Big Dicks

Roller Coaster Ride

There is no sex involving minors. I edit my own work, so am responsible for the errors you have to endure. Chapter 9 ended following the NYE orgies on the Guadalupe River; probably need to read that one before this one. Here’s the ending of that chapter.

“Britt hops out of bed and runs over to me as I start to open the other door and in a very serious voice tells me quietly “Tim, I hate to even say this, but don’t have any physical contact with Katy until she’s been checked for STDs. I don’t know those assholes that were with Malcom, but I’ve seen them with him at the club where he’s a bouncer on weekends.

“I was singing there about a month ago and on break I heard them talking about all of them all getting a STD from ‘some skanky crackhead waitress’ at the club. Malcom said it was worth it because the video got another 25 members on their website. Then they started hitting on me! Can you believe that? I told them no thanks, since they were just talking about their STDs.

The other girls at the club say he’s a sadistic bastard and to stay away from him, so I don’t even play that club anymore. I think all three of them had pregnant wives at the time, but at least one has had a baby recently, from what I heard.”

I thank her, give her another soft, sweet kiss, tell her I’ll see her in a few minutes, and open the door to the other room to find Joyce spooning Audrey. I walk over and kiss each of them, and tell them “Thank you!” Audrey replies “No, thank you! That was the best start to a New Year I’ve ever had!” Joyce echoes “me too!”

Chapter 10: The Aftermath

I start to the meeting room where we are supposed to have a buffet brunch. I wonder if my loving wife will be there, or if she’s getting breakfast in bed. I should be furious at her, especially after what Britt just told me, but I’m just resolute. She had her fun with her friends, but I’m absolutely positive her fun didn’t match up to mine!

She wants to play; I’ll show her how to play! Or I’ll divorce her ass and we can play full time!

I turn the corner just as the four married band members enter, and hear them talking about their wives still being in bed. They turn right to the buffet, but as I enter behind them I see a cluster that includes Malcom gathered around a table toward the back, and away from the food.

They are all facing away from me, seemingly looking at something. I slip around the tables quietly and approach from the back, stopping far enough away to not be seen or felt, but close enough to hear. I set my iPhone to video and prop it up on the table with a napkin dispenser to record what’s happening and what’s coming.

“God damn! That is one fine piece of ass! She is going to make us a lot of money, boys!” says Malcom loudly. I see now that it’s the three frat rats and the two young band members. Blonde frat rat Terry exclaims, “Damn it Malcom, what the fuck were you thinking rubbing coke on her gums while I’m filming? And then later you inject her with something on fuckin’ camera! What the fuck was that? We could end up in prison, you dumbass!”

“Oh, come on man, you can edit that shit out when you get it ready for the website” Malcom responds. “She was running out of steam so I gave her some coke, then when that started running out again I injected a little X so she would fuck some more. I mean we all took some sextacy, so I figured she needed some help too!”

One of the young guys asks, “Is that why she let two of us fuck her at the same time? After that she was bleeding, but she didn’t even complain.”

Malcom replies “Fuck yes — a slut full of roofies, K, coke, and X will let you do anything you want, and love it; their bodies are ‘On Fire with Desire’!

“You boys need to subscribe to our website so you can learn a thing or two about fucking sluts like her: we call it It’s only $25 per month for great porn, man. We have over 500 subscribers now, but Katy will be an absolute star, so we may double that number! Don’t worry; we take care of our male stars! Terry will blur all of our faces before it goes up. You can watch yourself fuck that slut senseless, but no one will know it’s you except you!

Rob interjects, “And the best part is, now that we have all this on film we can tell her we’ll send copies to her husband, parents, and the school board; after that she’ll do anything we want, just like the others. We’ll make a bunch of porn movies with her! She’ll make us a lot of money, until she’s worn out!

“They usually only last for 6 or 7 movies, but Terry’s sister-in-law made 8. She has the record, but she got addicted to the crack and is in rehab, so we had to move on.

“This slut, Katy, will be our star for the next six months! We could use some young guys; want to fuck her some more?”

One of the boys says she’s the finest he’s ever had, but he doesn’t want to participate in something where she’s been blackmailed; the other agrees.

