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The loud banging on the front door awoke Katie from her deep sleep she pulled the curtain slightly open and could see a courier van in the driveway. Katie put on her dressing gown and walked to the front door peering through the peephole, standing on the porch was a young man in a FedEx uniform.

“Who is it?” Katie inquired.

” I have a delivery for a Miss Katie Fitzgerald.” Replied the courier.

“Just leave it by the door.” Katie asked.

“Cant do that Maim I need a signature.” Demanded the courier.

Katie slid the security chain from the door, unlatched the deadlock, and then opened the door. The courier looked directly at Katie’s cleavage her pert breasts slightly exposed, she quickly scrunched the front of her dressing gown hiding any exposed flesh. The courier removed his attention from her cleavage and pushed his folder at Katie motioning where she needed to sign, he smiled and turned on his heels turning around as he reached his vehicle.

“You have a nice day now.” He announced.

Nice day thought Katie, my Saturday morning sleep in disrupted by some smart pervert courier guy with that she headed into the kitchen throwing the parcel onto the bench and flicking the kettle on. It was not long before Katie was sitting outside on the decking enjoying her hot coffee. Katie felt the warmth of the morning sun on her body and she allowed the top her dressing gown to slightly open permitting its rays to greet the smooth skin of her pert breast’s she titled head back a little forcing her breasts outwards enjoy it’s touch.

Katie sipped at the last of her coffee and headed back inside to make another cup; whilst she waited for the kettle to boil, she glanced at the parcel and picked it up giving it a shake, Katie made her coffee and returned outside with the parcel. Katie ripped the bag open and tilted the parcel shaking it’s contents onto the table, the brown package dropped and a tiny white piece of paper floated down onto the ground, Katie leant down picking up the paper it simply read ENJOY.

Katie quickly tore away the plain brown wrapping to discover someone had sent her a sex toy; her immediate reaction was to drop the box back onto the table as if it had some danger element to it. She picked up the FedEx bag looking for a sender’s name one could not be found. Katie gulped her coffee staring intently at the sex toy, as she tried to think who would send her such a thing.

It wasn’t the fact that it was a sex toy that made her feel slightly disgusted it was the fact someone thought she needed it, perhaps it was that slimy young courier, her commonsense took control as she had never met the courier guy before he was just doing his job she told herself. Katie picked up the box and headed into her bedroom grabbing the cordless telephone along the way, her initial reaction was to ring all her friends and ex boyfriends and interrogate each one until she was able to reveal the sender, it was still early and she knew none of them would probably be awake or answer their phones.

Katie’s curiosity eventually got the better of her she picked up the box and studied it. The Sensational Woman’s Wonder Toy the title touted, Katie smiled this will be good she cynically said to herself as she opened the box and shook the contents onto the bed. Katie giggled out loud as the flaccid latex seks hikayeleri dildo slinked out onto the bed amused at how it looked like a giant worm.

Katie opened the instruction book.

Step one press button one on the remote control before inserting into vagina.

Katie pressed button one and the dildo started to self inflate stopping once it had slightly hardened.

Step two insert Dildo fully into vagina leaving cord at base outside for easy removal of Dildo and press button two on the remote control.

Katie pressed button two and watched as the dildo inflated to it’s full nine inches and it’s girth widen to two inches, once the dildo had hardened Katie noticed that the dildo had thick ribs an inch apart increasing in size along the shaft of the toy, the cord at the base now prominent with it’s fluorescent pink tiny nodule end

Step three once dildo is fully inserted into vagina press button three on the remote, this will secure dildo in place.

Katie pressed button three and the base of the dildo inflated a large ring like rib about four inches in diameter, Katie picked up the dildo and examined it she felt gentle pulses against her palm emanating from it.

Step four once satisfaction has been reached press button four on the remote control, and remove dildo-using cord attached to the base.

Katie pressed button four on the remote control and the dildo instantly became flaccid, just the same as a man she giggled to herself. Katie felt warmness in her pussy; she put her hand against her pussy and was surprised by it is wetness,

Katie removed her dressing gown and laid down on the bed, she ran her hands across her smooth breasts and over her nipples her touch making them stand to attention she parted her legs and gently stroked her silky inner thighs with her hands. Katie parted her pussy lips with her finger sliding up and down the entirety of her pussy with ease.

She looked over at the dildo next to her and pressed button one on the remote control the dildo slightly inflated. Katie picked up the dildo and slid into her tight hole, she then pressed button two and the dildo started to enlarge Katie pushed the dildo completely inside her, struggling to keep it inserted as each reached it’s full nine inches and spread her pussy wide with it’s thickness. Katie opened hers legs as wide as she could and pushed the dildo in deep quickly pressing button three, the base of the dildo grew in size and Katie felt uncomfortable as the dildo stretched across her opening.

Katie’s first reaction was to pull on the cord to remove the dildo, however it would not budge and she then remembered the instructions, pressing button four on the remote control, she waited a few seconds for the dildo to deflate which it didn’t, she pressed the button again and nothing happen.

Katie started to panic she wanted this thing out of her and started to worry how she was going to achieve this and then in a moment of clarity she got up and walked to kitchen with some difficulty as the large object inside made moving quickly an impossibility, she opened the top draw and rummaged around for a packet of batteries she found them and hastily opened the packet and replaced them with the ones in the remote control.

