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Serena and I were driving north from the Kill Devil Hills and the Wright Brother’s Monument through Kitty Hawk on the way to Norfolk. The photo shoot at the monument had been successful and I must admit a bit surprising. Unfortunately, the impending rain stopped us from getting all the shots we needed. We were able to get some nice shots at sunrise, just before the sun slipped into the clouds.

Passing through Kitty Hawk and approaching the Wright Memorial Bridge the rain started, first just a few large drops randomly striking the windshield, then a bit heavier. We were able to get across the bridge before it got too heavy, but soon, we were creeping along in some steady downpours. Soon it got so bad I decided we better stop.

“Serena, I think I’m going to pull off the road as soon as I find a place to stop. We’re not in a hurry and there’s no need taking any chances in this rain,” I said loudly so she could hear me over the sound of the rain.

“The Cotton Gin is not too far ahead, they have plenty of parking and if the rain let’s up we and run in and look around,” she shouted back.

“What is the Cotton Gin?” I asked, pensively.

“It’s kind of a mini-outlet fashion center.”

“A mini-outlet fashion center? And what exactly is a mini-outlet fashion center?”

“Well, it’s too small to be really called a mall, but they have a lot of nice fashion stuff a fairly reasonable prices.”

“Doesn’t the magazine pay you enough? I’d figure you would want to hit the high price shops and stuff.”

“Hey, a girl can’t have too many clothes and here I can get three or four for the price of one at the upscale stores. Besides, often it is the same stuff.”

“Oh now come on, you certainly don’t believe that do you?” I asked, laughing a bit.

“Well I can dream, besides… there, just up ahead on the right there. No, not this drive, it’s the exit. Yeah, over there.”

“Okay, I imagine you want to park up close so you can duck it when the rain stops.”

“No, that’s okay. Park over there,” she said, pointing off to the left.

“The back row?”

“We don’t want someone banging up the car trying to stay dry.”

“It’s a rental car, who cares.”

“Humor me, just park over there. Yeah, that one right there.”

I pulled into a spot at the back corner of the lot. The rain was even heavier now than when we were on the road. Outside the car all we could see anywhere was a the dull gray of falling water. Reaching into my camera bag, I pulled out my digital camera to show Serena a few of the shots.

“I Bostancı Escort wanted to show you what I got,” I said as she scooted a bit closer to me. “The better shots are on film, but this should give you an idea.”

I showed her the first couple I took with the digital and then came the one I got at sunrise, the one that showed off her spectacular nipples. Just looking at it again and remembering the pose I felt my cock becoming erect. She wouldn’t have been able to notice it with me sitting down, so I didn’t try to adjust it, even though it felt a bit uncomfortable.

Going through the shots we finally came to one of the last ones, the one where she was sitting on the wall, straddling the sharp corner when she lifted her skirt to expose her naked kitty to me. I quickly clicked past that one, but she grabbed my hand.

“Hey, hey, go back to that last one.”

I backed up to the picture and feeling myself blush a bit, “Just a reaction shot… ah…” I mumbled.

“Reaction shot, or were you going to keep this one, and go back to the hotel and look at it some more?”

“Well, considering what happened afterward…”

“You were going to take this back to the hotel and jack off to it weren’t you?”

“No, it was just a reaction shot, you had a pose and I clicked,” I said defensively.

“And what happened afterward?”

“That was just incredible.”

“I agree with you there,” she said, reaching her hand to my lap and taking hold of my erection.

“Serena, I’m old enough…”

“Don’t you say it. It didn’t stop you this morning.”

“Well that was a spur of the moment thing, just…”

“And this isn’t,” she asked, her hand stroking my cock through my pants.

“We have time to think about it all, about what is happening.”

She looked up into my eyes and said very slowly and very succinctly, “What is happening is that it is raining so hard no one can see a thing. The car doors are locked and we are perfectly safe. In just a moment I am going to pull this out of your pants and try to make you feel as good as you made me feel when you swooped down and ate my kitty.”



“I ah… I think we should… careful with the zipper.”

She had my cock out of my pants and stroked it with her hand a few moments. Then she squeezed it from the base and pulled upward, milking out the precum and letting it pool on the tip of my cock.

I watched as she slowly took her tongue and dipped it into the clear pool, turned it some as if trying to dip Kadıköy Escort down into the tiny opening and then moved it back to her mouth. A thin strand of liquid stretched from her tongue to my cock as she closed her lips and smiled.

