I was spooned against my mother’s back when I woke up a few hours later. Carol was gone, presumably, back to her own bed. I could feel my limp cock nestled against Mom’s ass. She was breathing evenly, deeply asleep. I had one arm draped over her and she had it pulled snugly against her chest. Even though I was exhausted, the feel of my naked mother, completely relaxed in my arms, made my cock begin to stiffen.

The bedside lamp was still on. I moved as carefully as I could to turn it off but leaning across Mom roused her. She snuggled against me without opening her eyes. “Do you want to fuck me?” she muttered.

I tried not to snicker. She asked so matter-of-factly, as if asking me if I wanted a glass of water. Half asleep, she was tending to her child and accommodating her lover at the same time.

“Later,” I whispered as I snapped off the light and fell back. Mom rolled over and snuggled against me, resting her head on my chest and flattening her tits against my ribs. She draped one of her legs over one of mine and curled it until her thigh was pressing against my balls. She cuddled closer, pressing her pussy against my hip.

“Whenever you want, baby,” she mumbled as she kissed my chest and drifted back to sleep.

She was already up by the time I dragged myself out of bed in the morning. It was early enough that she and Carol should both still be home. I pulled on a t-shirt and the shorts my mother had stripped off me the night before.

The door to Mom’s room was open and I glanced in as I passed. She was standing at her dresser going through her jewelry box. She smiled when she saw me in the mirror.

“Can you snap this for me?” she asked, holding out a bracelet. My throat went dry and my cock was pointing straight up by the time I crossed the room to where she was standing.

She was dressed in a lacy pink bra and matching panties. The satin bra was built more for support than coverage. It cradled her tits without squeezing them, leaving the generous amount of flesh free to move with her every step. The cups were cut so low they barely covered her nipples. I doubted she could bend over without spilling out.

I’d never seen panties like the ones she was wearing. The waistband was sheer lace, probably two inches wide and riding high on her hips. The panties themselves were satin and barely covered her. I could see her ass in the mirror as she turned to face me. The v-shaped fabric covered her trim butt like a bikini. It was much sexier than a thong since it highlighted and accentuated the graceful curve of her backside instead of simply blatantly revealing it. Mom knew the power of leaving something to the imagination. She was an experienced tease.

The most impressive part of the outfit, however, was the garter belt. I’ve never seen a real woman in stockings before. I’ve always thought they were sexy in magazines and videos but to have my own mother standing inches away from me wearing a frilly white garter belt and sheer stockings was breathtaking. Her high heels made the muscles in her legs stand out. Mom’s always had great legs, but seeing them incased in some of the sexiest lingerie on the planet had my cock pounding.

I took the bracelet from her while she pressed her other hand against my chest, offering up her wrist. The scent of her perfume had me reeling. It was difficult to concentrate on closing the clasp while looking down at her tits slowly rising and falling with every breath. Her massaging motions and coy smile didn’t make it any easier.

“You look fantastic,” I muttered, fumbling with the catch. I took my time, in no hurry to end our contact.

“Thank you,” she breathed. “I haven’t worn these things in a long time. The fabric feels so good against my skin. I feel like a sexy little kitten. It’s like I have my own little secret. It’s fun to spend the whole day dressed like this with no one knowing.” With the bracelet finally locked, she dragged her fingernail down my chest. “Except you, of course.”

She stepped closer, wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling herself tightly against me. “Are you going to be thinking of me today while you’re in class?” she asked softly.

“Absolutely,” I answered. “I probably won’t be able to think of anything else.”

She smiled brightly as she rose up on her toes and pressed her lips against my ear. “I’ll be thinking of you too,” she breathed. She flicked my earlobe with her tongue. “And how I’m going to suck your cock tonight when I get home.”

My knees nearly buckled as she ground her taut belly against my cock. “You better go get some coffee before you make me late for work,” she whispered. She kissed my throat as she settled back on to her heels. “If you don’t get out of here, I’m going to fuck you right now.”

My cock had barely receded as I sat at the kitchen table. Mom walked in dressed for work. She was wearing a green dress that I’d seen a hundred times before. It came to just above her knees but I couldn’t help thinking about the bare thighs that lay above her stockings. There escort bayan gaziantep was something extremely erotic about knowing she was dressed like a lingerie model underneath her conservative work clothes. I wondered how many other women I encountered during the day were doing the same thing. The contrast between the hot babe I’d been cuddling a few minutes ago and the professional woman standing before me was incredible. The people in Mom’s life had no idea who they were dealing with.

