She called me, sounding desperate. I was surprised to hear from her. It had been a while since we last talked. She asked me to come over. Said that she had to talk to me, but wanted it to be face to face. On my way to her house, I wondered what was so important that she couldn’t say over the phone.

I walked up to her porch, noticing that her blinds were lowered and closed. I heard her voice call me to enter. I came into the living room, and took off my shoes; setting them by the door. It was lit with candles, casting a soft light everywhere. She came from the hallway, dressed in a dark blue silk gown and black thigh highs.

She knew that I loved to see her in lingerie. Her skin is as pale as mine, but has cool tones to match her raven, blue-black hair. Her hair is sleek and long, but tonight it is piled up on her head in an intricate knot. She has it held in place with hair sticks; the crystals dangling from the ends of them refract the candlelight, and throw prisms everywhere.

I was irritated that she wasn’t honest with me. I had made it clear to her that it was a desired trait in my lovers. I knew my displeasure was written on my face. I wasn’t interested in hiding it. “Why the subterfuge,” I asked.

She looked down at the ground, and considered her answer. I walked over to her, placed my thumb on her chin and my hand on the side of her throat. I pushed up, forcing her eyes to mine. “I asked you a question. I expect an answer.”

I could smell her arousal. It always reminded me of apricot nectar. My nostrils flared as I breathed her in more deeply. I could feel my anger subsiding, as my own desire made itself known. “I wasn’t sure that you would come.”

Her pink lips parted under my scrutiny. Her black, almond shaped eyes searched mine. “Take it off.” She unties her robe, letting it fall to the ground.

She is a delicious fantasy in dark blue satin and black lace. Her small breasts are pushed up and out by a demi bra that barely covers her nipples. Her string bikini sits on delicately rounded hips. The ribbons from her garter belt holds her thigh highs up. I pull the ribbon with my finger, letting it snap back into place.

I reach my escort bayan hand down, and slide my fingers over her panties. They are damp. It excites me, and I push in a little bit to tease her. She pushes herself against my hand wanting more. “No, I think that you will have to show me how much you want it.”

I remove my hands from her. She steps closer to me. I feel her hands at my jeans undoing the button and zipper. Her hands are small, but her fingers are deft. She pushes my jeans down to the ground. As I step out of them, she bends down to grab them, and swipes at my clit with her tongue. “Soon enough, you will be able to have all you want of that.”

As she folds my jeans, I take my shirt and bra off. I hand them to her, watching her make quick work of the task. She sets them on the table by the door. “Please sit down,” she says, as she indicates the floor in front of the couch. The carpet is soft against my skin, and the couch’s heavy cushions are comfortable to rest against.

I crook my finger at her. She kneels in front of me. I reach behind her, and undo the clasp of her bra. As it falls down her shoulders, her breasts bounce like they are happy to be free of their confinement. I lick her delicate nipples, as I slide her bra from her arms. I put it on the couch behind me.

I lick her nipples, and undo the straps of her garter. They tighten against my tongue. I trace circles around them as I undo her garter belt. Her stockings slide down her legs gracefully, and she pulls them off. I let her breasts fill my hands, and suckle them until she gets all squirmy. I have forgiven her, but I will exact a price for her transgression.

I gently drag my nails under her breasts as I take my hands away from her. I cup her pussy with my hand, and massage it. The scent of warm, liquid apricots greets my nostrils. I can feel my own pussy get puffy and wanting.

I lean back against the cushions. I see her eyes looking at my wetness. “Do you want that,” I ask her. She nods, the tip of her tongue darts out. I squeeze my stomach together to force some liquid out, feeling it seep down my slit. Her eyes follow its path.

“Then by all means, taste what altıparmak escort bayan you desire.” I watch as she lowers her mouth to me. Her tongue licks its way from my ass to my clit, pausing to dive inside of me. Seeing her face in my vagina turns me on, and encourages her to bolder.

She places her hands against me, and spreads me apart with her thumbs. She uses the flat of her tongue, dragging it against me, and making all of my nerves come alive. She sticks her tongue in my hole, and sucks on my clit in short bursts. I press against her, encouraging her more.

As she gives my cunt attention, I smell our scents mingle. It smells delicious to me, and I want to taste her. I thread my fingers through her hair at the back of her head. She stills. I draw her head up, and lick myself off her mouth and chin. She smiles, and offers me her tongue. I suck on it, and scoot myself towards her.

I turn her around, so she is facing away from me. I pull at her panties, sawing them against her clit, before pulling them down and off of her. I reach to her, and pull her shoulders back so that she lays down. I crawl over her body, and hold myself above her face. I feel her grab my hips, and her face is there wedged between my lips; searching for nerves that are the gateway to my pleasure.

I look down at her pussy. It’s a blatant testament of how much she is enjoying our playtime. Her clit peaks out at me from under its hood. It’s all slick and glistening. I circle around it with the pad of my index finger. Her body shivers in response. I take my middle and index finger, and run them over her hole to her clit, letting her wetness coat my fingers.

“Do you want to feel my fingers? She enthusiastically nods her head against my cunt. It feels good enough, that I consider asking her again, but I ease my middle finger into her wet hole. She gasps against me, and latches onto my clit like it’s a nipple. I moan, and stroke her puss giving her time to adjust. I spread her lips with my other hand, and lap up her juices, letting my tongue tease her clit.

She pushes herself against my face and finger. Smiling, I slide my finger nilüfer eskort free. I wrap my arms around the outside of her thighs, so that my hands are holding the insides of them. I pull them apart a bit, and plant my mouth over her hole. My tongue weaves a path over her pussy, and I suck her juice up as I go. She is sopping wet, and tasting delicious.

I come up for air. What she is doing to me makes my hips grind myself against her face. I’m starting to have trouble focusing, and that won’t do. I rub my fingers against her, getting them wet, then slide two inside of her. She bucks against my fingers, and moans. I scissor my fingers inside of her, holding her body in place with my own.

She gets wetter, and opens for me. I slip a third finger in there, and curl them. Her body tightens with each stroke. I reach a little deeper, feel her muscles squeezing and shuddering around my hand. I keep the pace up until she finishes. Her orgasm has made her go nuts against me. I know that I am close as well.

I feel her hips pushing against my hand. I roll to my side, taking her with me. She is now on top. “Turn around.” She turns so that her face is close to mine. I pull the sticks out of her hair, and watch it cascade like water down her back and over my body. I pull her to me, and kiss her hard. She pulls back, and gets up off of the floor. I thread my fingers behind my head and lean back. I watch her go down the hallway. I know that she is getting a toy.

She comes back with a double headed dildo. It is small, purple, and generously ridged. I spread my legs, playing with myself, letting her see how I like to be touched. She kneels in front of me, and slides it into me. I roll my hips, adjusting to it. She kneels over me, then slides herself down onto the other end.

She rocks her body, and rolls her hips in a delicious rhythm. I watch her breasts sway as I lift my hips to meet her pace. I can feel my body tightening, preparing to shatter against the dildo that is invading me. She watches me, moving faster. I arch my back and moan as I am transported to that oblivion where logic is shattered. My hands grab her hips, and I am bucking against her. She screams, and falls against me; still thrusting her hips while she rides her own orgasm.

I brush her hair out of her face, as I hear her breathing settle down. I let my fingers trace circles on her back as she slips into the embrace of afterglow. My eyelids are drowsy, and her contentment drags me into my own.

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