Beach Sex

We had passed out on the living room floor. None of us made it to our respective bedrooms. So, we all awoke aching from sleeping on the hard floor. The girls had the added discomfort of all the dried cum still caked to their bodies.

First things first, we all chipped in to clean up from the party. All seven of us spent the morning naked, straightening up the furniture, throwing away cups, and replacing the ice in the beer cooler. Anna got down on all fours to try to scrub the few errant drops of cum out of the floor, and I caught Jessica stealing a couple glances at my girlfriend’s ass. Lauren may have the best tits in this group, but Anna works hard to have the best ass.

Although the morning wasn’t quite the party last night had been, I was still enjoying myself. How could I not, with these four lovely ladies so casually naked? I noticed that Callie’s nipples were poking out all morning, so either cleaning turned her on, or her nipples were always that pronounced. I had been out on the town with these girls before when they were all done up, but for me, this is the hottest they had ever looked. Their comfortable confidence in their nudity was impressive and I love their messy bedhead.

When the cleaning was done, Lauren suggested spending the morning relaxing in the hot tub, and we all agreed that was a fantastic idea. The girls were obligated by Rule

to skinny dip, and the three of us guys didn’t bother with swim trunks either. Maybe Charlie and Mark were hoping like I was for some early fun in the hot tub.

We all climbed into the hot tub, sitting next to our respective partners. I had Anna on my left and Jessica on my right. Steam rolled out of the hot tub into the chilly morning air. The hot water felt great on our aching muscles and joints. Tonight I was definitely sleeping in a bed. We chatted languidly as we luxuriated.

As the conversation turned to last night, I felt like expressing gratitude on behalf of the guys. “Girls, I gotta say, this has been such an amazing graduation party. I think Mark and Charlie will agree that we’ve had so much fun since we got here and we appreciate how awesome you girls are.” The other guys nodded their agreement, and the girls all smiled broadly.

“Good! And I know I speak on behalf of the girls when I say this has been fun for us too, and we’re glad you guys agreed to help us check some items off our bucket lists.” Lauren said.

“Speaking of which,” Anna began. “What do you have planned for us this evening, Callie?”

“Pffft, like I’d tell you.” Callie responded without opening her eyes from where she was resting her head back on the edge of the hot tub. “It’s gonna be way more fun than last night’s games though.”

“Hey!” Lauren objected. “My games were plenty of fun! You came, didn’t you?”

Callie smirked, “I’m just teasing you. Yes, your games were fun. My games are gonna be fun too.”

“Hey, speaking of games,” I interrupted. “What was my prize for winning last night?”

Lauren laughed, “Sorry, bud, my night’s over.” She must’ve seen a little disappointment flash across my face. “I’ll have to owe you one?” she suggested with a glance at Anna, who nodded.

The conversation shifted to other banal matters and I figured the girls would excuse me if I didn’t contribute much. I was so relaxed that I actually began to fall asleep.

Until I felt my girlfriend’s slender fingers wrap around my dick. I just smiled and didn’t open my eyes. She stroked me softly, slowly at first. My cock grew gradually in her grip. She kept talking to her roommates as if nothing was happening below the surface. She twisted her hand on the upstrokes and pumped straight down on the downstrokes. I wondered if she intended to make me cum in front of her friends. Then, I felt a second, slightly smaller hand join my girlfriend’s. I opened my eyes and saw Jessica smiling at me. Having two girls working my dick, one of whom was a committed lesbian, got me rock hard in an instant. I looked around the circle and it seemed like the other guys were getting handjobs too. The conversation died down as the girls concentrated on getting the guys off.

Anna and Jessica turned to face me in the hot tub and they started pumping faster. One would fondle my balls while the other stroked my shaft, then they would switch. I reached out and started playing with their boobs. I had never felt Jessica’s before, but for size they were a carbon copy of Anna’s. I pinched Jessica’s nipple and pulled. Her eyes flashed with arousal as she gave an involuntary moan. She leaned toward me with determination and started stroking faster. I wondered how many guys she had gotten off before.

