Previously on Part 1: Nearly ten years ago, Liz was in desperate need of affection and indulged with her husbands best friend, Phillip. Her husband never knew, but the marriage ended anyway. Now, she finds her self at a party and seeing Phillip for the first time in years.

That’s What Friends Are For, Chapter 2: Last Chance for Love

Ten years ago, Liz Conway cheated on her husband. Her now ex-husband, but the cheating wasn’t what caused the breakup. Not exactly anyway. It certainly didn’t help her happiness level in the aftermath. She had an affair, a one night stand with her husband’s best friend, and the sex had been excellent. Best she’d ever had; but it had also only been a one time thing.

From that moment on she had stayed away from Phillip McKenzie as much as she possibly could. At first it had been tough. The memories of their intensely erotic sex had flashed through her mind for weeks afterwards. Even now, if she thought about it she smiled and felt her cheeks flush at how crazy the whole thing had been.

Liz and her ex-husband David had held a party at their house. David went to bed early after drinking far too much and somehow she and Phillip were left by themselves after having engaged in pretty outrageous flirting all evening. Things had gotten out of hand and eventually she had found herself bent over her own table, in her own backyard, in full view of anyone who might have been around to look; bent over a table naked completely naked and being by Phillip from behind with everything he had to give her.

Now, she shook her head. She couldn’t believe she’d done that. Drunk or not, desperate for sex or not, upset with her alcoholic husband, even still; really no excuse for that kind of reckless behavior. Right there outside, in her own backyard, bent over and moaning about the huge dick plowing into her, and on top of that she still had cum in her mouth from when she’d given Phillip a blow job a few minutes before.

Outrageous is what it was. Completely outrageous. She’d begged for him to cum inside her in that backyard, and he had, flooding her body with sperm. She’d literally said to him, “I want it all, deep inside me.” To another man, outside where anyone could see, spy satellites, nosy neighbors, whoever. And then, just like that, they’d gotten dressed and he’d left. They knew they were trapped. She married, and he having just given everything he’d had to his best friends wife. They couldn’t continue.

Liz had stayed with David. She believed they could make it work. He went through periods of rehab, was sober for weeks, or months, even at one point two straight years. During that two year period she honestly thought things had changed. He was better at home, better at work, their love making was regular, if not vigorous. She started thinking now would be the right time for a baby.

She’d stayed with him for a total of 6 years after her one night stand. She’d been married to David for over a decade at that point, and then it happened again. He started drinking, worse than ever. He lost his job, became violent with her and that was it. She lost it, couldn’t put up with it anymore. She was through. One night she walked out the door and never came back, divorcing David.

She had been fed up at the time. She felt like in some ways she had wasted a decade of her life. Some of it had been good, a lot of it had been bad, and now here she was nearly 39 years old, the cold reality of 40 staring her in the face and she felt like her prime years had been blown up. Like a parking garage that had been blown up by a demolition team, just a space where some alcoholic jerk had parked for over ten years and then obliterated.

She’d dated some, had a couple relationships that lasted a few months and a few very short trysts. Trouble was most of the guys she was meeting were younger guys not really interested in anything long term, they just wanted to mess around. Which was fine, it had been fun. But as a 39 year old, trying to find a man who might maybe, possibly, want to start a family with her was… pretty slim pickings. It wasn’t getting any easier. When her divorce had been finalized she was 35 and her friends assured her she could easily start over.

Now, things were looking bleak. Most guys interested in a family in her age range either already had one, or two depending on their divorce status, or they were younger than her and looking for a younger woman their age to start a family with.

But now, here she was, being flooded with memories of Phillip. She felt feverish as she remembered what his young, muscular body had felt like on top of her, his massive dick plunging into her over and over and his mouth sucking on her tits. Here, now, these memories were rushing over her because Phillip was standing no more than 20 feet away from her for the first time in years. It felt like a lifetime had passed in some ways. While in other ways her mind seemed to recall in perfect clarity how big his dick had looked. Eight inches? Maybe? She’d gorukle escort been so drunk at the time and so well fucked she wasn’t sure her perceptions could be trusted. But, when she kneeled in front of him and began kissing it, sucking it, and admiring it, it had seemed truly massive. Phillip had been huge. Huge to look at, huge to have in her mouth, and definitely huge to have inside her.

