The Franklin Twins Pt. 02: Vacation

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All characters are fictional and of consenting age.


My sister Amy and I had just finished graduating from highschool, and our senior prom proved to be a turning point in our relationship. We turned 19 shortly after graduating, and decided to take a trip together. The goal, to explore our newly open feelings towards one another, which we couldn’t exactly do in our home town with all of our friends and other family members around. This is the story of our trip to Jamaica

I woke up on one of the first days of summer, after graduating high school, in an empty bed. For the first time in a long time I had something to smile about, and it was all because of my twin sister Amy. We had recently discovered our shared feelings for one another, and they weren’t exactly normal for siblings. Somewhere in the midst of all of our tragedy we had become best friends, then best friends to soulmates.

The shower was running so I knew she hadn’t gone too far. I got out of bed slowly, stretching as I stood up. It only took one flash of Amy’s naked body in the shower to stir my dick, and had me walking to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind me, I walked through the steam radiating from the shower, pulled back the shower curtain just enough to slip in and join her. When I looked up her beautiful body, to her angelic eyes, I saw her trying to hide a smile from my unexpected appearance.

“Good morning beautiful,” I said, as I walked up to her. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, and held her against my chest.

She replied, “Morning Handsome.”

We just stood there as the warm water rained down upon our skin. Kissing the back of her head, with my eyes closed, I held her even tighter. She squeezed my hand twice showing her affection in return. Time seemed to just disappear. Nothing mattered except being in the moment with her. She was my everything now, and it didn’t matter what came next in my life, as long as she was there with me. I slid my hand up to her chin, and pulled it to the side, turning her to face me. I met her half-way, as she leaned into me. Our lips met and we shared a soft passionate kiss. Slipping her incredibly soft tongue into my mouth, I reciprocated, swirling mine around hers. Holding the side of her face as we kissed, she brought her hand up and placed it over mine. After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled back. Feeling as if I was floating on air, my eyelids felt heavy and my need for true love sated. Our eyes locked, and we both just smiled and held each other a little longer.

After we were cleaned up and dried off, we went downstairs for breakfast. Amy started to make some scrambled eggs when I asked, “So what would you think about going on a vacation this summer. We just graduated, so some time alone together to relax could be fun.”

“Sure,” she replied, “That sounds like it’d be great. And even better we could act more like a couple without our friends or family around.”

“We could hold hands, hold each other, and kiss in public and no one would think it’s weird at all,” I said with a smile on my face.

We ate breakfast, then cleaned up the kitchen. We both walked into the living room and sat down with Amy’s laptop, and began looking up tropical islands that would be fun to go to.

“After looking at all these pictures, and looking up the resorts, I would love to go to Jamaica,” Amy said with a smile.

“If that is what my lady wishes, then that is where we shall go,” I replied. Leaning in halfway, and following suit with me she leaned in the other half, and we shared a soft slow kiss. As we slowly pulled our lips apart, we leaned our foreheads together sharing a quiet moment of emotion together.

It was just four weeks later that found us on our way to the island of Jamaica. For 3 nights and 3 days, we’d be all by ourselves. Sitting in the airport, we grew more excited as they called our row to board the plane. “Well, here we go. Our first vacation together as a couple.” We boarded the plane, put our carry ons in the overhead bin, then sat in our seats. Lifting the arm rests, as we had bought all three seats not wanting to share a row with someone else. After sitting down I grinned, as I leaned into her and said, “We better make it a memorable vacation, because this is the one and only time you are getting me to a place that is so damned hot.”

Teasing me, she snorted, “Aww big tough guy, is that so? You’re such a big snuggly bear while cuddling, I guess now I know you’re a polar bear,” she said, poking me hard in the ribs making me jump.

“Heyyyyy!! Don’t start something you can’t finish!” I said. Leaning into her, trapping her against the wall of the plane, my fingers went right for her ticklish spots, as I made her suffer with laughter.

“OK ok, I give, I give!” Amy said between laughing and catching her breath. She lay up against the window, a smile on her face from cheek to cheek. Our eyes slowly met, and I bit my lower lip. Slowly her smile faded as the moment became more escort numaraları serious, and I leaned all the way in, kissing her softly. Our lips locked, and our tongues were probing inside each others mouths wildly. Interrupted by the pilot coming on the intercom to announce take off soon, we broke from the kiss giggling like little kids getting caught doing something mischievous. We buckled up, and held hands as we took off to an island where no one would know us.

