The Convention

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The Conference

I was the youngest female in the office and one of only a handful of single employees. I was recruited to work here right out of college and barely had time to find an apartment before I started work. I was so set on impressing my boss and co-workers that I tended to work 8 to 10 hours per day Monday thru Saturday. My extra hours had paid off, as we were able to develop and market two of my new designs. My reward for this was being able to go to Las Vegas for the annual trade show and to give a presentation on one of our new products. As an east coast girl, I had never been further west than Ohio and only then for a college weekend road trip. I had even skipped the traditional senior year spring break trip to finish up some design work I was doing for extra credit. I was looking forward to spending 5 days and four nights in Las Vegas.

I was to fly out Sunday night with Janet who had assisted me with the new design work. We were going to be sharing a suite in the hotel next to the convention center. As I waited for her at the airport, my cell phone rang. Janet’s appendix had burst and she was in the hospital recovering from the surgery and thus would not be making the trip. I wished her good luck and called my boss. It was too late to have someone replace Janet on such short notice so she wished me luck and told me to enjoy myself. Great I thought, now after my presentation tomorrow morning I would be all alone in a strange city for four days. Little did I realize how wrong I was.

My plane arrived on time and there was a limo waiting to take me to my hotel. Nice touch I thought. The limo driver was friendly and offered to show me around the city, but I politely declined his offer. I wanted to get settled in and prepare for tomorrow. My suite was bigger than my apartment and had two separate bedrooms. I secretly wished that I had someone to share at least one of the massive beds with.

The presentation went great and I got a lot of praise for my design work. One of the men that came up to me afterwards worked for my company’s biggest rival from Los Angeles. It turned out that he, Ron, had been working on a similar design, but had not been able to get it to work. He asked me if he could buy me a drink and pick my brain. As he had the nicest blue eyes, and my patent had already been approved, I agreed. He was staying in the same hotel, so we had our drink in the hotel bar. After talking about work for an hour, he starting asking me about me. It turned out that we had several things, besides work, in common. One drink led to two and before I realized it, it was getting close to dinnertime. I asked him to have dinner with me, but he had been committed to a working dinner with some of his co-workers. He asked if he could meet me after dinner and I agreed. I told him I would meet him back here at 10:00.

I ordered room service, as I didn’t feel like eating out alone. After watching a movie I decided to go back down to the bar. I hated to admit it, but I found Ron very attractive and was considering inviting Escort bayan him to my room. What the hell I thought, men do it at conferences all the time, so why couldn’t I? I sat at the bar for about 15 minutes when I saw come in. He sat at the other end of the bar, which I thought was strange. I waved to him to get his attention and he waved back. He was acting like we had never met before. This infuriated me. I walked over to him and was about to ask him what his problem was when I heard someone calling my name. I turned to find Ron coming into the bar with a few other men. I turned back to the man at the bar and the surprised look on my face made them both laugh. Wow! They were identical twins.

Ron introduced me to his twin Don. I told Ron how I was walking over to see what his problem was for ignoring me when he walked in. They both laughed and told me that this has happened in the past. The three of us moved to a table and ordered another round of drinks. They told me some other “twin tales”, but I got the idea there were other stories that they weren’t telling.

I thought back to a time in college when a male friend of mine had confessed that he had fantasized about bedding twin sisters. As it had been a long time since I had had sex and they, Ron and Don, were both very attractive, the thought of asking both men back to my room was intriguing. This daydream must have been longer than I thought, as Ron was tapping me on the shoulder and asking me if I was okay. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, but couldn’t get the thought of taking these two men back to my room out of my head. I smiled at Ron and told him that everything was fine. After finishing our drinks, I asked if they would like to have the next round in my suite. They both agreed without hesitation.

In the elevator to my floor, I stood between the two men and must have had a smile from ear to ear. I wasn’t sure how to get this started, or if they would both want to have sex with her. Once in the door, it was obvious that we were all thinking the same thing. Ron and Don got on either side of me and both men started kissing me. I soon found myself with four hands running all over my body. I wasn’t sure who was touching me where and I didn’t care. I was horny and wanted this as much as they did.

Ron started unbuttoning my blouse while Don helped me step out of my slacks. I was soon down to my bra and panties standing between two fully dressed men. That thought caused me to shudder. Ron asked me if I was okay and I assured him that I was by helping him off with his pants. As I knelt to help him remove his pants and boxers, Don was unhooking my bra and sliding my panties down to my knees. I was hotter that I can ever remember.

Ron’s erection was now right in front of her. I could hear Don removing his clothes, but was to occupied with Ron to turn around to look. I reached out and pulled Ron to me by his cock. He was as hard as steel and I knew that I needed to suck him into my mouth. As I slid my lips over the head of Ron’s cock, Bayan escort I could feel Con sliding his fingers into my pussy from behind. Normally I liked a lot of foreplay before intercourse, but now I was so horny and so wet, that I just wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard. I took Ron’s cock out of my mouth and held it as I looked back at Don and told him to stick it in. Don rubbed the head of his cock over the outer lips of my pussy and then slowly inserted himself. I resumed sucking Ron’s cock as his brother slid the length of his cock into me from behind. God, I felt like such a slut!

