A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this chapter, Julia has the authority to permit Felicity to come, or not to come.


I started to walk on but Felicity stayed rooted on the spot and whimpered:

“I want to go back, please Miss Julia.”

“Are you sure? What’s the hurry,” I taunted, and looked at her under the slightly orange glow of the dim streetlights. She looked sweaty and very desirable and I could so easily have abandoned my self-imposed midnight rule and just finger-fucked her to orgasm right there in the street. Moving to stand behind her and reaching around to put my hands on her tight flat tummy, I pulled her against me and pressed my groin into her bum. She knew what I was doing and didn’t resist so I slid one hand slowly up her torso, feeling every rib on the way then slipping under the bottom of her ragged top. I found one of her small irresistible breasts and it felt simply perfect in my hand. The nipple was already erect and I couldn’t wait to see it again. Fortuitously, we were outside a dusty old antiques shop which had various old mirrors on display in the window allowing me to lift her top and feast my eyes on their reflections.

Felicity lay her head back on my shoulder, moaning quietly as I played with first one then the other nipple. She watched her own reflection as I teased, pinched and pulled her sensitive dark buds and she writhed and whimpered in torment as I moved my other hand down, finding her navel, poking a finger in and teasing it.

She squealed out loud and spun around, gasping: “Oh god Julia. No, not there please not there. I can’t stand all of this. I’m so turned on all the time. It’s constant. This is unbearable, I’ve never experienced this before. I’m on a permanent horny high. Can’t we go back? Please Miss. I’m desperate and I simply have to come, and soon.”

She was not the only one. I too was aroused almost to distraction, and close to losing control. 14 days since my last climax, 3 of them spent in the company of possibly the most sexually desirable woman I had ever encountered. Countless edges. Numerous denied almost-orgasms. Days of supressed arousal. Hours of mind-numbing desperation. And all in the pursuit of the ultimate orgasm, one that might be only an hour away. My pussy was throbbing with desire and urgent need. My juices were flooding and my nipples ached, begging for a willing mouth to consume them and extract unimaginable pleasure from my full and erotically-revealed breasts.

I lifted the bottom of my dress and we could both see how my skimpy thong was struggling to cover my engorged pussy. “Soon, my lovely. Soon. Look at me Flix, look at me. See how I’m ready for you? Look at me Flix, look between my legs.”

I opened my legs and thrust my mound forwards.

“Look at my sex, Flix. See how my lips are full and pink and swollen and how they’ve escaped from under my dripping wet thong? See how my juices have soaked it?

Felicity looked intently at my reflection in the mirrors. “Please don’t taunt me like this. You know how hard you’re making this for me and you know how much I adore looking at you. You’re beautiful, Julia and I want you so much. But I don’t just want to look, I want to touch too, and can’t we do that back home?”

“I like to hear you say that Flix. But look at this,” and, ignoring her pleadings, I put my right foot up on the low ledge below the shop window to give her a clearer view.

“What if I pull my thong higher on my hips, like this? Look what’s happened now, see how it’s pulled tight against my lips and clit? See how my whole pussy is ready. Ready to be licked and fingered and fucked and teased as you bring me to a climax? I can just about wait until midnight; can you?”

“I hope so Miss. But I doubt it.”

“Look at it Flix. Do you like looking at my pussy? Do you like seeing me hitch up my dress on the street like a whore? Well get down on your hands and knees and take a closer look, slut”

“Yes, your pussy does look delicious and so ready to be licked, but I can see that without having to get down on all fours. Please don’t make me. What if someone comes down the street when I’m on my knees?”

“Yes, what if? You know what. They’ll see a horny young woman with her wet pouting pussy fully on show between her legs, visible through the gaping hole in her cheap ripped leggings. And they’ll think ‘what a pretty pussy. And what a cheap, willing slut!’ Now get down there and take a good look. Tell me, does my pussy look ready to be licked?”

Reluctantly Felicity obeyed my instruction and got down between my legs, her bum high in the air and her thighs wide apart. She looked awesome and I wanted all of her. I bent over her and nonchalantly slipped a finger in her vagina.

“Fuck yes Julia. Yes, Yes Yes, … but please stop tormenting me like this. What are you trying to do to me? Make me explode?”

“No, just to get you ready to explode at midnight.”

Felicity was close to tears.

“But I’m already ready. I couldn’t be more ready. What more can I possibly do?”

“You can lick my wet thong whilst bursa escort you’re down there. Yes, Flix, do it. You’re my slut and my pussy needs licking. That’s your job.”

