‘Practice is almost over’ I told myself. Soon I could go home and take care of this ache. This happens every practice. I would stand quietly off to the side and stare lustfully at my coach. Why did she have to have such perfect legs anyway? And that ass… my mind wandered once more. My cheerleading coach was absolutely gorgeous. She had blonde hair with bright blue eyes with a body you just wanted to devour. At least I did. I wanted to run my tongue from her lips to the place I knew would be wet for my touch. Shuddering in arousal, I tried to put my mind on other subjects. It was torture fantasizing the way I did. I wondered what she would do if she knew one of her girls was lusting after her.

Everything that was said to me I pretty much ignored. I felt like a robot really, going through the motions from memory while my mind was filled with erotic images and daydreams. The things that went through my head would make the most promiscuous woman blush and probably give a nun a heart attack. I blamed it mostly on my hormones, being 18 just wasn’t easy.

At that moment, the coach slid into the splits trying to teach us a new cheer. I felt heat pool between my legs and felt a blush creep up my neck. I glanced around but everyone ignored me as usual. I was thankful no one noticed the way I was fidgeting or the blatant desire burning in my eyes as my gaze found the Coach again. Finally practice was over and the coach bid everyone goodbye smiling in her usual charming way. I gave a sigh of relief. Now I could go home and take a nice long cold shower!

However before I could leave and go home the coach called me over. I approached her doing my best to keep my eyes trained on her face when all they wanted to do was slip lower. It should be illegal for someone to have such a perfect body I thought silently to myself. “Tanya there is something I need your help on” I nodded hundreds of fantasies spinning through my head at her simple statement. “There are some signs at my house I would like you to help me with if you don’t mind” her voice was soft and so very feminine, I felt like crying out in frustration.

‘What a strange request’ I thought silently to myself but I agreed anyway. I could handle a few more hours with her; at least I hoped I could. Now sitting in coaches or rather Jen’s car I felt trapped in my lustful fantasies. Every breath I took I could smell her and I didn’t think I could take much more. A mixture of a soft scented perfume along with her heady feminine smell had me ready to soak her car’s seat right then and there. We finally arrived at her house and I breathed a sigh of relief. Being so close to her without touching her was really a challenge

She unlocked and opened the front door motioning me to follow her to the living room. “Would you like anything to drink? Juice maybe?” she asked completely unaware of the affect she was having on me. Strangled by lust I could only nod mutely. She left to get the drinks and I sat down on a bursa escort very plush sofa. Glancing around her house, I noted how neat it was and how cheery the atmosphere seemed.

She returned with two glasses filled with some type of red liquid. She handed me one and sat down beside me. I was so preoccupied with trying to keep my desire in check that I didn’t even notice that there were no signs in sight. I mumbled thanks and greedily drank almost have the glass. Was it me or was it getting hot in here? “S-so where are the signs?” I asked angry that my voice seemed to shake.

Jen smiled at me “Tanya the reason I asked you to come here has nothing to do with signs. I’ve seen how you look at me and…” she hesitated and my chest constricted. Was she angry? Was she about to kick me off the squad? Or lecture me? Her next words nearly made me fall off the sofa. “I feel the same as you. I’ve wanted you since the moment I first saw you.” My heart ceased to beat and my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t breathe, let alone speak. So all I did was stare at her completely dumbfounded.

She continued on when I remained silent. “In my opinion since we both want each other, what’s to stop us from having each other?” I don’t think I could have answered her if my life depended upon it. We didn’t needs words though because after meeting my gaze for a moment she kissed me and I was immediately lost. Her lips were as soft as I had imagined and I nearly moaned in sweet agony.

Repeatedly our lips met each kiss more impassioned then the last. My hand fisted in her hair as my body clenched with a need so intense I trembled with it. I needed to feel her skin to skin, taste her, and drive her to complete and utter ecstasy. Her lips parted at the insistent probing of my tongue and I slid inside to taste her. Her tongue tangled with mine and the kiss that ensued left me craving more. I explored her every recess, enjoying her sweet taste and delicious smell. Her hands were threaded into my hair pulling slightly as she moaned softly into my mouth

Her body pressed urgently against my mine and I could feel the heat radiating off her skin. I could not believe this was happening. I never wanted this moment to end. With my mouth still locked in out erotic kiss, I brought my free hand up to cup her breast. It fit perfectly into my palm just like I knew it would. Her moan sent all my emotions and senses reeling and I felt caught up in this chaotic whirlwind of desire and need. Craving so intense, it bordered on pain slammed into me and my hand on her breast tightened.

