Sibling love

Leah spent the morning cleaning. She needed everything to be perfect today, the flat, her, the day. Her brother Evan was coming home for the first time in 5 years. The last time he had seen her she had been a mousy, chubby 16-year-old. Now she was 21, tall, had lost 30 pounds and took care of her body. She had grown her hair long and kept it a shinning golden blonde. She had grown into her figure too, her waist was slim and defined, her tits had grown to perky double D’s. Her ass was toned from daily yoga. She looked good now and she knew it. Before he left Evan had always stood up for her when other kids picked on her for the way she looked and she wanted him to see that she was grateful, that she had changed, and he wouldn’t have to protect her anymore. So, everything had to be perfect today.

Evan had left home, moved from Glasgow to study in the US on a scholarship less than a week after he had finished high school. She had been 13 then and he had hardly been home for visits since. He had met a girl at uni and stayed with her for most important holidays, but it seemed things had gone sour. When she spoke to her mother about Evan coming home, she found out he had caught the girl cheating. He had asked his company to transfer him to their UK branch and now he was going to come home, for a week to see if he wanted to make the move home permanently. And he was coming to stay with his little sister, at least for that week.

She put the finishing touches on the flat. Fluffed cushions, put away dishes and sorted any out of place odds and ends. She made up the spare bedroom in her flat, nice new bedding and soft comfy pillows. She had made sure to keep all the girly things out of this room so her brother would feel as at home as possible. Now, it was time to get herself ready. She showered and spent a long time making certain her makeup was perfect before styling her long blonde hair. She took too long deciding what to wear, laughing at herself. She was being weird, and she knew it. It was only Evan, sure, 5 years was a long time, but he was still the same brother who had protected her when the rest of the world made her feel like a piece of human garbage. She hoped it wouldn’t be awkward and they would have things to talk about. Just in case she had bought plenty of booze to see them through the night.

She finally decided on a light summer dress. She loved how it hung on her body and felt like it was a cute outfit. The red material made the paleness of her soft skin more pronounced. Her long hair covered the thin staps and she decided against a bra. She was happy with how she looked, even if she did feel a little silly. He would be here any second though, it was far too late to change again. She sat on the sofa but was too excited to relax and went back to pacing the flat. She hoped that her brother was still the goofy, nerdy idiot she remembered. Hoped that the easy humour he always had was still there, despite the hard times he had gone through recently. Downstairs, a car door slammed, and she ran to the window. He was already in the building though. Leah sighed in frustration at missing her chance to catch a glimpse of him before he made his way upstairs, ringing the doorbell when he reached her flat.

“Evan!” Enormous, matching smiles radiated genuine happiness and excitement. They had been so close when they were younger but had barely spoken since she was 13, not seen each other at all since she was 16. She pulled him into a tight hug and grinned more as he pulled her closer and kissed her on the cheek. It was like electricity coursing through her body as her braless tits pressed against his hard chest. He was much stronger, more toned and defined than she remembered.

“Leah! Jesus, let me catch my breath!” He was laughing as he untangled his arms from around her. There was that humour she remembered and her worries about an awkward visit instantly disappeared. She stepped to the side to let him into the flat and took in every inch of his body as she did so. He was taller, at least 6’4 now. He had obviously been taking care of his body too, his chest muscles were clearly defined under his simple t-shirt. Tight jeans showed the muscles in his legs. His fair hair hung around his ears, curly and scruffy. He had stopped wearing glasses, but his eyes were still a shining icy blue, glittering with the mischief she loved so much. His short beard tickled her face as he pulled back from the hug, one hand lingering on her waist just a fraction too long.

“You look amazing, you’ve gotten so handsome since I last saw you!” She closed the door as he came in, dropping his bag on the floor as he did so.

“You’re going to make me blush sis.” He smiled again. She had forgotten how infectious his smile was and felt herself beaming back at him. She really had missed him. “I can see you’ve been keeping in shape too.” He said as he nodded to her toned body, her large, full breasts just barely covered by the loose-fitting summer gaziantep escort kız dress. He threw and arm around her shoulder and she rested her head on his chest. She was so happy to have him home.

