Chadwick “Chad” Gauthier is a young high school student working part-time tech support specialist for a BPO company. He is the only child of Martha Gauthier. He lost his father when he was five. As he grows, he transforms into an exact replica of his father, with the same hair color and style, height, and weight.

Martha is an early-fifties widow who works as an office secretary for a mid-size clothing company. She is a 5’9″ dark-haired, beauty with a curvy figure, and she is well aware of it. She is always flawlessly made up and dressed to accentuate her hourglass figure. She never remarried because she is worried her future husband would not treat Chad as a son.

Because Chad’s job requires him to spend a significant amount of time working on computers, he develops the habit of occasionally visiting adult websites. Browsing these sites leads him to become a MILF fan and a fan of videos with incestuous content. These websites frequently entice him to consider having an incestuous relationship with his blood relatives, including his mother.

He’d previously lost a lot of friends due to their sexually suggestive and raunchy remarks about his mother.

Martha is outgoing and enjoys showing off her cleavage and leg. She frequently wears short, tight skirts and blouses to work every day, leaving little to the imagination. But she is a very principled woman. Even though there were men who tried to ‘mend her kettle’, she is adamant that her pussy only belongs to one man – her late husband.

Chad never realizes that his fantasies will soon become a reality.


On Chad’s 18th birthday, Martha allows him to celebrate his transition from a boy to a young man with his close friends.

However, to her surprise, Chad celebrates his birthday with her.

So Martha decides that they will just spend some time with each other beside their small above-ground pool.

As Martha reclines on one of the chaise longue wearing a pale blue two-piece bikini, Chad asks her a question that she had been anticipating for a long time.

“Mom, can I have a beer?”

“I bought a couple of beers and they’re in the fridge. Help yourself,” she replies with a giggle.

“Thanks, mom, “Chad replies enthusiastically as he goes over to the fridge inside and opens his first beer.

He returns a minute later with a beer in hand.

“Wow, this is how a beer tastes,” Chad says after taking his first swig.

“You’re a young man now, so you’ll get used to it,” Martha counters. “But, take it slow, and don’t go binging!” She cautions.

Half an hour later, they both have the urge to pee and run to the outdoor pool bathroom. They arrive at the bathroom door together with Chad entering first and Martha following.

Chad is surprised to see his mother in the bathroom with him. He tries to object, but Martha says, “Be quick with it!”

The young man lifts the toilet seat, drops his shorts, pulls out his cock, and sprays a powerful stream into the toilet bowl.

Even though Martha is behind her son, she can still see his cock from where she is.

When she notices the size of her son’s “package,” she covers her mouth in astonishment. The last time she saw her son’s cock was when he was in grade school. She never realized that her son is well-endowed. Chad is blessed with a ‘big cock.’

In her own perception, Martha considers a big dick to be at least 7 1/2 ” long with a 4″ girth. Since her pussy only tasted one cock and medium size at that, she can safely say that she has yet to feel the ‘sting’ of a big dick.

After he’s done, Chad shakes a few drops from his penis. Martha pulls down her bikini bottom and sits on the bowl, mixing her pisses with her son’s, while he stuffs his phallus back into his shorts.

As Chad tries to leave, Martha tells him – “I never thought that you have a big cock, baby!”

Martha’s remarks confuse her son.

“I would like to touch your cock, baby. I’m just curious!” Martha remarks.

“What?…you rus escort want to what?” Chad clears.

“Will you permit me to touch your cock, baby?” Martha clarifies.

Chad is still confused but gives in to his mom’s request. He pulls out his cock once again.

Chad’s cock reacts when it feels the warmness of a woman’s hand s it slowly hardens.

Martha cracks a smile as she notices his reaction. She looks at her son and realizes he is no longer a child. He is no longer a vulnerable child. He’s a horny young man with raging hormones.

She then shifts her gaze to his cock. As his cock grows on her hands, she estimates that his son’s size is way bigger than her own personal definition of a big dick.

She considers giving it a few strokes but decides not to.

She lets go of his cock, wipes her pussy, stands up and puts back her bikini, flushes the toilet, and walks over to the sink to wash her hands.


Martha dives into the pool to dose off some heat.

Chad takes another beer and slugs a big one. He needs to erase in his mind what had just transpired. Although he is open to incestuous relationships, he does not want to do it with his mom. He prefers Margret Delaney, her aunt, and Martha’s younger sister, or with his Aunts Susan Doyle and Sandra Miles, his father’s sisters.

“Can you also give me a beer, son?” Martha requests.

Chad gets another beer from the fridge, opens it, and gives it to his mom.

“Chad,” Martha opens up after sipping her beer.

“Yes, mom!” Chad replies.