Malcom tells them eve gelen gaziantep escort “Shit, boys, we’re only helping her do what she loves to do, just like last night. You saw what a slut she is! Believe me, anybody that does what she did loves cock too much to stop! A cock-craving slut like her will always be happy to take more cock!”

Rob looks over his shoulder at the boys “The stuff on WantonSluts is heavily edited so we don’t get in trouble, but if you like what you see, email the webmaster and I’ll set you up with a half-price account on another site we have. It’s on the dark web, away from prying eyes, so we’re free to post the true hardcore porn! You’ll see what you lived last night in its entirety, and much, much more! We have several hundred subscribers there, but Katy Slut will double or triple that; especially when we announce she’s starring in a series!”

My blood is running cold now; the Lord saith, ‘Vengeance is Mine’ but the Lord is going to have to settle for whatever I leave of these evil assholes — they pay first right here on Earth!

I lean over one of the boys to view the iPad and see Katy on her knees with a dick in her mouth and one in her hand. She sucks one, jacks the other, and then switches.

The youngster notices me looking over his shoulder and flinches, moving quickly aside. I step up beside brown-haired frat boy Rob with the iPad and beside Malcom.

Malcom sees me and laughs; “Here’s the Cuck! Come by to watch your wife get fucked by real men?”

I say, “Nah, I came to get dickweed here to airdrop that video to my phone so he can erase it on his iPad.”

Malcom swells up to his full height and laughs loudly; the others move a step away. Britt, Bree, and Angie come in the door and look at us with horror; the other band members turn from their breakfast and look shocked.

I face Malcom and step closer “I told you what to do, asswipe: airdrop the video to my phone, then erase it.”

Malcom pushes me “You fuckin pussy! No one is afraid of you! You ain’t a real man — if you was your wife wouldn’t be fucking everybody that wants to! Now get the fuck out of here!! You want to see her you can buy a subscription! Maybe you’ll learn how to treat a slut like her!”

He pushes me in the chest and laughs. I stumble backward and turn to the table behind me. He laughs louder and taunts me “I knew you was a pussy! Gonna go hide you little fairy ass and cry?”

My phone camera is recording and has been since I walked toward the cluster. I reach over to the napkin holder to change the angle slightly so it will record everything that’s about to take place. I make sure the angle is good and step back toward Malcom and his two buddies.

I stop three feet away, and in a cold, dead voice recite, “I’m required by law to warn you that I’m trained in martial arts; my hands and feet are considered deadly weapons. If you persist in assaulting me you may be injured or killed.”

He and his two buddies laugh uproariously and two of them face me; the kids look scared and back away. Brownie is still seated at his iPad and turns to film my upcoming ass kicking.

Malcom steps toward me, taunting: “I ain’t scared of your sissy ass! I’m going to make you my bitch like I made your wife my slut.”

The look on the faces of Britt, Bree, and Angie changes from concern to horror as the Berserker rage on my face registers; he has no idea how close he is to the final abyss, but they do!

“Not unless you doped me up like you did her, you chicken shit rapist!” I taunt back so loudly everyone in the room hears clearly. All movement and noise ceases as they focus on the two of us

Malcom grabs at me, but I swat his hand away and warn, “Don’t say you weren’t warned when you are lying on the floor in your own piss and blood, bitch!”

He cusses me, draws back, and launches a roundhouse right at my head. I step inside as it passes over my shoulder and pound both fists into his ribs, then step back. He grasps his sides, but now his assurance is feuding with his fear.

He rushes at me and swings again at my head. Slow learner; this time I bury my stiff fingers in his fat belly just below his liver, step back, and when he leans over, I slap him as hard as I can with my right hand and then my left. His head flies back and forth; he straightens up, lets out a roar, and lunges at me with his arms extended. His plan is to get hold of me and use his superior size to wrestle me down and hurt me, I guess; bad plan!

I grab his arm as he rushes me, drop to my back, put both feet in his stomach, and launch his sorry ass about 6 feet in the air and that far behind me; he lands on a table, cries out, regains his breath, and gets up off the table. Stupidly, he tries it again, but he’s hurt, and the rest is just punishment.

I let him get close, hit him in the solar plexus, pound both ribs when he straightens up, and his kidneys when gaziantep eve gelen escort he turns away. With a scream of anger, he turns back, swinging at me blindly. My left hand shoots out and up at his throat, grabbing it just under his jaw and lifting upward.

