It was the first hot day of summer and Ally asked me to stop over to look at her pool pump. She asked me to bring Carrie with so they could talk. Ally was new to homeownership and didn’t have anyone handy to help with odds and ends.

I grabbed a few tools and then Carrie and I headed over. It was hot and humid day the type where you sweat just standing there. After we got there, I grabbed up my stuff as Ally met us at the driveway. Ally was wearing a 2-piece bikini with a see-through cover up on. Ally said if I got the pool running, we could all take a dip and cool off.

Carrie grabbed a few of my tools and her hands were full as she started walking towards the backyard. Ally was walking next to her talking and I trailed behind. Carrie dropped a tool and Ally bent over to pick it up. As Ally bent over at the waist to my surprise, I saw her bald pussy lips sticking out to the side of her bikini bottom.

I felt my body start to get tingly. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. As Ally stood up she grabbed her bottoms to pull them out of her hungry pussy lips as her ass wiggled. I felt my cock start to engorge and I started to panic. I had nothing to hold it in as I had just thrown shorts on with no underwear. Quickly I turned escort bayan around and acted like I needed something else from the car.

After I settled down, I walked to the backyard to work on the pump. All I could think about was the sight of Ally’s lips engulfing her bottoms. I focused on the pump and got it fixed. Ally walked over to take a look at what had been wrong. As she got close, I could smell the brown sugar and coconut scent of her tanning lotion. The smell made me want her; it was like something had come over me.

As she was talking, I couldn’t help but to check out her amazing body. Ally had just the right amount of meat on her bones. As I was talking to her, she kept looking down at my waist as I was kneeling on one knee next to the pump. After catching her several times looking at me I looked down quick and saw that the tip of my cock was hanging out of the bottom of my shorts.

I quick stood up and put a tool in front of my package as I felt it was starting to swell again. I told Ally I needed to go back in the house to turn the power back on. Ally began walking away towards the house and I had never paid such attention to her backside before, her thick ass jiggled as she walked and also slightly was altıparmak escort bayan eating up her bikini bottoms again.

I almost had to make an excuse to go somewhere else because my cock was now starting to get hard with the sight of her ass and the smell of her lotion. I followed Ally into the house so she could show me where the fuse panel was. We went downstairs into a room where all the utilities were. The small room made the scent of Ally more intense.

Ally asked me to show her how to turn the power on and off and came closer. She was standing right next to me. I pointed out how to use turn on the circuit breaker as she gazed at me with an interested look. Her body close to mine felt so comfortable like we had been together forever. Our eyes locked on each other, and I felt her getting closer.

I quickly turned on the power and turned the opposite direction. I thought to myself, was she going to kiss me, or am I overthinking things. Ally thanked me and started walking back towards the stairs. As I followed Ally up the stairs, I couldn’t help but to stare at her ass again as it jiggled stair after stair while her bottoms worked their way into her lips again.

Ally reached behind nilüfer eskort and to pull them out of her gash again as I caught a glimpse of her bald aching pussy. I asked her jokingly if she needed some help with them. To my surprise she bent over the stairs and pulled them to the side. Ally told me she saw me looking earlier and was wondering what my nice cock would feel like inside of her.

Her lips were beautiful, bald and wet with desire. I leaned forward and put my tongue on her clit and began flicking it. She tasted like brown sugar and her pussy started to quiver as I put my fingers inside to hit the spot. Ally was beginning to moan with satisfaction as I stroked her g-spot. Her pussy began to drip as it gripped my fingers.

“Put it in now!” Ally said. I slapped my hard cock against her clit to tease her a little more. “I can’t handle it, get it in there now” Ally said. I plunged my cock into her while she grabbed the stairs. I could feel my balls slapping against her bald pussy. After a few pumps I could feel her pussy gripping my cock and pulsating.

I knew she was cumming so I pumped harder and grabbed her breasts. I felt her get extremely wet and she tried to push me out of her. I kept going and she squirted a little bit as I pulled out to cum. I felt so naughty as whipped my cock back into my shorts. Ally pulled her bottoms back over her pussy and turned around.

Ally winked at me as she continued up the stairs. I thought was I dreaming, would this be a regular thing, or was it a test. Time will tell.

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