It was the best night’s sleep she’d had in a long time. Even though some distant sound had awakened Stella, she still felt well rested. The bed was extremely comfortable, too. A smile came to her lips as she fondly recalled last night’s activities. It could have only been better had it just been her and Louis, but she realized that Chrissy was likely to always be around. At least, the young woman was pleasant and likeable. And Stella sort of had her first threesome.

As Stella continued to lie there, she suddenly had this weird feeling that she was not alone. Lifting her head up, she was somewhat startled to see Chrissy standing near the door.

“Good morning,” Louis’s girlfriend greeted cheerfully. “I was hoping you’d wake up on your own. I didn’t want to frighten you by doing it myself.”

“Good morning,” Stella returned groggily. “What are—”

“I’ll be a production assistant for today’s shoot. My job will be to escort you around, place you in optimal viewing spots while making sure you’re not in the way. My other duty will be to get Louis to where he should be when he is needed in the scene. You’ve got about an hour to get ready if you want to shower. I’ll also bring you breakfast. There’s a variety of pastries. Do you drink coffee?”


Watching Chrissy flit out of the room, Stella realized that she was about to embark on an experience today that would likely blow her mind. She arose and glanced down at herself to discover she was nude, having simply gone to bed as she was once returning to her bedroom. It also occurred to her that having been seen by Carly, her romp with the young couple would now be common knowledge amongst the Littletonians in this house.

The en suite bathroom was as big as the master bathroom in Stella’s home back in Littleton. It would have been nice to soak in the large Jacuzzi tub, but she knew she didn’t have the time for that, so she switched the water on in the spacious shower stall. The warm water beating down on her was relaxing. She went through her shower routine, and after washing all the soap off and opening her eyes, she was startled to see Louis sitting on a bench in the bathroom. Her instinct was to cover up, but he was nude, he’d already seen her nude a number of times, and she forced herself to realize that nudity was nothing to these people.

“Good morning, Louis,” Stella offered, reaching for a towel to dry off.

“Morning, Stella. Chrissy is bringing us breakfast.”

“I know. You’ll be joining me?”

“Yeah. I hope that’s alright. Didn’t want her to have to deliver to two rooms.”

“No problem.” Stepping over to the vanity to brush her hair before quickly drying it, she noted, “You look lost. Are you okay?”

“Yes,” he responded. “Every time I do one of these scenes, I go through this mental exercise of questioning myself. What am I doing here? Why am I doing this? Is this what I really want to do? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

Stella nodded and said, “I have also wondered if this was what you really wanted to do.”

Chrissy returned with a tray of coffee, three cups and a plate of various pastries. She set it on Stella’s dresser and stood in the bathroom doorway, having heard the exchange.

Louis shrugged. “I’m not sure what I really want to do. I always thought I wanted to do something with computers, information technology, and I am getting to do that with Lonnie’s company. I’m making good money with hardly any expenses. I’m going to a university I couldn’t otherwise afford. Lonnie and Carly mother me, Diane and Gwen are like big sisters, and I have the best girlfriend I could have ever hoped to have.”

Chrissy beamed.

“Not to mention getting to have sex with a lot of attractive women,” Stella added.

With a grimace, Louis revealed, “It was fun in the beginning. Now, it’s just work. You’ll see it’s not like what you watched yesterday and last night. That was fun and enjoyable. Doing it with you was fun and enjoyable.”

“That’s nice of you to say, Louis, but what you and I did was nothing like what you and Chrissy did.”

“I think what he means,” Chrissy spoke up, “is, before you, the only women he had sex with were in the porn business. They are women who, shall we say, are skilled—”

“Not ordinary women, like me,” Stella finished for her.

“On the contrary, you did what came natural. It was not scripted, it was not based on performing, it was—”

“Ordinary,” Stella again had to say.

“And that’s what he liked about it,” Chrissy revealed. “Any time you want to speak up, Louis . . .”

“She’s right,” Louis agreed. “I didn’t have to perform. We did what we wanted, what we felt.”

“And what did the two of you do yesterday and last night?” Stella wanted to know. “Looked pretty natural to me.”

“It was,” Chrissy said. “But we are also two people who—”

“Are skilled,” Stella filled in.

“Something like that.”

They followed Stella back into the bedroom where Chrissy poured coffee and they ate while Stella dressed.

“Just be casual gaziantep rus escort and comfortable,” Chrissy advised.

So, Stella wore another dress similar to last night, this time with panties, but no bra.

