This is my 18th erotic story and Literotica submission. I am always indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for her continuing commitment to helping me improve my writing style. CK has provided 100 percent of the editing and style advice for all 18 stories. I am so grateful since I would have never written these stories without CK’s enthusiastic and continuing support.

My Lesbian Romance stories focus on the trials and lives of strong and powerful women. Romance, not sex, is the driving factor in these stories, which are 100 percent Fiction; however, many are based on real-life experiences of friends or acquaintances.

Most stories are lesbian love and romance heavy with children all about. As a general rule, no overt sexual activity occurs while children are present in the home. Maintaining this rule requires that relatives and friends share active roles in the stories, allowing the little ones a fun place to visit when the sex heats up at home.

All explicit sexual activities in this story are lesbian, with young ladies aged 21 or older. Like my other stories, WANNA PAINT builds slowly with lots of personal and business details before any sexual activity occurs. Most explicit sex scenes feature a dominant but absolutely loving woman as the definite TOP controlling the action.

If this is your type of Lesbian Romance-Love-Sex Story… ENJOY!

Diane (Di) Jodie Ames, age 24, had just arrived in Beaufort, NC, where she will live for the next three years. Di’s daughter Clarisse (Risse) Monica Ames, age 5, traveled with her mom Di to Beaufort, NC. They would settle there for the next three years, the longest time Risse had lived anywhere since birth.

Autumn June (June) Mason, age 11, was also traveling with Di, who will primarily be responsible for June’s care for the next three years. June was a gifted young girl testing as a genius. Her parents were University Professors and Archeologists who had focused mainly on June’s superior intellect. So she tended to be somewhat awkward when socially interacting with the outside world.

On the other hand, Risse had basically been a gypsy during her five years on planet earth. She was born in Memphis, TN, and nearly two years later, Di moved to Nashville, TN. After two years in Nashville, Di had a two-month stay in Durham, NC, for Duke University School of Business pre-program studies, before just now arriving in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Risse’s communication skills and vocabulary were remarkable for age 5 because she often joined her mom Di at special hotel functions. Risse was supposed to remain undercover in a low-traffic area while her mom worked a special small-sized Nashville hotel executive event. However, Risse often slipped into the meeting room and talked with everyone she met, so Di usually kept a close eye on her.

Beaufort was the fourth oldest town in NC, with a population of nearly 5,000. The city was established in 1713 and is located in Carteret County, serving as the county seat. Beaufort was on the Crystal Coast in North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks, part of the vast Atlantic Ocean coastal region along with Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, and Morehead City. Beaufort was known for deep sea fishing and various species/types of seafood.

The Duke University Marine Biology Campus was strategically located in Beaufort. This year-round oceanfront campus was open to any Duke student, regardless of their major. So this was partially the reason for Di, Risse, and June arriving in Beaufort today.



Di was a High school senior in Germantown, TN, a suburb of Memphis, TN, graduating from Germantown Television HS this year. She had a strong interest in Fine Arts and business administration, maintaining a solid 3.95 GPA throughout high school. Her family’s background was solidly middle class, and she basically lived a quiet but happy life as an only child.

Di’s boyfriend of three years, a senior named Wesley, was also from Germantown, carrying a respectable 3.02 GPA. After constant pressure and the ‘if you really loved me’ line from her boyfriend, Di began having sex with Wesley during their senior year, always using protection.

Di had been awarded a full-ride five-year scholarship to study for a combined BA/MBA degree at the Duke University Fuqua School of Business. She eagerly anticipated enrolling at Duke University in Durham, NC, this fall.

Unfortunately, Di’s boyfriend’s prophylactic contraception failed, so she got pregnant midway through the second semester of her senior year in high school. Di graduated HS on schedule but was forced to turn down the Duke Scholarship. She wrote a detailed letter to the Fuqua Admissions Director explaining her accidental maternity situation. The Duke Blue Devils had always been her favorite college sports team, so Di was terribly disappointed in having to decline the scholarship. If at all possible, she would like to study for her Duke MBA degree sometime kazak escort in the future.