I pulled away very reluctantly but only long enough for me to tear off her shirt in one quick motion. Her bra was a cream color with lace flowers on the edges. She looked to damn sexy in it so it soon joined her shirt on the floor with a flick of my wrist. For the longest time all I could do was stare. She was magnificent; I had waited so long for this moment. I hade to taste her, every inch of bursa ucuz escort her begged for my lips. My mouth closed around her nipple and her back arched pressing her breast more firmly into my mouth

She moaned deep in her throat her nails digging into my shoulders. I bit down gently and in response, she cried out softly her hands tightening, her nails leaving little half moons in my shoulders. This only caused my excitement to heighten as I soothed her nipple with my tongue. Suddenly Jen pushed me off and I expected her to stop me, tell me to get out of her house. Instead, she tore my shirt off in the same quick motion I used on her then she proceeded to remove my bra as well.

However, I would not let her take control. I had been waiting for this for to long. I cupped the back of her head and drew her in for another kiss. Meanwhile my other hand began to move down her body. I pinched her nipple with my thumb and forefinger reveling in the gasp of pleasure that escaped her parted lips. My mouth left hers and headed downwards once more finding her nipple. She was trembling her body shaking with pleasure and anticipation. I could almost smell her arousal and it made me want her that much more.

My mouth stayed on her breast worshiping her skin with my lips and my hand traces a lazy path toward the area that was weeping for me. I lingered on her navel tracing circles around her belly button teasing her with only the tips of my fingers. Her body arched and writhed in a silent entreaty. Finally, my hand reached the waistband of her shorts and I tugged gently. In response, she lifted her hips so I was able to slide them off her in one smooth motion. She wore a white lace thong underneath and I had to stop myself from crying out in need and appreciation of the sight in front of me. I must have died because this was definitely heaven. Just a hell of a lot hotter.

My fingers headed lower very slowly making her whimper as I kept her in suspense. When I thought I had tortured her enough I brought my hand to the place that craved my touch. My fingers teased her through her thong stroking gently at first. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she undulated against my hand. I smiled as I watched her facial expressions of pleasure. My lips found her nipples again as my hand slid up and down her moist folds. She was soaking through the thongs now and her whimpers grew louder. “Please” she moaned softly and that single world sent all my senses rioting.

My lips left her nipples then and burned a path downwards. I lavished her skin with kisses nibbling here and there. She smelled so delicious, and tasted better then she smelled. When I reached her stomach, I traced slow circles around her belly button. I lingered on her navel causing her to squirm in anticipation. Finally my lips found the place that was now completely soaked with her juices. Her legs fell open and she arched her hips in silent invitation. bursa elit escort

My tongue flicked her clit softly causing her to cry out. She was so sensitive, and so beautiful. My tongue flicked out a few more times and she fisted her hands into my hair pulling slightly and yet holding me in place. After teasing her with a few more flicks, I brought my fingers into play. I slid one from the very back of her wet passage to the top pressing slightly on her clit as I did so. Her body spasmed and her hands tightened even more in my hair so I did it a few more times. By the time I gave her a reprieve her entire body was shaking with pleasure and need.

I brought my tongue back to her button of pleasure passing over it in long leisurely strokes. My hand slipped down from the top of her legs and slid inside of her easily. At that same moment, my lips wrapped around her clit and I sucked the little button into my mouth. Her entire body jerked violently, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. I stopped all movement letting her settle down refusing to let her reach climax just yet. I wasn’t done with her; I wanted to make sure she remembered this just like I knew I would for a very long time.

After her breathing slowed and she went back to softly whimpering, I began a slow thrusting movement with my fingers. Her hips met every thrust eagerly. Her breathing was coming in shallow gasps and her eyes were completely glazed over with the need for completion. She was incredible just how I knew she would be. I sucked at her clit vigorously enjoying immensely the way she pushed into my mouth. “Yes!” she moaned. At that word, I shuddered and this time it was me that moaned. My moan sent vibrations through her clit causing her to gasp.

I knew she was near orgasm and my fingers were thrusting faster now and harder. She was so wet, so mouth-watering. I feathered my tongue against her clit, her moans grew louder, and mine soon joined hers. “Yes! Oh Yes!” her voice broke through my haze of need turning me on so much more. Her voice was just so incredibly sexy. Her moans soon turned into a keening wail and I could tell she was on the verge of climax.

Just as she was about to reach the peak I removed my hand. She cried out against the loss her eyes opening and meeting my gaze. My eyes burned into hers for a moment and her cry moments before was now a scream because not even a minute after I removed my fingers I replaced them with my tongue thrusting it as deep as it would go and in the process I flung her over the edge into bliss. She screamed my name as her release claimed her and her hips arched violently off the sofa. I greedily drank of her juices savoring her taste, savoring this moment…

“Tanya… Tanya!” I blinked several times coming back out of my fantasy and once more back to tormenting reality. I noticed everyone was looking at me and I was once again at practice. I had gotten lost in my fantasy world…again! Sometimes I just couldn’t help myself though. ‘damn hormones.’ The coach was frowning at me and I wondered what she would do if she really knew the things that went through my head. “Tanya please pay attention!” she said shaking her head. I nodded my gaze on her lips as she spoke. “Always coach…” my gaze met hers “Always.”

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