Chrissy grinned. “Now, you’re getting the hang of it.”

“So, have you answered your other questions, Louis?”

“Yeah,” Louis said in a tone that made it sound like he was just bemoaning. “I really am content. This is just not anything I ever thought I would be doing. Not even in my wildest dreams. Questioning myself is just more of a sanity check.”

Stella nodded her understanding. “Well, with all due respect to you, Chrissy, Louis, if you ever need to talk to an ordinary woman, don’t hesitate to call me.”

They all laughed, at which point, Lonnie entered. “I was wondering where you all were.”

“Just having breakfast together,” Louis said.

With a nod, she asked, “Can we go over the scenes?”

“Of course.”

“Do you want me to leave?” Stella asked.

With a frown, Lonnie said, “Of course, not. This is your room.”

“We are finally going to do a sequel to your screen test, Louis,” Lonnie began. “If you remember, we did three scenes under the premise that Carly was your new neighbor, and Teri and Trudy were her daughters that you met and fucked. Carly caught you and was angry, but only because she wanted you for herself. And of course, she got you.”

“I’d love to see that,” Stella commented.

“You know what?” Lonnie said, a thought just occurring to her. “We should be able shoot everything today. We’ll edit it tomorrow, and when it’s finished, we’ll screen the original and the new one the next night.”

“Great idea, mom.”

“So, the sequel,” Lonnie went on, “will be the daughters have invited you to swim at their house. The daughters are out at the pool, and you go inside for something to drink. Carly seduces you and you fuck her in the kitchen, and then go to the bedroom. The daughters will catch the two of you and argue over you. In the end, you’ll propose a compromise and do a foursome with all three women. How does that sound?”

“You wanted to do a foursome in the first one, didn’t you?” Louis asked.

“I did, but I really didn’t think of until after we shot the transition scenes and I let the crew go. And I didn’t want to overwhelm you.”

He merely nodded.

“Any questions?”

“So, you came up with this since last night?” Stella asked.

“No, of course not. I just like to irritate Carly,” Lonnie answered with a smirk.

“But Aunt Carly knew better,” Chrissy clarified. “Those two are like kids.”

“Alright. Chrissy, let’s go make sure everything is ready and then you can come back and get Louis and Stella.”

“Well, this is exciting,” Stella said.

“Just another day at the office,” Louis commented with a smile as he enjoyed another Danish. “Be more exciting if it was you.”

“If what was me?”

“If I was doing a scene with you.”

Stella was a little embarrassed by that. “I don’t think I’d be cut out for this. After all, with me it would just be ordinary.”

“It wasn’t ordinary,” Louis corrected. “It was natural. And I really enjoyed it. I hope we get to do it again.”

“Lonnie asked if I would be interested in doing a scene.”

“Would you?”

“As I said, I don’t think I’d be cut out for it.”

Chrissy reappeared with a swimsuit. “We’re all set.” She handed the trunks to Louis who quickly slid them on.

All three then headed downstairs.

* * *

Stella was amazed by all she saw when they reached ground level. Lights were set up, a couple of cameras were lying around, a make-up table was set up where two attractive ladies and Carly were being attended to, and there were cases everywhere that obviously held the various types of equipment.

Following Louis to the make-up area, Stella watched as he greeted the two women, both clad in the skimpiest bikinis. Each stood and hugged him making certain to rub their bodies against him. Stella thought to glance at Chrissy. She just had a big smile on her face.

“Stella,” Louis said, “this is Teri Russell and Trudy Jenkins. Stella is a friend of Lonnie’s from our hometown.”

The two ladies each extended a hand, which Stella took and shook, and exchanged greetings.

“How are you this morning, Stella?” Carly asked with a big grin. She was wearing a low-cut dress that showed off her big tits.

“Just fine.”

Lonnie then approached the group. “Okay, glad you’re all together. We’ll start with a shot of Louis, Teri and Trudy lounging by the pool. Louis, you will get up and come inside and go into the kitchen.” She handed him and Carly some pages. “Here’s the exchange the two of you will have, and the action. Take a few minutes to look it over and when you’re ready, we’ll begin.”

Both Louis and Carly skimmed it quickly. She dropped hers on the table.

Louis handed his to Stella. “Hang onto this for me, would you? Feel free to look gaziantep rus escort bayan it over.”

Stella glanced at it and assumed it to be a script of sorts.

The porn stars then headed off to their places, Carly to the kitchen, Louis, Teri, and Trudy out to the pool. There were a couple of light stands outside, but it was another day of sun in Los Angeles. Lonnie followed them outside, as did a man holding a video camera and another with a still camera.