Di and Wesley were married in the summer of 2012, giving their baby a family name; otherwise, she would carry a lifetime scourge of illegitimacy. Their two years of marriage were simply a disaster. Di’s boyfriend/husband was a nice guy but was not emotionally nor mentally prepared for fatherhood. He continued acting as though he was still in Germantown HS, including hanging out with his sports buddies. In fact, Wesley was out of state when Di delivered their little girl, playing in a community summer league softball championship series. Hence, he was not present for Clarisse’s birth.

Di always had a comfortable relationship with her parents. So she frequently discussed Wesley’s lack of maturity issues with them, especially his not being ready for the responsibility of marriage or children. Di worked as a waitress on the dinner shift at one of the nicer Memphis preferred business hotels. She mostly cared for Risse and their rental apartment; while also taking online business classes each study semester. But her young husband just wanted to relive his HS glory days, not understanding that a child has real needs.

Di quietly packed up and moved across the state to Nashville, TN, where she had a few distant relatives. She then worked as a waitress at a FIVE STAR local luxury hotel. Di paid her elderly great-aunt, Edwina Louise Johnson, $300.00 monthly in cash to watch Risse while she worked the dinner shift. Di’s mom had assured her that Risse would be well cared for by her aunt Edwina, so Di was pleased when she said yes. After a one-year separation, with her parent’s support and promise of financial help, if needed, Di filed for divorce.

Edwina was quite pleased with the evening babysitting arrangement for Risse since her monthly SS retirement check was only $850.00. So babysitting Risse provided her elderly aunt some much-needed and welcomed extra cash every month.

Risse was now nearly five years old, and Di became increasingly frustrated with spinning her wheels and going nowhere. She desperately wanted more out of life for her and Risse. Di badly needed to chart a career life path, realizing this was just not feasible without a ‘College Degree.’ Di continually asked herself if she should follow up with the Fuqua School of Business Admissions Director on the possibility of reviving her scholarship. But she was too scared the answer would be ‘No Way,’ so she did nothing!

Out of the clear blue sky, a solid potential opportunity presented itself, so Di decided it was now or never. Nashville would host a major business services convention in the spring, with many delegates staying at Di’s hotel. She quickly searched the internet and learned there were also several University Business School Exhibit Booths at the convention center. So Di pondered on how to best use this information to her advantage.


Today was payday and Di’s normal evening off. Her regular pay was a direct deposit to Di’s checking account. Still, the shared tips for that pay period were paid in a cash record envelope. So Di usually stopped by collecting her tip money, bringing Risse with her. The hotel offered free ice cream and cake to all employees’ children on Tip Day, as it was called.

As she and Risse strolled through the dining room to the free ice cream stand, Risse stopped and squealed, “Mommy, look, there are some Duke Blue Devils here!”

They had happened upon a group of convention delegates who proudly wore their Duke Blue Devil logoed sport shirts. Risse pulled Di over to their table, saying, “See, Mommy, I told you the Blue Devils are here!”

Di congratulated the table on their beautiful Duke garments, mentioning that she had almost studied business at Fuqua. Unfortunately, it hadn’t worked out.

One of the attendees asked, “Are you okay with explaining the specific reasons for not attending Duke?”

Di, “May I please sit and order an ice cream sandwich for my daughter Risse while I give you the short version?”

Another person at the table offered to buy Risse’s ice cream, but Di answered, “My name is Diane Monica Ames, and most people call me Di. This is my four-year-old daughter, Clarisse, whom we call Risse. I am an executive dining room waitress here on the evening shift, but today is my day off. I stopped by to collect my shared tip money. Today is nicknamed ‘Tip Day,’ so the hotel provides free ice cream and cake for all employees’ kids.”

Risse proudly jumped in, “Mommy says that the Duke Business School is the best in the world, and I like the Blue Devil clothes. So I will attend Duke University when I am sixteen years old!”

The whole table of Duke guys laughed at Risse’s declaration, with one saying, “Wow, she is really smart for a four-year-old.”

One of the attendees looked intently at Di, asking her to fully explain her earlier comment istanbul bayan escort on why she did not attend Duke.

