Lickety Split Ch. 09

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I will never forget that summer. It was perfect, the culmination of so many things in my life, so many things that I had been wishing for and wanting for years.

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in sex and I loved to see naked bodies. I was always frustrated by the fact that it was considered wrong to touch other people when they were naked. Whenever I got to see someone in a state of undress, while swimming or changing clothes, I would treasure the memory and think of it again and again. I loved the dizzy feeling that it gave me.

When I was old enough to have a better understanding of what sex was I was so happy to realize that I was going to be pretty. Adults always said things like “What a lovely little girl,” “What beautiful hair and eyes she has,” “She’ll be a knockout when she’s older.” And I would think about how I was going to be beautiful and have a beautiful body that other people would love to look at and touch.

The first time that I got to look at and touch someone else’s body the way that I wanted to and have them touch mine was with my older brother, Jake. Mom had decided that we were old enough to stay by ourselves during the day and so she got a job, leaving us home alone. We started “swimming” in the bathtub, only we didn’t wear swimsuits. Day after day we would stay in the bathtub, sometimes for more than two hours at a time, and I would devour Jake’s nude body with my eyes and revel in the fact that he was doing the same thing to me.

Then one day we washed each other. I thought I was in heaven when I soaped up Jake’s cock and the rest of his body but it was nothing like what it felt like when he soaped up my little pussy. He spent a lot of time on it. I would have let him wash it forever. His touch sent shivers of pleasure all over my body. It felt so so good.

That night I reevaluated my obsession for touching naked bodies and decided that I needed to add having my own touched also. In fact it probably needed to go at the top of the list. The next day I couldn’t wait to jump into the bath with Jake but he turned me down, said he didn’t want to do it anymore. I asked him again and again and he always refused. I was so confused and hurt. I couldn’t figure it out at all. Had I done something wrong?

I noticed that Jake was behaving a little strangely in general and I decided to discover what was going on. I started spying on him, telling him that I was going to a friend’s house and instead watching him through the windows of our house. I saw him playing with his cock. First it would be soft and then hard. He would rub it and pull on it with his hand and then suddenly white stuff would shoot out of it. I remembered that his cock would always get hard when we took a bath together. Had he stopped taking a bath with me because he didn’t want me to see him rubbing his cock? I could never be sure.

I kept spying on Jake, watching him play with his cock. I loved it, it was so naughty. And I figured that if Jake was playing with his cock then I could do the same with my pussy. I lay in bed one hot summer night and gave myself my first orgasms. I was totally hooked on the sensation and had my hands down my panties whenever I had any privacy after that long hot night. What I really wanted to do was rub my pussy when I was watching Jake but it was too risky to do that in broad daylight in the backyard.

Instead I started hiding under Jake’s bed at night. I would put on a nightgown, remove my panties and slip under his bed before he went to his room at night. I would pull my nightgown up under my armpits and tickle my nipples until Jake came to bed. By the time he Escort bayan got into bed and started jacking off my pussy would be ready to explode. I would listen to him playing with his cock and I would attack my pussy as quietly as possible, pushing hard on my little clit and having huge orgasms.

Just as I had sensed a change in Jake after he started rubbing his cock I knew that he had sense a change in me. He must of guessed that I was playing with my pussy because one day I saw him rummaging through my dirty clothes hamper. He found a pair of panties. It was the pair that I had worn the day before and I knew that I had gotten my pussy juice all over them while riding a toy at the local park, riding it hard. Jake smelled the crotch of my panties and then wrapped them around his hard cock and jacked off, shooting the white stuff into my panties. I couldn’t believe it! As soon as I “got back home” I ran to my room, pulled out those panties and rubbed them all over my pussy, cumming into them all over again. After that I always made sure that there were cum-soaked panties in my hamper for Jake.

Soon after that our cousin Will came to visit us for two weeks. He and his sister, Heidi, came every summer. After two weeks at our house Jake and I would return with them to spend two weeks at theirs. That summer Heidi went to horseback riding camp instead. I was a little disappointed but mostly relieved. I didn’t want her interfering with my spying on Jake and Will and I knew that she was too immature to be interested in what they were doing. At least the way that I was interested.

