolhouse, which had shutters opening on all sides to let the air through. It was built to provide shade and diffused light, and little else. escort pornoları Most of the space inside was taken up by a daybed. Behind the poolhouse, a rock wall trickling with running water gave an added sense of privacy. Taylor thought he’d walked onto the set of a porn movie. Jason could have been a Falcon model, and the location was straight out of Hegre. He’d developed a very fine taste in porn over the past summer, thinking about what he wanted to do in college. Now, to his shock, he was getting to do it. All of it and more. It would have been a complete lie to claim he wasn’t turned on by incest, just like everyone else who approached sex from a positive standpoint. If making love was good, and making love was better with someone you loved, wouldn’t making love to someone whom you loved as deeply as a member of your family be the best of all?

Jason and Josh were already sitting on the bed, both in the lotus position and facing each other. They were trading kisses and lightly stroking each other’s bare feet. As Taylor and Rachel approached, Josh took a hit off a cute little glass bong, then exhaled it into Jason’s mouth. The position and the weed had their erections looking hard enough to burst.

“That smells delicious,” Taylor said, lying down and stretching out. “Can I have some?”

“Of course,” Josh grinned. He took another draw before leaning over and blowing it into his roommate’s lungs. An explosion of lemon filled Taylor’s mouth, and his lungs tingled, but in a good way that he knew how to manage. Josh fed him a second hit, and as they made out, the swimmer opened his eyes to realize that Rachel was halfway down his cock,

Josh broke their kiss. “What were you just thinking? I felt you trying to smirk.”

“Fuck, I’m such a jockstud,” Taylor chuckled. “You and your mom and the same time. So hot. Thanks, Josh. I love you.”

“Love you too, stud,” Josh said, kissing him again without the weed. “Here, take a hit yourself. This is some Super Lemon Haze. It’s going to make you ridiculously horny.”

“I already am, but I could be more.”

“That’s the spirit,” Jason said approvingly. “No such thing as being too horny.”

Taylor got high and felt his dick thicken to its limits. Smoke filled the air around him. He couldn’t think straight, and found it hard to protest when the other guys played with his tender nipples. They kept kissing him, too, and he started licking Josh’s body at random for no particular reason. Rachel took a couple of hits before going back down on him, swallowing his shaft down her throat with smoke pluming out around it. It was one of the most arousing sights he had ever seen in his life.

Rachel must have sensed his closeness to orgasm, because she pulled off his cock and climbed atop him. Crouching over him like a lioness, she kissed him, and they tasted the weed on each other’s tongues. The teen instinctively thrust his hips up in a vain attempt to hump his erection against her before controlling his movements. She was teasing him, but at the same time she was very much in earnest.

“Fuck me,” she urged him. Taylor opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Not yet.” He gently pulled her upright and faced her towards Josh. “Show me.”

A smile crept over Josh’s face. “Already?”

The bigger jock kissed him. “I want to see it happen so bad.”

“You’re incredible.” Josh unfolded himself and pulled his mom back down onto the mattress. His prick, erect and red where her boyfriend had been teasing his glans, rubbed over her smooth slit. The folds of her pussy were open and swelling for him. The friction of her clit hood against her son’s foreskin made for an incredibly erotic site. Taylor pulled off the bed, watching in astonishment and even reverence as Josh prepared to go back where he came from.

“Beautiful, isn’t he?” Jason whispered. Standing next to the blonde, he idly teased his erection. “They’re so good together.”

Josh was holding Rachel’s arms down on each side of her head, dropping kisses all over her face while he frigged her. Almost any other man in that position would have plunged in and fucked the hell out of the lustful woman beneath him. But Josh chose to jerk her off with his cock instead. Taylor had never seen it done, not in porn, never read it on Nifty or Literotica. It wasn’t traditional. It looked hot, though. Everything Josh did was teaching him how to be a better lover.

She came, and then Josh entered his mom, sinking deeply into her well-lubed passage. Rachel let out a continuous groan, and when Josh bottomed out and his smooth groin ground against her clit, she came a second time. Their bodies flowed together. They clutched each other, embracing in a way that was far more loving than the perfunctory hugs most families exchanged.

Taylor realized his fingers were gently stroking Jason’s smooth hole, and occasionally reaching forward to toy with his balls. “So when did Rachel tell you that her son was also her lover?” He kept his voice low, his eyes on the wonderful sight in front of him.

“About two weeks after we started fucking,” Jason said. That smile of his was devastating. “I’d met him about a week before. She could escort gaziantep pornoları tell I was attracted to him and probably fantasizing about him. And honestly, if I’d met him on the beach, the chemistry would have had us in bed before the afternoon was over. I just didn’t know how this amazing woman would react to the idea that I wanted her athlete son to fuck my brains out. Ahhhh.” The teen’s fingers entered his hole. Two of them at once, without any straining.