Chrissy led Stella to a spot where she could observe the action outside, but not be in the way when they came in.

“Alright. Places, everyone.” Lonnie glanced at the camera operators. “Ready?”

Both nodded.

“You’ll see mom stop the action quite a bit so the still camera can take pictures that will be posted on our websites,” Chrissy whispered to Stella, who merely nodded. Stella could see the man with the still camera already at work.

“And action!” Lonnie called out.

“Anyone want something to drink?” Louis asked. To which Teri and Trudy replied negatively. “I’m going get something.” He then arose from his lounger and headed toward the door.

“Cut!” Lonnie shouted.

Both cameramen came inside to capture Louis entering.

Louis was standing outside the door, and when Lonnie called for action, he entered and walked to the kitchen. Carly was leaning against the counter and watched him enter.

“Robbi, what are you doing here?” she asked.

Stella quickly realized they were using Louis’s stage name.

“Your daughters invited me,” Robbie/Louis answered.

“They did, did they? They didn’t tell me they were inviting you. I thought we had a rule about you hanging out with my daughters?”

Robbi/Louis became nervous. “But I like them. You want me to leave?”

“No. Maybe I’ll put on a bikini and join you to keep an eye on all of you,” Carly said seductively.

“Oh, well, that would be . . . that would be . . .”

“That is, unless you want to help me out.”

“Uh, uh, what do you want?” Robbi/Louis asked nervously.

“My neck and shoulders are sore. Guess I slept wrong. Maybe you could rub it for me?”

“Gee, I don’t know, Ms. Saunders. I—”

“You know the rule, Robbi. You want to play with them, you have to play with me.”

Carly turned her back to him and he hesitantly raised his hands and started kneading her shoulders. Carly slipped the strap off her shoulder, but Robbi/Louis nervously moved it back.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Carly purred. She casually reached around behind her and rubbed his cock through his swimsuit.

“What are you doing?’

“Just seeing if you’re interested.”

“Please, Ms. Saunders.”

She then stepped backwards pushing him against the opposite counter. Turning around, she pressed her body to his and resumed rubbing his dick. “Mmmm, you are interested.”

“Please, Ms. Saunders.” Robbi/Louis exaggeratedly glanced back out toward the pool. “If your daughters see us—”

“What do you think they’ll do?” she asked as she undid his swimsuit.

“I . . . I . . . don’t know.”

“Well, I really enjoyed our last time together.” She pushed his trunks down below his scrotum, grabbed his cock and stroked it. “Didn’t you?”

“Uh, well, uh—”

“I see the way you look at me.” She pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and then stooped down. She held his dick at the base and gave the head a tentative lick. That caused Robbi/Louis to shiver. She then started sucking him and it was too good for him not to enjoy it. His swimsuit dropped to the floor.

“Oh, wow!” Robbie/Louis said. He couldn’t help but moan his pleasure.

Carly then tilted her head to suck his balls.

“Damn, she’s good at this,” Chrissy whispered to Stella, who merely nodded.

“Cut!” Lonnie called out and Carly halted with her mouth on his scrotum as the still photographer snapped a few shots.

“I thought there would be more stops and starts,” Stella whispered.

“Not so much with Carly. When she’s with Louis, she doesn’t want to stop,” Chrissy responded.

“Alright, go, Carly.”

Carly returned to sucking him. “I’ve dreamed of sucking this cock again.”

“Oh, oh!” Robbi/Louis whined.

“Have you been thinking about this, too?” She peeled her dress down to expose her boobs.


Carly licked him all over, and his scrotum, then she deep throated him, and his knees buckled.

Stella wondered if that was acting or not. But Carly was good at oral.

Carly mouthed his balls again while stroking his cock, and then she pressed her tits around his shaft and used them to jerk him.

Robbi/Louis emitted a continuous string of expletives denoting his enjoyment.

“You like fucking these tits?”

“Oh, yeah!”

Carly stood again, raised her dress above her hips, stripped off her panties, and bent over the counter. “Stick that cock in me!” she ordered.

He wasted no time in complying. But after only a few thrusts, he escort rus gaziantep pulled out and licked her pussy and asshole.

“Oh, my!” Stella exclaimed as silently as she could. She hadn’t expected that.

Carly lifted one leg and rested it against the counter and Robbi/Louis shoved his dick back inside her. She moaned her pleasure with a huge smirk on her face. Robbi/Louis reached around and grabbed her tit. He fondled it, but not so tenderly.

