Carolyn Smirnoff ate her bowl of cold tuna salad with rotini pasta while standing in her kitchen… naked and unashamed in front of her merged children. She knew what she was doing: taunting the Dyadomorph with her blatant sexuality. By the smile meeting her eyes, she thought she might be succeeding. Without any words, the two beings finished their respective snacks, rinsed their dishes, and placed them in the dishwasher.

When Carolyn bent down to place her fork in the utensil tray, she did so by bending at the hips with her legs slightly spread. The Dyadomorph was behind her, so she knew it was seeing her arousal in its full flower. What she didn’t anticipate was for her merged children to squat down behind her, grab those same curvaceous hips, and plant its mouth on her sex…

“Oh God, Rudy baby, that feels soooo good!” Carolyn moaned as she grabbed hold of the countertop above the dishwasher.

“How do you know it was Rudy who initiated this, Mom?”

“Renee… you wanted to suck on your mother’s pussy? Such a naughty girl I raised…”

“Just some…” said the Dyadomorph between licks and probes with its long tongue, “payback for what you did to our sister. Renee and Rudy just wanted to return the favor!”

“You saw all that?”


“Oh, shit! That tongue of yours feels like a great, big cock! Just how far up into me are you planning to go with that thing?”

“Good guess, Mom,” replied the Dyadomorph after it extracted itself, “I’ve morphed my tongue into the shape and size of that big, black dildo you have hidden in your panty drawer.”

“Oh, God! You know about that, too?”

“Yes! Now, lean forward and get ready for some foreplay.”

“If this is your idea of foreplay,” Carolyn said between grunts and swoons, “then I don’t know if I can survive the rest.”

No more words came from the Dyadomorph as its cock-shaped tongue plunged back and forth through Carolyn’s molten folds. The Dyadomorph varied its thrusts; sometimes presenting it to Carolyn like she was being hammered by a soft, firm piston. This technique was interspersed by long moments of slow, perfect pleasure filling every corner of her femininity.

Five, and then ten minutes of ecstasy passed. Carolyn felt her quivering legs supported when it seemed like she was about to collapse from all the sensations bombarding her brain. Then — just as she began to experience her biggest climax yet — Carolyn felt the Dyadomorph cum… a lot! It wasn’t merely the wonderful feeling of a woman accepting her lover’s release, but more like that of a stud’s load being obscenely pumped into a slut hooked on massive creampies. The added pressure increased Carolyn’s orgasm to the point of totally consuming her until she quite literally passed out. When she woke up, Carolyn realized she was back in her own bedroom…

“How did I get…”

“Back on your own bed, Mom?” The Dyadomorph finished for her. “I carried you here and held onto you while Tanya was kind enough to change your bedsheets.”

“My children are so good to me… Thank you…”

“You are most welcome, Mother. Did you like our foreplay?”

Carolyn Smirnoff cracked open her eyelids a bit more and sent a wry smile in the direction of the Dyadomorph…

“Touché! Okay, what’s next? Are we going to do this medical procedure or not?”

“Oh, yes, we most certainly are… if that is your pleasure.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing more than to trust me with your life… Can you do that, Mom?”

Carolyn rose up on her elbows and looked intently at her merged children. Her eyebrows crinkled together and she almost began to cry…

“Did you really have to ask me that, Rudy? And don’t bother trying to deny it, because I know that question came from that part of you!”

The Dyadomorph removed the large towel from around its pregnant waist and draped it over a nearby chair…

“You’re right, Mom, about which of us needed to ask you that question. But, it’s a question every Dyadomorph must ask because every potential Queen Mother of the Nest must voluntarily go through with the procedure. Otherwise, her emotional reluctance would chemically alter her human physiology thus making all future gestations impossible.”

“You mean I am to have more children?”

“More Dyadomorphs like me, except these will not be able to breed.”

“How many more?”

“This would be so much easier if you would just agree to join with me. Then, you would know everything.”

“I don’t need to know everything, darling,” Carolyn said, now fully present in the conversation. “I just need to know the broad outline of what’s about to happen.”