In the middle of the flight, it had become dark, as this was an evening flight. Using me as a pillow, Amy lay her head on my lap, with a blanket covering her. As I watched her lie there looking so beautiful, I couldn’t help but get aroused. Under the blanket, I slid my hand under her shirt, running my fingertips over her sexy abs. Pushing my fingertips under the waistband of her shorts, then under her panties, I made my way to her sweet pussy. Tracing her swollen lips with one finger, slowly and softly, she began to stir. Looking up at me with sleepy eyes, she just smiled and said, “Enjoying the flight are we?”

I looked down smiling and said, “Well this is the first time We’ve been on a plane, so yes, I’m enjoying the flight quite nicely.” Pushing my middle finger inside her, I watched as her eyes closed and she sighed heavily. She’s just so wet, my finger slid in and out of her with ease. Hooking my finger upward inside of her, I searched for, and found her g-spot. Grinding away on it, I noticed her breathing had picked up. She was getting close to cumming, I could tell. Wiggling my finger on the same spot as fast as I could had her turning her head and biting down on my thigh to cover her moans. She wasn’t biting hard enough to break skin, but it still hurt. The pain only made me wiggle my finger even faster. Watching her orgasm, I felt her breathe against my skin, as she tried to muffle her moans as best she could. She feels so warm between her legs, and her juices flowing freely onto my fingers, and soaking her panties. Slowly sliding my finger out, as to be as gentle as I could with her pussy being so sensitive right now, she bit her lower lip in sweet agony. I brought my finger up to my mouth and sucked the juices off of it, enjoying her sweet taste. She watched as i did this, sliding her hand on the back of my neck, and pulling me down to kiss her soft lips. Sliding my hand back under the blanket, this time going upward under her shirt. Sliding my hand under her sports bra, kneading her breasts tightly with my hand. She was a nice perky 36b cup, a nice handful. She told me once that they were very sensitive being so close to the muscles in her chest. She moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed. Time seemed to fly by a lot quicker, as we made out. We were in our own little world, until hearing the captain come onto the intercom to announce we would be landing in 15 minutes. I helped lift Amy up and we buckled up, snuggling for the remainder of the time. After we landed, we found our baggage, then found transportation to our resort.

We had finally arrived to the resort, and it was late. We found our bungalow, and went in. I dropped the luggage down by the bed, and without warning, I was pushed onto it. When I looked back, Amy was lifting her sports bra off, as her shirt and shorts already lay in a pile on the floor.

“You owe me for getting me soaked on the plane baby, now pull that nice dick of yours out and prepare to get sucked and fucked!” she said with vigor.

“I dunno hun, I’m kinda sleepy,” I said in a mock tired tone with a smile on my face.

She walked seductively over to me on the bed, naked and gorgeous. Her muscled body, that of a female viking warrior. My own personal valkyrie, here to collect me as I was about to die and go to Valhalla. She slid her hand down to unhook my belt, then pulled it out of my khaki shorts. Unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts, she had them off without delay. I pulled my shirt off, and was laying on a pillow against the headboard. Laying on the bed as well, she worked her way up my body. Wasting no time, she grabbed my shaft with one hand, pushing it against my stomach, and sucking on my balls. Taking them in her mouth one at a time, sucking softly on them. She ran her tongue up my sac, up the underside of my shaft. Reaching the top, she licked her tongue in circles around the head of my cock. Teasing me, torturing me in sweet agony. Wrapping both hands around my shaft she began stroking me. Stroking upward while rotating her hands in opposite directions, while still licking the head. Surprising me, as she stroked upward all the way to the top, then immediately dropped her throat down around my shaft as deep as she could go. Holding the base of my cock steady, she sucked me, up and down. I looked down into her soft blue eyes, with her plump lips wrapped around my cock, as she drove me mad with hunger. As eager as she was, she had no intention of making me cum.

“Fuck…Amy, you’re driving me insane, suck gaziantep escort bayan numaraları just a little harder and I’ll explode in your mouth!” I said with eagerness.

She slid my cock slowly out of her mouth, licking the tip one last time. “Cum in my mouth? Why would I want that?” She giggled. “Oh no Joshua, I just wanted your dick throbbing hard. Now my pussy is going to swallow it whole.”