Katie calmed down feeling gaziantep şişman escort a little silly about the logical answer to her predicament she pressed the button on the remote and waited, once again nothing happened and fear again raced through her mind. Katie went back to the bedroom and read the instructions hoping she had not followed them correctly, she went through each step one by one and then reversed them and then in frustration continually pressed and held down buttons, still nothing happened. Katie noticed a sentence in small print on the booklet.

Please note dildo will self deflate in thirty minutes of operation, if satisfaction has not been achieved simply repeat steps one through to three again.

Katie let out a sigh of relief, I just have to wait thirty minutes and be done with it she thought she took looked at her watch and took note of the time. Katie sat upright on her bed trying to comfortably position herself, fluffing up pillows and placing them behind her trying to find some relief from the fullness of the dildo deep inside her. Once she had found a position that gave her some relief she picked up a book and started to read, her concentration only lasted a few minutes as the dildo pulsed inside her pussy.

Once again, Katie became agitated, what happens if this thing inside me does not deflate, she thought. Katie walked back into the kitchen and started to pace back and forth, trying to think of the alternatives if the dildo did not deflate would she call a friend or drive straight to the hospital, she became angry at herself for her own stupidity what was she thinking when she did this.

Katie glanced at her watch twenty minutes to go, crap she thought and with that Katie plunked her self down onto the kitchen chair, the dildo pushed deep inside her pussy forcing Katie to involuntarily stand up grabbing the table with both hands to prevent her losing her balance.

“Fuck.” Katie screamed out aloud.

Katie took a moment to catch her breath and then gently and slowly sat back down she cupped her pussy with her hand trying to relief the pain she had just encountered. Katie could not believe how wet and swollen her pussy was, with all the panic and distress in Katie’s mind the dildo was still working its magic on her pussy.

Katie took a moment to sit still to feel the vibrations deep inside her hot cunt, the more calmness she felt the more intense the vibrations seemed to become. Katie’s released the tight grip of her cupped hand and slid her finger along her pussy feeling her hardened clit and then down circling the rim of her stretched hole. Katie felt pleasure for the first time since she had inserted the dildo some ten minutes before, her mind and body finally in unison with each other.

Katie opened her legs as wide a she could and slowly pushed her pussy hard down onto the seat forcing the top of the dildo to touch her deeper inside than she had ever felt before. The tip of the dildo pulsated against the top of Katie’s cunt and she felt her swollen clit throb against the polished wooden seat. Katie grabbed the edge of the dinning room table with clenched fists as her hips rocked back and forth, her back arched pushing her body forward on the chair as her orgasm screamed through her body, the sensation gaziantep sınırsız escort of her clit throbbing against the hard surface sent another fiery orgasm through her.

Katie slowly released her grip on the table as her body calmed down and after a few moments, she stood up, gingerly as her knees still trembled from the intensity of the dildo’s pleasure. She glanced at her watch she could not believe that only five minutes had passed and that she still had to wait another fifteen minutes before the dildo would supposedly deflate she pressed the button on the remote once again with no result. Katie finally succumbed to the fact she would have to wait out the time and hope that the dildo would comply with the manufacturers statement and deflate.

Katie felt the sudden urge to pea the effects of the morning coffees and the large dildo inside her put pressure against her bladder. Katie sat down on the toilet just in time as her gold fluid released itself, the quickness of the flow and the relief of fullness within her bladder sent a strange feeling through her body, and once again the pulsating of the dildo became prominent.

Katie decided to lie down on her bed eager to drift off to sleep making the time pass quicker and to hopefully wake up with the dildo deflated inside her. Katie closed her eyes trying to ignore the pulsation deep with inside her swollen tender cunt. She rolled over on her side thinking that the rhythm in her pelvis would be less exaggerated to her dismay it didn’t, her position made the dildo move inside her and put uncomfortable pressure against the left wall of her vagina, she returned to lying on her back.

Katie placed her hand between her legs, touching her drenched pussy in an attempt to give some comfort to her engorged clit and swollen pussy lips, she gently caressed her fingers along the inside of her sticky lips, and momentarily felt relief from her touch. The fullness of the dildo inside Katie’s pussy had kept her clit from it’s cover pushing it out to it’s fullest extent, exposing it’s sensitivity for the last twenty minutes, Katie ran her finger around the edge of her hardened clit trying to avoid any direct physical contact, she was sexually exhausted and believed her body could not reach another orgasm.

Katie moved her finger down to her stretched filled hole and traced the edges of it, her finger gliding easily around soothing its taught ness. Katie’s finger entwined with the cord attached to the base of the dildo and she grabbed it with her finger and thumb and enjoyed the feel of the nodule tip. She placed the tip against her hard clit applying gentle pressure with her thumb, Katie’s hips lifted of the bed briefly from its touch, allowing Katie to slide her other hand underneath her buttocks and push the dildo in as deep as she could take into her cunt.

Katie stroked the nodule tip against her clit the ends of the silicone nodes fondling every part of her swollen sensitive pink love button, Katie felt her pussy muscles tense around the huge long dildo, she felt her clit start to thump and her pussy muscles contract. Katie fingered her clit faster and faster her pussy responded contracting quicker and quicker around the dildo, finally Katie’s back arched pushing her pert tits upwards her body lunging forward out of control as wave after wave of pleasure filled her pussy as multiple orgasms exploded within her, finally Katie spent and exhausted drifted off to sleep.

The loud banging on the front door awoke Katie from her deep sleep she pulled the curtain slightly open and could see a courier van in the driveway; she sheepishly looked around for the dildo, and could not find it.

Had it all been a dream?

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