Anna, not to be outdone, took a deep breath and dunked herself under the water. She pulled Jessica’s hands off me and replaced them with her mouth. If there’s one thing Anna’s best at, it’s blowjobs. She pumped her head up and down on my cock while under the water and swiped her tongue back and forth along my shaft. She escort tanıtımları sucked so hard it felt like my dick was in a vacuum. Jessica, having lost her plaything, scooted closer to me and began making out with me. I let my hands roam over her body until I found her ass, which I massaged liberally. Anna had to come up for air periodically, gasping, continuing to stroke me while she caught her breath, and then she’d dive back under. With her head down, her booty floated to the surface until the two naked humps were all you could see of her. I was trying my best to hold on, but I knew I wouldn’t last long. On her third breath, Anna took me all the way down to the hilt. She stuck her tongue out and swiped it on the only part of my balls she could reach. That pushed me over the edge.

My body convulsed and I involuntarily jerked my hips at her face, driving my dick even deeper into her throat. Jessica stopped making out with me so she could sit back and watch my orgasm. When I’d finished unloading cum into Anna’s throat, she gave me a couple more tight strokes with her lips to clean me off, swallowed, and then she resurfaced, breathing heavily. The other two guys had already cum at some point while I was distracted. Now, Callie and Lauren were making out with each other, swapping their boyfriends’ cum back and forth.

I sighed heavily, contentedly. “Thank you, Jessica.”

“Mmm, my pleasure,” she responded. “I hope you all don’t mind if I get myself off now?”

We all sat back and relaxed, while Jessica played with herself under the water. It seemed like even more than needing to cum, she was trying to put on a show for us. Several times, her breathing would speed up shakily, and then she would stop and come back down, denying herself the orgasm. We could imagine what her fingers were doing under the water, but all we could see was her neck and her face. Her beautiful blue eyes flashed as her mouth whimpered. Her neck muscles strained as she worked herself faster. When she finally let herself peak, she stammered out, “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!” and on the way back down, “hmph, hmph, hmph” as her body shook with three mini-convulsions. She breathed deep and opened her eyes to look at us. We all smiled back at her with appreciation for her performance.


We eventually got out of the hot tub and made some sandwiches. As we ate, we talked about how we’d spend the afternoon. Charlie and Mark wanted to play some video games. Callie and Lauren wanted to go for a hike. Anna declined to join them because she was physically exhausted from her blowjob (a claim which was met with small applause and a wolf whistle from her roommates). Jessica declined them because she doesn’t like the outdoors. I said I’d accompany Callie and Lauren on their hike, if they wanted.

I put on some shorts and a t-shirt. After some debate and compromising, Callie and Lauren put on knee-high compression socks, hiking boots, and fanny packs. With a goodbye kiss from Anna, I set off to explore the woods with her roommates. Callie and Lauren led the way because they knew the local trails, and I walked a few feet behind them where I could admire their long legs and shapely asses.

As we walked, we chatted about our plans after graduation. I rarely if ever spent time with these girls without my girlfriend, so it was nice to get to know them a little better. Besides being hot, they were also genuinely nice, funny, pleasant company. And I’m not just saying that because I could see their tits jiggle every time they laughed.

“Anna is such a sweet girl,” Lauren said.

“She really is. I’m gonna miss hanging out with her.” Callie added.

“You know this whole nude vacation thing was her idea?” Lauren asked me.


“Actually, yeah.” Callie said. “You wouldn’t expect it out of her because she’s so reserved normally. But I think that’s why she suggested it. She’s been itching to cut loose.” Callie explained.

“I had no idea. I assumed this was Jessica’s idea.” I said.

The girls laughed together. “I mean, that was a good guess. She is a little troublemaker.” Lauren said.

“By the way…” I started. “This morning, in the hot tub… Jessica… I mean, I didn’t know she’d be interested…”

“No,” Callie agreed. “That was a surprise. Although, not that surprising. I um… I accidentally walked in on her with a girl one time. She was totally getting fucked doggystyle by some blonde with a strap-on.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Lauren countered. “Lesbians use strap-ons all the time.”

“They were role playing. She called the blonde Darren.” Callie revealed. Lauren gasped and looked at me. “I think that’s why she always walks around topless while you’re at our apartment.”

I was floored. I started imagining the possibilities of me and Anna and Jessica.

“Oh, someone’s turned on…” Callie smirked.

“The truth is, we’ve all fantasized about being with you, gaziantep escort telefonları Darren.” Lauren informed me. “Anna isn’t exactly quiet when you fuck her. It sounds like she’s having so much fun! One night…oh gosh… one night, I don’t know what you two were up to, but it sounded so hot. I snuck out of my room and down the hall so I could listen at Anna’s door. But when I got there, I found Callie already there listening!” Callie giggled at the memory. “We ended up both slumping against the door and masturbating side by side to the sound of Anna getting railed.”