“I’ve got so much planned for us this week. I was thinking we could start with a museum if you’re up for going out?” She headed through to her living room, Ethan following close behind, smiling at the back of her head.

“Should have known you’d want to do something educational” He chuckled as he sat down on the sofa. “Sounds good though. Shall we just head out now, before I get comfy?” She smiled at him again and extended a hand to pull him up off the sofa.


They spent the entire day wandering around a series of museums and shops. The longer they spent together the more their easy banter grew more frequent and natural. Over coffee and cake in the museum cafe they chatted and joked, catching up on each other’s lives. They were both recently single and both were looking forward to the single life. Leah managed to get a little more detail out of Evan, discovering that his girlfriend in America had been cheating for almost 2 years and that he hadn’t had sex in that entire time, right up until now.

“Got any hot friends you can introduce me to while I’m here? Maybe you can help me get over this dry spell.” He asked her, playfully nudging her in the ribs. She could tell he was serious though. Despite his laughter it was obviously something that played on his mind. She had been cheated on in the past too and knew how it felt to doubt yourself and question why someone didn’t want you anymore.

“Maybe, you got any for me?” She laughed as she slapped him on the thigh trying to lighten the mood and make him smile a genuine, happy smile.

By early evening they were exhausted and in desperate need of food Instead of finding a place to eat they headed for home and ordered in. By the time they arrived home all either of them wanted to do was curl up in pyjamas, eat junk food and relax with a couple of beers.

“Aw, this is so good!” Ethan had found a classic movie they had both loved when they were children and had paused it on the massive TV in Leah’s living room. “I’m going to get a beer and stick my pjs on.” He used her thigh to push himself up from the sofa and disappeared out of the room. Leah thought his idea sounded excellent and decided to do the same. She slipped on an oversized shirt that she always wore to sleep in, then for modesty’s sake added a pair of shorts too. He was already back on the sofa when she returned, sprawled across it, one leg over the back in just a loose-fitting pair of pyjama pants.

“Make yourself at home, why don’t you?” She joked as she pushed his foot over the back of the sofa before grabbing two beers from the fridge. When she returned, she grabbed his leg, forcing to move and give her enough room to sit down. “My feet are killing me.” She complained, putting them up in his lap as she opened the beers and handed him one.

“That’s what you get for wearing stupid heels to walk around in all day. Though they do make your legs look good.” She threw a pillow at him as he laughed, using one hand to dodge the pillow and the other to protect the bottle of beer he still held.

“Someone had to show you round. And if I didn’t wear those stupid shoes, I’d look like a midget next to you. You’ve gotten so tall and strong.”

“Charmer. I did grow up here you know, I can find my way around. Want me to rub your feet for you?” He asked sitting up a bit and putting both of her feet in his lap.

“It’s been a long time bro, I doubt you know where anything is anymore. Yes please, that would be amazing.” She smiled wiggling her toes at him. He gently took one foot in his hands and began to rub and knead the soles of her feet. “That feels so good Evan!” She arched her back as she relaxed into the sofa, his hands getting a little firmer on her foot. As he worked his knuckles into the balls of her feet, she let out a long low moan without realising she had done it. Ethan laughed as he worked on the same spot again, making her moan several more times. He did the same to her heel which caused her to stretch her leg out as she continued to make the low, contented moans. She knew he was deliberately hitting the parts of her foot that prompted her to loose those moans, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t help herself from making noise as he rubbed and massaged the tender skin.

“Like that?” She nodded. He let go of her foot and let it drop into his lap. Her body instantly tensed a little as her foot came to rest on something hard. Did Ethan have a boner? She wriggled her foot a little as he began to rub the other, continuing to moan whenever he hit her foot just right. She traced the hardness with the foot he had dropped, long and thick. She was certain now; it was an unmistakable boner she could feel through his thin pyjama bottoms now. She couldn’t escort kız gaziantep help but smile at this even though she knew it was wrong. But if he could try his hardest to embarrass her by making her moan then two could play at that game. Knowing that it was wrong didn’t stop her pussy from getting wet either. She felt her cheeks grow red as the moistness between her legs increased. She made more of a big deal of her moans now, wondering if she could embarrass him with them, before she made a big deal of his boner.

