Robin’s Journey – The Conclusion

This is the last part (for now) of this series. Apologies for the delay in getting this posted…life, death, a move and retirement have consumed my time.

If you have not read the first two chapters, you may want to do so to better understand the setting for this chapter.

There was a quiet knock on the door. Robin cracked the door and peeked outside, as I heard muffled voices from across the room, turning to me, she said, “Close your eyes.”

I sat on the bed, closed my eyes and heard the door open and felt the presence of someone entering the room.

“What’s going on here, Robin?” I asked. “Shhh, everything is fine, you’ll see for yourself in just a minute”.

I heard soft footsteps on the carpet, and Robin announced, “You can open your eyes”.

As I opened my eyes, Lauren, the best man’s wife, was standing in front of me wearing the hotel bathrobe.

“Alex is playing golf with the rest of the gang this morning, and I thought Lauren would enjoy some attention”, Robin said.

“Are you out of your mind? I asked, as I arose from the bed. “Does she know?”

“Mmhmm” was Robin’s response.

“How can you be so irresponsible? You know the trouble this can cause if our secret gets out; nobody will come out of this unscathed! I screamed.

Lauren had taken two steps back during my rant, Robin moved in front of me, and put her hands on my shoulders to comfort me. “Everything will be fine,” she said. “One evening after a few glasses of wine, Lauren and I were playing in bed…”

“Now, wait, you and Lauren play?” I asked.

“Yes, we have enjoyed each other for some time. The boys islahiye escort don’t know about it, and we are keeping it that way. And, Lauren has just as much to lose, so please relax and enjoy this. I want two people I love to enjoy this moment with me.”

With that, Robin turned and extended her hand to Lauren, who grasped her hand and stepped forward, standing beside Robin in front of me.

“Alex gave Lauren a present this morning, and she is interested in the same treatment you give me,” Robin said.

Looking Lauren in the eye, I said, “Are you sure about this?”

“Oh yeah,” Lauren said. “Ever since Robin told me about the fun between the two of you, we have been trying to figure out how to make this happen. We began planning this very moment, months ago. Having you help with the wedding preparations and decorations was the icing on the cake, to make sure you were here so we could pull this off.”

“If this is too much, I get it,” Robin said. “Otherwise, you should enjoy Lauren before all of Alex’s cum runs down her legs and ends up on the carpet.”

My mind was racing on so many levels. I knew this was not a great idea; however, the smell of sex in the room, combined with a gorgeous young woman standing in front of me, offering me her cum-filled pussy to devour, was too much to take.

I grabbed Lauren’s hand and guided her to sit on the edge of the bed. Dropping to my knees, I placed my hands on her legs, just above her knees, and her legs instinctively spread open. Her pussy was gorgeous; shaved lips with a small landing strip of red hair, guiding me to the prize she had waiting for me.

I islahiye escort bayan pushed the robe out of the way, as she leaned back on her elbows, exposing her stomach and breasts.

I suppose she thought I was going to dive right in to eat her; instead, I lifted one of her legs and brought her foot to my mouth. Her toes were a perfectly-polished dark blue, which complemented her creamy-white, lightly-freckled skin.

As my tongue ran along the bottom of her foot, from her heel to her big toe, I saw her head fall back, and heard a low moan escape her lips. I began to lick, suck and worship her foot, while running my hands up and down her legs. As I kissed my way around her foot and toes, I began to trace my tongue up her calf, past her knee and up her thigh, teasingly avoiding the sweet prize between her legs.

I massaged her thighs, as I slowly and teasingly moved my mouth closer to her cum-filled pussy. She began to gyrate her hips, pushing them forward, closer to my mouth. When neither of us could not wait any longer, in one swift motion, I glued my mouth over her entire pussy, and began sucking…she sat up, grabbed my head and held me tight to her needy pussy, and immediately began pushing a sweet load of cum into my mouth. I continued my relentless sucking and probed my tongue into the depths of her pussy to get every drop of nectar.

When she was sufficiently clean, I stood up, pulled her to her feet and kissed her so she could taste her husband’s cum, mixed with her juices on my lips. Our tongues danced and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, a sign of what she wanted and needed.

Pushing escort islahiye her to her knees, I said,”My turn.”

She looked at Robin, who looked at me. I nodded my approval, and she knowingly took her place next to Lauren.

Lauren wasted no time in sliding her tongue up and down my shaft. From the prior activities, I was sufficiently aroused, and her mouth on me brought forth a long string of pre-cum, that she greedily lapped up. Seeing that, Robin quickly replaced Lauren’s mouth with hers, I watched in awe, as my niece and her friend, coated my cock with their saliva.

When I could take it no more, I grabbed Robin, pulled her to her feet, turned her around and pushed her head to the bed. Standing behind her, I pushed her legs apart, pulled her hips back to mine and slid balls deep inside her. Turning to Lauren, I said.” Get on your knees in front of her.”

Lauren’s mouth found Robin’s clit, Robin began to shudder from having her clit and pussy pleasured simultaneously. I knew it wasn’t going to be long until I came, so I pumped harder and when I knew I was close, I pulled out of Robin’s pussy, and put my cock in Lauren’s face. She knowingly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The first rope of cum landed on her face. She grabbed my cock and pulled it into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, as her hand stroked me to get every drop of cum into her mouth.

When I was drained, she stood up, pulled Robin into her, and kissed to share my cum.

As my mind cleared and I came to my senses, I looked at my watch in horror. I needed to get going, to not throw up any red flags; I threw on my clothes and headed for the stairs and back to my hotel room to get a shower.

The wedding went off smoothly, and it was a thrill to dance with both Robin and Lauren, knowing what took place the day before. Nobody was the wiser, but we had satisfied smiles on our faces.

The adventures continued after Robin married…I will save that for another story.


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