Snow Bunnies Ch. 05

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Ashley Williams


Jenny and I became almost like mascots for the Volleyball team. We went to all of their games, home and away, and always sat near the front. Over time, some of the other girls on the team found out, or guessed, that Jenny and I had something going with Karen, Jill, Nicole, and Emily—something a little more than friendship. They started dropping hints that if we had any wild parties they wanted in on it. So Karen let the word out that if the team won the state championships we’d have a big victory party at her cabin up in Payson. It was kind of understood among the girls what kind of party it was going to turn out to be—but we made them swear to secrecy.

The touchy part of it was, we couldn’t very well have a victory party without inviting coach Barnes. At first we were afraid we might not be able to be free to get wild and sexy with coach there to supervise, but Karen and I came up with a plan to get around that.

Came the final week of the season, and everyone was thrilled (in more ways than one) when we made the state finals.

The final game was on Saturday morning. It was us against Cactus, the defending state champions. It was a close, tough game. Cactus had been rated a much better team than us all year and they had great players—all with college scholarships for next year. But we had coach Barnes and our love (and lust) for her.

It was a very hard fought game. The lead changed hands several times.

With us holding a one-point lead, Emily served game point. The Cactus girls set to their top spiker and she rifled a shot to the corner of our court—a line-drive so low and fast it was almost impossible to see, much less stop.

Nicole made a dive for it, and scraping her knees on the floor she stretched her hand out and just before the ball hit the floor, she grunted and swatted it back up into the air with all her strength. The ball sailed up high in the air, but unfortunately not towards the field of play—it floated over towards the stands, towards Jenny and myself.

Gail, a tall fiery red-head, immediately saw where the ball was headed and sprinted towards the stands.

The ball started to come down just behind Jenny and myself

Gail lunged for it.

Gail reached her left hand out and in a motion similar to a hook shot in basketball, she swatted the ball back up in the air, and towards the net, to keep it in play. But, as she lunged for the ball, she fell—right into Jenny and I.

Of course Jenny and I grabbed her to catch her and help her steady herself—but oh, how tempting it was to do more. This great big, beautiful, tall athletic girl right in our laps and arms—her girl sweat on our arms and faces. But she had to get herself back into the game—and there were hundreds of people watching—so I contended myself with a quick cope of her breasts, and Jenny a quick cope of her ass.

But, as it turned out, there was no need for Gail to get back on the court. The ball she saved and swatted back towards the net sailed on a very high arc—seemingly out of reach of any of our players. The Cactus girls were all salivating—because they knew we couldn’t reach the ball and its trajectory would give them a perfect set up to spike it down our throats.

Then, at the last second before the ball passed over the plane of the net, there was a yellow blur of motion from our side of the court. Bethany, a tall blonde with a full head of straight hair, let out an animal yell and leaped high into the air. She leaped so unbelievably high into the air it will always be known in Arizona sports annals as “the leap.” Her tall body sailed high above the net, her blonde hair streaming behind her like a magic carpet of sunlight. Her right arm swung in an arc that seemed to carry her even higher. At just the last split second before the ball crossed over the plane of the net, her right hand swatted the ball with a loud “smack!”

She hit the ball with such force it slammed into one of the Cactus girls knocking her on her butt, then bounced into the stands on the other side of the stadium. Game over!

The arena erupted into cheers. Our players hugged each other then swarmed coach Barnes. Jenny and I rushed up to them, and joined the mass hug in.

Somehow we made our way into the locker room through all the mayhem. All the girls were high-fiving and yelping with joy as they took their shorts and sports bras off. Jenny and I stood around and drooled at all those beautiful girl bodies—all those long sleek legs and firm butts—and to think they were all coming to party with us today. Of course we’d both made love to Emily, Jill, Nicole, and Karen, but then there was Gail, Bethany, Sandy, Julie, and Sue—all of whom we were dying to get to know up close and personal.

The fiery Gail was about Karen’s height, with medium length red hair. Her red bush looked like it was on fire—and I could hardly wait to bury my face in there and see if her pussy was as hot as the rest of her looked. Stately Bethany aydın escort was the tallest girl on the team, edging out Jill by an inch—with legs that went on forever, and just enough tan to make her blonde hair seem even blonder.

