Sam and her Dad Chapter 8

Please read Chapters 1 thru 7 for context. This contains scenes of incest between consenting adults. If that bothers you, please move on to other stories.

Another Friday rolled around and it was Sam’s choice to pick a place for our bi-weekly seduction date. As a flight attendant, she made it easy for us to fly places. She got us on the local shuttle to the Big City and Casey, Sam and I flew to one of her favorite spots.

Sam, when she was younger, used to work at a strip club in the city and still knew a lot of the people there. We landed and hopped into a cab which took us first to dinner. After a few drinks and good food, we were in great shape for the visit to the club. I was looking forward to this as I had never been to a strip club before.

When we got to the club, this big black bouncer at the door immediately recognized Sam, picked her up and gave her a huge hug, her legs kicking in the air as she hugged him back. He set her down gently and she introduced us to him.

“Daris, this man is my Daddy and…..”

Before she could say anything more, Daris piped up and said, “OMG, this has to be your daughter, she looks like you. You have talked about her so many times and I was wondering if we would ever get to meet her.”

Daris quickly shook hands with me and then grabbed Casey for a big hug. She hugged him back and he set her down gently. Daris then spoke into his walkie-talkie and let someone know that Sam and family were here.

Within minutes, a tall svelte older woman came running up and grabbed Sam from behind, hugging her arms around Sam and grabbing her breasts.

“Hey, gorgeous, it is about time we see you here again. Please introduce me.”

“Daddy, this Michelle, she owns the club and gave me my first chance at performing. I learned a ton of stuff from her.”

I went to shake Michelle’s hand and she pulled me into a close hug. Next she grabbed Casey in a hug.”

“Michelle, this is Casey, my daughter. She needs to learn how to dance.”

“Casey, if you are half as good as your mom, you can work here anytime you want.”

“Come on, everybody, I know that some of the girls that will be happy to see you.”

We wound our way past the bar and Michelle punched a code into a door. Sam explained that it was a safety thing for the dancers, so that no strangers could enter the dressing room area. Sam led the way down the hall to a brightly lit room. Immediately this black girl came running and jumped into Sam’s arms.

“Chica, about time you showed up!! Are you gonna dance tonight with us?”

“I might, if you ask nicely, Charlie”

“Please, please, please dance with us, baby”

Charlie then gave a huge lip lock kiss to Sam. Sam introduced us to Charlie.

“Michelle, I have nothing to wear on stage.”

Both Michele and Charlie laughed, “You never needed a costume in the past. Matter of fact you preferred not to wear anything.”

I already knew that Sam had two matching outfits in her bag. One for her and one for Casey. I guess you would call them outfits. They left little to the imagination.

I looked around the room, there were women there in all states of dress, most of the outfits skimpy. I saw large breasts, small breasts and everything in between. All of the women were toned and had beautiful legs, probably from all the dancing they did. While Sam was introducing Casey to everyone, Michelle pulled me aside and wanted to give me a full tour of the club.

We went back to the main room where the bar was and she pointed out the three stages set up around the room. The center stage was for the featured dancers. Each stage had a row of seats around it for the patrons to get an up close personal view of the dancers. The girls were allowed to take all their clothes off in this club although many would something in reserve for later. They would try to entice as many tips as possible in that time. Plus it was an enticement for the men wanting lap dances which was the real money maker for the gals.

Moving from the main room, Michelle showed me the rooms without doors used for the lap dances which consisted of a large arm chair. Michelle explained that several bouncers monitored the rooms to make sure that no client actually touched the dancers. This was a rule strictly enforced by the management, unless the dancer gave her permission. When we got to the end of the hall there were three rooms with doors. Michelle told me that some of her girls liked to earn some extra money over sarışın gaziantep escort and above the lap dances. They would often use the lap dances to convince the clients to spend extra for some privacy. A bouncer stood outside the doors for protection of the dancers.

Opening one of the doors, Michelle pulled me into one of the private rooms. There was a small couch/bed. Michelle grabbed me and promptly gave me a toe-curling kiss. She then pushed me back on the bed and quickly undid my belt and pulled my pants off. Kneeling between my legs, she took my rapidly expanding cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue all around. I could tell she was a world class cock sucker as her lips and tongue sent me on a journey of pure pleasure. Not even Sam with all her skills could match the ecstasy that my cock was undergoing in Michelle’s mouth. Within minutes I was shooting sperm down her throat.

“I just wanted to prepare you for this evening. I know Sam will be teasing a number of men with her body.”

“Michelle, I have lived with Sam for a number of months and am well aware of her need to flirt and tease men. I learned long ago not to get jealous of other men, because I don’t think Sam can help herself when it comes to beautiful people. And thank you for the wonderful welcome.”

