Amanda hummed as she sliced carrots for her casserole. She could barely believe Kenny had sold 500,000 copies of his debut album. At just 19! She also couldn’t believe it was his birthday. She had no idea what she was going to get him

When she was 19, she was just getting ready to find baby names for the baby growing inside of her. She could remember the day vividly as well, 5 years before, when she had decided enough was enough.

He had experienced his first heartbreak. That slut, Gina Calloway, dumping her wonderful son for some jock at the school dance. The night she had bought him a pack of condoms, something looked down on by many of her friends then.

She had returned home to find him crying in his room, inconsolable despite her best efforts. She had returned that night while he lay asleep, gently tugging off her groggy and confused son’s pajama bottoms and taking his- –




And semen-slick manhood into her mouth, sliding down her throat as she listening to his moans as he neared his first oral orgasm…


Amanda jumped as her cell phone began to ring, her sweet boy’s naked photo popping up.

“Yes sweetie?” she answered.

“Mom!” he shouted, Amanda hearing the sounds of cheering in the background. “It’s gone platinum!!”

Amanda could barely believe her ears. 1,000,000 copies!

“I’m so proud of you baby,” Amanda said, happy to hear him so cheerful. But nothing made her happier than what he said next in a low voice.

“I’m going to fuck you hard tonight Mom. I want you in your hottest outfit when I get back.”

Amanda bit her lip and rubbed her hot wet pussy. “I can’t wait honey. Mommy is going to give you the best fuck of your life.”

After he hung up, she took a satisfied breath and put all her ingredients back into the fridge. She doubted she or her son would want anything to eat that day.


Kenny hummed softly at his desk, buzzed from the drinking contest he and his cousins had engaged in.

“Hi Kenny,” Samantha Lewis, one of the secretaries greeted him, her massive GG breasts nearly spilling from her pink blouse. Amanda, who possessed an extraordinary set of natural K cups often laughed about how it would make Kenny’s life if he had them both in bed with him.

“H-hi Samantha,” Kenny stammered, hoping the alcohol on his breath wasn’t too noticeable. His mother had never approved of him drinking; though ironically when he had first gotten his driver’s license the two had gotten drunk and fucked so hard, they woke up twenty escort portalı miles from their house in a crowded park, naked and sticky in their backseat.

“I heard about Element-K,” Samantha said, drumming her nails on the desktop. Her breasts just bobbed. Up and down…

Up and down…

Up and down…

He forced his eyes back to hers and she giggled. “It’s perfectly fine if you stare Kenny. I consider myself lucky. If isn’t every girl who has the hottest artist on the market trying to catch a glimpse at her tits.

Kenny smiled. He had always been a titman. When he was 12, his dad had taken him to a strip club for the first time. He was infatuated with the large breasts before him. And his dad, knowing the owner, even got him his first lap dance.

“In fact,” Samantha continued, learning over to let Kenny take a strong whiff of her perfumed knockers, “it turns me on more than you could ever imagine.”

Grabbing Kenny’s collar, she pulled him from his chair and pressed her lips to hers, crushing the gigantic melons between them as he moved his hands to grab two handfuls of her juicy ass through her black skirt.

Her pussy got wet, feeling the heat of his erection against it. The two groaned into each other’s mouths, Samantha sitting on the desk as she felt Kenny’s large hands undo the clasp and zipper on her skirt, yanking it down her legs and exposing her powder blue panties.

Meanwhile, his cock threatened to tear through his blue trousers which she undid as well, removing them, boxers and all. What she saw made her eyes shine. There stood 10 inches of throbbing manhood, glistening with precum.

She dropped the her knees and began to stroke him. Despite in her mid-fourties, Savannah still had every amount of sexual energy she had possessed in her teens. Flicking her tongue across the boy’s cockhead however seemed to awaken a strong fire inside of her, feeling the thick and salty fluid slide down her throat.

Kenny moaned as she slid her red painted lips down his stiff pole as she cupped his humongous balls in her hand, the storage of them seeming to grow as she continued her oral stimulation.

Kenny moaned louder as she sped up, her beautiful and surprisingly firm breasts bumping against his knees. He grabbed her hair but didn’t go against her perfect performance, feeling his balls beginning the churn.

“Oh yes…” he groaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

Samantha smiled and picked up speed, feeling the large pole twitch in her throat as her young employer arched his back. escort gaziantep portalı He shook as his cock exploded, drowning her insides in thick and hot cups of young spunk before she pulled him out, letting him blast further on her face and tits.