Di started, “I was a 3.95GPA student throughout HS and awarded a Full Ride Duke MBA Scholarship in 2012. Unfortunately, my boyfriend of several years had constantly pestered me for sex. My pregnancy happened at the most inopportune time, but this is my beautiful daughter Risse whom I love dearly.

“We tried marriage, but Wesley was just not prepared for the responsibility of marriage or parenting. He was a nice guy but just not ready for life away from HS. I worked as a waitress, mostly caring for Risse, and took business courses online as much as possible.

“After many conversations with my mom and dad, we all decided it was best for me to move on. They offered me financial support, but I said no unless there was a real emergency. I applied at this hotel, gave them my Memphis letters of REC, and started working in the executive dining room the next day.

“I actually think I am slowly working my way toward Durham. I want to ask the Fuqua School of Business for a second chance but am terrified of Shari Hubert saying no way.”

Risse again, “I want my mommy to take me to see the Duke Blue Devils, and then I will be real happy!”

“I have my resume here on my tablet and can email it to you. Maybe, one of you could offer me your thoughts regarding reapplying for my scholarship to Fuqua via Dean Shari Hubert?”

One younger man introduced himself as Andrew (Andy) Travis, an Associate Professor of Economics at Duke. He gave Di his Duke University business card, asking her to email him her resume right away and he would take a quick look. He also asked her to send him a complete admission document request package with grades, curriculum details, GPA confirmation, extracurricular activities, etc.

Andy viewed Di’s Resume with raised eyebrows, asking when he could see her full information package.

Di was comfortable talking with Andy since he proudly wore his wedding band. She would be happy to leave a package for him at the front desk mid-morning tomorrow.


Three months later, Di quit her waitress job and temporarily moved to Durham, NC. She had been officially invited to participate in an eight-week experimental summer program, which Duke was beta testing. If Di qualified after the eight-week pre-program, her five-year full-ride BA/MBA scholarship would be reinstated.

Di had many online and Zoom conversations with the Duke Fuqua Admissions office, which finally morphed into the eight-week summer study offer. Her parents were in total agreement with Di, saying this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They also reminded Di that financial help was available from them if and when she needed it. So Di decided she was definitely going for it.

Di still had a few major issues, one of which was she now had a nearly five-year-old little girl to take care of. So she needed to work somewhere at least part-time while attending Duke on a five-year scholarship. Additionally, Durham, NC, had a very high cost of living, so she needed to live away from the main Duke campus.

Di was quite frugal, so she had sufficient funds on hand for the eight-week Business School pre-admission beta test program. She and Risse would live in the married student housing quarters. Free onsite daycare was provided in the building where most of their regular classes were held. Many of these minor pre-program adjustments were actually recommended by Di during her several conversations with the Dean of Admissions office. So Di was under intense scrutiny from day one.

Four other female students were in the 8-week Fuqua Business School pilot advanced study program being beta-tested. They were all single moms whose unexpected pregnancies as HS seniors had derailed their plans for going to college.

The first week of the study’s minimum required performance test results for this special program was hot and heavy. It immediately became clear that most pre-program students viewed this project as an eight-week joyride or paid vacation. So by the three-week mark, Di was the only student still standing in the program. Di and the Program were fondly labeled as The Exception.

Di’s problem-solving and study performance had been outstanding since the first day of class. Risse was also genuinely living it up as a real Duke Blue Devil, even though she was just in daycare. Di had splurged and purchased Risse a Duke Blue Devil child’s backpack. Then she fully stocked the backpack with Blue Devil logoed pens, notepads, pencils, and an introductory Blue Devil Fine Arts study pack.

With the exceptionally high pre-program attrition rate of 80%, Di was somewhat worried about whether the daycare service would be discontinued. Risse was now the lone child participating in the daycare program. Associate Professor Andy told Di not to worry. She should just bring Risse to class with her until further azeri escort notice.

Risse was now in Blue Devil Heaven because she was going to big person Duke Blue Devil classes with her mom. Di planned Risse’s daily lessons each week, telling her she needed to study like mom since she had just graduated from daycare.