“Fair enough,” replied the Dyadomorph as it sat down on the bed next to its naked mother and took a deep breath. “Tanya already revealed that this is a procedure which makes you immortal. That immortality is to serve the purpose of first assisting the twelve breeding pairs of Dyadomorphs escort forumları in producing offspring. Secondly, once the Dyadomorphs have displaced the human population, the Queen Mothers are there to replace any Dyadomorph who unexpectedly dies from accident or injury.”

“What is your target population?”

“It will take many thousands of years, but eventually there will be approximately one hundred and forty-four million Dyadomorphs managing this fertile planet. Myself, you, and Tanya will be responsible for about twelve million of those births. They will all come from what we call the Nest. This Nest is essentially a center of Dyadomorph creation within a given region of the world.”

Carolyn sat there completely stunned; so much so that she began to laugh. Then she abruptly stopped…

“Are you serious? Twelve million?”

The Dyadomorph nodded its head in confirmation.

“Remind me… just how long is my immortal life going to last?”

“While all human cultural data and the genetic information on every form of life on this world shall be carefully preserved off-planet, you, me, Tanya, and the rest of the Dyadomorphs and their respective Queen Mothers will remain here until the earth is swallowed up by the dying Sun… perhaps as long as ten billion years from now.”

“We never leave?”

“No, we stay behind to do our job until there is no more job to do. This is the way it has always been done. When you go through your transformation into a Queen Mother, you will understand all things.”

Carolyn nodded her head in the most subtle of motions, pursed her lips, and then reached out her right hand to take up the Dyadomorph’s left one…

“Thank you, my children, for telling me the truth before the fact. I am willing to do this thing. It seems that as I gave birth to you, you will now give a rebirth to me! I’m ready…”

“Are you sure, Mom? You’re only immortal for ten billion years, you know… It may not be worth it…”

“Oh, stop it, you two!” Carolyn said slapping the Dyadomorph’s arm. “Or was that just Rudy?”

“It was all Rudy,” replied the Dyadomorph in the clearest approximation of Renee’s voice Carolyn had yet heard coming out of this joined creature.

“This is so damn confusing, kids. Can we just get it done already?”

“Don’t be so impatient, Mom. This quite literally will take all night to complete.”

“Why all night?”

“Because your human genome has lots of errors which need to be permanently corrected or purged. Now, please move over and let me take up position on the center of the bed.”

Carolyn did so, but as she did, an important consideration came into her mind…

“What about the child you are carrying? How will this get done when you’re pregnant?”

“No worries, Mom… This kind of thing happens all the time between Dyadomorphs and their Queen Mothers. The fetus knows how to move out of the way all on its own…”

“Well, okay then. Oh… And before we do this, I’ve been meaning to ask you something else… What did you mean when you said, ‘Well, that explains Tanya?'”

“Throughout all our previous iterations, we never before had a sibling… until Tanya. When Dad got you pregnant for a third time, we were shocked because that wasn’t supposed to be able to happen for you guys. Then when you told us about having your first sexual experiences with Gramps and Uncle Ralph, that solved the mystery for us.”

“How so?”

“Well, not to put too fine a point on it, Mom, but they both came inside you, right?”

“Not my father… he always wore a condom at my mom’s insistence. And, at first, so did Ralph. Then one day — right at my most fertile time of the month — he forgot to put one on and I still didn’t get pregnant. After that, we never again used condoms.”

“You didn’t get pregnant because your genetics were set up so only Dad’s sperm could accomplish conception. Even so, Mom, all those millions of swimmers from your brother slightly altered your physiology making Tanya’s birth possible.”

“Are you saying your sister is the product of my affair with my own brother?”

“Not exactly… but the leftover vestiges of your brother’s seed helped Dad’s sperm get the job done one last time. When we merged with Tanya, we could tell she was the product of you and Dad, but there was additional genetic material there we couldn’t account for. When she went through the transformation, that material was purged along with all her other imperfections.”

“Will that be true for me as well?”

“Yes, it will be. Does that answer all your questions?”

Carolyn nodded coyly, and watched as the Dyadomorph lay back on the bedsheets. In so doing, she also noticed (to her dismay) that Tanya had found and put on the bed its best set of linens. When her merged children finally relaxed into place, Carolyn was astonished to see the pregnant bulge migrate up the gaziantep escort forum Dyadomorph’s torso and down its right arm all the way to the hand which promptly disappeared into the bulge. What remained was an androgynous shape upon which Carolyn felt an irresistible urge to mount. This she did without a single word.