By the time he finished and opened his eyes, he was shocked to see his hot secretary. His thick seed dripping from her chin and each hard nipple coated in his cum.

“That was fucking great,” Kenny groaned as Savannah pulled his pants back up.

“Yes it was,” she said, “remember this when Employee of the Month comes up.” Kenny nodded, watching as she wiped herself off and walked out. He then imagined what reward awaited him once he submitted her name for the paid vacation.


That night, Kenny sped into the spacious garage of his mansion. As soon as he switched off the car he ran inside.

“Mom?” he asked, walking in the fully dark house.

“Up here sweetie!” Amanda answered and he went up. What he saw nearly make him jump out of his socks. Amanda sat in a sheer nightie, not even reaching her hips due to being held up by her humongous tits.

“Hello Kenny,” She said, standing up, her brown hair looking beautiful partially over her face. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Kenny walked over and kissed her passionately, feeling her tongue circling his.

“I have something for you.” Amanda said as they sat on the bed.

Pulling a lidded box from under the bed, she placed her hands on it and gave a smile to her son.

“Kenny… do you remember…” Amanda got choked up but felt better as Kenny comfortingly took her hand, “Do you remember when you were 8? And you found that crate, but you could open it your father came in and started yelling?”

Kenny nodded and Amanda handed him the box, smiling from ear to ear. He took a breath and removed the lid, gasping at what he saw. His mother, much younger though just as beautiful, stood naked by a tree, her tits, then at least a D-cup sat perkily on her chest.

Another photo showed a close-up her playing with her pussy and squeezing her boobs. The photos were all hotter than the one before. But when Kenny got to last one, he got harder than he ever had before.

It showed Amanda, fully naked and splattered with her son’s cum. She held a sign reading:

1,000,000 copies!

Kenny met his mother’s gleaming eyes who kissed him again. “You’ve gone places I never imagined baby. Your no-good father left before he could see the brilliant young man you’ve become. But I’m willing to do anything and everything I can to make sure you go to the top.”

“I can’t thank you enough Mom,” Kenny said, “for everything.”

Amanda smiled and felt his hands inching toward her rack. “Mommy’s special boy is ready for his birthday present now hmm?”

“I’ve been waiting all day…” he replied, beginning to suck her nipples through the silk material, prompting her to moan.

Her angelic face was framed by her shoulder length brown hair. Kenny’s cock was rising fast and stuck out lewdly. Amanda unzipped his pants and saw his erect cock and body and she gave him a huge smile.

Kenny then reached out and grab her hips and pulled her body into his and began kissing her as intensely as possible. Amanda spread her legs and moaned as her son slid into her.

“Fuck me baby.” Amanda begged, “fuck me for all eternity.”

The brutal fucking went on for almost 2 hours. At the very end, Amanda let out a blood curdling scream “Kenny you are a sex god and the ultimate stud! CUM INSIDE ME!!!!!”

Her lust and pleasure-filled eyes met his as she raised her legs, taking his my quick thrusts like a pornstar. Kenny then immersed himself in her beautiful tits, feeling the soft melons bounce against his face.

It felt as if his heart stopped as he came inside her, filling her twat with his seed.

“Fuck yes!!!” Amanda screamed as she dug her nails into the back of Kenny’s head, “Cum in me! Give me a fucking baby in my dirty cunt!!”

As his rod stopped spraying, he pulled out, his exhausted cock flopping between his legs, dripping in juices from them both.

“Fuck, that wonderful” Amanda said. When she sidled up to him, Kenny placed one hand around her and she snuggled into him.

“I suppose you will soon have a son and brother,” Amanda chuckled and he did too.

As he kissed her, Kenny made sure to rub her belly and felt her hand doing the same. They interlocked fingers and stroked it as a couple.

“What are you thinking about Kenny?” Amanda asked with a warm smile.

“How I want to knock you up again as soon as you’ve had that one,” Kenny replied and Amanda checked her watch.

“8:03, we have plenty of time.”

Kenny looked in her eyes and said, “How about we go and take a shower together?”

“I can’t think of nothing better Daddy” she quietly said. “But only if you let me wash that cock and your huge balls.”

Before entering, Amanda turned around and kissed him, “You’re the best lover Kenny.”

“And you’re the best MILF in the world,” he replied before picked her up and getting under the warm water.

They reacquainted our bodies and cleaned up. With them both naked and wet, it wasn’t long before they were fucking full swing. As the two began to fuck, their loud moans and grunts filled the house, the passion and love between them never to be broken.

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