Still holding me in her hand, my throbbing cock twitched three times on it’s own. “And I think it’s just right for me now,” she said.

Amy turned around, her legs on either side of mine. Reaching under herself, she held my cock and guided me to her pussy lips. She smacked her pussy with my shaft, and teased herself, rubbing her lips with just the head of my cock. Then she held it to her slit, and sat down on it. Her sopping wet pussy slurping and squishing all of that sweet juice as she rode me. Grinding up and down, from the tip of my cock, slamming down to the base of my balls. Her beautiful ass bouncing up and down. I wrapped my hands around it, squeezing it tightly, and smacking it.

“Keep squeezing my ass baby, that feels soo good,” she said breathy.

I squeezed it nice and hard as she bounced herself up and down. Everything turning me on, from the feel of her ass, seeing her pussy lips straining to spread around my cock, and seeing how well she can gyrate her hips. My dick had a wet sheen on it. Her juices just flowing down my shaft as she bounced her ass up and down my cock. The harder I smacked her ass, the louder her moans became as she cried out in pleasure. Hearing the juices of her sopping wet mound as she slammed down harder and harder on me, turned me on even more. Even more juices flowed over my cock as she began cumming.

“Yesss baby, yesssss!!” she moaned out in pleasure.

Sweating and soaked, she just lay where she was. Her pussy was so sensitive after such a big orgasm. I didn’t have mercy on her this time. I lay her back on the bed, and slid my arms under her knees, pulling her close to me. Wasting no time, I guided myself into her, and began grinding my hips into her.

“Baby, fuck! aahhhhhh oohhhh yeaaaa!” she moaned out.

Even as I had just begun thrusting myself into her she came again, but I did not stop for her. Pumping myself all the way in her, and all the way out to the head of my cock, then slamming myself back into her. I slid my hands up her arms to her hands, intertwined our fingers and held them above her head. Holding her down, we squeezed our hands, feeling all the emotion each other was feeling. After a few minutes though her mind began to go primal. She was arching her back and moaning as my shaft filled her to the brim. Her lips stretching over my thickness, she felt so tight. I leaned down and kissed her, swallowing her moans down. As I felt the urge to cum, I just kept pumping harder and harder until I began spurting my hot seed deep inside her. Feeling this was driving her into another consecutive orgasm. She swirled her tongue wildly around mine, moaning, and gripping her legs tightly around my waist. I collapsed on top of her, both of us breathing so heavily.

“I love you Amy.”

“I love you too Joshua” I rolled over, pulling her with me so that I was on my back and she was curled under my arm. Snuggling each other, we fell asleep entwined in one another.

The next morning I woke up first. I strategically moved her arm and worked my way out of bed, trying not to wake her. But I did have other things planned. I worked my way to the lower half of her body, then moved onto the bed until my face was properly buried in her pussy. Sliding just my middle finger inside her as before, I found her g-spot, and just rubbed and grinded against it. This time though, as I did that, I was able to do more. I took her clit hood into my mouth and sucked on it. All of the stimulation woke her.

“Well good morning to you too babe,” she said cheerfully.

“I couldn’t help myself. I was hungry, and started breakfast without you. I hope you don’t mind?” I said with a smile.

“Did you hear me complaining? Go on, get back to your breakfast,” she said eagerly. She put her hand on the back of my head, pushing my face back into her pussy.

I slid my finger out, and replaced it with my tongue. Imagining her head was turned sideways, I pressed my lips to slit, slid my tongue in her pussy, and made out with her.

Kissing her lips deeply, as my tongue swirled wildly inside of her wetness, I swallowed all of her juices. She tasted so good, so sweetly. I pulled away from kissing her pussy, and slid two fingers in this time. Grinding her g-spot for a few seconds, rotating to pumping my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could for a few seconds. Grinding her clit, finger fucking her, grinding her clit and finger fucking her back and forth, while flicking my tongue as fast as I could on her clit.

“Mmmmmmmmmm baby!” she moaned.

She gaziantep escort numaraları began cumming, and all of her extra wetness just flowed from her pussy into my mouth. I drank her up, swallowing all of her juices. After a few moments, for her to catch her breath, she looked down at me like a well sated cat who drank its bowl of cream, and said, “I’m hungry, what’s for breakfast?”