“A while ago, as I held your hard-on, I felt a tingle in my pussy,” Martha reveals.

“Did it bother you?” Chad asks.

“No, son. it didn’t,” Martha replies.

“You see, baby, I like looking at hard big cocks; big cocks attract my attention,” Martha explains. “Your cock is bigger than your dad’s. But I enjoyed my sexual rendezvous with your dad,” she adds.

“So what’s pestering you, mom?” Chad asks as he drinks his beer.

“What upsets me is that you’re my son, and you shouldn’t make me feel the same way I did when I saw and touch your big cock a while ago,” Martha explains further as she sips her beer.

“I think I understand what you mean, mom. Honestly, I have an infatuation for incestuous affairs,” Chad confesses.

“You what?”

“I know it sounds perverted, but I really do,” Chad answers back.

“So who do you want to do it with?” Martha asks.

“Anyone but you,” Chad responds as he finishes his beer.

Martha’s face flushes with surprise as she watches her son heads inside to get another bottle of beer.

She downs a large portion of her beer in an attempt to drown out her son’s revelations.

Martha is at a loss for words.

She has no idea that her son has a thing for incest.

When her son reappears, carrying another bottle of beer, Martha asks him,

“Tell me, baby, if you have a thing for incestuous affairs, why do you exclude me?”

“Am I not good for you?”

“No…no…mom, I would love to but I just can’t,” Chad tries to reason out.

Martha finishes her beer and pulls herself out of the pool.

As she wipes herself, she asks her son, “If you really want to have sex with your blood relatives, why won’t you include me?”

“I never saw you entertain other men or go on dates since Dad died, so I surmise that you don’t want to have sex with other men because of Dad,” Chad explains as he dabs his beer.

Her son’s explanation melts Martha’s heart but at the same time, she realizes how observant his son is. He knows that she reserves her pussy only for his Dad.

As she wraps the towel around her waist, she asks Chad, “Are you still a virgin, baby?”

“I dated, but I had to settle for feeling their boobs,” Chad answers as he sips his beer.

“So you’re indeed a virgin,” Martha concludes.

Chad shrugs his shoulder in response.

Martha smiles and her escort rus flirtatious side springs to life.

“OK baby, let’s not ruin your birthday. Why don’t you freshen up and go to my room afterward so that I can give my gift to you, OK?”

“OK, see you later mom,” Chad affirms as he finishes his beer.


When Chad enters his mother’s room, Martha has just stepped out of the shower, wearing a robe.

“Hi baby, are you excited about your mommy’s gift for you?”

“I’m curious,” Chad replies.

“Sit on the bed, baby,” Martha instructs then adds, “Are you ready for it?”

Chad nods his head.

Martha removes her robe and drops them on the floor.

Chad’s mouth fell open when his mom flaunted her gift – a tall naked beaming woman with a pair of 34Fs, a shaved pussy, and a killer figure.

“What…what…” Chad stammers, still deciphering what is going on.

“Don’t you like my gift, baby?” Martha asks.

“You mean…you’re body is my gift?” Chad clarifies.

“Yes, baby…I’m granting your fantasy!” Martha clears as she makes her way toward her son.

The sight and smell of her mother’s pussy resonates with his manhood, which Martha noticed.

Her son’s erection ignites the ember that is slowly burning inside Martha’s dormant sexual desires. She had promised herself that her pussy will only belong to her husband. But Chad is a spitting image of his father. They differ in the size of their package.

“Are you having a hard-on for mommy, baby?”

“I do mom.”

“Do you want to help mommy with her itch, baby?” Martha asks.

“What itch, mom?”

“This is itching, baby,” Martha says, rubbing her pussy. “It wants your tongue,” she adds.

Chad could not believe what is happening right now as Martha lies down in bed.

The taste of his mother’s pussy is enticing that from his first taste, he concludes that he will like eating a woman’s pussy.

“Does your mommy tastes good, baby?”

“Uhum,” he replies as his mouth is stuck on her vulva. He keeps pushing his tongue into her as deeply as he can and licking up across her swollen clit.

Her son’s tongue on her clit must have felt so good to Martha that she resigns her protests and grabs his head, saying, “Oh, oh, lick me right there, baby. Suck on me right there.”‘

Chad complies with her request.

“Oh…mom, you taste really good,” Chad declares as he relishes his first pussy.

A few moments later, Martha offers, “Can I taste your cock, baby?”

“With pleasure, mom!”

Chad then removes his blue boxer shorts and his shirt. As her mom sits, he offers his cock to her hungry mouth.

Martha begins licking his penis glands before slowly swallowing his entire shaft. She then gives her son a deep throat while gagging due to its size.

“Oh, my…baby you’re so…big,” Martha admits as she wipes the saliva drooling from her mouth.