He stops in his tracks, gurgles, and grabs my wrist with both hands. I lift him until he’s on his tiptoes and then walk him purposefully across the room to the wall, where I pin him with his toes barely touching the floor.

The look of fear on his face is soul satisfying as I quietly tell him “You are one worthless piece of shit; I may just end you right here and save the air you breathe for someone worthy.”

Then loudly, “Only total pieces of shit would be out cheating on their pregnant wives or running around with a wife and month old son at home! Even worse are pornographers who drug women and then blackmail them, like you three! We can play this one of two ways: either airdrop the video to me or your pain is going to get real!”

Blondie gets brave, picks up a chair and tries to sneak up behind me. He raises it over his head, Bree screams, and he swings down at me. I nimbly step aside and he hits his buddy Malcom with the chair, bloodying his face and nose, and probably breaking his collarbone with the leg. Malcom screams with pain and falls to his knees before he topples over and pisses himself.

I side kick blondie asshole in the ribs, breaking at least a couple. He falls to his knees in agony, gasping for breath, only inches from his butt-buddy. I cuff him over the ears with open hands, right and then left; he screams and grabs his ears, from which blood is pouring. I hold his hair in my left hand and break his nose with a short punch from my right. He topples over beside Malcom, pissing and shitting himself as he cowers in the fetal position; the stench is horrible.

Walking crisply toward the remaining frat boy, I ask “Okay, Dickweed, do I take your iPad from your crushed, bleeding body, or do you airdrop the videos to my phone?”

The brown rat is terrified: “Airdrop!” I hold my phone beside him; he completes the transfer, and looks up at me: “Now you will erase it from your iPad and from iCloud. Is that clear?” He nods and I watch as he completes the erasures.

Leaning over him with a sadistic smile, I promise, “Just in case you did some tech magic shit, or made another copy, let me assure you that if this ever shows up on the internet your family will never see you, or your asshole buddies again. Is THAT clear?” He nods.

“Now, go over and give the girls your statement.” Malcom and Terry are on the ground, moaning and crying, lying in their own excrement.

Retrieving my phone from the table, I ask Britt, Bree, and Angie to record a statement from each witness on their phones, and then record their own statements. They appear to be in a state of shock, but nod and go over to the group that is staring at the carnage.

I loudly announce that everyone will need to give a video statement of what just happened, and ask if they understand. They nod and the girls begin recording statements. Andrew goes first with Britt, and I can hear him giving a clear, concise statement of what he witnessed. Chad says he concurs with everything Andrew said. Bree and Angie begin with Johnny and Tommy, and their statements sound similar. I tell the two youngsters to go over and give statements.

The other statements have been given, and everyone is looking at me. I point at Johnny, Rocky, Tommy, Elliot, Andrew, and the two youngsters and beckon them to me.

They look equal parts terrified and guilty as they walk to where I’m standing away from the others. I huddle them up, and warn them, in a quiet but threatening voice and a menacing stare. “Boys, if any of you recorded any of the going’s on with Katy last night, you need to tell me right now. Because if I ever see it on the internet or hear of it being passed around, you will greatly regret your actions, like Malcom and Terry do, but I won’t be as gentle. Anyone?”

Everyone shakes their heads except the two youngsters, who look guilty. I step to them and order, “Boys, take out your phones and show me your videos.” They do, reluctantly.

I tell them to airdrop them to me, and then erase them on their phones and on the cloud, which they do, reluctantly. One kind of bows up and starts to say something: I put my hand over his mouth and squeeze. I tell him to think before he speaks; adult actions and adult words have adult consequences. He blanches and shrinks up, then completes the erasures.

I look at the others. “Each of you and Katy – that was consenting adults, right? There were no drugs given, no force or coercion was involved?”

Tommy, Johnny, Andrew, and Elliot nod in unison; Johnny swears, “Not that we’re aware of, I promise!”

“Okay. If the films bear that out we won’t see each other again; if they don’t gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan support your statements, we WILL see each other again, and what happened to Malcom will happen to you, in spades!

“So, I’ll ask again: were you involved in drugging her, forcing her, or coercing her? Truth or Consequences, Boys!”