“You know,” she said, absently, “something occurred to me while I was getting dressed.

“What’s that?”

“Since I just took my shower, this is the cleanest I’m going to be all day.”

I looked at her stupidly, not understanding what she was driving at. I knew for a fact she usually took another shower every evening after work.

“All of me is the cleanest it’s going to be all day,” she hinted. I still didn’t get it.

She rolled her eyes and lifted the hem of her dress, working her hands underneath it. I could see her garters and stocking tops as she began rocking her hips from side to side. Her panties soon appeared. She worked them down her legs and stepped daintily out of them. She picked them up and began folding them absently.

“If someone wanted to lick any part of me, right now would be a good time to do it,” she said, pointedly.

The light finally dawned. “I do,” I volunteered.

Mom smiled. “You do? What part of your mommy do you want to lick, baby?” She moved to stand beside me. Running her fingers through my hair, she tossed her panties on the table.

Even though my mom had used some pretty graphic language the night before, I wasn’t sure she wanted me to. “Between your legs,” I mumbled.

Mom moaned at the idea. “That’s my pussy, baby. Do you want to lick Mommy’s pussy?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Say it,” she breathed. She bent down, pressing her forehead against mine. She rested her hand on my thigh. “Tell Mommy what you want and you can have it.” She ran her tongue across my lips.

“I want to lick your pussy,” I whispered.

“Ooh,” she sighed. “You want to lick Mommy’s pussy? Do you want Mommy to lie on the table and pull her dress up like a nasty little slut so you can lick her sweet little pussy?” My cock throbbed at her lewd suggestion.

“Yeah, Mom,” I answered, boldly. “Lay down so I can eat your pussy.”

She moaned and slowly stretched one leg across my lap, making sure to drag her stocking across my bare skin. She had her ass resting on the edge of the table with her crotch only inches from my face. “Push my dress up, baby,” she breathed. “Take what you want. Make Mommy your slut.”

I put my hands on her thighs and began working the dress up to her waist. Her pussy was framed by her stockings and garters and glistened with moisture. She leaned back on her elbows as I kissed her milky thigh.

“Oh, baby,” she hissed. “That’s so good. You’re making Mommy so hot.”

I ran my tongue up her thigh to her hip and kissed it gently. “You smell so good, Mom,” I breathed. “Your pussy smells like roses.” She had teased me with her questions last night. Now it was my turn. “Do you want me to lick your pussy, Mommy?” I moved my lips closer and gave her another light, teasing kiss, making small circles with my tongue.

“Oh, God,” she groaned. “Yes, baby. Mommy wants you to lick her little pussy.” Her breathing was becoming ragged. “I was thinking about you when I washed it this morning. I was thinking how good it would feel to have my baby lick my hot pussy.”

I moved my hand further up her thigh, squeezing it tightly. “Did you like having my cock in your pussy last night?”

It dawned on me why my mother had been asking me the same kind of questions last night. The verbal foreplay was every bit as stimulating as the physical. My words were having as much of an effect on her as hers had on me the night before. The anticipation was as delicious as the act. The fact that we were mother and son only made it more exciting.

“Did you like the way I fucked you last night?” I asked, growing bolder. “Did you like having your little boy’s cock inside you?” I felt her shudder as I called myself her little boy.

“Yes, baby,” she moaned. “Only you’re no little boy. You’re Mommy’s man now. You’re Mommy’s lover. I loved having your cock inside me. I love the way my baby fucked me with his big, hard cock.” She laced her fingers in my hair. “Please, baby. Please lick Mommy’s pussy.”

“All right, Mommy,” I answered, letting my breath play across her lips. “I’ll eat your pussy like a good boy. I want to taste my mommy’s juices. Is your pussy wet?”

Mom had one hand on her tits, squeezing her nipples through her dress. “It’s so wet, baby. You’ve got Mommy all wet.”

I slid my tongue through her sparse patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. She had only a thin strip of hair directly above her slit. I kissed one side of her mound and then the other before flicking bayan gaziantep escort my tongue across the lips, barely grazing them. She grunted at my teasing touch.

“Oh, God,” she gasped. “Please, baby. Mommy will do anything you want. Just please lick my pussy.”

“Oh,” I chuckled. “Anything? You’ll be a slutty mommy? Will you wear sexy things for me everyday? You’ll be my sexy little kitten?”

