My Education into the World of Sex Ch. 06

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Note: This story is true as best as I can remember back thirty-five years, with names and dates changes to avoid harming any one in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years, most are older sexy, horny ladies that have no male in the house or husbands forget to take “care of their home duties.”

I truly want to thank all of your fellow readers for sending me comments and feedback. It means so much to hear from each and everyone of you. –THANKS —

The Tuesday morning came with a bolt of lightening and thunder. I sat strait up in bed and looked out the window. It was just starting to rain and I was to go over to Peg Swenson’s house to work on her lawn. Well that was going to be a thing of the past, I thought I would be able to lounge around the house all day and rest up from the over active weekend my body and cock had be subjected too.

I was just coming down the stairs as the phone started ringing. Sherry answered it and handed it to me. It was Peg reminding me to be early this morning. I told her that I could not mow the lawn or work outside in the rain. Peg said that I could still help her with the chores around the inside of the house. I said I would be over in about an hour if that was ok with her. Sherry smiled at me and licked her lips and asked if I needed a ride, as my car still was not out of the transmission shop.

I told her yes that would be nice, but was it out of her way as she was headed to aunt Judies again. She said that with what I was going to have to do today, I needed to save all my energy.

When I arrived at Miss Swenson’s house she was looking out the front window waiting for me. I could see that she had on a pair of shorts with a baggy top, which hid her enormous bosom that I had seen when she attended church on Sunday’s, as she waved to me to come to the side door. Sherry leaned over and gave me a kiss on the check and said to have fun. She would stop back around 5:00 PM to pick me up.

I got out of the car and ran into Pegs house through the pouring rain.

Peg was holding the door open for me and reached her arm out to stop me from sliding on the hard wood floor with my wet feet. I still slid to a stop with her holding me around the waist and laughing all the time.

I started to take my shoes off so I would not get the floor all wet as they were squishing. I walked into the kitchen and saw a black young lady there. Peg introduced her as her maid Nancy. Peg told me that Nancy’s mother and dad had been her parent’s servants in Norway and when Peg came to the stated she brought Nancy with her as they were both the same age (43 years young) and had grown up together. Peg asked me to take off my shirt was also wet.

Nancy handed me a towel to dry my hair and face with. She took another towel and dried my back for me. I told her thank you very much. She asked me if I wanted her to get me a dry shirt to put on till mine dried. Peg thought that was a very nice thing and answered YES for me.

As I was waiting for the shirt, Peg suggested that we go into the study to decide out what I / we were going to do today. I followed her noticed that her ass was very tight and swayed provocatively as she walked. She motioned to a chair as we entered the room, for me to sit in. As she sat down, across the room from me, she crossed her leg s and I could see a dark bush where there should be panties. I squinted a little to get a better look and she noticed and spread her knees to oblige me.

Nancy came into the study with a shirt that she said had been around for a while in the back closest. She hoped it would fit me. I stood up and put it on and thanked her again. As she turned to leave I noticed that she had a fairly large set of knockers on her. They were a little bit saggy but not “saddle bag” saggy. I wondered what a set of brown boobies and nipples looked like. I hoped I would get a chance someday to find out. With that thought going through a young studs head, my cock stirred a little and I think Peg notice that and smiled.

Peg said that she was hoping that I could get a couple of the windows unstuck. She said that ever since she had the trim on the house painted she could not get four or five of the windows to open. I told her that I thought I could do that without damaging the fresh paint.

She called out to Nancy to show me the windows that were stuck and also take me down the basement and show me were the workroom was that her late dad keep his tools.

Nancy came into the room and asked me to follow her to the basement so I could get the tools I needed. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she reached up to pull the string on the ceiling light and as she had stopped and I keep walking in the dark, I bumped into her and felt those large boobies rub into my chest. I told her I was sorry and she said to think nothing of it.

