The sounds I heard as I walked into my living room were unmistakable. I could hear my wife Valerie moaning the way she does when someone is eating her pussy. She has a distinctive moan that always drives me mad with lust, but now someone else was making her cum, and I was mad. I walked up the carpeted stairs to the bedroom door, and steadied myself for what I thought I would walk in on.

I expected to walk in and see some young stud licking away at my wife’s pussy. I had visions of me grabbing him off of her, and beating the shit out of him as I threw him down the stairs. I thought my marriage was over. The reality of what I saw was surprisingly arousing though.

As I opened the door quickly and violently, fist clenched in anticipation, I was greeted by the lovely sight of my wife lying on her back, he legs spread wide, and between them was my naked and lovely 19 year old daughter Lindsey. Her long brown hair and thin body looked amazing as her bubble butt stuck up in the air. Valerie heard the door open and looked up startled, but smiled as she saw my scowl turn to a look of amazement.

“Looks like Daddy found us out kiddo.” she said to Lindsey.

Lindsey looked back over her shoulder, my wife’s love juices running down her chin and said “Hi Daddy. I didn’t hear you come in. Get naked and join us.” and back she went to my escort haberleri wife’s snatch, licking and fingering her to another abrupt orgasm.

I was in shock over what I was watching. My little girl was making my wife, her mother, cum again and again with her mouth and fingers. My wife was loving the attention, and her body writhed on the bed in ecstasy. I felt myself growing harder and harder as I took in the spectacle of it all.

“Turn around baby.” I said to Lindsey. “Let your mother eat you out for a bit, I want to use your mouth right now.

“Yes Daddy.” she said as she turned around and straddled her mother’s face. “Oooh. She has a nice tongue Dad.” she said as she wiggled her cunt against Valerie’s lips. She layed down and licked my wife’s pussy a few more times as I stepped out of my clothes.

I approached, and Lindsey reached out greedily to grab my engorged cock. She pulled me close and licked the head with the softest warmest tongue I have ever felt. She opened her mouth, and in one fell swoop engulfed my rigid member to the root. I gasped as my daughter swallowed me whole, and felt her throat vibrate as my wife made Lindsey moan from licking her little girl’s twat. Lindsey’s hand came up, and wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Her mouth and hand moved as one gaziantep escort haberleri as her wet warm saliva made me slick and hard. Her tongue danced over my head, and her lips pursed around the shaft. She took deep fast plunges on my phallus and made obscene slurping and choking noises as she shoved it into her throat. I was in heaven.

I pulled my cock out of my little angel’s mouth with a loud “pop”. I picked her head up with a finger under her chin and kissed her the way lovers do. Our tongues danced and wiggled against each other, and I could taste her lips, my wife’s cunt, and my cock on her mouth all at once. When we parted Lindsey raised up to kneel straddling my wife’s face. Valerie kept licking and sucking on our daughter’s pussy while I moved closer, and placed the head of my cock against Valerie’s dripping snatch.

“That felt so good baby.” I said to Lindsey. “You sucked Daddy’s cock so well. See how hard you made me for Mom?” With that I plunged my cock deep into Valerie’s dripping cunt. She screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain that always excited me. I fucked her hard, and deep, and watched my little girl’s soft tits bounce as the bed shook. She leaned forward and kissed me again while I pounded my wife’s throbbing pussy. Valerie could not keep licking Lindsey’s escort gaziantep haberleri cunt as she was too busy moaning and screaming aloud. Lindsey got off her face, and turned to kiss her mother as well. As Lindsey’s tongue muffled the passionate cries of her mother, I reached down and fingered Valerie’s clit while I fucked her. Valerie came with a sudden and almost violent orgasm that left her throbbing pussy clamping around my shaft harder than she could with her hand. I kept thrusting in and out, deep and fast making her orgasm flow into another. Between the passionate sounds, and the sight of my sexy daughter’s body on top of my wife’s I was about ready to blow my load.

“Come here Lindsey.” I said. As my daughter came near, I grabbed her by her hair, and brought her head to where my cock was sliding in and out of her mother’s gash. I pulled out, and Lindsey opened her mouth wide to take my cock in. Her tongue brought me over the edge, and I filled her sucking mouth with a load of hot cum. She took it all, and with bulging eyes of amazement let it fill her mouth without swallowing it. When I was done shooting my load, I looked into Lindsey’s eyes. “Share that with your mother.” I said in a commanding voice.

Lindsey nodded, and turned to go face to face with her mother again. Valerie opened her mouth wide, and Lindsey let my load slowly drip from her mouth into her mother’s. She then leaned down, and they shared a messy kiss, made sticky with my jizz. My white cream spread all over their mouths, and ran down their chins.

I layed down with them, my daughter on one side, my wife on the other. I was the happiest man alive, in the middle of two women, neither of whom could love me more.

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