Felicity visibly shuddered and did as I had instructed her, lapping her tongue up the full length of the lacy wet triangle stretched between my lips and over my clit. It felt wonderful to me and to be honest it was fortunate she only did it a few times, the start of some pre-orgasmic muscle clenches hovering just under the surface.

“Oh fuck yes,” she blurted as she surfaced, and pouted: “but, Miss, my pussy needs this too and I’d much rather be at home than out on the streets or in a seedy club when I finish. Can we stop now please?”

I’d put this gorgeous yet young and impressionable girl through enough so reluctantly I gave her permission to stop, and agreed we would in fact skip the club and go back. Felicity sighed with relief and thanked me as we began to walk, but was otherwise very quiet as we clack-clacked through the deserted residential streets, the sound of our heels on the paving echoing off the walls. Savouring the stimulating sensation of my tiny gold bar brushing sensually against the inside of my foot, the level or arousal in my pussy ratchetted up yet another level to: ‘intense but just about bearable’.

“Anything on your mind?” I asked, genuinely interested and concerned.

Felicity looked at me as we walked: “I have so many unanswered questions, sorry.”

“Any I can answer?”

“Yes, lots.”

“Fire away.”

“What’s that little thingy that hangs down the side of your shoe?”

“It’s a pure gold ingot.”

“Why would a shoe have one of those?”

“Makes it very exclusive. There are only 100 pairs in the world like it. And it excites me when it brushes against my foot when I walk.”

“Because it’s expensive? Or you just like the feeling?”


“Lots of things excite you, don’t they Julia.”

“Yes. Lots.”

“Especially clothes, underwear … and shoes?”

“Yes, but not just those. Next question.”

“Have you really not had an orgasm for 2 weeks now?”

“True, Why?”

“No reason, just curious. Is your mother still alive?”

“Yes she is,”

“Does she know, about … you?”

“What about me?”

“That you’re a lesbian.”

“Yes she does, but she doesn’t know everything about my sexual preferences.”

“Is she OK about you being gay?”

“Pretty much, yes, right from when I first told her.”

“How old were you then?”

“15, nearly 16.”

Felicity went very quiet after that, not speaking again until we were almost at my apartment when she asked: “I want to know what’s in that box. You promised you’d tell me”

“The inlaid wooden one? I assumed you already knew. You’ve already looked inside, right?”

“No, no, I haven’t. Honestly. I wouldn’t do that without your permission … Miss.”

“But you moved it. It was in a slightly different position.”

“I’m sorry Miss but I did just pick it up. I thought I might get some idea what’s inside by its weight.”


“None the wiser actually.”

“Shall we go in and find out.”

“Will I like it?”

“I hope so.”

It was just after 11:00 by now and I was feeling hornier than I could ever remember. The ‘Arousal of Anticipation’ they call it. I waved my pass to enter the lobby and to call the lift.

Whilst we were waiting for it to arrive, standing beside Felicity I could see our reflections in the glass doors. My hard nipples were poking aggressively at the shimmery bronze fabric of my dress and my thong felt soaking wet. We stepped into the small glass-walled space and it whirred into motion. My mind flitted back to Tuesday afternoon, the first time Felicity and I shared this lift, and thoughts about how far we’d come since then filled my mind.

Raising the scalloped hem of my dress, I took Felicity’s hand and placed it over my pussy. “This is what you do to me, Flix. I think you should apologise.”

Felicity cupped and squeezed my aching mound and purred “I think you should apologise to me for being such a horny, bossy, cruel bitch”

As if I would. In any case, at that moment the doors glided open and soon we were inside my sanctuary.

The atmosphere between us was loaded as I closed and locked the door behind us and you could almost touch the tension. We both knew why we were there … or did we?

Felicity looked at herself in the long mirror and acknowledged what a total mess she was, with her hair all matted, make-up smudged and clothes in tatters, her pussy completely exposed for all to see and her titties almost as bad. She released her ponytail and let her dishevelled hair cascade over her shoulders and turned one way and another, looking at her own reflection. She asked me: “Would it surprise you if I admitted what a massive turn-on it is for me, seeing myself looking like this? To look so obviously like I’m your used and humiliated little slut?”

“No,” I replied, “no surprise at all. And would you be surprised if I tell you it turns me on seeing you like bursa escort bayan that, and knowing that you absolutely are my slut?”

Felicity looked at herself in the mirror again but didn’t answer. Instead she asked: “What’s the time now, Julia?”

I looked at my phone. “11:15, why?”