With the light on I could see that her nipples were hard and sticking out through her blouse. alanya escort She showed me where the workbench and tools were located. I got a putty knife and rubber hammer and a few other things I thought I would need. We went back upstairs to the second floor and the first room that she wanted me try to open the windows was the spare bedroom.

Nancy told me that both the windows in this room were stuck closed. As I walked into the room, I again brushed against her breasts. She had seemed to push them out just as I walked by so I would rub into them. I was hoping that I was correct in that assumption and she wanted to show them off.

I went to work on the first window as she stood there watching me to see what had to be done to get the windows open. As I was working on the window I was explaining to her what I was doing and why. It took me about five minutes to break the paint layer open so I could pry the window up. Once I had it open I took a scraper and removed the excess paint from the frame. I turned to ask her if she had a bar of soap that I could “grease” the window frame with. She went out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. She returned in a minute with a bar and a towel. I took the bar from her and as I was sliding it up and down the frame she walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and her hands dropped to my crotch. I turned my head a little and saw her smiling. I also noticed that she had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse when I had my back turned. She pushed her breasts into my back as she squeezed my cock. She turned me around and pulled me and my now harding cock into her crotch. She moved her hips around as to arrange my cock against her lower belly. I took the hint and pulled her tight to me and kissed her lightly.

She pulled loose a little and lowered her hand between us and rubbed up and down my rock hard shaft. She looked at me and smiled with her tongue licking her lips. I backed her up so she fell onto the bed. I released my belt and Nancy tugged at my pants and pulled them free of my hard rod. She looked at my purple-headed cock and sitting up placed he mouth around its head. I was standing there with my pants around my ankles and her mouth on my cock when Peg walked into the room. She took one look at us and walked over to the bed and sat down next to Nancy. She whispered something into Nancy’s ear as she took her hands and cupped my balls and lifted them ever so gently. Peg looked at me and licked her lips and placed them on my balls. She sucked one of them and my testicle popped into her mouth. She moved it around with her tongue and them pushed it back out with a pop

As I had been gasping in sheer enjoyment, I had not noticed that Peg had taken off that baggy top and I saw her sitting there with this very thin see thru material black lace bra. Peg’s breasts were firm and uplifted in that lacy “over the shoulder boulder holder” as she called it she had on. She suggested that I take my pants and off before I tripped over them. She guided the three of us to her bedroom where she had a larger bed that we could continue this encounter. I stripped to my pants, boxer shorts and tossed my clothes on the floor.

Peg took my arm and I gave Nancy a lift up off the guest bed and we walked out the door and down the hall. My cock was swinging to and fro and Nancy reached out and grasped it firmly to keep it from getting “whip lash.”

They both pushed me down on the bed so my cock was standing straight in the air. Nancy jumped on top of me and started to slide up and down on the “pole.” Her panties were so wet that I could feel he juices wetting my cock. Peg grabbed Nancy’s panties and tour them off her. When she did that Nancy’s pussy lips were right against my cock. Peg gently reached between us and spread Nancy cunt lips so my cock would rub her clit. I had not rubbed it twice when Nancy rose up a little and sat down on my cock. Peg took her fingers and played with Nancy’s clit as she rode me. She took about five strokes before she had all of me buried in her vagina. She leaned back little as she rode me to get more friction. Peg stopped playing with Nancy and took her bra off and got on the bed just above my head. She positioned her self with her pussy lips directly above my mouth. I put my tongue out just as her lips lower to my lips. She squealed and swiveled her hips as to have my tongue cover her entire cunt. She slid a little bit back and my tongue hit her clit. She took my hands and raised them up to get hold of one of each of the gal’s breasts. I was licking, foundling and fucking all at the same time.

Nancy leaned back further and put her hands on my knees for support and just sat with my cock buried completely in her. I could feel her muscles working my cock to frenzy. She could feel my cock and balls tightening up and told me to unload all my cum deep inside her womb as she had just had her period and was safe of not getting pregnant for a few days. I unleashed so much cum that it started running out all over the bed. Nancy reached down betweenn her legs and scooped some up and put it in Peg’s open mouth. Peg sucked on Nancy’s fingers and screamed as my tongue went deep into her love tunnel at the same moment, causing her to climax with such force she fell forward and buried my nose in her cunt.