That summer I watched Jake and Will jacking off together all the time. In fact that was the summer that I first heard words like “jack off” and “cock” and “cum” and understood what they really meant. The next summer I was able to ditch Heidi a few times and catch the boys at it. I was surprised to find that they were now jacking each other off and even doing it with their mouths. I wanted to do the same thing with Heidi more than anything but I knew that she was still too immature. I would have to wait a few years.

In the meantime I had met a new friend named Nikki. Her parents had a huge collection of porn and I would go over to her house and we would look at it together. We never did anything and for the most part I was pretty sure that Nikki didn’t even masturbate. When the time came that I thought that Heidi would be mature enough I decided to test my seduction technique on Nikki.

The whole thing was pretty much a disaster. I waited until we had finished watching a porno. I knew that they always made Nikki hot so I thought that would make it easier for me to convince her to let me get her off. I asked her if she would let me play with her pussy and give her an orgasm like the people on the video. She refused. I started telling her how silly of her it was to watch these videos all the time and get all hot and wet and not do anything about it. I knew that she didn’t masturbate. I couldn’t understand how she could get all worked up like that and not have any kind of release.

Didn’t she want to know what it felt like? Didn’t it look like it felt good? I finally convinced her to let me do it. She was tense and uptight, afraid, I knew that there wasn’t any sense in foreplay. I took off her pants and went straight for her pussy, prying her legs open. It was hot and wet and it tasted delicious but I could tell that Nikki hated my mouth on her cunt. I let my tongue play and wander, noting what got an unwilling reaction from her.

The whole thing didn’t last long and Nikki stopped talking to me after that. But Bayan escort it was worth it. I’d tasted my first pussy and I loved it, I had a little experience. I couldn’t wait for Heidi to arrive. I was going to do my best to get her to spread her legs for me and let me eat her pussy. I would do it right this time and she would beg me to eat her out again and again.

Heidi wasn’t as hard to seduce as I thought she would be. I’d stolen several porn mags and a few videos from Nikki’s. I’d made sure there was girl-on-girl sex in all of them. Heidi and I giggled over the magazines together. When we watched the pornos I could tell that they were getting her hot. Later I talked to her about it, suggesting that we might try it. Just to see what it was like. I talked to her when she was cold and able to make a real decision. Not when she was hot from watching porn like Nikki had been.

She agreed, she was ready to experiment. I went down on a girl for real for the first time. Taking my time, kissing her lips and her titties, licking her pussy again and again. She loved it and I loved it. The taste and smell of her. The sound of her moaning. The feel of her against my lips and tongue, in my mouth. It was so much better than I had ever imagined. She had her first orgasm in my mouth and I lapped up her delicious juices.

She was also willing to go down on me. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I felt her hot pink tongue on my cunt. It was so much better than my own fingers. I had a beautiful orgasm and we decided that we would have to do it again and again, it was so great. We started calling it Lickety Split because of all the licking and the slit on our pussies.

Heidi said that when we returned to her house for our two week visit that we would have to teach her friend Lynn to do Lickety Split. The last time I’d seen Lynn was when we’d visited Heidi and Will over Easter. She was a curvaceous redhead with titties that were already big and promised to be huge. I couldn’t wait to get my hands and mouth on her.

It wasn’t so hard to seduce Lynn either. She was definitely cold and uptight but after watching me give Heidi an orgasm she couldn’t resist having one of her own. In half an hour we’d turned her from a frigid virgin into a hot slut. Then the greatest thing happened. My brother Jake and Heidi’s brother Will must have heard us moaning and screaming over the blaring radio because they picked the lock on the door and burst into Heidi’s room.

Oh the looks on their faces!! I was lying on the bed with my legs spread wide and Heidi’s face in my hot pussy. Lynn was just reaching over to grab a handful of my soft little titty. The guys crossed the room to get us. They were so hot and lusty, desperate to get at our pussies and fuck us hard. I jumped out of bed to confront Jake. I was going to let him have my pussy all right, but I wanted to fight first. I wanted it to be extra hot.