“You’re lubed. Are you a bottom?”

“I’m mostly a bottom for guys.”

“And girls?”

“Mostly top. But Rachel fucks me all the time. It’s one of my favorite things about her.” Jason was beginning to drip from the treatment Taylor was giving his prostate, and spread his stance a bit to give the teen better access. “So one day she tied me up and edged me for hours, and gave me one of the most shattering orgasms of my life. Then she untied me and we cuddled. And when she had me all softened up like that, she popped the question.” The twunk shook his head in admiration. “She’s good. She’s a killer in court. I couldn’t say anything, but my erection against her hip told her everything. She rolled over and looked me in the eyes, and just asked if I would have done him if he hadn’t been her son. I had to say yes. She kissed me and told him he would be home in a few minutes, and she was going out to hook up with one of her friends that night.”

On the bed, Josh had straightened up and and was worshiping his mom’s foot, kissing her sole with the same passion he kissed her lips and her pussy. He decided to share it with her, and folded her back until she could suck her own toes while he licked her sole. Meanwhile, he never stopped his steady thrusting inside her. When he pulled his cock back and rubbed at just the right spot inside her, she came again, squirting this time. Josh was wet with her juices.

“I took him on that bed,” Jason breathed. “Right there. He begged me to take him first, and I couldn’t possibly say no. Because I was his mom’s lover and he felt that was appropriate. And that was also the first time I realized he could cum without touching himself.”

Cream dripped from Jason’s thick erection, tall and veined yet velvet-smooth. The combination of the memory, Taylor’s finger-banging, and the view had been too much for him. Josh and Rachel were lip-locked again. The two men standing watched Josh’s golden muscles spasm, watched him thrust deep and pump his load inside his mom, watched him grind on her and drive her to orgasm with him.

Taylor slid back onto the bed. Josh’s thrusts had ceased, but he and Rachel were still making out ardently. He took the runner by the hips and lifted him off his mom. When Josh realized Taylor was there, he rolled over eagerly, wanting to see the swimmer satisfy himself.

Crouching, Taylor spread Rachel’s legs, and licked up her perineum, catching a drop of her son’s cum on his tongue where it leaked from her pussy. He looked her in the eye and swallowed it. His tongue parted her folds, seeking more of the teenage juice. A little at a time, he worked his way into her, sucking and carefully probing. Eating boy and girl cum at the same time was the hottest thing he’d ever done.

I want a girlfriend I can eat other men’s loads out of, he thought to himself, and nearly came just from imagining it.

He licked up to Rachel’s clit and teased it with his tongue, easing two fingers inside her at the same time. Almost immediately, he touched her g-spot, and she gasped. The swimmer backed off on his oral efforts, slowing his pace. Sometimes he stopped licking her entirely and blew gently on her engorged clit instead. Sometimes he contented himself with flicking his tongue over it. All the while, his fingers never stopped working inside her. Rachel hung on the verge of orgasm, and Taylor kept her there until her labored breathing had a note of desperation in it.

With calculated intent, he went down on her again and kissed her clit sensuously. Rachel came hard, punching the mattress and trying to stifle a scream, but Taylor didn’t back off. He kept right on working her. Josh took that as his cue to start making out with his mom again, so that she could yell into his mouth. That always made him hot. His roommate gave her three more orgasms, each more intense than the last, then suddenly changed positions. Before Rachel knew what was happening, Taylor had his cock fully inside her and had turned her tonguing of Josh into a three-way kiss.

She was wet with her son’s seed and hot with lust around him. Josh pulled back and let them fuck. Jason cuddled up to him, enjoying the show. Rachel was a petite woman, and if Taylor wasn’t twice her weight, he was very, very close to it. He dominated her utterly simply by being there. Unlike most teen boys, though, he was gentle. Each stroke of his cock might be long, but they were slow. Rachel realized that Taylor understood how to cum hard and please his lovers at the same time: instead of pounding away, he carefully edged his cock inside them, building their joint lusts to a delayed explosion. Between the pressure of their bodies together and the way his glans throbbed inside her, she kept cumming. His hands were busy over her body; when he tweaked her nipples, he felt her clamp down on his shaft, screaming into his mouth. Now she was the one controlling the fuck. Her pussy felt too good on his dick. No matter how hard he tried to resist it, no matter how much he slowed his movements, he felt himself cumming. Without thrusting, he came so hard that both of them felt him squirt inside her.

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