I didn’t know what to say. “THAT should’ve been your favorite masturbation memory in last night’s game!” I accused.

The girls both laughed. “Anna isn’t supposed to know about that!” Lauren stage whispered.

“Look, we’re here,” Callie declared.

I hadn’t been paying attention to the last mile of our trek, but now that I looked around, we had reached a cliffside overlooking a second lake. The view was stunning.

“Wow,” I said, sitting down on a fallen tree trunk.

The girls were still standing, about a foot in front of me. They unzipped their fanny packs and pulled out water bottles. I took one and the girls shared the other. When I’d drunk about half of it, I set it down on the ground next to me. The girls took off their fanny packs and hung them on a nearby tree branch. Lauren unzipped one and took out a hair tie for each of them.

“Now you sit back and enjoy the view,” Lauren told me. The girls both got on their knees in front of me.

“Whoa, what about Anna?” I asked.

Callie looked at me like it was a stupid question. “This is what she signed up for. She stayed behind today just to give us this opportunity.” Then she unzipped my shorts, pulled out my cock, and popped it into her mouth. Callie bobbed her head up and down, while Lauren watched. After a minute, Callie pulled off and let Lauren take a turn. The two girls put their lips on either side of the head of my cock and then kissed their way down my shaft together. I had never felt anything as wonderful as getting head from two girls at once.

Callie took control of the blowjob as Lauren crawled backwards away from my dick. Callie got on all fours into a doggie style type position as she sucked my cock. Lauren got behind her and leaned in to start eating her out from behind. Callie moaned around my dick and then resumed sucking with renewed vigor. I started thrusting into Callie’s face as my arousal overtook me. Callie let me fuck her face for a while, but then she pulled away for a breather.

Lauren crawled forward and took full control of the blowjob again, so Callie stood up and walked over to the packs hanging from the tree. She opened hers and produced a bottle of lube. She told Lauren to turn around. Callie spread lube on my throbbing erection and a little on Lauren’s dripping pussy. Lauren backed herself onto me and quickly impaled herself on my cock. She felt so warm and tight, I almost came immediately. As Lauren began to ride me, Callie laid herself down on her back in front of Lauren. Lauren bent at the waist and enthusiastically munched on Callie’s clit while still riding me. It was so hot to see Lauren’s beautiful face latched on to Callie’s big red bush.

I stood up without removing my cock from Lauren’s pussy. I continued to fuck her, now from a standing position while she ate out Callie below her. From this position, I could see so much of Callie’s beautiful body. The three of us fucked for what felt like forever. Finally, I felt Lauren’s lips contracting and squeezing my cock tighter. At the same time, Callie’s body arched forward, thrusting her tits toward the sky. As they both came down from their orgasms, I felt my own rising.

“Cum for me, Darren. Cum deep in my pussy. Please cum for me!” Lauren screamed.

I grabbed her hips and thrust as deep into her as I could, as I unloaded my cum between her warm folds. As my orgasm subsided, I fell back onto the fallen tree trunk and sat there catching my breath. Lauren stayed positioned where she was. Callie crawled around and shimmied her way under Lauren, until Callie could place her lips right on Lauren’s pussy. Lauren shuddered at the new soft contact. I watched from less than a foot away as Callie dug her tongue into Lauren’s pussy, fishing out every drop of cum she could find. When she was satisfied, Callie laid her head back on the tree trunk I was sitting on, and Lauren dropped to her side to rest.


The hike back to the cabin seemed to go faster now that I knew where we were going. Along the way, the girls effused how much fun they had and how glad they were I accompanied them on their hike. They told me how this was the first lesbian experience they’d had (besides masturbating together outside Anna’s door that night, and making out in the hot tub that morning).

When we reached the cabin, the girls were ordered to immediately gaziantep escort bayan telefonları remove their knee-high socks and their boots. They did so and then scampered off to shower. I noticed they entered the same bathroom together, and I smiled imagining what they might be getting up to.

I found my girlfriend Anna in our bedroom, reading. I asked what she got up to while I was out hiking.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll tell you one day,” she teased. “But not today. I just hope you had as much fun with Callie and Lauren as I had here.” Her eyes twinkled.