Sandy was another redhead, about my height, her nipples and aureoles were as red as her bush and stood out starkly on her very white skin. Julie, was a tall brunette almost as tall as Bethany, but more slender. She had these skinny tits that stuck straight out and were capped by the puffiest aureoles I’ve ever seen. And when she walked to the showers it looked like a couple of honest to goodness cocks bouncing on her chest. Really erotic looking.

Sue was a blonde, just a tad taller than I was. Really athletic, tanned legs and for her size, she had the biggest and best ass on the team. Her tits were fairly flat, but she had nice nipples.

Some of the girls started snapping their towels on each other’s butts as they came out of the showers. There was lots of giggling and horsing around. Some of the girls started ass slapping their teammates without bothering with the towels.

I was really getting wet watching all those beautiful naked bodies come dripping wet out of the shower, and their horsing around was really getting to me. I wanted to dive right into the showers with them—with all my clothes on.

Suddenly the entire locker room went deathly quiet. All eyes turned to the front door.

Coach Lindsey Barnes had just entered. She was still dressed in her business suit–skirt almost to her knees, with low heels and hose.

And every pussy in the locker room suddenly got wetter—including mine. I could smell the level of arousal escalate from all the girls—just from the mere presence of the Goddess coach. The fact that she was so formally dressed amidst all these naked girls only added to the eroticness of the scene.

“Ladies,” Coach Barnes began, “I want to congratulate all of you for a fantastic game, and thank you all for a great season. I love each and every one of you and it has been an absolute joy working with you kids this year. We’ve been through a lot together, and we came up smelling roses. You kids really kicked some serious tail.”

All the girls cheered, whistled, and clapped.

“That’s what I call gurlpower, and you kids really have it. Let’s hear it for gurlpower.”

“Gurlpower! Gurlpower! Gurlpower!” They all cheered.

I was thinking more along the lines of “cunt” power, but gurlpower will do.

“I’m so sorry to say,” Coach Barnes went on, “that this was our last game together. All of you are graduating this year, and I’m so very proud of all of you. But, I think you deserve a party for all of your fantastic efforts on the team’s behalf this year. Karen Styles,” coach smiled at Karen, “has graciously invited us all out to her cabin in the mountains for a party tonight. So, let’s take a half an hour to shower and change and we’ll all caravan out there. Let’s party!”

“Party! Party! Party!” All the girls chanted.

After everybody, including Jenny and I, had showered and changed we all headed towards the cars and for what we hoped would be a weekend of fantasies fulfilled. We were all certainly dressed for it. On top I had on a combination sports bra and halter top showing as much cleavage as I could legally get away with. On the bottom I had on a pair of grey gym shorts several sizes too small—and no panties. My shorts were so tight and short they didn’t do much to hide my ass and crotch—only called attention to them. Even my cunt stood out in relief. I felt so sexy walking out to the cars with my tits bouncing—each step sending sensuous ripples up the flesh of my boobs sticking out above the cleavage line. But it was what my super-tight shorts did to my cunt that really got my blood to racing. With each step I took, the tight shorts rubbed against my pussy lips and my clit—ummmmmm, so sexy.

All the other girls were wearing skimpy T-shirts with no bras and either shorts like mine, or micro minis on the bottom. Then there was coach Barnes. She went in style as usual. A red button-down-the-front blouse with a few of the top buttons undone to show a little cleavage. On the bottom she wore a matching red latex mini, shorter than anything I’ve ever seen her wear before. Low heels and hose completed her outfit. Her skirt was so short, and her legs so long, that several inches of her garter straps showed between her hemline and the tops of her nylons. It was the most incredibly sexy sight I’ve ever seen.

As I walked behind her, watching her magnificent big ass twitch and jiggle under that too-skimpy, too-tight latex skirt—that glorious big ass that was about chest high to me and only an arm’s length in front of me– it was all I could do to keep from reaching out and groping it, or burying my face in it. I couldn’t help think how nice it would be to rip off my top and rub my titties on her ass.

As it was, I had to settle for just enjoying the way my too-tight shorts were rubbing me as I walked and drooled behind Goddess coach. Needless to say, that by the time we had reached the cars my pussy was already getting wet.