“Oh Ethan, you’re so good with your hands.” He gripped her foot hard, a cough escaping him as she arched her back more, closing her eyes.

“You don’t even know the half of it, little sister. These fingers can work magic”. He pressed down hard on her foot again making her cry out in pleasure. She let her mind wander, imagined those deft fingers working up her calves just a little…

“Oh, is that so?” She was panting when she said this. He laughed again as she moved her other foot more obviously onto his now rock-hard cock. This time it was Evan who moaned, deep and guttural as he gripped her foot hard. With her eyes still closed she was surprised to feel something wet caress her foot, the one held in her big brother’s hand. She opened her eyes to see him planting gentle kisses all over her foot. He kissed all the way from her toes to her ankle.

“Did I ever tell you I have a foot fetish?” He sighed as he bent to kiss her foot again.

“No, but I guessed from this.” She moaned as she ran her big toe up the length of his rigid penis. It was bigger than she had expected. It felt thick and strong under her delicate foot as she stroked it. The little kisses on her feet were heaven. With each one he planted she felt her wetness spreading.

“Careful. You might regret doing that.” With one hand he held her foot tight to his cock and ground his hips, rubbing it against the sole of her foot through the fabric of his pjs. He was so big; she could feel her own arousal leaking out of her panties as he continued to grind his stiff length against her.

“I don’t think I will.” She said. She wanted so badly so reach into her panties and rub her hungry clit but used all her restraint to keep her hands still.

“Oh, is that a challenge?” They were both so turned on now that there was no going back. His mind had wandered to what was under his sister’s shorts, what those big titties looked like naked. He had already decided to push forward and see how far she was willing to go. It had been so long since he had any kind of sexual gratification. He licked her long, smooth leg from her big toe all the way up to her thigh. The musky scent of her arousal was almost too much for him. It filled his nostrils and sent thought to his head that no brother should ever think about his little sister.

“Fuck, that feels good!” She had spread her legs a little now and he could see a damp patch at the crotch of her shorts, so close was he to that barely covered pussy. He lifted his ass just enough to pull down his pyjama bottoms and free his straining cock. He put her foot back on it. She felt her body tense. Was that really his cock? Were they really going to cross this boundary, do something so taboo and naughty? She was so turned on there was no way she could stop now, and she felt certain the same was true for him.

“Evan, maybe we are going too far. I don’t think this is a good idea.” She sat up but didn’t move her foot from his cock. She wanted to give him a chance to back out before they fully crossed a line no brother and sister should ever cross. So could at least say she had tried to stop this if they regretted it when it was over.

“That pussy juice on your shorts tell me you want this just as much as me. You’re dripping for me.” He was right, her slit was slick with desire. “Don’t you want to look at how hard you’ve made me? Leah, open your eyes!” She did as he asked and looked at his exposed cock. She had to admit that it was a nice cock. It was about 9 or 10 inches long with pronounced veins on the shaft and had a nice girth, three fingers at least. He was fully erect, his head throbbing red and ready. She couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips.

“Well big brother, I’m pleasantly surprised. You’ve got a nice cock.” Was she really complimenting her brothers’ cock? Was she truly getting wet at the thought of sucking it? God, she wanted to suck it so bad. Instead, she ran her foot up and down it before placing her other foot on the other side of it and pumping her feet up and down.

“Fuck, that’s so hot!” He reclined on the sofa, letting her stroke up and down his length several times with her feet before he moved them away and pushed her flat onto her back on the sofa. He kissed her roughly as he started to unbutton the oversized shirt she wore. She opened her lips to let his tongue inside her mouth as she kissed him passionately, loving the feel gaziantep escort kızlar of his hot, hard cock pressing against her thigh. His hands had now freed her from the shirt and were beginning to work on teasing her nipples to a point. He squeezed and tweaked as she sighed and thrust her pelvis against his. Her pussy ached with the need to be touched.