She bit gently on the little finger of her right hand as she walked across to me and, not really expecting anything except an affirmative response, commented: “It must be that time. The time you’ve been planning to tease me and lick me and finger-fuck me and mercilessly play with my clit until I’m about to climax. To hold me there, against my will, needing it so badly but totally in your control as you edge me and torment me right up to the stroke of midnight, in the uncertain hope that you will actually keep your promise and allow me to come. Right, Miss?”

I laughed and said she knew me too well and it was a good guess, but that actually ‘No’.

“What? What the fuck?” Felicity looked angry and upset. “You promised. You’ve been leading me up to this for 2 days and now you say No? Fuck you Julia I need to come and I will come even if I have to do it myself!”

“And that’s exactly what you’re going to do.”


“In fact, we are both going to come. But we’re going to masturbate only ourselves, each in a place where the other can see and watch, and we’re going to edge ourselves as close as we dare to the point of coming and hold ourselves there until exactly midnight, when we will reach orgasm.”

“Oh … my … god. So, Julia, you now control everything about my sexuality, even telling me when I can and cannot masturbate. You are impossible Julia. I’ve been so much looking forward to you fucking me senseless, and now you tell me I have to do it to myself?”

“Well, yes. But then after midnight I promise I will indeed ‘fuck you senseless’, in more way than you could imagine. And I promise you more and better orgasms than you’ve probably ever had in one night. How does that sound?”

Felicity looked like she might cry. “This is all so intense and emotional and I can’t even think straight anymore. I’m so horny that I might even be past coming now and I suppose all I can do is surrender myself totally to you and go along with whatever you want. At least it might make you happy even if it doesn’t satisfy me. And I’ll only have to endure this for another 12 hours then I’ll be on that boat and will never see you again and … and …” She erupted into floods of tears.

I dabbed her face with a soft tissue and purred in her ear: “Surrender. Yes. Exactly. Just let yourself go.”

Felicity collapsed into my arms and I lowered her gently onto one of the big sofas. “Lay back, rest your head, and just do as I say, OK?”

She looked at me and nodded. I too was super aroused but managed to keep a clear head as my plan continued to unfurl as intended. My nipples pressed against my glamourous dress and my thong was so wet as to be useless. I stood close to Felicity, lifted the front of the dress, and peeled off the juice-soaked scrap of lace. I rubbed it over Felicity’s shoes and feet then tossed it on the floor. She looked straight at me with wide eyes, but said nothing. Holding my gaze, she began to work the top of her leggings down her hips.

“Stop. No. Did I tell you to take them off?”

“Sorry” she instantly replied. “No Miss, you didn’t. I just assumed you’d want me to be naked?”

“Later, Flix. Later,” I promised, and propped up my phone where we could both see the time: 11:35.

I continued: “Open your legs, Flix. Do as I say, open them.”

Felicity obediently slid her bum to the front edge of the sofa and opened her slender thighs wide causing a few more stiches to give way. The hole in her leggings grew larger, exposing everything from the top of her mound down to the shadows under her tight bum.

“Good girl. Now, just listen to my instructions, and watch me. Copy what I do, OK?”

“Yes Miss Julia.” she whispered, without a hint of dissent.

Taking up position on the opposite sofa, I hitched up my dress and spread my legs as wide as I could. Not as wide as my flexible young companion’s, but pretty good for a 44-year-old, I thought to myself as the erotic feelings inside me grew and spread through my nervous system and the excitement and anticipation of the situation gripped me.

“Pull your outer lips apart, Flix,” I instructed, “spread your pussy so I can see again how pretty it is. Use two hands.” … as I demonstrated, using my two middle fingers and exposing my engorged, pink flesh.

Felicity copied.

She gasped.

So did I.

I stayed like that for a while, sensing the intense arousal of two women, deliberately, blatantly, whorishly revealing their throbbing vulvas to each other.

We continued …

“Now push both fingers into your vagina.”

Felicity’s slid in easily. “Oh my god Julia I’m so wet and open. What are you trying to do to me?”

“I’m sure you know the answer to that question. Now slide them in and out, Flix, that’s it. In, out, in, out. bursa merkez escort Good girl!”

“Oh my god I’m fucking myself in front of another woman; this is so wild.”

“What are you doing Flix?”

“I’m fucking myself, Julia.”

“Say that word. Be that bad girl your mother told you not to be. What is it you are fucking, my sweet innocent little niece?”

“I’m fucking my cunt, Aunt Julia.”

“Yes you are. Are you a bad girl?”

