[[Hey all! This is the first part of a novella-ish length story about a Family so hot that laws literally changed to encompass their incestuous pornography films being allowed for public consumption. I play with perspective a bit in this and try to tell it through two characters. I hope you enjoy!]]


I’d say that I woke up to a morning like any other, but that would be a lie; this morning was special. Like Christmas fucking your Birthday while your wedding day eats them both out from behind. I leapt out of bed unbelievably horny, my dreams had apparently been nothing but a huge clit-tease and now there were mere hours between me and getting to fuck the hottest seven people on the entire planet at once: My family.

It might sound arrogant for me to suggest that those who share my incredible genes are the hottest, but in this case it isn’t just my opinion: My uncle Randy started his own porn company in which we’re the main performers and the popularity of our films has so eclipsed every other adult film studio on earth that many of them are shuttering, and the rest have to pay us exorbitant fees to license our movies and stay afloat by showing them. We’re that fucking good.

I took a few moments to check out that fine fucking bitch in the mirror, loving the way the morning light loved every part of my curves. The longest part of my 5’8″ height was my legs, which joined just beneath my flaring-out hips and ass, then the line tapered in the six-pack-ab adorned middle that made up my waist, and then blew outward again into my mind-bending GG cup breasts. Firmness ran in my family and until you saw the bounce or sway of the things you might have sworn I had implants. The pair lifted and stuck out more as I lifted my long blonde hair into a pair of pig-tails and batted my own golden-brown eyes at myself.

It wasn’t just exciting that I was going to get to bang my family for the first time today, it was heightened by the fact that this would be the first time my Uncle’s wing of the family—-the Johnsons—-would bring their considerable fucking prowess to bear on my mother’s branch, the Coopers. (I know there’s already a famous baseball player named Randy Johnson, but he renounced his nickname “The Big Unit” to my uncle, the second that big cock first showed up on camera.) So it was a red-letter day all around.

Of course I wasn’t coming into things a complete virgin. When my mother caught me at 18 having destroyed the entire baseball team when I was head cheerleader at school, she knew that I was destined to follow in her footsteps as an adult starlet. She helped me pick out a porn name (I went by GiGi Jizelle back then, in honor of my GG cups and how much I loved getting them covered in layers of spunk) and introduced me to her contacts in the industry. I was winning AVN Awards mere months later and was considered by insiders to be the hottest thing to happen to the industry my uncle or mother or brother or aunt or cousins, which is saying a lot given how much they all rocked the porn business in their time with it. Basically Coopers and Johnsons all cut their teeth blowing the minds (and body parts) of all the other big names before creating their own arm of the industry.

I got dressed after the mirror confirmed everything I’d hoped about myself (alright, I’ll admit that while I was proud to have a tight six pack, I was still jealous of the eight-pack mom was sporting. I’d have to work out a lot longer to hit that point I guess. I decided to keep it casual today and went with a pair of tight, ass-hugging jeans and a white half-shirt that could do nothing to stop the protrusion of my hard gum-drop nipples.

I bounced (and I do mean BOUNCED) down the stairs into the kitchen for breakfast, and was immediately greeted by the sight of my brother’s gorgeous, muscular back, corded muscles just slightly flexed as he bent over, his big beefy arms wrapped around my mother. I don’t think they were making out exactly, but obviously I’d walked in halfway through some sort of game of sexual chicken; my family was always doing that, teasing each other, pushing one another until someone broke and tried to fuck. It only followed logically that people who watched each other fuck on film all day would want to experience it.

Evan, (that’s my brother) backed off when I said “Good morning!” being as much a cockblock as I was a cocktease in that moment. He turned to face me and I savored the image of him, his massive biceps looking freshly pumped beneath his ripped-up shoulders, the splendor of his perfect stomach showing slightly through the tank-top he wore, cock bulging grotesquely in his board shorts. He grinned that perfect grin of his beneath his brown eyes and hair, looking for all the world like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Of course he’s in the industry as well, goes by the name “Evan Biggur” as a pun on the idea that he’s even bigger than the biggest you’d see on-screen.

“Morning, Julie,” he said as my mother hastily fussed with disheveled brunette escort gaziantep hair, her own brown eyes sparkling with mischief as she took me in.

“Oh darling, you’re looking just radiant today! Are you excited you finally get to get on the family camera?”