“Oh, fuck!” Carly yelled out.

“Cut!” Lonnie yelled.

“Are you fucking kidding?” Carly yelled, but Robbi/Louis halted while the still photographer got some shots.

“Go, Louis,” Lonnie ordered.

He resumed pounding her, amid her constant moans.

“Alright, cut!”

Carly growled.

“We’re going to move to the bedroom,” Lonnie announced. “Carly, give us the line and then cut again. Go!”

Carly pushed Robbi/Louis back and seductively said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom. Wouldn’t want to get caught, would we?” She grabbed his dick and pulled him, leading him away. Once passed the camera, she stopped.

“Okay, everyone. Take a break while we set up in the bedroom,” Lonnie said.

“We won’t get much of a view of the bedroom scene,” Chrissy said. “Only mom and the cameramen can get in. We can watch on the monitor, though.”

“Okay,” Stella said.

“So, what do you think?” Louis asked, approaching them.

“Very interesting,” Stella commented. “Seems it really is a lot of work. And this seems to be a simple story. I couldn’t imagine how a more detailed story would be done.”

“Unfortunately, the kind of people who watch these videos don’t want much story,” Louis bemoaned. “They just want the sex. I have long wanted to do a video that had a real story. I believe there’s a market for it.”

“You mean, like a regular movie but with graphic sex?” Stella asked.

“Like that space movie we watched at your house. The human man and the alien woman got together. A real inventive sex scene would have done well there.”

“Hmmm.” Stella considered that for a second. “That would have been interesting. Lonnie does not have interest in that?”

“Not so much,” Louis said.

“Too be honest,” Chrissy spoke up, “she’s just chasing the dollars.”

“What does that mean?” Stella asked.

Waiving her hand around, Chrissy explained, “It costs a lot of money to bring in all these people and four players. Louis, or Robbi Rodman, has become a popular, well-known porn star. Teri and Trudy are reasonably well-known, and of course, Carly has been around for years. And though she’s not a big draw anymore, having her in the video will carry more weight than some lesser-known older woman. So, all in all, this video should play well on our membership websites.”

“What about DVD sales?”

Chrissy grimaced. “People don’t buy many of those anymore. We’ll print a few for some of the adult stores and we might sell some online, but I wouldn’t expect us to make much from that.”

Teri and Trudy approached sipping bottles of water.

Trudy gently grabbed Louis’s flaccid cock and stoked it a few times. “How have you been, Louis?”

“Good, and yourself? Still dancing?”


“Trudy started out as a dancer,” Louis explained, for Stella’s benefit.

“What kind of dancing?” Stella felt she should ask.

“I started out in musicals, but they wouldn’t hire me after I got into porn,” she said. “I’ve worked a few strip clubs, but the clientele in those places are not what they used to be.”

Stella nodded but had no clue what that meant.

“I wish there were more scenes to do,” Trudy said.

“So, do I,” Teri agreed. “I wish Lonnie was doing more. I really like working for her.”

Again, Stella merely nodded. There were some questions she would have liked to ask—like why Teri liked working for Lonnie—but wasn’t certain she should.

“Alright. Carly, Louis, on set. Teri, Trudy, standby,” Lonnie called out.

Chrissy moved them into position to watch a monitor as Robbi/Louis and Carly stood outside of the downstairs guest room. The videographer stood behind them, and the still photographer had already gone into the room.

“Places,” Lonnie said. “Action.”

Robbie followed Carly into the bedroom with the video camera following. They stopped beside the bed, with Robbie/Louis behind Carly. Once inside, Lonnie halted the action for the video cameraman to go in and reposition.

Though Lonnie had not resumed the action, Stella watched the monitor because the cameraman was still recording. She noticed Louis leisurely stroking his cock, obviously to keep it hard. The still photographer fired off some shots, then nodded to Lonnie, who called for action.

Carly’s dress was now around her waist and she pushed it down to the floor and stepped out of it. She bent slightly over the bed as Robbi/Louis put his hands on her ass. She bent over further and Robbi/Louis buried his face in her butt, licking and slurping. Carly lifted one leg onto the bed to give him greater access. She then crawled onto the bed on all fours. Robbie/Louis got behind her and slid his cock into her pussy.

“Cut!” Lonnie called out so the still photographer could get some more photos.

Stella noticed that Louis would pump every few seconds, again she assumed, to remain hard. The ever anxious Carly would also push back eager to get the fucking going.

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