“This is so wrong.” He whispered in her ear “But I can’t stop now, you’re too sexy, I need more!” He moved one of his hands away from her tits and used it to slide her shorts down. He began to slowly slide his finger up and down the dripping lips of her pussy before he sunk a finger inside.

“No going back now.” he grunted as he finger fucked his little sister’s tight pussy. He grinned when he realised, she was shaved clean down below. She was so slippery he was able to easily add a second and then third finger using more force and fingering her harder with each passing second as their tongues fought in each other’s mouths. He found that sweet spot inside her and rubbed her g-spot relentlessly as she panted his name into his ear. Soon she had warped a hand around his cock and was jerking him hard. It felt so good and had been so long that he had to concentrate hard not to cum then and there.

He moved back into a sitting position pulling her to her knees as her did so. He put a hand gently on the back of her neck as the other held his cock still. He lowered his sister’s face downwards and she hungrily opened her mouth to taste him. This was the moment she had been longing for, she had been so desperate to suck his big cock. She closed her lips tight around the head and began to suck. She moved her head in time with the thrusts of his hips as he held her head in place with his hand, tangling his fist roughly in her blonde hair. She started to take more and more of his shaft until his entire length disappeared down her throat. She was furiously rubbing her clit as she sucked him for all she was worth. Watching her play with her sweet pussy over his cock made him fuck her face harder as he slammed into her mouth roughly over and again. He could feel his orgasm coming faster and faster when she started to gag on his cock but wasn’t ready for this to be over yet so pulled her head away from his cock. He felt like one more lick from her tongue or tight suck from her greedy mouth would be enough to make him explode.

He pulled her forward, so her ass rested on the edge of the sofa and got on his knees between her legs as he spread them wide. He started to rub her small pink clit with his thumb as he dipped his head to run his tongue up the length of her slit. She tasted amazing, so sweet and the smell of her aroused pussy was almost too much. He felt her entire body shudder with pleasure as he plunged his tongue deep in to the sweet pink folds of her cunt. She ground her hips against his face, her juices covering his cheeks as he switched to licking quick circles around her clit, occasionally pressing his tongue hard against the sensitive, swollen nub. He buried three fingers in her pussy again and relentlessly flicked and rubbed at her g-spot. In seconds she screamed his name as her pussy tightened deliciously around his fingers. He licked her clit faster, sucked it harder and fingerfucked her forcefully as her slick walls tightened around his fingers in an intense orgasm.

As she came, he knelt a little higher and began to run the head of his cock up and down the slit where his fingers had been, getting it nice and slick with her juices ready to spear and stretch that tight pink slit. He slapped it against her clit several times loving the wet, slapping sound it made before he took it in his hand and lined up with the opening of her twat ready to slam to the hilt and fill her with his cum. He had the head between her lips, all it would take was one thrust and he would be inside his sister’s cunt. He wanted to savour it, slide it in slowly, but she pulled away from him, sitting bolt upright and covering that sweet hole with her hand.

“No way! You’re not going in my pussy. That’s too far!” She protested.

“Sis, Lucy, fuck you can’t leave me this hard with no release. You want me to fuck that tight pussy. You are so fucking wet for me, don’t pretend you’re not. I need to bury it inside you. You know you want to feel my cock in you.” She was quite for a while. She did want him inside her but that was too far. But oh god she wanted his cock. She was such a slut, she knew it, she wanted that hot cum in her.

“What if I get pregnant?” She had opened her legs again, relaxed and moved closer to him. He held his cock ready and moved closer still as he lent in to kiss her. He could feel the heat and the wetness, her slit was ready for him, less than a centimetre away. Just one thrust and he could be inside her before she could stop him.

“We’ll get the morning after pill” Fuck. He was going to do it. He gripped his cock with one hand and used the other to pin her down. He pressed against her wet opening. He was almost in now. He could hear her weak protests, but he also felt her grow even wetter as he pushed in a little. The delicate pink folds spread to accommodate his significant girth.

“Evan, god, this is too far. Fuck you’re so big.” He pressed a little more, he was passed her lips now, could feel her cunt open to welcome him.

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