Carolyn Smirnoff sat astride the Dyadomorph’s groin and began to grind her pussy like she remembered Melanie Petersen doing to her brother. She also began to caress her modest breasts and to moisten her lips with her tongue. When the Dyadomorph reached out for her with its left arm, Carolyn instinctively knew to ease her body down upon this humanoid cushion.

“You are very relaxed, Mom. That’s good… Now close your eyes and breath normally. What’s going to happen over the next few minutes is that I am going to fill every opening in your body with myself.”

“Every opening?”

“Yes, every opening… even down to the pores in your skin. But, don’t worry, I will see to it that you get plenty of air.”


That was the last word Dr. Carolyn Smirnoff spoke as a human being.

The first thing Carolyn felt probing into her was what she expected: a large, erect penis making its slinky way into her quivering cunt. But, instead of stopping its penetration at the gate to her womb, she could feel this one squirm and worm its way through her cervix and into her core. From there, it seemed to fill up every nook and cranny to the point where Carolyn imagined it was traveling up and into her fallopian tubes.

The next sensation was more surprising for Carolyn: she detected what felt like a second large cock poking her in her butt. This one, too, slowly worked its way into her bowels; again, seeming not to stop but rather penetrating throughout her entire guts. These twin sensations began to trigger wave upon wave of orgasms in her body and brain — so much so that a warm euphoria enveloped her.

But this envelopment was not merely internal, for Carolyn could feel her whole body being sucked into the Dyadomorph in one, long, slow melt of raw pleasure. Her ears, then her nostrils, and finally her mouth were all eventually penetrated. To Carolyn, it was as if she were being gang-banged by five or six gentle lovers. In reality, she knew it was only her son and daughter curing her from any and every ailment, and purging all defects within her genetic code.

“I now understand what it is to be a fetus growing in her mother’s womb!” Carolyn thought.

Indeed, no closer analogy existed to the process which was happening to her. Carolyn then began to experience a kind of penetration which promised to top every other one she had felt up to that point: the Dyadomorph had crossed the blood/brain barrier in her head and was filling her with… memory!

At times, the recollections came fast and furious while at other moments the images and sounds passed her by like a cool summer evening seated next to a fire pit. More bewildering yet was that these were not all her memories, though things appeared in her mind which she had thought long forgotten. In actuality, the Dyadomorph was restoring all of Carolyn’s remembered lives to her. Concurrently, it was imparting to her Rudy’s and Renee’s memories going all the way back to their creation over twenty millennia hence.

Carolyn saw herself as the mother to the Dyadomorph in every iteration from the first to the last time before the current one. As she witnessed this replay of her many lives, every memory both good and tragic was restored to her. She took it all in with a dispassionate affect which surprised her: like she was a spectator of someone else’s story. When Carolyn thought herself unable to take-in one more morsel of data, another wave of memory swept through her. Then another thought struck her…

“This must explain why human beings have so much unused brain capacity!”

This onslaught of genetic and physical repair coupled with the infusion of billions of years of Dyadomorphic history seemed to Carolyn to go on forever. And all the while, she continued to be immersed in bliss. She both wanted it to end and craved that it would never stop. After many long, laborious (but also luxurious) hours, this process her children had deemed a medical procedure finally reached its conclusion.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

As sunlight began to creep past the window curtains, Carolyn opened her eyes to the fact she was now alone in her California King bed; under the covers — which had not been ruined as she had feared — and back in her nightgown. She was about to throw back the sheets, but was prevented from doing this by the realization that — just as the Dyadomorph had promised — she now possessed complete knowledge of everything.

As she lay there, Carolyn replayed in her mind the long history of the Dyadomorphs and their vast empire of life and bio-diversity management. Carolyn accepted gaziantep escort forumları the logic of it. More than this, even, she saw the beauty of it: more than fourteen trillion planets managed by Dyadomorphs over the long life of the universe.