We all lay there spent of a couple of minutes before Peg sat up and started playing with my cock. She stroked it up and down, all the time saying she needed it inside her. My cock got stiff very quickly with her stimulation and as she swung her hips around to mount my cock Nancy reached under her and guide my cock into he sloppy wet cunt. Peg rode me like I had never been rode before, Three times when I felt like I was going to explode inside her eager cunt, Nancy would release my balls and placed her hands around my cock and squeezed me so tightly I could not cum. On the fourth time she let me cum and I had so much built up that it caused Peg to scream with pleasure at the feeling of my seed going deep into her. When she felt me explode her nipples got rock hard and she tighten up on my love tool and climaxed along with me. The combined flow of both of our love juices came flowing out of her and down my balls. Nancy put her mouth on my balls and sucked it up as much as possible.

I had never had two ladies be able to take all of my cock completely into their pussies before. I lay between them for what seem like I had gone to heaven. Peg got up on one arm and her breast and nipple were just with in reach of my tongue. I flicked my tongue out and touched her nipple. She lowered herself down a little so I could suckle on her nipple. I bet the end was as large as a felt tip marker. It had to be an inch long and hard as a rock. She moaned and said that I could do that all day long. I continued sucking and with my free hand cupped her other breast and pinched its nipple gently. She reached down and raised my limp cock in her hand and that is when I felt a warm cloth encase it. Nancy had gone and gotten a basin of warm water and wash clothes to clear up there up. Peg held my cock gently as it got washed from top to balls. Nancy then started to wash Peg’s cunt and legs, as they were cum covered. When she got done with us the two of us attached her and washed her clean. Peg worked on the pussy area and was licking it clean instead of washing it. I leaned over and pushed he head out of the way and took a lick or two myself. Peg put her hands on my ears and lifted my head up and kissed me and told me that she had had the most enjoyable sex today that she had ever had. Nancy stood up and put her arms around us both and agreed with Peg as to the pleasant sex. I told them about them being the first to ever take all of my manhood and they both grabbed it in it’s flaccid state and kissed it head.

By then it was well after lunchtime and all three of us were hunger. Nancy suggested that we go get a snack and as we were alone in the house we need not dress. I said that was a great idea, as I wanted to enjoy the two ladies naked and few of restraints.

Peg liked that idea and agreed quickly with one suggestion.

I sat on a stool in the kitchen as they fixed a sandwich and tea for us. The gals were over at the counter making the sandwiches and as they worked next to each other I caught them feeling each other freely. I wondered if they were trying to get me “worked-up:” again or what was going on. I was feeling playful and went over to them and reached between them and took a little bit of the cream cheese; they were using on the sandwiches, and with my finger put it on Nancy’s nipple. I then started to lick it off. Her nipple instantly got hard and even though they were not as large as Peg’s, they were a treat to lick and suck. She leaned back onto the counter and pushed her breasts out for me to attach. Peg just stood back and enjoyed the two our us playing. Peg’s hand went to her own nipples and was pinching and pulling them as I suck on Nancy’s.

After lunch I went back upstairs and finished freeing up the rest of the windows. When I walked into Peg’s bedroom to work on its windows I noticed a rather large flesh colored item sticking out from under the pillow. We must have disturbed it in our lovemaking. I pulled it out and found it to be a large (must have been 9″ long) soft covered dildo. I was looking it over when Nancy walked into the room and looking at me, smiled and said, “I see you found Miss Peg’s new toy.” It must have been as large as my cock when it is SOFT but not nearly as big around. Nancy then told me that they had acquired that after hearing of my enormous endowment from Dr. Johnson. They had used it almost daily since getting it delivered to stretch themselves out so that my penis would / could fit their love tunnels. (They had bought a dildo that matched my soft state not my large state of erection by mistake)

She opened a draw and there must have been fifteen different size, shapes, and colored dildo. Nancy pulled out one that was about twenty inches long and had two ends / heads to it. She said that this was the one that her and Peg enjoyed the most.