I could only nod in response, knowing my still-hard nipples were doing the talking for me in answer to that question.

“Still don’t look as radiant as you, mom,” It was true. Roxy Cooper, or, ‘Gedallia Rocksauff’ as she was known on camera did not look like a woman who could have given birth two me and a strapping son. Her towering five-foot-eleven height always left me feeling humbled, (though not as much as Evan’s 6’4″ footballer build) as did the fact that she was just in incredible shape, every muscle worked out to perfection, not scary big, but pronounced and toned. I was envious of her tits too, whopping HH cups that had barely more sag than my own huge GG’s. She was dressed very similar to me, blue-jeans and a halter-top in her case, but still very little hidden from the world as we prepared for the big shoot.

Evan poured himself a glass of orange juice as mom turned her attention to bacon that was beginning to sizzle.

“Honestly sis, thanks for saving me, I don’t know if I could take more her cockteasing?” I gave a tit-rolling shrug as I helped myself to one of the chairs and a blueberry muffin, “What’s that supposed to mean? You’ve been teased before.”

“Yeah, but this is different, I’ve been uh, saving up.”

I cocked my head at him, “Bullshit! I’ve still heard the usual shrieks of pleasure coming from your room, you’ve been having girlfriends over like usual.”

“Well sure, I’ve been banging the tits off bitches like usual, sure, I just haven’t been uh, ‘completing’ you know?”

“Evan! What have I told you about using that word!?” Mom cut in at him saying ‘bitches’.

He took on a hang-dog look, “You said not to use it if I wasn’t cramming my cock hard and fast into the slut I was calling bitch until she squirted a gallon of cunt-cream.”

“That’s my boy. I raised you with proper morality and don’t you forget it.”

“Shucks, sorry mom. Anyway, the point is, my fucking nuts haven’t been drained in over forty-eight hours now, and that’s the longest I’ve been without release since I got my first fucking hard-on.”

“Oh no, bro! Does it hurt?” I asked, genuinely curious. There were mysteries of male anatomy I’d never understand, even with my ample experience in operating it.

“Not exactly, I mean, it kinda aches, but mostly I just wanna cum real bad. I feel like it’s gonna be epic when I do.”

“I can’t wait to see it!”

Mom swayed around us, deliberately putting her perfect bubble-butt right in Evan’s face as she served me, then turned so he got her tits in profile as she put bacon on his plate as well.

“Actually, your uncle said that he and Johnny have been saving up too, maybe even longer than that. This should be quite the show!”

“Did you guys deny yourselves before last year’s orgy?” I asked.

The orgies had become quite the tradition for the family business. The Fuckatino Film company had been launched in a very smart way. It started with the press releases that celebrated porn star Randy Johnson was leaving the industry and started with him just doing some real basic solo vids, the kinds where he showed off the true dimensions of his incredible cock. One of the reasons he had to leave porn was because his co-stars tended to get too jealous to appear with him in film.. You can’t compete when you’ve been bragging that your nine incher is really thirteen when a genuine cock that’s even bigger than your lying number is also on camera. So even by just showing that beast off he was doing something revolutionary.

Then he added footage with his wife, which everyone loved, many of them not realizing he’d married a porn legend. Finally, rumors started swirling that other families were getting in on it behind the scenes but they didn’t release any footage until they’d cleared a few legal hurdles, their efforts alone redefining what could be legally penalized as incest. In the end, laws changed to accommodate them simply because public outcry to the contrary was too great, the world wanted to see my Aunt and cousins fuck and so long as there were no children from it, there was no harm.

From there, he’d slowly revved it up, longer scenes with more participants until the first orgy involving everyone who wasn’t still locked into industry contracts had gone off last year. I was still bound to mine so I could only jealously watch as my brother and mother came back home, drenched in sex, and so exhausted that even they had to take a day off of sex afterwards, which prior to that had been unthinkable. This year, my contract was up, and I too would get to see what the Fuckatino Family Business was really all about.

I only heard flashes of what had actually gone down. My Uncle getting his whole cock escort gaziantep bayan swallowed for the first time since he’d begun having sex. Mom literally destroying cameras with the power and volume of her squirting. The twins managing to make my brother cum just from rimming him. My Aunt fucking a bed to flinders riding her son. Johnny plowing the twins unconscious. It had gone on for more than a day and the stories were legendary. Now I was going to get to be a part of it!

