Silita opened her eyes slowly.

The sun was filtering in through the cracks of the blinds.

She uncurled her naked body and stretched, purring like a cat.

Fully awake now, she still lingered in bed wishing she didn’t have to go to school today. She was 18 and it was her last year of High school. Things were so serious this year!

Suddenly her bedroom door was opened.

The new Housemaid Inez walked in. She was small and sassy looking, with black wavy hair in a thick braid at her nape, ripe breasts straining against her pinafore and a soft rounded little ass that wiggled with every step she took.

”Miss Silita, you know you have to get up now and have a shower or you will be late for school. Please Miss get up now.” She said in a coaxing voice, as she walked toward her naked and prostrate mistress whose long legs were wide stretched exposing her clean shaven golden pink pussy.

Silita eyed her from beneath her tousled hair. “ So what if I am late?” she asked petulantly “ whats the worst that could happen?”

She stretched again, this time cupping her unbelievably large and slightly pendulous breasts in both hands.

She pinched her nipples harshly, gasping, liking the sensation and all the while looking at Inez.

Inez inhaled sharply. She had been working in this household for a week now and each day she helped her young Mistress get dressed, barely able to resist the urge to run her hands over Silita’s luscious body.

She had always had these types of desires for hot sexy women and Silita was such a sex hound, it showed in everything she did, and in the way she constantly exposed herself to her.

Now, Inez held Sili’s gaze as she continued massaging her tits and pulling bursa escort at her nipples.

Silita moved one hand from her chest, snaking it down, past her taut stomach to her cunt.

She was wet already and getting hotter every second.

She slowly ran just one finger over her slit, stroking it, and wriggling her hips, while the other hand continued its pinching of her now reddened nipple.

She was gasping more now, locked in the eye contact with Inez, daring her.

Inez swallowed and managed to say in a hoarse desperate whisper “please Miss Silita, you have to stop this and get up, so you can get dressed for school. Her voice was hardly convincing.

Silita was oblivious, her fingers were now digging deeper and deeper into her pussy, she was so hot and soaking wet. Having Inez right there looking at her only spurred her on. “ ooooh ummmm yessssss” she purred. “ Do you like what I am doing Inez?” she taunted through full wet lips, “do you like looking at me, fucking myself? I love fingering myself…. mmm fucking myself…ooooh so sweeeeeet!” she gasped.

Inez by now was so horny, her pussy was on liquid fire. Her nipples had hardened and were tight buttons in relief against her pinafore. She couldn’t take her eyes of silita’s soaking hole, with her fingers pumping in and out faster and faster.

Silita was moaning loudly now, and Inez moved toward her. She couldn’t resist it, she just had to lick that hole! She needed to suck it, drink Silita’s juice. Getting down on her knees, she roughly gripped Silita’s thighs and put her tongue hard on her slit. ‘oooooooohhh, aaaaaaunnnnnnnh, yesssssssss’ cried Silita.

‘Oh yes, YES! Lick me Inez, yes, lick Sili’s pussy, oooooh, it feels bursa ucuz escort so good!’

Inez kept lapping and lapping at Silita’s cunt like the dog she felt she was, she was high from the full musky scent of Sili’s pussy. She stopped for a moment and looked at it. Sili’s lips were red and swollen, liquid juices oozed bright from her slit. Inez’s eyes were shining. She looked up at Silita, lying there, spread, with her tonguing licking her lips and her hands clutching the sheets.

Without warning Inez sank two fingers hard into the teasing, dripping hole.

Silita’ cried out: ‘AAAAAAAAAAH! Yes.YES! Fuck me Inez. Fingerfuck my pussy. Finger me hard…Yeah oh yeah. Ohhhhh, ooooooohhh mmmmm!”

Ynez’s fingers kept pumping in and out of Silita’s cunt making Silita moan and wriggle all over the bed. She pinched her clit, making her yelp in pleasure,then she pulled out her fingers and tasted them, rolling her eyeballs at the sweet musky taste, licking each finger deliciously, relishing the sexy taste.

She stood up and loosened her pinafore. Still looking at Silita, she let it drop.

Now she only had her white maid’s blouse on. Silita could see she was wearing no panties, and had a big hairy cunt, with big wide-open cunt lips. A real slut’s cunt.

Inez dropped her hand to her big cunt and rubbed her slit. Up and down, slowly dipping her fingers in, savoring the wetness, which was practically running down her inner thighs.

Silita was watching and squirming on the bed, it was now her turn not to be able to take her eyes off a pussy!

Inez’s pussy was so dark and sexy, big and hairy, a whore’s cunt.

Inez moved toward Silita again, this time bursa elit escort sitting down beside her on the bed.

Silita immediately pulled her head down towards her, and kissed her.

Their lips locked together and they tasted each other’s mouths, rolling and stroking their tongues together.

Silita reached out started unbuttoning Ynez’s blouse. She opened it and feasted her eyes on Ynez’s big juicy tits with their huge nipples.

She squeezed them hard, and Inez gasped. Silita put out her tongue and started licking one of Ynez’s nipples, pinching the other one hard and painfully.

Inez gasps were louder now, she was moaning in pleasure.

Suddenly she pushed Silita down and straddled her in the 69 position, sitting on her face, while she leaned over toward Silita’s own pungent pussy.

The girls began eating each other in earnest now, lapping at each other’s cunts and moaning in the ecstasy at the sensations.

Silita with ynez’s hairy pussy above her was in heaven.

She shoved one finger in, fingering Inez as she licked her. Inez moaned loudly and teased Silita’s tight asshole. Silita squirmed and moaned loudly into Inez’s pussy, and Inez pushed more, dipping a finger into Sili’s sweet anus up to the second knuckle. Silita’s eyes rolled in her head, it felt so good.

They pumped and licked away, oblivious to anything else.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door!

The girls sprang apart in alarm.

‘Silita?’ came her mother’s voice ‘are you in there? You better hurry up or you will be late! And don’t keep Inez too long helping you, she has other chores around the house. Come on love, hurry, James is waiting to drive you down.’

‘Yes mum!’ Silita called out in a strangled voice.

Silita looked at Inez who was now lazily buttoning her blouse. Her legs still spread, her pussy wet and glittering.

She leaned over and kissed her, slowly licking her tongue.

There would be another time…but what a way to start the morning!

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