She wasn’t sure why he was here after all this time. For now, she was doing her best to stay away from him until she regained control of her emotions. She was making small talk with a couple, Jenny and DeShawn over the chips and beer, chatting about the weather. The weather, how was she supposed to be thinking about the weather when her hormones were raging.

“Yea yea, the weather has been crazy, luckily Steve is having a good night for his party,” Liz said. Steve’s party, her mind began to work on the puzzle. Why was Phillip here at Steve’s party? Phillip had gone to high school with David, but Steve hadn’t, and he had never been friends with David either.

She had only met Steve herself maybe a year before her divorce. She knew Steve was a marketing director for a local branch of a big advertising agency. Phillip, she believed, worked as a floor manager for a big warehouse, or at least he did back then. Maybe Phillip and Steve met through work?

Anyway, it didn’t really matter. What mattered was Phillip was here now and she needed to pull herself together. She took a sip of beer and found him mingling with people again. He looked up and caught her eye and smiled at her. Damn, he looked good. She smiled back and then tried to casually look away and go back to speaking with Jenny and DeShawn, engaging them in their new topic of the local soccer team before another image of Phillip from a decade before could intrude on her thoughts.

“Hey, ya know, it’s a party right…. And DeShawn here is my designated driver, let’s do some shots Liz,” Jenny said giggling.

“Oh wow, really going it for it huh?” Liz said looking over at another table filled with hard liquor and items to make cocktails. “Ok sure let’s go.”

They did two quick shots of tequila and giggled over them like school girls. Liz thought about how she should probably take it easy as Jenny was a good 15 years younger than her. But, for now, what the hell. A few other people came over and joined them and within the next 45 minutes, Liz had taken four more shots. At some point, Phillip had joined them, but she stuck with Jenny and DeShawn and tried to pretend like she didn’t even notice.

It’s safe to say the 8 people that were taking shots were getting a little drunk. Liz herself had let some guy she didn’t even know, who’s name was apparently Jessie, grab a shot glass full of vodka from where she held it between her tits. She clenched it between her breasts as tight as she could, pulled her already low cut shirt down as low as she could, it’s neck line stretching to where it was just an inch above her nipples; then Jessie had leaned down with his mouth open wide and placed it around the shot glass, lifting it from between her bosom and straight up in the air so the vodka poured into his mouth.

“DIDN’T SPILL A DROP!” he screamed. Everyone cheered and clapped. Liz started laughing, hysterical. She hadn’t had this much fun in years. Within a few minutes several of the other girls were having their boyfriends or just random people taking shot glasses they held in their cleavage. It was then that she felt Phillip move up behind her and say, “I’d like to try that.”

She just barely contained herself from being startled as she turned to look at him. She’d forgotten how tall he was, and just how big he was in general. Maybe it was the booze talking but he looked 6’3, towering over her 5 foot four inch body. He’d definitely gained some weight over the years. Whereas in his 20’s he’d been all lean and slightly shredded, now he seemed like he was just overall bigger. Bigger muscles, but also more touches of body fat here and then. Still, she had to admit overall, he looked great. She wanted to eat him up like an ice cream sundae.

“Oh yea? Well, step up to the plate,” Liz said, grabbing another shot glass and pouring a generous helping of vodka. Feeling a little unsteady on her feet, she took a couple steps away from the table as the number of drunken people crowding around it was getting larger, and rowdier. She took Phillip’s hand and led him another step or two away. She glanced up at him again and looked into his eyes as he smiled down at her. “You ready big guy?”

He nodded vigorously and she pulled the neckline of her shirt down further again, making room for herself to place the shot glass between her tits. This time she stretched the neckline just a little bit further, the shirt stretched right over top of her nipples, hanging on for dear life, stretching and exposing more of her body than she had dared to just a couple of minutes. Liz clenched the shot glass full of booze between altıparmak eskort bayan her large breasts. Phillip stepped closer to her, pressing in close to her side as he leaned his head down, bending at his knees so that he could get low enough to place his head into her cleavage.