Oooooh the horny bastard tied my hands behind my back and ate my pussy like a pro. It was so hot and naughty, my very own brother! I thought I would never stop cumming with his hot strong tongue on my clit and in my hole. When he was finished I begged him to fuck my pussy. He untied me and lay on the floor, letting me mount his cock and ride him hard. I was a little awkward at first, it was my first time, but it didn’t take me long to get the hang of it. And it felt so good to have Jake’s cock inside of me. To be on top and in control, grinding my pussy on his hard cock. While I was riding him I noticed poor Lynn lying on the bed under Heidi who had just been fucked by her brother Will. Poor Lynn hadn’t gotten Escort anything and it looked like she was about to explode with lust. I told her to sit on Jake’s face and I rode my brother’s big hot cock while I watched Lynn orgasming into his mouth.

And that wasn’t all. The next day I got the thing that I had been dreaming of since I saw it on a porno. Lynn had gone home after our afternoon orgy and given her virgin pussy to her own older brother. The next morning she brought him back to Heidi and Will’s and they joined the orgy that we had already started. Oh it was great, so fucking great. People were licking, sucking and fucking all over the place. Naughty Heidi begged Lynn’s brother Shane to spank and fuck her ass. Shane then fucked my brother up the ass while I sucked on Jake’s big cock, Shane’s every thrust driving Jake’s cock deeper into my throat.

Then, ah then. We’d thrown a mattress on the floor of the den and while the guys rested we three girls rolled around together on it. We kissed and sucked and licked each other while the guys watched. Lynn had already fucked my pussy with a candlestick and I used it now to fuck Heidi’s pussy while Lynn licked my asshole and rammed three fingers in and out of my cunt. We just kept passing the candlestick around and fucking each other with it again and again.

When the guys were all hard again I explained what I wanted. Jake lay down on the bed and I mounted him, feeling his cock sliding into my wet wet pussy, leaning on his strong chest and looking into the blue eyes that I had always loved. Shane dipped his cock into his sister’s pussy to get it good and wet and then started pushing it up my ass. I’d asked Shane to do my ass because he had the biggest cock. It was so huge and didn’t have much room to enter my ass seeing as how my pussy was already stuffed with my brother’s cock.

I moaned and screamed as Shane fed his cock up my ass. It was so painful but it felt so good. I was full. So so so so so full of cock. I was shaking and grabbing handfuls of the old blanket that covered the mattress. Jake was bucking his hips the slightest bit even as Shane eased his cock into me, already giving my pussy a little fucking. His hands were busy pinching and twisting my nipples. He kept telling me what a fucking gorgeous little slut I was.

Shane was finally all the way inside of me. I was absolutely unable to get control over myself, even breathing sent waves of pleasure through me, making me let out little screams, my pussy and ass were so painfully full. I called for Will and he knelt in front of me over my brother’s head and I took his cock into my mouth. Full full full. I had a cock in every hole.

They started fucking me, Shane ramming his huge cock in and out of my ass and Jake coordinating his movements with Shane’s. Will held my head between his hands. Every time I was pushed forward by one of Shane’s thrusts he would ram his cock deep into my mouth. I was being torn apart by those big cocks and all that I could do was orgasm again and again and again until one by one they shot their loads of cum into me. First Will shot into my mouth and I licked up and swallowed as much of his cum as I could. Then Jake, shooting his cum deep into my pussy, his cock growing soft and falling out of my cunt as Shane continued to fuck my ass as I lay on top of my sweet brother.

Finally, Shane pulled his cock out of my ass and sprayed cum all over my ass and back. He rolled off of me and lay beside of us, breathing heavily. I heard Heidi and Lynn talking but my blood was still rushing so fast through my body, all that I could hear was its whoosh in my ears, I couldn’t make out their words. But I shivered with pleasure as I felt their hot little tongues, darting and licking over my ass, lapping up Shane’s jism.

I lay there and gloried in it. I knew that it was only the beginning.

To Be Continued…

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