“Yes I am. I’m a very bad girl. A slut. Your slut, Miss Julia.”

“Yes you are, Felicity. Now touch your clit.”

“Please no. I’m going to explode if I touch myself there” Felicity complained.

“No you won’t. You mustn’t. Just touch it very gently.”

Felicity’s whole body shuddered as she stroked upwards towards her clitoris but she stopped and bit seductively on her bottom lip. Perspiration covered her body and trickled down inside her leggings, between her legs and onto her perineum.

“I can’t Julia. I just can’t. It’s too sensitive and I’m so horny sorry I, I …”

But she did, and obediently began to circle her clit with her middle finger.

“Oh my god Julia I never ever …”

“Just listen, obey, and copy. Push your other finger deeper into your hole. As far as you can, but don’t stop playing with your clit. Do both at the same time.”

“It’s too much. I can’t … concentrate … I’m so near … I need this Julia … so much.”

Felicity glanced at my phone. “Another quarter of a frickin’ hour still. Surely you don’t …” and she trailed off, her eyes closed as she gently stroked her pink bud.

“Yes you can.”

“I’m sorry. This is so hard.”

“Keep copying me, Flix, do what Miss Julia does.”

I too needed to come, but controlled my emotions and just about managed to subdue the feelings for a bit longer as I fingerfucked my vagina and stimulated my clit.

“Oh shit that’s too much no please no no please tell me to come. Release me. Let me come. Please tell me it’s OK. Just one word from you is all I need. Say the word pleeease Julia” as the words poured out of her mouth, barely coherent now.

“No. Not yet. It’s not the time. Now do some tiny soft circles again. Barely touching. Keep going, keep going, keep going and … STOP.”

“Aaahhhhnnnnnnooooooo” she cried out. I’m sure that wasn’t the word she wanted to hear.

I stopped too and the feelings were awesome. It had been a long 2 weeks for me and the time was getting nearer. So powerful. So intense. Yet I felt deliciously in control.

“Just breathe” I purred “Both hands down by your sides and simply focus on the feelings inside your pussy.”

“Ohhhhhhhh” Felicity cried out as she took her hand away. “I’m sorry. I’ll do as I’m told. Tell me what to do now Julia.”

“Just do nothing, and count to 30 as the feelings subside. Concentrate on how that feels, all through your body and in your mind.”

“I’ll try … 1, 2, 3 … mmmm …15, 16, 17 … oh my god, doing my best here – feels awesome amazing … 28, 29, 30.”

“OK, we’ll start again, fingering our clits like before.”

Felicity did exactly as she was told. We repeated: Play, Stop, Count, play, stop, count and she was a spectacle to behold as she began to get into the rhythm, fingering her clit, up and down, left and right, circling, tapping, and then not touching at all on command, as her moans became stronger, louder, more desperate.

And so we continued. Time passed until I no longer needed to give her instructions and I could focus on my own ascending arousal as I teased myself, played and watched.

Felicity changed positions a couple of times, always with her legs wide apart. Each time she moved, a few more stitches of her ripped leggings succumbed and the hole grew even larger. Mostly she kept her eyes closed but occasionally she’d open them, smile at me, then continue. I noticed the periods when she wasn’t touching her pussy at all becoming longer. Sometimes she’d pull her cropped top right up to her armpits to reveal her lovely titties, and play with them too; pinching, pulling, and twisting her nipples whilst leaving her vulva neglected, needy, aching and unsatisfied. And exposed, clearly on show through the unforgiving rip in her leggings, an enticing, uninhibited display of pink, wet, engorged, soft, aroused, aching young flesh.

Midnight arrived … and passed, but Felicity didn’t notice. She was totally engrossed, and there was no way I’d let myself come before her. Occasionally I’d have to stop completely, crouch with my bum pushed backwards, my hands gripping the furniture, and ride the wave of almost-there vagina-clenches. My boobs had spilled out of my dress and I tortured my nipples whenever Felicity touched hers.

Eventually she spoke, weakly, her mouth dry and parched.

“Is it time yet?” Felicity enquired.

“Yes my lovely, it’s time.

Felicity smiled dreamily and positioned her hand just a centimetre or so above her oozing, swollen pussy, holding it there, hovering so close but not making contact. Her fingers stiff and bent back, her shoulders on the floor, feet up on the sofa and her bum high up off the ground as she offered up her open, throbbing vulva, as though worshiping an unseen and unpenetrating phallus. She straightened her back and her tummy muscles pulled tight. Her whole body was tense and alive. She’d almost stopped breathing and perspiration was pouring off her.

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