“Mom, can I feel your boobs?”

“Yes, baby. No one touches my boobs but my husband and my son,” Martha replies as Chad caresses and gropes her boobs.

“Why don’t you lick my nipples, baby?” Martha invites.

Chad licks the circles around Martha’s areola, flicking her nipples with his tongue, and alternately sucking and nibbling her nipples.

“Oh, it feels good, baby,” Martha remarks as she feels the amount of stimulation that her young son’s tongue provides.

As Chad continues to play with her mother’s mom, Martha whispers to him words that will forever break the barriers of forbidden relationships.

“On this day 18 years ago…you popped out of my pussy. So it’s only natural that my pussy will be the first pussy that your big dick has to satisfy.” Martha narrates.

“Are you sure mom? ” Chad clarifies.

“You are a stud baby and a virgin so I want that cock of yours for myself,” Martha responds as she gives her son a not-so-motherly kiss on his lips.

It never occurred to Chad that his mother rus escort bayan will be the first woman to let him see, touch, taste, and fuck her pussy.

The cool air of the January breeze is insufficient to dissipate the heat of the activities inside the bedroom.

Chad’s cock is being sucked by the most beautiful and important woman in his young life. If someone had told him the day before that this would happen, he would have thought he was insane.

This is insane–crazy with the most exciting, wonderful feelings he has ever felt.

Martha bobbed her head back and forth, sliding her son’s dick in and out of her hot mouth while playing with her own pussy between her legs.

Chad detects a rapid buildup but does not have time to warn his mother. In a series of rapid-fire squirts, his sperm erupts into her mouth. He can feel her mother’s mouth and tongue frantically working as she swallows everything.

“I’m sorry, Mom. That was never my intention. “I…I… I just can’t control it,” Chad apologizes, slumping into the bed and unable to stand.

“Don’t worry, baby. I miss it,” Martha reassures her son. “But you haven’t reached cloud nine yet,” she points out.

Despite his ejaculation, Chad’s cock only softens slightly but does not limp.

Martha swallows her son’s cock once again, resuscitating it back to life. She did not stop until she is satisfied with his hardness.

Before the young man realizes what is happening, his cock is already impaled on his mother’s pussy. He can feel the hottest and most glorious tight cavity one could imagine.

Martha closes her eyes for a brief moment as she savors a cock for the first time after over a decade of abstinence.

“Now I know why some of the guys in school talk so much about how good it feels to fuck,” Chad remarks.

Martha does not respond as she is still feeling the ‘sting’ of a big cock on her tight pussy.

Martha gradually rides her son’s cock, adjusting her pace, depth, and angle of penetration, finding the comfort that feels best for her. She finds her ideal combination just a few seconds later.

“Mom, I love fucking you so much! How I wish this would never end,” Chad tells Martha.

“Yes, baby, yes, yes, yes!” Martha replies as she bounces from her son’s cock faster and harder.

Chad feels his second orgasm developing after so much cock bouncing. He doesn’t want it. He wants to keep watching her naked breasts sway and bounce as she rides him. He does everything he can to avoid having his climax.

But Martha announces, “I’m coming, baby! “

“Me too,” Chad replies and explodes in her tightness.

Martha counters every spurt her son makes.

“Oh…that was good baby,” Martha says, slumping on her son’s chest.

One thing is certain after the smoke clears — Chad is no longer a virgin.

“Mom,” Chad calls out softly.

“Yes, baby?” Martha replies as she lifts her head to look at her son.

“I never imagined that on my 18th birthday, I’d lose my virginity to the most important woman in my life,” Chad says, smiling at his mother.

“But remember, baby, that what we did was frowned upon,” Martha reminds her son.

“Yeah, mom, I know. But, to be honest, a large part of me is happy and proud, with only a small amount of guilt,” Chad responds.

“I had my first fuck since your father died, and I committed incest by taking my own son’s virginity,” Martha bemoans.

“I really wanted to let everyone know that I’m no longer a virgin,” Chad explains. “But I’m afraid to tell them who my partner is,” he adds.

Martha can see her son’s confusion written all over his young face. “It’s OK, baby,”

she says as she kisses him. “I gave you permission to fuck me. I preferred having you inside me over any of the men I’d met at work.”

“So will this be a one-time thing or we can do this anytime we want? ” Chad inquires.

“What are your thoughts?” Martha responds.

“I really wanted to do this all over again,” Chad says, caressing his mother’s face.

“If the conditions permit it, we can. You can have sex with me even if you have a girlfriend. But once you get married, I will not allow it. Will that be all right, baby?”

Martha responds as she feels her son’s cock hardening on her tummy.

“That’ll be our deal, Mom!” Chad responds cheerfully.

“So let’s wrap it up with another round.”

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