After our late breakfast we all piled into Mom’s Bentley. It’s not as fun as the Corvette, but that doesn’t sit three as comfortably. I was stuck in the back while mom worked her hand between the gear-shift and the outline of Evan’s stupendous bulge, teasing him mercilessly as the rumbling engine jiggled our tits.

“Nggh, Mom, that feels really good but my balls are already so swollen!” he groaned.

She smirked and scooped a hand into his pants, clearly rubbing away at his overpacked scrotum.

“My poor big boys’ poor big boys.” Her tone was one of motherly concern even though her expression was that of a cock-eating shark.

“My POOR brother,” I joined in, moving unsafely to get my huge boobs grinding against the back of his head.

“Oh you guys are gonna fucking GET it,” Evan said through tightly clenched teeth.

“We certainly HOPE so!” Mom and I said in perfect coke-owing unison.

We arrived at Uncle Randy’s place all pretty worked up, I could feel a quiver in my clit that kept going long after the powerful engine had been shut off. His place looked normal enough from the outside, it was large with a huge bay window, some nice professional gardening out front and even a small tranquility fountain that babbled away on the lawn. Pausing to smile at mom and Evan I finally raised a hand to knock on the door.

________________________________________ (Johnny)

The knock signaled the end of a very pleasant morning. I’d woken up to getting my dick sucked, which was how I often woke up. Sometimes it was My mom. Sometimes it was one of my sisters (or both, they rarely let each other go solo on anything.) Sometimes it was my Aunt Roxy, though that was rare. As far as I was concerned there was no better way in the world to come out of sleep than feeling yourself halfway down a wet hot throat.

This particular morning it was Mom who was doing the sucking, she was slowly jacking my whopper in both hands while her mouth bobbed up and down on my cockhead. I groaned, “Yeah, fucking suck it, mom, I love how you worship this dick!”

Most girls did worship it, really. I was the lucky recipient of proper Johnson DNA, the incredible genetic collection of parts that made muscles come easy, sex last for hours, and above all, my penis beyond huge. Both me and my cousin Evan had the kinds of cocks that shattered the world of pornography, and both of us were just following in our father’s footsteps. I think dad’s a hair bigger than us, but you never know, we’re still young enough we might grow a little yet before we’re done, I’d always like to think I’d be able to take my old man eventually.

Speaking of Oedipus, my mom pulled off my cock, drooling a thick strand of slobber all over my shaft as she moved down to give each of my huge nuts a savoring, worshipful kiss.

“Mmm, morning to you too, mom,” I groggily said as I reached out a hand to paw at one of her enormous J-cup tits.

“Morning, baby. Where do you want to cum?” she asked as she licked up the slobber-trail she’d just left.

“Nnnngh, I hate to say it, but I don’t. Family orgy today and I don’t want to waste even a single load before it begins.

She pouted mockingly, “Awww, after all that work I just did?”

I shrugged, “Tell you what, I promise to save my first load for you. Where do you want it when I do?”

She thought about it a moment, “Half in my mouth, half in my face, baby.”

“You got it.”

“Such a respectful son.” Her giggle was light and tinkly. She gave my cockhead a goodbye kiss before sweeping her long blonde hair back and standing up, adjusting her tits a little before she treated me to an ass-wiggling exit from the room. Mom had always been a cock-tease, but she was a cock-pleaser too so it all balanced out in the end. Speaking of ends, hers was a delight to watch on its way through the door. There’s a reason the industry dubbed her simply enough: “Sexi Lexi”.

Finally I stretched and stood up, heading right to the bathroom to shower. I made it a cold one today, not wanting to knock over any furniture with my famously massive erection. I shook my head as I caught sight of it in the transparent reflection in the glass door of the bathtub,

“Dude, you’ve got a big dick,” I said. Not bragging, it was just the truth. I spread the soap all over the perfectly cut body I’d earned with hours in the gym and days in endless hardcore fuck-fests, I loved the feel of how much my biceps bulged, the way the water flowed into escort gaziantep kızlar different tributaries around my jacked-as-fuck abs, and the comforting stability of my thick-ass quads. My body was built to fuck, and I’d honed into an even more perfect sex-machine with every passing day. As my cock finally began to flag I reached down and cupped the meaty weight of my heavy ballsack, noting that the big boys were definitely heavier than usual, all in anticipation of finally getting to fuck her.