I ended up riding shotgun with her, with Julie of the pointed tits, and round-assed Sue sitting in the back seat. I could hardly contain myself watching coach Barnes climb in behind the wheel with her sexy skirt creeping even further up her legs and ass.

Then we roared out of the school parking lot—five car loads of horny girls. Driving down the highway we all kept up a steady stream of conversation for which I was much grateful because it gave me a good excuse to keep my eyes glued to Goddess coach. Although every now and then I’d glance back to take a look at Sue and Julie—especially Julie’s pointed tits sticking out through her T-shirt.

I especially enjoyed watching Goddess coach’s legs as she operated the gas and break pedals. Every little movement of hers was sheer ecstasy for me.

Looking at coach Barnes like I was, and how she was dressed, I began to wonder if she had any inclination at all of what kind of “victory” party we really had planned for her.

Every now and then, the Goddess would also turn around to glance at the girls in the back during our conversation. And, when she did, her legs would shift just enough to give me a nice glimpse of her panties.

And I kept getting wetter and wetter and wetter.

Glancing down at my crotch, I noticed the damp spot was clearly visible through my skimpy shorts. God, a few months ago I would have been terribly embarrassed. Now, looking at my own wetness only made me all the hornier. I even shifted my position and opened my legs a bit to make the wet spot even more visible

At the next stop light Coach Barnes paused to check me out. First her eyes devoured my tits, then they focused on my crotch—and my tell-tale wetness, growing rapidly under her gaze. As the light turned green she looked me briefly in the eyes, flashed a smile, then tore off down the highway.

And I was left shaking with desire.

When we arrived at the cabin, Jenny immediately put some porn on the DVD/TV. Jenny had spent much of the previous weekend taking excerpts from or favorite porn flicks and recording them on blank DVDs. She’s very good at that sort of thing. She plans to study electronic media in College. She eliminated all the pierced nipples, and other mutilated body parts, tattoos, guys, and other gross-out scenes. She included only the most beautiful, un-modified girls, kissing and fondling each other. There was nothing there that any one could take offense at. Even straight people would have to admit it was beautiful to look at.

In the meantime, Karen cranked up the stereo. Some of the girls began dancing to the music, while others sat in the living room to watch the soft-core porn. I was pleased to note that coach Barnes was one of those watching the porn—and she didn’t seem to disapprove. In fact the look on her face told me that she was actually liking it. That was a good sign, and it made my pussy dribble all the more.

With every body entertained, Jill and I began doing the burgers on the outside grill while Karen, Nicole, and Emily got the rest of the food ready.

After dinner, everybody went back to watching the porn or dancing.

I had just stepped out of the bathroom when Gail, the tall redhead grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into Karen’s folk’s bedroom.

“I just wanted to apologize for falling all over you guys in the stands today when I went for that ball.” She was still holding on to my arm, keeping me close to her.

I looked up into her bright green eyes looking down into mine as she towered over me. I reached out to clasp her other arm like she was clasping me. “Hey, that was my pleasure.” I smiled at her. “It was all for a worthy cause. I just hope you weren’t offended by where I grabbed you when you fell.”

She grinned back down at me. “Offended?” She laughed. “Hell, the way my hormones were running, and playing for Coach Barnes and all that, it only turned me on all the more the way you and little Jenny groped me.”

“It turned us on too, believe me. You’re a very beautiful girl, with a very beautiful body.” My eyes traveled up and down her body, then returned to look her straight in the eyes again.

“Thank you, that’s so sweet of you. You’re really cute too. I really love that sexy halter top you’re wearing. It’s almost like a bra.” She let go of my arm to fondle my cups with both hands.

“Actually, it’s kind a combination sports bra/halter top. You don’t think it shows too much cleavage do you?” I fondled her tits like she was doing me.

“Never such a thing as too much cleavage.” She bent down and buried her face in my bosom. As she fondled my boobs, squeezing them together, her tongue went slithering down the crack between my tits sending chills all through me.

I tugged on her erect nipples, pulling them this way and that until she moaned.

She grabbed my face and mashed hers to mine. My hand went around her body to fondle her ass as she Frenched me.

“You understand what we have planned for coach Barnes?” I said when we paused for air.

“What do you think I’m here for?”