I got dressed again and Michelle led me back out to the main room. I got a seat at the bar and watched the parade of beautiful women as they performed on stage. The men sitting close to the stage all had fistful of dollars, ready to tip the lucky woman who paid them attention. I could see the dancers make the circuits around the stage, shaking their boobs or booties in the faces of the patrons. Each up close encounter rewarded the women with money stuck in their G strings. The really popular ones had $5 and $10 showing their stuff.

After they finished performing, the ladies circulated around the room looking for men that might want a lap dance. Of course this was the way the women earned most of their money. They would talk the men into buying them drinks which were actually seltzer water. The cost of the drink would be split between the management and the dancers.

In many cases the lap dances were just another opportunity for the ladies to talk the men into coming back to one of the private rooms. What was done in the private rooms all depended on what was agreed upon by the two parties. The more touching of the women, the more the man would pay. In some cases, a dancer fondling an uncovered cock could earn as much as $1000.

After a number of dancers had plied their trade, the lights dimmed and the announcer came on to talk about a special feature for the evening.

“Tonight, we have a special treat for you. A mother and daughter combo dancing on separate stages. It is up to you to decide who is the mother and who is the daughter.”

Sam and Casey came out on stage. They were both wearing the same outfit, a body suit that had thin straps at the top, widening out to barely cover their breasts. The suit continued down in a strip to their crotches and then back around to the sides near their breasts. Their backs were fully exposed. Actually most of them were exposed. The crowd of men applauded and I could see their heads whipping back and forth to catch all the action as the music started.

Sam had her long hair put up in a braid down to her waist. She walked out, swinging her hips as she circled the stage and on occasion leaned down to shake her booty at an adoring patron. I could see her practiced moves which were designed to enflame the patrons. Guys were constantly reaching up to stick dollars in her skimpy outfit.

Meanwhile on the other stage, Casey was emulating her mom although not with as much practiced smoothness. The patrons surrounding Casey, managed to reward her with lots of dollar bills as well. Her youth and good looks made up for some of her lack of experience on the stage.

As if on cue, Sam and Casey started to lower the straps holding their dresses up, teasingly an inch at a time, alternately exposing one breast and then teasingly covering it up again. Every time a nipple was exposed the men around both stages were standing up and waving money at the girls. The cat calls got louder as the dresses got looser. The slow exposure only pushing the men to be more boisterous.

As Sam and Casey made the rounds of the stage, several of the men were getting much more handsy when slipping dollar bills into gaziantep sarısın escort the girls’ outfits. Daris would often come over and admonish the men to keep their hands off the merchandise. No one wanted to argue with Daris.

Finally as the dance wound down, the ladies bared their tits for all to see, much to the delight of the crowd. The announcer told them that the women would be available for lap dances in a short while.

I could see that Sam had earned a large amount of cash in a short amount of time. Casey had done almost as well. The two of them exited the stage and came over to me at the bar. They both got a glass of wine and Casey gave me the money she had earned for me to hold for her. When I asked Sam about her money, she told me she would be dividing hers amongst the other dancers. We chatted for a short while and I could see the eyes of the men looking at me while my daughter and granddaughter were holding me close.

“Daddy, Casey and I are going to do some lap dances. You should come watch and maybe later on, I will give you a private dance.”

I watched as Casey and Sam toured the tables and soon had two men who eagerly agreed to lap dances. Following Daris to the back, I learned that he always kept an eye on Sam whenever she was at the club. I thanked him for being so good to her over the years.

Sam chosen victim was an older six-three white man, well dressed in a suit without a tie, who looked at her like she was something really good to eat. I thought to myself, if only he knew how tasty she was. He sat down with his arms resting on the side arms of the chair. Sam stood in front of him and cued the music. Sam leaned in allowing the man to get her scent. She then turned her back to him and showed him her ample ass and hips. I envied the guy as he pulled her back further towards his lap. She admonished him that actions like that would cost him more. He pulled out a fifty and set it on the arm of the chair. She backed up and started rubbing her ass on his crotch. He pulled out another fifty and reached around to grab Sam’s boobies which were covered by a costume bra. While she gyrated on his erection, he continued playing with her body, running his hands all over. I knew Sam would be dripping wet by now. He kissed her back up towards her neck as she leaned back into him. Getting up Sam turned and straddled him as he took off her bra. He played with her breasts and kissed her nipples. She ground herself against his crotch as if they were fucking but still have their clothes on. Daris told me most men would have popped by then, but this gentleman seemed very much in control.

After several minutes of grinding on him, I could see Sam had almost lost it. The man pulled out ten one-hundred dollar bills. Sam pulled him up out of the chair and they headed back to one of the private rooms, where I knew she would fuck him.

Meanwhile, Casey had picked out this tall black guy to dance for. She was in the chair next to her mother and copied her every move, also getting one-hundred dollars from him. She straddled his lap as he played with her breasts and her grinding was getting faster. He threw his head back and I could see the delight on his face. Casey knew she had made him come. She stood back and had a big smile on her face.