Andrew looked around and spoke up. “I’m not going to lie or downplay what happened. She consumed far too much alcohol, beginning at midnight. Also, Malcom and Terry were bringing the drinks to her and to us when we got back here. Did they begin drugging her then? Looking back on it, probably; but at the time, she just seemed to be horny and having fun.”

“Hmmm. Anyone else suspect she was being drugged early on and do nothing but take advantage?”

I surveyed them and knew they all suspected or knew; they just wanted to fuck her, so someone helping them “persuade” her was acceptable.

“As I suspected; a bunch of chickenshits ready to take advantage of someone you knew full well was impaired! Speaks to your character, doesn’t it?

“Regardless, I’ve become more than a bit concerned about the company you boys keep: keeping company with sexual molesters, blackmailers, druggies, and STD-infected porn site administrators are not what I expect from a band I’ve always enjoyed.

“Therefore, I’m going to keep my distance from you in the future, and you need to reciprocate. Are we clear?” They again nod in unison; I turn and walk away.

The girls scramble to meet me at the door; just before I leave, I turn and ask the group I just left “So where is Katy?”

“She’s in their room,

9″ one of the youngsters says quickly, pointing at the two now leaning on the tables and swaying while holding their injuries.

I ask them “You want me to call the cops so you can try to press charges? I guess not, since I have you on video starting it and trying to hit me with a chair.

“Okay, how about the EMTs — you two look like you’re in pain?

“No? Okay, tough guys, remember this: if ANYTHING having to do with tonight appears on the internet, this beating will serve as a mere warmup for the main event.”

I stare them down, gather my ‘girlfriends’ and walk out the door. Joyce and Audrey are just walking up; they look at us and excitedly ask what is going on? Bree and Britt shake their heads, but Angie takes them aside and starts animatedly talking.

I walk to room 19 and knock; no answer. I try the door and it opens, so we enter. Katy is lying on her side in a fetal position, moaning; the sheets are stained with blood and seminal fluids. Bree rushes to her and asks if she’s all right.

She defiantly and angrily declares, “Yes, leave me alone!” Bree says “I’m a nurse, Katy, let me examine you.” “No! I said leave me alone!” she yells.

Joyce enters and rushes to the bed “Katy – are you all right!”

“Yes!!!” she screams. “Quit asking me that! Get my clothes!”

I start toward the room, but Audrey already has her bag in hand “Let us get her dressed and ready. You load the car, or something.”

I walk back to the breakfast area, enter as a hush falls on the assembly, which now includes the four wives, and see Malcom and Terry slumped in chairs, blood and gore all over their clothes. I walk directly to them.

“I just found Katy lying in a pool of blood and excrement. I’m taking her to the nearest ER, where I’m going to have her examined and her blood tested for drugs. The extent of damage the mother of my children has suffered will determine how much more damage you three — and anyone else involved — sustains.

“If they find the drugs you mention in the video you made, I’ll ruin your lives! Don’t take that as a threat — that’s a promise!”

I get three big cups of coffee and leave without acknowledging the buzz behind me.

After putting the coffee in cup holders, I move the suburban as close as possible to room 19. The girls walk Katy to the SUV, with Joyce steadying her. Joyce opens the back door and tells Katy to lie down on it. She scurries to get her bag and quickly returns, jumping in the front passenger seat.

I smile at the girls, who have looks of deep concern, and tell them, “I’m sorry you had to see that, but they left me no choice.”

They all, including Joyce, rush to my defense. “It wasn’t your fault! You tried to do the right thing, they are just too stupid and evil to recognize it!” professes Bree. The others agree loudly.

“Thanks! Y’all are the greatest! Can I have a goodbye kiss?” They look into the back seat, then defiantly line up and kiss me through the window.

Britt is last; her kiss is longer and softer than the others ‘Remember what I told you. She needs to see a doctor immediately and get tested.” I blow her a kiss and pull onto the highway.

Joyce looks at me, looks at Katy sleeping, and leans toward me. I keep driving and tell her, “Your kiss comes later, after you help me with this mess.” She nods, and looks back at the mess, sleeping on her side and moaning each time we hit a bump.

I’m so disgusted with her I run off the road a couple of times on purpose, eliciting more moaning.

Joyce and I resolve to ignore the situation on the second seat until we get to the San Marcos hospital, so we discuss the costumes/uniforms, the matching Kelly Green dresses, and her plans for their wardrobes for the summer tour.

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