We are sitting in a conference room and I am bored. She is sitting in the room, she is beautiful and also seems bored.

We furtively glance at each other, and then look away; we glance again then look away. She is blond and I am brunet, she has blue eyes and mine are brown, she has a dimple on her left cheek and I have a scar above my right eye. We stare at each other; we both stand up and leave the conference.

Her room is nearer and we make for it. She fumbles with the keys, but then we are in.

Our mouths meet, lips gliding over lips, then tongues meet sliding over each other, we share saliva. I explore her teeth and note that she had marmalade on her toast. I protrude my tongue and she sucks on it greedily, I nibble her lip gently, but still draw blood.

We are naked, we stare in each other’s eyes, and our pupils are dilated. We groom each other running our fingers through each other hair and picking at imaginary bits of fluff. Our bodies are rubbing against each other, fingers exploring the others cunt. We are wet; we suck each other’s fingers. We are now sharing blood, saliva and our juices, the mix moving from mouth to mouth.

I suck on a nipple görükle escort bayan as she nibbles an earlobe. Our cunts are moving against each other; we are hungry for more.

We find the bed and use fingers and tongues to explore the minutia of each other’s cunts.

As I lick her clitoris I notice that her left inner labia is bruised, a rough lover perhaps. She nibbles my labia gently at first, and then more roughly, maybe that is how she got the bruise. I pick at a piece of dead skin and trace a vein with my tongue.

My hand is slender and I probe deep inside her. I am desperate to drink her. Her fingers explore my cunt and anus in tandem. We can feel each other’s heat and the tremors coursing through our bodies. She ejaculates and my mouth catches her sex, I am greedy in the way I suck her dry. I ejaculate and she licks me clean, I giggle at the slurping sound.

We hold each other close, just lying there. We kiss again whilst experiencing the texture of the others skin.

We are sweating heavily now and our tongues float over each other’s bodies, breasts and arms, leg and feet. She is sucking one of my toes, I inset a toe into altıparmak eskort her navel and trace out swirling patterns, my toenail cuts her a little but she does not mind. She rubs her foot along my inner thigh the skin on her heel feels rough.

We want more, we straddle each other’s our legs enclosing each other’s bodies our cunts are crossed. We thrust them together and rotate our hips, I am shaved she is not. We begin to grind with greater intensity sliding through each other’s wetness, we orgasm, but we are not satisfied. We continue our respective movements, our bodies tense and we orgasm again. Still we continue the orgasms are merging into each other and our sex flows freely over our bodies. Our bodies are joined there is no her and I just us and still we grind and orgasm again and again.

Then we stop and just lie there. We are too spent too disentangle and even if we could we have no desire to do so. She hums a sweet melody and I listen intently.

Sometime later we disentangle, shower and dress. We leave her room and return to the conference where we reclaim our seats.

Sometime later when I look, she is not there, nilüfer escort I panic. When the day’s session has finished, I approach the desk manage to enquire about the women staying in room 208, she seems perturbed.

“There is no one staying in room 208, there was meant to be. But the lady in question was killed in a car crash three days ago.”

The next thing I know I am being picked up off the floor, I had fainted.

“Are you alright madam, you look very pale?”

It cannot be, I did not imagine the encounter. I rush to the toilet, splash cold water onto my face. Then, entering a cubicle, I check my body, there are marks born of the lovemaking. I did not imagine it.

I cannot stay here any more; I back my bags and book out, a taxi takes me to the station. As I wait for my train, I replay the episode in my head, again and again. I am lost, what had happened.

Someone takes my hand, it is her, and she smiles.

“I owe you an explanation, the room was booked in the name of my sister. She was the one killed in the car crash”

“I am so sorry”

“So am I, she saw you at a conference two years back and always regretted not having the courage to approach you.”


“The last thing she asked of me before she died, was for me to make love to you.”

“So it meant nothing to you.”

” It meant every thing to me, up to the moment I saw you, I was sure I was going to back out, when I saw you I knew it had to be.”

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