“Mmmm, you tasted me this morning and now I get to taste you,” she said as she plunged her mouth over me, closing her lips and sucking. Her tongue swirled around my cock as she continued sucking, her cheeks pulling inward as her head bobbed up and down. I felt her hand move to by balls, so I lifted up from the seat and pulled my pants a bit further down, giving her better access.

Looking down on her, her long dark hair covering my lap, her head bobbing up and down I wanted to touch her. Moving my hand onto her back, I ran it down toward her ass. She was kneeling in her seat next to me, but she was small enough that I could reach her skirt an pull it up over her ass. She had not put on any panties, so my hand soon slid over her soft skin and I kneaded her ass as she continued sucking my cock.

Moving her hand to my shaft, she began pumping with her hand as she moved her head back and let her tongue circle the head, sliding underneath and then back over the top. Then she moved her lips back over the head, and with an incredible suction, moved her mouth down my length until I felt my cock banging the back of her throat.

She had been at it a while and I felt her tiring some so I said, “Serena, this is so good, but I want to fuck you.”

Sitting up, I noticed her massaging her jaw, so I continued, “That was incredible, probably the best I’ve ever had, it’s just recently… in the last few years it takes me longer to come. It was so good, but it just takes me longer.”

She got a devilish look on her face and quickly crawled over onto my lap, straddling me and lowering herself down onto my cock. Already wet, I felt her kitty open to me as it enveloped my cock and descended over me. Serena took all of me into her cunt and then holding my shoulders she slowly rose up until I nearly fell out of her. Quickly descending over me, she began bouncing up and down speeding her pace with each movement.

It was incredible, she was bouncing on my lap at an incredible speed, her pussy doing things to my cock I never had felt before. Yeah, I was going to come, but now, unlike during the blow job I was losing control. Fuck, it had been years since it came over me like this.

I heard her moan and then change her motion some and I knew she was getting ready to come, so I did something I haven’t Göztepe Escort had to do in a long, long time, I turned my attention to the rain, distracting myself for a few moments while she came. Her wonderful cunt squeezed over my cock as she leaned her forehead against mine, opened her eyes and looked at me so savagely, so wantonly that I immediately focused on her and what she was doing to me.

When I came, it felt like I was an eighteen year old again. With each spurt I splashed my cum deep into her body, flooding her with me. Again and again I felt it surge through my body as my cock twitched inside her. Grabbing her, I pulled her against me, stopping her bouncing as I squeezed her tightly.

“Oh fuck Serena, oh fuck.”

Leaning her head on my shoulder she responded, “Yeah, wow, that was incredible.”

I turned my head to her and kissed her, my tongue slowly entering her mouth, exploring her. Holding the kiss for a long time, we finally separated to catch our breath. She rested her head back on my shoulder and I felt my soft cock slide out of her body. I could feel our combined wetness cover my lap as I closed my eyes, savoring the warm, damp sensation.

A little later I heard the car door open and looked up at Serena, standing by the passenger door, her arms full of packages. She peeked in at me and said, “Pop the trunk, I need to put these away.”

“I’ll help you,” I said, shaking my head.

“You better pull your pants up before you do that,” she said, giggling.

I quickly pulled my pants back up, fastened then and then opened the car door, pushing the trunk button. Climbing out, I walked back and helped her arrange the packages in the trunk.

“Sorry, I guess I fell asleep.”

“You think?” she said, rising up on her tiptoes and kissing me on the cheek. “It gave me a chance to do a bit of shopping.”

I looked around at the sky, the sun was peeking through the clouds. “How long ago did it stop raining?”

“Oh twenty minutes or so. I took an umbrella when I went in.”

Noticing there were no cars parked nearby I said, “I hope no one noticed us.”

“No, everyone else parked up close to the building.”

I looked over at the building and then noticing movement in a tree, I looked up and spotted a hawk resting on one of the taller branches. The bird looked skyward and turning my head to see what it was looking at, I saw another hawk soaring proudly through the clearing skies. Glancing back at Serena, I leaned down giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

She walked over to the passenger side of the car and climbed in. I paused a moment, looking back up at the hawk and then I walked to the car door, smiling proudly. Climbing inside, I leaned and gave Serena another kiss, then started the car and backed out of the parking space.

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