Don’s pace picked up until he was fucking me harder and faster. Each time he pushed all the way into me, it forced me down on Ron’s cock. Don was holding on to my hips and fucking me hard now. The vibrations from my moaning must have felt good to Ron as he had a hold of my head and was now fucking my mouth. This is the fist time in my life that I have ever been with two men before and I have never been so full of cock .I felt like I was impaled on one big cock and was being moved back and forth on it. The three of us were all moaning now and it was going to be close as to who would cum first. I’m not which of the guys came first as I was experiencing the most intense orgasm of my life. I thought that I might pass out from the pleasure that was passing through my body. Ron grabbed my head, threw his back and moaned, as he filled my mouth with a load of his hot cum. Nearly at the same time, Don grabbed on my hips and buried himself inside me as he filled my pussy with his load.

After regaining some control of my body, I got up and pulled both men to the nearest bed. We lay there for about 10 minutes before anyone could talk. Don was the first one to speak and told me that that was quite possibly the best fuck of his life. Ron told him that he was going to have to try my mouth then, as I was pretty talented. Don said that he was game if I was. I reached down to grab his cock for the first time, and found it stating to harden. I stroked him and then leaned over to lick our combined juices off his cock.

I discovered that the two were not totally identical as Don’s cock was slightly longer than Ron’s, but not as thick. Ron not wanting to be left out reached between my thighs and started fingering my dripping pussy. He also pulled and twisted at my up to now neglected nipples.

Don was quickly hardening and I could feel Ron’s cock poking at my thigh. I decided that I wanted to try something that I had once saw in a porno movie, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I decided that Don’s thinner cock would probably fit in my ass easier, so I had Ron roll over on to his back. I straddled him and slid his cock into my very wet pussy. I then told Don that I needed him to get behind me. He must have read my thoughts, as he went into the bathroom and came out with the lotion sample bottle. It would have to do, as I never thought to pack any lubricant.

Don poured the lotion over my ass and worked it into my hole with his Escort fingers. I was on fire again and couldn’t wait for him to slide in and fill me again with his cock. He got into position behind me and rubbed his cock over my asshole. I was so relaxed and lubricated that the head popped in with little discomfort. As he slid into my ass, I started feeling the start of another magnificent orgasm. After he was about half way in, he starting fucking in and out of me. This caused me to move up and down on Ron’s cock. He had been waiting patiently and had keep himself busy sucking my nipples.

The two of them found a rhythm where Ron would push up as Don pulled out. It was hard to describe the incredible feelings that this was causing. Don started getting very vocal telling me how much he enjoyed fucking my tight ass. I could sense that he was getting close to filling my ass with his jism. Don started moaning loudly and came in my ass. After he pulled out, Ron started fucking me with longer strokes. It felt great, but didn’t seem to be enough to push me over the edge that I was hanging on to. I told Ron to hold still and turned around, straddling his body but facing his feet. I then reached back and took his cock and put the head against my stretched out asshole. Even as stretched as I was, it was a struggle to get Ron’s cock in. It was worth it though, because as soon as I managed to get his cock in, an orgasm stared racing through my body. Don reached over and rubbed my clit and that was the final piece that I needed. It was like a bolt of electricity ran through me as I bounced wildly on Ron’s cock. It must have been what he needed as he deposited another load of cum up my ass.

The next thing I awoke to hear the shower running. The bed was a mess, with blankets thrown about everywhere and the middle of the bed was wet with our juices. The room smelled of sex and my ass was pleasantly sore. I lay there thinking about the night before. I smiled, reliving every scene in my head. I had acted like a wanton whore and was actually proud of that. I had acted out two of my fantasies in just one night.

I noticed Don sleeping in the other bedroom and figured that it must be Ron taking a shower. I thought of joining him, but wasn’t sure that I had the strength to stand. I wondered if this would be awkward this morning, with the three of us here, but decided who cares. I had fun and if it was just a one-time thing then so be it.

I lay there trying to think of some more fantasies when Ron came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. He smiled at me and said good morning. He came over to the bed, sat down and told me that I was incredible last night. I told him that he had been pretty good himself.

Later that day at lunch, I got a call from my boss asking me how things had gone yesterday. I smiled to myself and told him fine. He told me that I must have impressed someone as he had received a substantial offer this morning to buy out the company. He was going to consider it for the week and give his decision on Friday. He told me that he would have a hard time turning down the offer, as it would allow him to take an early retirement. I asked him about the offer, but all that he would tell me is that it was a company from Los Angeles that was owned by twin brothers.

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