Her? My cousin, the unbelievable piece of ass that was coming to her and my first family “reunion” this year. Julie “GG Jizelle” Cooper had the firmest tits in the family for their size even if they weren’t quite as big as Aunties or Mom’s, and something about her just grabbed me more than any of the thousands of co-stars had so far. Now that she was contract free, it was time to show her what my big fucking cock did to hot pieces of ass like her. But, you know, in a loving kissing cousins sort of way.

I through on the button-up shorts I knew I wouldn’t be wearing long and a tee that hugged my muscles as I went downstairs to join everyone else. The twins were looking pretty hot with their yoga-pants and bikini-tops, both garments hugging every generous curve. I mean, in our family they actually had the tiniest tits to offer, but that still meant Maria and Andrea still had FF cups that blew almost everyone else on earth right the fuck out of the water. Add those crystal-blue eyes and that jet black hair and you might as well have cut the ribbon on a fucking boner-factory right there.

Lastly, sitting back in his big comfy recliner was the man himself, Randy Johnson. I could never stop being thankful this dude was my father, and while I hoped to one day surpass him as the world’s greatest porn star, I would never stop respecting him. The man could tear apart a hole in a way that would still take me years to master. When that knock at the door sounded, he was the one who stood up and let the Cooper family in.

I gave Evan some dab as we both sized each other up; he was a little older and I couldn’t help competing a little, but at the end of the day we’re pretty cool with each other. Still, I’m sure I’m the bigger stud. This was just going to be my first year to prove it.

Randy escorted them to sit on the big-ass couch (that couch has seen a lot action, trust me) and then we all took the different chairs and love seats to join them, the eight of us all kinda making little smalltalk. My eyes were on Julie and that sexy rack of hers, such whoppers I don’t think she was even wearing a bra under that halter and they still looked pushed up.

“So before we get started, I just wanted to make something clear,” Randy said. “This is a Johnson-Cooper family reunion. Now I know you all know that means we’re in for an intense fuck-fest the rest of the world can only watch and envy, but we have two newbies this year. Johnny, Julie, are you both REALLY sure you’re ready for this?”

I snorted, “‘course’.” Because it was obvious. Julie looked confused, “Yeah, why wouldn’t we be?”

Randy stood up then, hooking his fingers through the belt-loops of his shorts, big mitts framing his big package, “Well you need to understand. Normally, when we all fuck out there in the industry like you guys have been doing the last couple of years, we hold back, right? If we didn’t, we’d break our co-stars and probably ruin their careers,”

“Not to mention their holes!” Evan cut in and I gave him an approving high-five.

“Yes, exactly. Now in this, NO one is going to hold back. This is going to be the longest, sweatiest, slobbery-est, ball-slappingest, ass-rippingest, cunt-killingest, gaggyest no-holds-barred slaughter-orgy that you all have ever been through. You might need more time. You might not be ready. You could leave here bruised and humiliated and drained because even though you’re both very impressive specimens of Johnson-Cooper DNA, you haven’t been at this as long as the rest of us and we could leave you in the dust. So I ask again: Are you ready?

I just nodded, but Julie surprised me,

“Ready to get your cock down my throat, uncle,” she said with a giggle. Even he looked surprised, who knew my little kissin’ cousin had grown into such a slut! This was gonna be a fun time. ________________________________________ (Julie) I couldn’t believe what I’d just said! From the looks on their faces, they couldn’t either, but shock was soon replaced by knowing glances and easy smiles.

“Come on, you know what I’m like, you’ve seen my work!” I said, trying to smooth things over a little more.

Then it was my turn to be surprised when Johnny shook his head, “Actually, cuz, I haven’t.”

I frowned, “Why not? Don’t you find me sexy?”

He shook his head again, “It’s not that. I didn’t want spoilers. Ever since you started working I realized you were just the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I’ve been dying for this day and I didn’t want to ruin it.”

The room was dead silent. Johnny seemed to realize what a fawning little speech he’d given and he blushed deep. I decided to rescue him from the awkward moment.

For a moment I thought I must have been a lot more embarrassed than I thought as a trickle of sweat rolled down my neck, but then I noticed drops beginning to bead on Evan’s biceps and Mom’s cleavage too.

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