“Yes, baby. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll be your slut. I’ll be your little fuck toy.”

I pressed my lips against her labia and moaned, sending vibrations through her. “What a good Mommy you are,” I breathed, kissing her pussy. “You smell so good and you taste so good.” I licked lightly at her lips. “You’re so wet, Mommy. You’re pussy tastes like honey.”

I stiffened my tongue and slid it up her slit, just letting it flick her stiffening clitoris. I felt her fingers clinch in my hair as she tried to pull me tighter. “Oh, God,” she groaned. “Lick me, sweetheart. Lick Mommy’s little pussy. You’re making Mommy feel so good, baby. Please put your tongue in Mommy’s pussy.”

I let my tongue slide between her throbbing lips. “Does Mommy want her little boy to fuck her with his tongue?” I held my head still while I teased her. She was beginning to writhe on the table.

“Should I stick my tongue in your pussy, Mommy?” I asked her between kisses. “Do you want to feel my tongue slipping in and out of your pussy?” Leaning forward, I pressed my mouth over her mound while I drove my tongue deeper. I could feel her clit pounding. Mom was gasping for breath as I lapped at her dripping pussy.

“Watch me Mom. Look at your baby licking your hot pussy. Do you like the way your son eats you? Do you like having your pussy in my mouth?”

“Yes, baby,” she panted. “That’s it. Stick your tongue in Mommy’s pussy and lick it. Make Mommy your slut, baby. You’re so good to me. You treat me just like I want. Use me, baby. You make me feel so sexy. Make Mommy your sexy little toy.” She was grinding her pussy against my face as I moved my lips to her clitoris and began sucking it.

I slid both thumbs to the edges of her pussy and pulled it open while continuing to caress her thighs. “Your pussy’s so sweet,” I muttered. “I love the taste of your Mommy juices.” I drove my tongue deeper and moaned. I could feel the vibrations traveling through her.

“Cum for me, Mommy,” I breathed. “Let me see my slutty Mommy cumming.” I bit her clit lightly and then slathered it with my tongue. She began shuddering.

“That’s it Mommy,” I breathed, lapping at her clit. “Cum for your little boy. I want to see my mommy cumming while I lick her hot little pussy.” I took her clitoris between my teeth for a moment, causing her to gasp. “You taste so good. Your pussy is so sweet. I want to lick it everyday,” I groaned.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “I’m cumming, baby. You’re making Mommy cum with your tongue. You’re such a good lover, baby. You’re more than Mommy can stand. Oh, God.”

She fell backwards on the table shivering. Her entire body flinched and contracted as her orgasm thundered through her. She was writhing so hard I thought she was going to throw herself off the table.

It took her more than a minute to get her breath back. I continued licking, kissing and stroking her thighs as she panted and moaned. I worked my hands underneath her and gave her firm butt a loving squeeze. She finally pushed me back and sat up again. Her eyes were glazed.

“Oh my God,” she groaned. “That was so intense. Where did you learn to treat a woman like that? I can’t believe how good you are.” She leaned forward and took my smiling face in both hands. “You’re such a good lover,” she breathed as she kissed me lightly, tasting her pussy juice on my lips. “You made Mommy very happy but I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk for a few minutes.”

We sat, smiling happily at each other, while she got her strength back. Gentle kisses accompanied her recovery. When she was finally able to stand up she made a show of putting her panties back on, turning her back to me and pulling them tight against her smooth ass. She pressed her hand firmly against the front of them and moaned before lowering her skirt and smoothing it against her legs.

“Let me suck your cock, baby,” she breathed, pushing my legs apart and stroking my hard on.

“You’ll be late for work,” I answered, arrogantly.

“I don’t care.” She sank to her knees and began tugging at my waistband. “Please let me suck your cock. I want to feel it in my mouth.”

Having realized the joy of teasing and the thrill of anticipation, I decided to use my newfound power, even though my cock was pounding. “It will feel even better tonight,” I answered, pushing her hand away. “I want you to be good and hungry when you get home.”

Mom groaned. “Please, baby,” she begged. “Just let me make you cum. I want to taste it. Don’t you want to fuck Mommy’s mouth?”

“Tonight,” I answered.

She gaziantep bayan escort made a face as she stood up. “You’re so mean,” she pouted. “Now I’m going to be thinking about my baby’s cock all day and how much I want it. You’re going to make your mommy have wet panties all day.” She gave me one more kiss before turning away.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her little girl petulance.