Casey came up to me with the hundred and fifty dollars she had earned. Stuffing it in my pockets, she leaned in and whispered, “Grandpa, I am so turned on right now. I need someone to fuck me.”

“Casey, you have lots of choices of men to play with. Why don’t you convince one to take you back to the private rooms and fuck you. Your Mom made a thousand for that privilege.”

“Grandpa, I don’t want just anyone. I want you tonight, please fuck me.”

Daris looked at me and motioned to one of the back rooms. I took Casey’s hand and led her back there. I could hear some laughter and moaning coming from the room where Sam was. I choose the room furthest from her room and Casey and I entered and shut the door.

Immediately, she was on me, taking my clothes off as I kissed her. I rubbed my hands on her shoulders and slid them down caressing her upper back. She was really turned on and I could smell her arousal. Taking her shoulder straps in hand, I pulled them down exposing her pretty breasts. Her nipples were erect and like hard little buttons as I tweaked them in my fingers.

I quickly peeled the body suit off and I could see the wetness from her pussy gaziantep sarışın escort bayan sticking to her thighs as I removed the suit. She meanwhile had my pants loosened and as soon as I get her naked, she dropped to the floor and pulled my cock deep into her mouth. Sucking it harder and harder, I mentally thanked Michele for her earlier blow job which allowed me to resist Casey’s swallowing my cock all the way down her throat.

I looked down at Casey’s eyes and said, “Granddaughter, didn’t you say you wanted to fuck?”

“Yes, Grandpa, please I need you so badly.”

I pulled her up and laid her down on the couch. Spreading her legs, I mashed my mouth to her pussy, licking from ass to clit, I attacked her hard. I heard her gasp aloud as the first orgasm hit her. Her legs trembled, Her head was thrown back and I heard this loud “Yessssss” as she came.

I didn’t let up and was determined to show her that I could make love as good as any porn actor she had lain with. After four orgasms, I removed my face from her pussy. She was molded to the couch with a big smile on her face. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed myself into her. Her pussy grabbed me and it felt like she was pulling me in.

I started pumping in to her as I grabbed her legs and split her wide. I plowed her pussy as if my life depended on it. I kept turning her into different positions to attack her pussy from all angles. She panted and moaned with each new position. Her body was mine to maneuver and play with as she was content to let me have my way.

Finally, she was on her hands and knees with her face down. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up, latching my mouth on hers, as my balls tightened and I dropped a load into her pussy. She screamed in ecstasy as she came again. She collapsed on her tummy as I held my cock in her.

Finally, my erection faded, and I stood up. Moving in front of her, I motioned for her to clean me up. She gently took my cock and balls in her mouth and licked me clean. I helped her to get dressed and she told me that she was done for the night. I left her laying there and asked Daris to keep an eye on her.

Going back to the bar, Michelle came up and asked if everything was good. I thanked her again for her kindness. She told me that Sam was in the back room getting dressed and saying her goodbyes to her friends.

Sam eventually came out and we collected Casey and left to go back to our hotel rooms. We dropped Casey off at her room and Sam and I went to our room. I undressed Sam and we both got into the shower. we washed each other as we had a number of times. I loved caressing her tight body and we ended up kissing tenderly as we rinsed off. I wrapped Sam in a big towel and carried her to the bed.

Laying her down, I kissed her and could taste the lingering semen from the older man.

“Baby girl, did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“Daddy, I had a wonderful time and that man was a really good lover. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again sometime. Michele said he was a regular and she would get his name and phone number for me.”

“Did you fuck him baby?”

“I did, Daddy, but he had a huge cock that nearly split me in two. I had to stop fucking at one point and I ended up sucking him off.”

“I know, Baby girl, I could taste him on your lips”

“Daddy, I should have brushed my teeth before kissing you in the shower.”

“It’s okay, Sam, you know I don’t mind.”


“Yes, baby girl”

“Make love to me Daddy”

I pulled Sam into my arms and we kissed and hugged. We had all the time in the world and we spent the next hour caressing each other. She ended up climbing on top of me and riding me while I caressed her breasts. Occasionally she leaned down and we kissed sweetly. I eventually came in her pussy and we both drifted off to sleep.

Several weeks later, Sam and I were in bed when she came over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I looked at her.

“Daddy, I have a surprise for you.”

“What, Baby?”

“Casey is going to have a little brother of sister.”

I looked at her and before I could ask the question she stopped me.

“Yes, Daddy it is your baby. I never let another man come in me except for you.”

I hugged her tight and kissed her. There was a knock on the bedroom door and we both said to come in. Casey came in the room and saw us in an embrace.

“I can come back later.”

“No, Casey, you obviously have something on your mind. Tell us what’s up, please.”

” I am pregnant”

Sam and I looked at each other and laughed. Casey looked hurt.

“No, Baby we are not laughing at you, Sam just told me she is pregnant with our baby and you are going to have a little brother or sister.”

“Who is the father?”


This set off a new round of laughter with all three of us joining in this time.

Might be continued…

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