I could just see them fucking each other with it. I was standing looking in the drawer and Nancy was showing me that some of them even had littler motors in them at caused them to vibrate when they used them. Peg walked in on us and asked if I would like to see how one of the vibrating one felt running up and down my cock. I though that would feel great. She started to rub the dildo up and down my shaft.

Peg them asked Nancy to get the box she had just bought out of the bottom dresser draw and give it to her. When she opened it up to take its contents out, she laughed and said that I was going to enjoy this. I looked at her and at it and saw a cylinder that had a soft lining in it. Peg took it and after putting a little Vaseline on my cock, slid it over it so it just touched my ball sack. She flicked a switch and it started to pulsate up and down my cock. They them got on each side of me and holding the toy cunt on my cock they started licking MY nipples and tickling my balls. I could not control my self and started to shot cum out the hole in the top end of the toy. Nancy reached up and cupped her hand over the top and caught some of the cum and smeared it over Pegs breasts. She took the rest and smeared it on her breasts. They pulled the toy off my now spent cock. They both them started to rub their titties all over my body and smearing my cum all over me. At this point they looked at each other the laughed. Nancy then started to lick me and Peg entered into the fun while she rubbed her titties over Peg’s arm.

Without even being handled, my cock grow to what I feel was it greatest length.

Peg looked at it and gasped. She reached in a draw and took out a 35 mm camera (no digitals back then) and took a couple of pictures of my cock from all angles. Nancy suggested that Peg get a picture of her holding a yard stick along side my cock, as a ruler was only twelve inches long and that was way to short.

She got some with Nancy holding it and licking it. She then gave the camera to Nancy and she got into the pictures.

I took the camera away from them and took about twenty pictures of them playing with each other breasts & pussies. One even had them sliding together on that double ended dildo. I was getting so horny that I started to stroke my cock while I was watching the play. They both looked over at me at the same time and Nancy grabbed the camera and shot a picture just as the first stream of cum shot out of my purple headed cock.

Peg said that she would get the picture developed at their friends shop and have them and copies made for the next time I “CUM” over to work. She even said that next time they would have to get the super * movies camera out and shot some movies.

I looked at the clock and it was about four thirty and I said I had better get dress as my sister was coming to pick me up around five. Nancy again ran and got some warm clothes to clean me up so I would be presentable to go home. They stayed naked and cum covered as they were going to continue they’re “playing” after I left, from what I could tell.

About ten minute to five Sherry pulled up and honked the horn, to let me know she was there to pick my up. As I was walking out the door Peg said that I would have to come by next week to see the pictures and finish working on the problem windows. I turned and looked at her and winked. Nancy was looking out the living room window and waved good-by and let the curtain slip a little so I could see she was still naked.

Sherry saw Nancy’s show and looked at me as I got in the car and asked if all had gone well. I said it had and leaned against the doorpost of the car as she drove off. I fell asleep on the drive home. We were about half way home and I felt my sister’s hand on my cock.

I opened one eye and looked at her. She was stopped at a light and had reached over to pet him. She said that I must have had a “HARD” day and was exhausted for all the work Miss Swenson had had for me to do. She asked me who the black lady was. I told her it was a “friend of Pegs that had grown up with her and moved here when Peg did. I smiled and yes and went back to sleep for the last ten minutes of the drive home.

When we got home, mom had supper ready and as we eat she asked me how my day had gone. I told her that I had worked inside all day and would be needing to go back again to finish the project I had started.

I told her that I was going to take a shower and go to bed early, as it had been a “long hard” day.

After my shower I went and laid down and think I was a sleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning I woke up with someone cuddled up behind me, reaching over with their hand on my cock. I could feel that whomever it was had small boobies, so I assumed it was not my mother but my sister.

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