“Where’s Carol?” I asked, trying to keep from jumping my mom where she stood.

“She left early.” Mom rummaged in her purse, looking for her keys. “She’s having a hard time with all of this. She’s embarrassed and frustrated.

“She still thinks it’s just a matter of willpower. She’s like an alcoholic who hasn’t admitted yet that she doesn’t have any control over her disease.”

This was my heaviest class day. That’s probably fortunate since it kept me so busy I didn’t have time to obsess about my mother and sister. The drudgery of yet another lecture was interrupted in the afternoon when Mom sent a picture of herself from the waist down to my cell phone. She was sitting on the edge of a desk with her legs crossed. There was just a hint of her stocking top showing.

The guy sitting next to me in class saw it and asked who she was. “My mo… girlfriend,” I answered.

“Lucky bastard,” he grunted and went back to taking notes.

Didn’t I know it.

I was surprised to find Carol fuming on the couch when I got home after class. She was still wearing the denim skirt and tank top that I assumed she’d worn to school. Having seen Mom in stockings this morning, I guessed my sister was wearing pantyhose since the skirt was too short to cover any garters, especially when she had her legs crossed like now. She was kicking the top leg a mile a minute causing the muscles in her thigh to contract and relax. She had her arms folded under her boobs, pressing them upward.

“We need to talk,” she snapped. She was clearly pissed. I wasn’t sure why.

“Okay.” I tossed my keys into the bowl by the door and sat down next to her. She shifted away from me. “What’s the matter?”

Her eyes blazed. “You know damn well what the matter is.”

I wasn’t about to fall for that one. “Sorry. I can’t read minds.”

“You keep fucking me.”

“You keep asking me to.”

“That doesn’t mean you have to. How am I supposed to get over this if you keep fucking me?”

“Mom says you’re not going to get over it.”

“Not if you keep fucking me. I need to stop cold turkey.”

“So stop.”

We were practically nose-to-nose. I couldn’t believe I was arguing with her about her begging me to fuck her. The anger that had been fueling her suddenly ran out. She collapsed into tears.

“I can’t,” she sobbed. She leaned into me, pressing her face against my shoulder.

“I can’t stand it,” she moaned. “It’s all I think about. I fight it as hard as I can but then I break down.” She sat up, wiping her eyes. “It’s like trying to will yourself not to blink. You can do it for a little while but sooner or later you’re going to have to give in and you know it.

“It gets so bad that I have to do something. I keep playing with myself, hoping that if I make myself cum I’ll stop thinking about it. But it doesn’t work. It just makes it worse. What am I going to do?” she sobbed.

I didn’t want to see my little sister in tears, but I didn’t know how to help her. She buried her face in my shoulder while I stroked her hair and tried to comfort her. “Why don’t you get another boyfriend? I’m sure there are lots of guys in school who want to take you out.”

“Don’t you think I’ve thought of that?” she sniffed, slapping my shoulder. “I’m horny, not stupid.”


“It’s not the same.”

“The same as what?” I was genuinely confused. It seemed like a simple enough solution to me.

Carol hesitated. She at up and dabbed her eyes before lowering her head. I felt like we were finally getting to what was really bothering her.

“It’s not the same as with you,” she mumbled.

Of all the answers she could have given, that was the one I least expected.

“Even when I’m with another guy, I’m thinking of you,” she muttered. “It’s not right for a girl to think of her brother that way.” She finally looked up at me and shrugged. Her eyes were red and still teary.

“You’re the one I want to be with and that’s wrong. I fantasize about fucking you and that drives me crazy. Then, when I finally give in and do it, I feel guilty. Then, a day later I’m right back to wanting to fuck you again. Mom was right. I have to fuck. But you’re the only one I want to fuck and that’s killing me.”

I didn’t know how to respond. She had a point. What we had done, at least in our culture, is taboo. Mom and I had managed to get over society’s restrictions but, clearly, Carol hadn’t. I don’t know if we were more pragmatic than her and saw a happy solution to a physical problem or if we were just more perverse.

“When I came downstairs naked the other night, don’t you think I knew what I was doing?” Carol asked. “Why do you think I was so out of control? It wasn’t because I missed Dave. It was because I wanted you and it was driving me crazy. I keep wanting the one man in the world that I can’t have. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. I still do. That’s why I’m mad. There are thousands of guys out there that I could fuck. Why are you the only one I want?”

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