As Carolyn recalled the name and location of each and every planet, she also ticked off the names of every form of life that planet birthed and nurtured. She glanced over at her bedside clock. Carolyn was astounded to note that not more than ten minutes had passed from the beginning to the end of this mental slideshow. Process completed, this time the sheets flew back and the reborn obstetrician practically leaped from her bed.

Carolyn strode through her open bedroom door and out to the kitchen. Upon reaching it, she was not at all surprised to find her three children naked and eating bowls of oatmeal. As inviting as that image was to her, there was only one thing the good doctor wished to know at that moment…

“How’s the baby doing, Renee? Came through everything all right, I’m guessing?”

“Look for yourself, Mom,” Renee said after swallowing her spoonful of porridge. “See how much it has grown just in the last day?”

“I do see, sweetheart! How much longer until the child emerges?”

“I’m going to estimate two more days… three at the most. What we all went through last night kind of helped to spur things along.”

“How are you feeling, Mom?” Tanya asked.

“Never better, my brave darling! That was some kind of experience, huh?”

“Yeah… So,” the eighteen-year-old continued, “what do you know now that you didn’t know before?”

“Everything; including the plans we have for this little one who will soon be joining our Nest,” Tanya’s mother said as she patted Renee’s bulging belly. “Have you picked out a recipient yet, Rudy?”

“We have, Mom. This one will be for Brad Petersen.”

“Good choice… nice and close to home. What about his sister?”

“Well, Mom,” Renee replied, “Tanya could produce the next Dyadomorph. As you know, that will take about two weeks. So, by the time it arrives and you two get back from your vacation, Melanie will have given birth to her baby. We would have Melanie merge with Tanya’s child sometime after that.”

“And she’ll still be able to nurse…” added Carolyn in a momentary display of her former life. “Good… Well, I guess there will be no more incestuous children for them!”

“Nope!” Rudy, Renee, and Tanya all agreed in unison.

“When do you think I’ll be ready to conceive my next Dyadomorph child?” Carolyn asked with a glint in her eye.

“Since you and Tanya are going up to Canada beginning tomorrow, why don’t we just impregnate both of you today?” Renee suggested.

“Excellent!” Tanya said. “I can’t wait to be implanted with millions of Dyadomorph babies each waiting on its own time to emerge.”

“About that, you two…” Rudy interjected. “Renee and I have an unusual idea we’d like to suggest to you: how would you like it if — instead of a one-time impregnation — we give the Dyadomorphs to you the old-fashioned way — say, just a few at a time?”

Carolyn accessed her vast storehouse of memory and could not located any image or datapoint of a breeding pair of Dyadomorphs rendering pregnancy in this manner. For untold millions of years, Dyadomorphs simply flooded their respective Queen Mothers with the requisite number of babies. It happened only once and the two never mated afterward. What Rudy and Renee were proposing was nothing less than a radical alteration of this time-tested plan.

“Shall I guess why you are proposing this,” Carolyn said, “or do you want to just tell us?”

Rudy and Renee looked at each other and smiled. Rudy nodded his head and Renee spoke…

“You got it, Mom… It’s about the sex… Rudy and I don’t want to stop fucking the both of you. We want to keep making love to our two beautiful Queens for, well… for all of eternity, frankly!”

“See!” Carolyn said with glee as she slapped the top of the kitchen island. “I told you that you’d like sex the way humans do it! Now you guys are hooked, and I am going to enjoy being incestuous again!”

“For millions of years, Mom,” Tanya said. “Don’t forget… you and I are immortal.”

“How could I forget? After last night, I have perfect memory. Thanks, kids.”

“And you are fine about what’s going to happen to the Petersens and the rest of our neighbors?”

“Well, if memory serves, that’s the way it has always been done: we first inherit those humans closest to the Nest geographically, and then slowly expand to an ever-increasing circle of protection. We ignore the very old, the very young, those who are already infertile, and those who are terminally ill. Everyone else is fair game… especially healthy humans of breeding age like Brad and Melanie Petersen. The three of us give birth to Dyadomorphs who subsequently cannot breed. Upon maturity — that is, after a week outside the womb — they become ready to physically merge with a human being whose personality and memories are retained, but nothing more. They are human in appearance only, but fully Dyadomorphs who can alter that appearance when required. Those Dyadomorphs with human children — like the Petersens — will raise them until those kids have gone through puberty…”

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