I couldn’t help but laugh happily, that I had made her feel so completely relaxed and good. “Well, there is a fresh fruit platter here, or we can go to the cafe down the path.”

“Fruit” was all she could manage.

I smiled, and got up, walked over to the little kitchen area and made her a plate of strawberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple. She looked at me hungrily as I walked back to the bed still naked, and I said, “I can’t tell if that look is on one hand for me, or on the other for the fruit?”

Giggling, she said, “put your hands together!”

I laughed, genuinely just so happy right now. As I made my way to the bed, I lay down next to her. I picked up a strawberry and slowly fed it to her. Taking her smiling as enjoyment, I continued to do so for the rest of the plate. After she was finished, I wrapped my arms around her and we just lay there for a few hours, just holding one another, occasionally making out.

Later in the day we ended up going to a little local cafe for lunch. Afterward, we walked around, hand in hand, checking out some stores for souvenirs, and enjoying the sights. Before we knew it, it was dusk. We had worked our way further down the beach from the resort than any other guests had. Being on the south side of the island, we got to see both sun rise and sun set. She had pulled off her shirt and shorts, and stood before me in a very sexy string bikini. With her tanned body, her sleek sexy muscles, and her hair in braided pigtails, she looked better than a professional fitness model mixed with every man’s fantasy. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of her.

Taking notice, she said, “See something you like?” Then bit her lower lip, enticing me even more. But I was feeling very primitive, only wanting to just take her, so I did.

I pulled her hair, yanking her head back, and kissed her neck. Working my way up her neck to her ear, I traced her ear lobe with my tongue. Taking her lower lobe into my mouth I sucked on it as I pulled away, then tongued inside of her ear. Moaning her approval, I turned her around to face the sunset. Kissing more on her neck, then pulling her down to her knees by her hair. I pushed her forward just enough so that she went onto all 4’s. I slid my bathing suit down just enough, and pulled her bikini to the side, pushing my dick deep inside of her. This was no gentle, tender moment. It was purely animalistic, for both of us. I held her braided pigtails in my hands, pulling tightly as I rode her. Pumping and thrusting my cock into her, slamming so hard, my balls slap against her clit. Panting she began to mimic my motions and fell into rhythm with me. Pulling forward as I pulled out, and slamming her ass backward into me as I thrust forward, pushing me deeper inside of her.

Soo turned on by the situation, she yelled back at me, “That’s right. Fuck your dirty little cum slut on a public beach. Fuck her for all to see that she’s YOURS!!”

Turned on by her unexpected words, I pulled a little harder on her pigtails, and used all the strength in my hips to slam into her. Pumping in and out, until I started to feel my balls tighten, getting ready to explode. Spurting my hot seed deeper and deeper into her womb. Sitting on my knees, I pull her pigtails until she was upright with me, off all 4’s. I kissed her neck, and slid my hands around under her bikini top, caressing her perky tits, with my dick still buried inside of her. She slid her hand down and fingered her clit as fast as she could, while I pinched her hard sensitive nipples. Gyrating her hips on my cock as she worked her clit, she began to cum. Her body spasming, she fell forward, pulling my cock from her pussy with a wet pop. This caused more shocks throughout her body from the orgasm, and from her pussy lips being so swollen and sensitive. Just sitting there for a few moments, I pulled my shorts up, as she recovered. On her back, she reached up, and pulled me down to her. Kissing me deeply as the last glimmer of sunlight disappeared over the horizon, and the stars came out.

Making our way back to our bungalow, we collapsed in bed and went right to sleep. Laying there, entwined in each other, exhausted from our long, but fun day.

We woke up the next morning at the same time. Cuddling her so close to me, I didn’t want to ever let go.

“This was such a great idea Josh, I love that we can just walk around like a couple without worrying about anyone else knowing. Granted, if they looked close enough at our features they’d see similarities, but we don’t talk to anyone long enough for that. I don’t know how I’m going to do it when we go back home.”

“Do what?” I asked, as I ran my fingers through her hair.

“Go back to being brother and sister. Go back to just being the twins, other than when we’re at home alone. We are so connected, so apart of one another, more than anyone else can conceive. Closer than most couples ever get. Being twins, we have a bond that other people will never have nor understand.”

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