The implication was hard to swallow, but I couldn’t object too much after what I’d gotten up to with her roommates. Instead, Anna followed me into the shower and helped me clean off. Neither of us got off, but we did play with each other as we soaped our bodies.

Dinner was another round of burgers and a couple beers. I enjoyed our light conversation, but I, like everyone else I suspected, was distracted and anxious to find out what Callie had planned for our after-dinner entertainment. Callie finally decided it was time and she gathered us in the living room.

“For tonight’s entertainment, I have another game planned.” she announced. She produced a blindfold from a drawer in the tv stand. “The game is called, Guess Who’s in my Mouth!” We all tittered excitedly. “The rules are simple. Jessica will put on this blindfold and sit on that couch. One at a time, the guys will each walk over and put their dicks in her mouth. Jessica must decide which dick belongs to which dick.” Callie giggled at her own pun. “Then, Lauren will put on the blindfold, get the same treatment, and make her guesses. And so on. Then, we repeat with each guy blindfolded and guessing which pussy belongs to which girl.”

This sounded like a lot of fun. I also wondered if our interlude this afternoon had been Callie’s attempt to learn what my dick felt like in her mouth so she could cheat at her own game. I smiled at her knowingly.

“Jessica, if you wouldn’t mind?” Callie directed Jessica to the prescribed spot and the game began.

I went first. I stepped up to the blindfolded Jessica, took my cock out of my shorts, and touched the tip to her lips. Jessica tentatively opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The rest of the girls were watching with their hands covering their mouths, trying not to laugh. Jessica gave some long slow licks to the underside of my penis. She put the head in her mouth and suckled on it. She started to reach for the shaft with her left hand, but Callie accused her of cheating because this was an “oral-only game.”

Jessica complained, “Ugh, this is so hard!” The rest of the girls giggled. “No, I mean, this isn’t fair! The only dicks I’ve ever had in my mouth were all silicone. How am I supposed to distinguish?”

“Boo hoo, time’s-a-tickin, make your guess, slut!” Lauren called out.

“Ok, ok, um, this one’s…I don’t know, Mark!” Jessica guessed.

I stepped away and Mark took his turn next. Jessica investigated this new penis about the same way and eventually settled on guessing Charlie. Charlie went next and Jessica guessed me.

“Ok, Jessica, you may remove your blindfold.” Callie directed. “Your score is… drumroll please… ZERO!”

“Damnit!” Jessica exclaimed. “Oh, whatever, this game is stupid.”

Jessica handed the blindfold to Lauren, who took a seat. I was distracted ogling the other girls who were dancing on each other while waiting their turns, so I didn’t really watch the proceedings. Mark went first this time (Lauren correctly identified her boyfriend’s dick), then Charlie (Lauren incorrectly guessed his dick was mine).

When it was my turn, I stepped up to Lauren and presented my penis for inspection. Lauren readily opened her mouth and began sucking me earnestly. It was so hot watching her head bob so thoughtfully, her brow furrowed in concentration. After working me for a couple minutes, my cock grew to its full hard length. “Oh, no,” Lauren said. “I think THIS is Darren. I wanna change my last answer!”

“Too late!” Callie deemed, as the referee to the game she devised.

“Ugh! Fine. Well, still, I’m guessing this one is Darren.”

“Ok, you may remove your blindfold, Lauren.” Callie instructed.

Lauren removed her blindfold and looked up at me. “Fuck! Ok, so I got at least one right and at least one wrong.”

“You also got your boyfriend right, you lucky duck.” Jessica said.

“Right, so Lauren is in the lead with two points.” Callie declared.

Lauren handed off the blindfold to Callie, and the process repeated. Again, I was too distracted to observe her technique, until it was my turn, going last again. Callie didn’t so much suck me in as she focused on licking every part of my dick and balls. It was like she was taking measurements for a 3D model in her mind, using only her tongue as the measuring instrument. Still, any contact is good contact, so I stayed hard throughout her investigation. When she was done, she guessed that I was her boyfriend Charlie. Knowing she had tried all three cocks, she took the liberty of removing her blindfold. When she saw me standing above her, she cussed immediately, and looked to Lauren for her score.

“You only got one right, and it was Mark.” Lauren informed her. “Sorry, Charlie. It must suck having a girlfriend who never sucks you.”

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