Liz couldn’t be sure, not in her currently inebriated state, but she was pretty sure she felt Phillips tongue roll around the edge of the shot glass, licking a circle of her breasts, before taking it into his mouth and lifting it. What she could be sure of, 100%, is that when he’d leaned down he had placed his hand on her back and slid it down her clothes, stopping at her ass and grabbing hold of it just as his mouth reached the glass.

Phillip lifted the glass from her cleavage and she felt the absence of the glass, and distinctly felt the absence of his face buried in her chest. She wanted that feeling back and her mind flashed back again to what it had felt like years ago when his face was pressed against her body, his mouth on her nipples licking, sucking and kissing.

His hand unclenched from her ass as he stood up and let the shot fall into his mouth, but his had didn’t move. It stayed planted right where it was and she felt her body flush once again as he gave her a little spank.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“Oh yea. Of course.”

“I’ll just bet you did, you little sneak.” Liz said. She moved in close to him and put an arm around his back, leaning her hips into him. “So, how have you been? It’s been a while.”

It had indeed. She hadn’t completely avoided him after their one night stand. That would have been impossible as he remained friends with David. But, when he came over she did her best to avoid being around him. She always managed to find something to do around the house, a chore that took her out of the den or away from just being around them. Or she would make a plan to be out with her girlfriends. It hadn’t been a perfect system, there had been a few times she’d had to endure being on a double date with her and David on one side, and Phillip and some woman or other on the other. To the best of her knowledge, none of those relationships had lasted very long.

She never understood why Phillip’s relationships ended. As far as she could tell, he was a perfectly good male companion and his girlfriends always seemed happy enough when they were together. But, she figured, sometimes things just didn’t work out. David had once told her that one of Phillip’s relationships had ended because he worked too much.

Liz and Phillip made small talk and caught up. They hadn’t seen each other in at least 5 years. She cursed herself for smiling a little bit when she learned that he was not married and was currently only seeing a woman very casually, someone he had met online and had gone on a few dates with. Nothing serious, he said.

She silently wondered if it wasn’t serious yet because they hadn’t had sex. She found it hard to believe that any single woman wouldn’t want to make things serious with Phillip if he fucked them the way he’d fucked her a decade ago. Once again, she remembered what it felt like being bent over a table in her backyard, Phillip’s large dick sawing in and out of her, a tidal wave of an orgasm building inside of her.

Liz felt emboldened. She pressed her body closer to Phillip, pressing the front of her body against his leg tightly and subtly grinding her sex back and forth just a little, trying to gain his attention. She saw his eyes light up in surprise and he put his arms around her.

“Maybe we should take a little walk,” Phillip said, untangling himself from Liz, grabbing her right hand with his left and walking away from the group of people that was still taking shots. On their way through the yard he grabbed two beers and popped the tops off both, then continued walking through the front yard and into the street in front of Steve’s house.

They both looked left and right down the street. Steve lived in a pretty quiet area and it was starting to get a little late. There didn’t seem to be any traffic and the nearest houses were a football field or more away.

“I think I saw a park down this way when I drove in,” Phillip said, leading her down the street to the left. He held his bottle up to her and drank a sip.

Liz didn’t want to talk about David, her ex-husband, but she felt like it was coming. She had spent enough time thinking and talking about him. She wanted nothing like that right now. She needed to change the subject.

“So…. How do you know Steve?”

Wow. Really engaging conversation, but it got the job done. She learned they had met for work, and then coincidentally met at a gym and realized they ran in some of the same circles and became friends, or at least friendly.

By the time Phillip was done talking about how work was going, they had arrived at the park he had said he passed. They were maybe 15 minutes walking distance from Steve’s nilüfer eskort bayan house, but they could still kinda hear the thump of the music that was playing in the back yard. Liz was sure now that his neighbors would have something to say to him about the drunken loud party he’d thrown. It was nearing midnight and the park consisted of a swing set, a few picnic tables, a basketball court, tennis court, and a walking path that led into the woods. There were no lights as she led them down the walking path, looking around and trying to allow her eyes to adjust to the darkness.