“What about the other girls? Are they all going to be cool about this?”

“Why don’t you wait here, and I’ll send them in so you can interview them and see for yourself.”

Gail left the room, and a moment later Bethany, the tall blonde came in.

“Oh, Bethany,” I said. “I wanted to congratulate you on that tremendous leap at the end of the game. That was totally awesome.”

“This party was the reason. I’d do anything for a chance to help seduce coach Barnes.”

“Then you know what this party is all about?” I said.

Just then Gail came back into the room leading Sandy, Julie, and Sue.

“Chris doubts we’re women enough, or horny enough, to seduce coach Barnes,” Gail teased.

“Oh, she does, does she,” Bethany said, stepping behind me. She put her arms around me, grabbing my tits and pressing her crotch into my back. Her big tits rested on the top of my head.

Gail, Julie, Sandy, and Sue then came up and moving Bethany’s hands out of the way all four began kissing and licking my boobs, both the exposed parts and the parts held by my top. All five pairs of hands ran all up and down my body. While they kissed and licked my tits.

Julie kissed me on the mouth, then sent her tongue deep inside of me. Someone started fingering my cunt, pushing my already tight shorts into my slit.

Julie withdrew her tongue from my mouth and stood up to her full height with her elongated cock-like tits bobbing only inches from my mouth. Then she started rubbing them on my face. I really didn’t need any urging. I’d been fantasizing all day about her cock-like protrusions—and now here they were bobbing right in front of my mouth. She guided my mouth to her left tit first. I kissed her puffy nipple through her T-shirt, tongued it, then sucked her whole tit into my mouth—all four inches of it.

I moved my head back and forth on it just as if I were sucking cock. She moaned as she continued to guide my head, moving it back and forth, so her tit went in and out in and out of my mouth. Then she fed me her other tit.

“Oh, so there you are!” Karen said, entering the room. “I’ve been looking all over for you Kris.”

“I just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same wave length today about coach Barnes,” I said, pulling Julie’s tit out of my mouth.

“So, what do you think, is everyone ready?”

“Are we ever!” Bethany said.

“Yeah,” I said. “They’ve just convinced me. Let’s go get her.”

“Okay, guys,” Karen said. “But take it easy, okay. Let’s play the game nice and slow at first. We don’t want to get her pissed off at us.”

In the meantime, Jenny had turned off the stereo and everyone else had congregated in the living room. When we entered all eyes were on us. Coach Barnes looked at my lipstick marks all over Julie’s T-shirt where her tits stuck out. Then she looked at me with lipstick marks all over my tits and my soaked gym shorts stuffed into my slit. Coach blushed bright red, like no one had ever seen before. The first chink in the Goddess’s armor. But then she looked me in the eye, and with her face still red, gave me a little smile. I suddenly felt weak all over—as my pussy gushed in lust for her.

Jenny brought a straight back chair in from the kitchen and sat it in the middle of the room.

Karen let out a loud whistle. “Okay, everybody, listen up. Most teams, after a big victory pour a bucket of Gatorade on their coach. But since coach Barnes is too tall for us to do that, we decided to do something a little different to celebrate—not that we wouldn’t want to see her blouse all wet.”

We all cheered and laughed. Coach Barnes hid her face in her hands, pretending to be embarrassed—but she was laughing too.

“What we’re going to do,” Karen went on, “is play a little game called guess-who-the kisser is.”

Karen looked at coach Barnes, then indicated the straight-back kitchen chair next to her. “So, coach, if you will be so kind as to take the seat of honor.”

The room fell suddenly quiet as the Goddess got up from the couch and strode to the center of the room where Karen was. Every one of us just drooled watching her ass swish back and forth inside that skimpy bright red latex mini. Then when she sat down on that kitchen chair it hiked her skirt up even higher. She was so tall, that with her butt on the chair, and her feet on the floor, her knees where several inches higher that her butt—and that gave us a tremendous view up between her thighs. She sat there first with her legs pointed right at me—but parted by a couple of inches.

And my pussy gurgled and steamed.

Then she slowly crossed her legs, smiling at each one of us in turn as Karen resumed her speech.

“Coach has been very gracious in agreeing to subject herself to the little game we have planned, so let’s all give her a big hand.”

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