Risse mimicked her mom as she shouldered her Duke backpack and strolled confidentially into the classroom as if she owned it. Di sat Risse at a small workbench, taking out her favorite art study project booklet. Di then told Risse to work on the first five pages for an hour.

While Di was sifting through her study notes, a cute little girl, maybe ten or eleven years old, peeked around the door before entering the classroom. Trailing behind her were two ladies in their mid to late thirties, who were probably Duke Professors. These two ladies must have known the young girl since they had guided her into this special classroom.

The cute girl introduced herself to Di, “I am Autumn June Mason, and the word’s out that you need some babysitting help.”

Di just couldn’t help herself as she snickered, “Pleased to meet you, Autumn June. So when did June become a part of Autumn?”

Then Risse decided to be silly like her mom, “I thought it was June-July-August, so I guess they changed August to Autumn on the calendar.”

Autumn June stood there a bit perplexed by Di and Risse’s joking comments. So Di, thinking she had hurt the little girl’s feelings, hastily ran over and gave Autumn June a sweet, warm hug. Of course, Risse was right on mom’s heels, giving Autumn June a bear hug.

Di then looked Autumn June in the eye and said, “I apologize because I shouldn’t have made fun of your name!” hugging the cute little girl again. “My name is Diane (Di) Ames, and the little one is my daughter Clarisse (Risse) Ames, who will soon be five years old. You can call us Di and Risse if you like. Okay?”

Risse had really big ears, so she asked. “Hey June-July-Autumn, are you my new babysitter?” as she gleefully grinned at her wisecrack.

Autumn June growled, “Yes, I am the new babysitter and am coming to get you right now,” as she also acted silly!

Risse took off running from Autumn June with their going around and around the room before tiring out. Then Risse suddenly stopped, flinging herself into Autumn June’s arms, “You’re a really crazy girl, and I do like you. Are you coming here to play with me every day?” asked Risse while holding on tight to Autumn June.

Di walked over to the gasping pair and said, “That’s it. We will all start running every morning because you two definitely need some daily exercise.”

A few moments later, the two nicely dressed ladies walked over and introduced themselves to Di and Risse. Autumn June was their niece, spending a month of her summer school vacation on campus. So they were looking for possible non-academic special activities to keep her entertained.

Di turned to Autumn June, smiling, “First, tell us what name we should use and how old you are. Do you want to hang out with Risse and me for the next month?”

“Please call me June. I am almost 12, and yes… yes, I really want to hang out with you and Risse for a month,” as Autumn June smiled brightly.

“Okay, Done Deal,” replied Di. “‘Babysitter’ is the wrong word for your big job during the next month. I want you to be Risse’s friend, like an elder sister. I can see that you are really smart and hope you will teach Risse many different things while we are all together.

“This special classroom, as well as other neat places, such as Museums, Libraries, and Art Galleries, are all great places for learning.”

Di followed up by asking. “June, are there any special projects you want to work on for the month?”

June answered, “I am very interested in Astronomy and plan to visit Mars by my twenty-fifth birthday. I especially like stargazing on clear nights and will teach Risse about all the stars in our galaxy. I also love reading about engineering, so I will teach Risse the basic theories of jet propulsion, which is important for my Mars trip.”

“Okaaay… what do you like to do for fun, June, like singing, drawing, coloring, or other types of artsy stuff?” asked Di, also looking at Risse.

Risse took a small box from her Blue Devil backpack and asked June, “Wanna paint?”

June replied, “Firstly, Di, I am so happy taking care of Risse and helping with her favorite stuff like art. I have never babysat before and do not have any brothers or sisters. So I have been very lonely most of my whole life while growing up.

“I am stuck in some old boarding school for GIFTED children most of the time, which I do not like. All they have there are rules for the things I cannot do. I am so happy that Aunt Maryland let me visit for a month, so I can have some real fun this summer.”

June continued, “I will love spending a lot of time with Risse, doing whatever makes her happy because I already like her! Risse is smart and funny, so I do not want her to be sad a lot like me.”

Then June asked, “Risse, let’s go sit at the work table, and you show me all of what’s in your book bag? Maybe we can work on something special today while your mom, Di, studies.”

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