The path they were on was paved and obviously meant for community runners. But she believed the chances of them running into anyone was extremely low. There were no lights, the community was small, and obviously it was very late. She felt butterflies in her stomach as Phillip reached out and held her hand as they continued walking deeper into the park.

“Sorry, I just want to make sure I know where you are, it’s so dark I can barely see,” Phillip said.

“You don’t have to make excuses to hold my hand if you’re scared,” Liz said and giggled a little. “Not as if we haven’t done more than hold hands before.”

“Yea…” Phillip said trailing off. He took a deep breath, clearly gathering himself for something. “I uhm, I don’t really regret what we did. But, I do regret it if that drove a wedge between you and David.”

“It didn’t, don’t worry. He never knew. We had a lot of other issues. He did think I was cheating on him at one point a couple years later, but I wasn’t. I just wasn’t interested in having sex with him the way that he was at the time. I thought we were going to be alright at one point. But… it just didn’t work out.”

“I’m sorry.” Phillip said, letting go of her hand.

“Don’t be sorry, at all. I knew what I was doing with you, and I loved it.” Liz reached out for him, found his hand and pulled him closer. “I needed to be with you in that moment. I needed everything you gave to me.”

She reached her hand up to his head and pulled it down to her, gently. She stood up on her toes and kissed him on the mouth. Then she slowly pulled away and started walking, still holding his hand as they moved even deeper into the wooded park.

“What did I give you?”

“Like you don’t remember?” She laughed and looked up at his handsome face, his still chiseled jawline “A good fucking for one thing. A really, really good fucking. I needed to feel loved, I needed to feel desired. I hadn’t felt that way in I don’t know how long. Haven’t since really. I wanted you so bad, and I needed that too. I needed to feel that way about a man, needed to feel crazy with desire, and I did, for you. I was overwhelmed. I would have done anything I think, I would have done anything you wanted. I wanted to consume you or something, wanted us to just mold together, I wanted everything.”

She stopped and turned to him. Facing him she pressed her body against him, looking into his eyes and feeling the bulge in his pants press against her. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Phillip put his arms around her and pulled her tight, “Yes. I wanted you so badly that it hurt. I … was afraid I would hurt you, because I kinda wanted to hurt you. I wanted to fuck you so hard you’d never forget it. I wanted to take you, so you’d be mine. You were so amazing, you looked so… ripe for the taking. I wanted to take you… use you like an animal. I wanted to make you come with me so I could feel that forever.”

“You wanted to run away with me?” She reached one hand under his shirt and started caressing the skin along the waistband of his pants. She could feel his hardness pressing against her torso. She wanted to touch him so bad.

“I wanted to possess you, yes. I never wanted to stop fucking you.”

Liz felt her cheeks grow hot. She slowly forced the fingers of her hand below his waistband, slowly pushing them down and running them across the soft skin hair under his pants. She reached her other arm behind him and pulled him closer, pressing her whole body to his and laying her head against his chest. She thought she could feel his heart beating.

Liz didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew what she wanted to happen. She was prepared to take his pants off right here, right now, just like she did nearly a decade ago, and suck his big dick until he exploded her mouth with everything he had. But she hesitated. She held onto him tight and moved her hand down his pants another fraction of an inch. She wanted to see what he would do. He said that back then, he’d wanted to take her. Well, if he wanted to, he could. If he truly wanted to take her, then he would make a move.

She held her breath as she said, “Was it just about the sex?” She wasn’t sure what she wanted him to say. What if it had been just about sex for him? That had been a major part of it for her too. Part of her really wanted him to say it had been just about sex, that he wanted to use her body because she was hot and desirable; that he still wanted to take her body and use her.

Phillip reached between them and shoved her hand further down his pants and held her tight. Now her hand was firmly resting on top of his long, thick, hard dick. She could feel heat radiating from his body to her hand. It felt amazing.

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